Arsenal fans should be grateful those Jose Mourinho rumours never amounted to anything

Mourinho has already created a toxic atmosphere at Spurs.

It’s absolutely staggering that more Arsenal fans didn’t react with absolute horror at the time, but remember when Jose Mourinho was being quite strongly linked as a replacement for Unai Emery?

Shortly before winding up replacing Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham, there seemed to be growing whispers that we might be considering the controversial former Chelsea and Man Utd boss, with the Times even reporting he’d had dinner with Raul Sanllehi.

Who knows how accurate this speculation really was, but it’s frightening to think we might have considered it, and fans should now be very grateful we came to our senses and allowed Tottenham to make this massive mistake.

The Portuguese tactician is quite clearly not the force he was, with the end to his spells at Chelsea and United showing how much he can demoralise a squad, while the quality of his teams’ football has been sub-par for arguably even longer now.

Spurs are now finding that out the hard way, in what is surely going to be the Special One’s last chance in a big Premier League job. Of course, he’s a big enough name that links with big names around Europe will probably continue for some time, but I can’t stress how relieved I am that we didn’t fall into this trap.

Consider this – in less than four months Mourinho already has his side making zero progress in the top four race, out of the FA Cup at home to Norwich, facing a likely Champions League exit at the last 16 stage with a side not too dissimilar to the one that reached last season’s final, playing dire football leading to players questioning his methods (as per the Sun) and facing the very real prospect of losing star player Harry Kane, who unsurprisingly doesn’t seem keen to stick around, according to the Telegraph.

On top of that, he’s now taken some bizarre and needless pot shots at exciting youngster Troy Parrott, and it’s no surprise his attitude is alienating the club’s fans, as detailed in the clip below from talkSPORT…

Arsenal may not even necessarily finish above Spurs this season, but it’s already clear we’re building something under Mikel Arteta in much the same way Pochettino was building something at Spurs.

Let’s hope we can win a bit more in the way of silverware than Pochettino did, but most Gooners would be lying if they weren’t envious of the smart work in the transfer market and the superb style of play across north London while the Argentine was in charge.

As Jurgen Klopp has shown at Liverpool, it’s a long process now – the competition is too good for overnight success like Arsene Wenger enjoyed when he took over. Like Pochettino, Arteta looks the ideal modern, forward-thinking tactician ideally equipped to take us forward. Let’s learn from what Tottenham did under Pochettino, and learn not to make the huge mistake they’ve made by hiring Mourinho to undo all his good work.


  1. I never wanted him anywhere near our club and am astonished that some gooners did!
    Bloody hell, has it only just taken the spuds till now to realise with Maureen it’s all about me, me, me?!!!
    I must say I’m loving it, when they got him, they were laughing at us, they were convinced they were going to win everything.. and that we’d be miles behind.. funny how things turn out, they’re even moaning about their stadium!!!

    1. Well I don’t think Thirdman will agree with you. I can still how he stated we show no ambition for not going for him. Only if fans have benefit of hindsight😂😂😂😂

  2. Let’s not forget Spurs have been without Kane and Son for a while now. Where would we be without Abameyang alone. Let’s focus on us and not what others are doing because whilst Spurs are weakened, Manchester United have strengthened with Bruno who already looks world class. Unless we go and spend 150/200 million and keep Abameyang we will get further away from the top 4. We have 5/6 squad players that need offloading and decisions to make on selling Lacazette, Torriera, Xhaka, Chambers, Bellerin, Kolsinac and Niles to raise funds. A defensive midfielder, a box to box midfielder and a creative one would be my summer plan.

    1. Your plan might work if we had that amount of cash to spend I believe we need to look at the youth, develop our academy players and buy young for less, there are plenty of teams that has spend big on big players over the past few seasons just to win the champions league, yet they are still struggling to beat so called weaker teams just look at juventus, psg, Barcelona ect so I think the future is young players similar to what Ajax has done for decades now.

    2. Without 150/200m to spend and offloading those 6 players you mentioned we will be luck to be in epl in 2021 even with PEA. Why do so many fans discredit the contributors of all other players and praise PEA only. The last time I check football is a team sport. How many times has Leno, Pepe, Sokratis, Mustafi save us this season, with either a goal or assists or present us from conceding a goal with great interception. Lacazette that you want us to offload has even saved our blushes by scoring two goals at Emirate this season to earn us a point. If Lacazette’s the one that missed that last chance against Olympiacos we will never ear the end of it. PEA is playing his part no more no less. The player supplying the final pass for a goal he scored is equally as important as him for the team. I want him stay on reasonable wages but if he doesn’t want I will gladly accept we cashing on him because I don’t want another Ozil situation ( the wage and constant debate whether he deserves it) to repeat itself

      1. be objective. Lacazzette has proved he is not willing to up his performance. then let him go back to ligue 1

    3. While your “let’s focus on us” talk is spot on, the talks of Spurs being without Kane and Son being the sole REASON for their poor outings holds no water there bruh.
      The media seems to kinda be up with that crap now when almost NOBODY ever had a moment to access Arsene’s injury woes that had a big hand in most of our poor runs then – even our recent poor defensive shows could arguably be traced to many starters nursing long term injuries. We had always have play makeshift defense, play certain players outta their positions and nobody accepted (and never accepts) how that affected/affects us.

      Not going to say Mou’d failed but truth is he’s been struggling even since when it looked like Spurs had turned around their misfortunes (with Son and Kane in it). See the stat – 2 clean sheets in 13 home games – isn’t something of a recent run and that doesn’t say good of a Mou-managed team.
      I think they should ONLY be finding it tough to score goals if Harry and Son (who’s only absent of recent) are sidelined.
      Mou’s still class, but how he can overturn the atmosphere at Spurs (if he gets the patience of his employers and fans) is the real deal I think he should be judged with.

  3. I am not a fan of Mourinho at all. His record is full of trophies won, but there is something rather unpleasant about the manner in which he has behaved towards his own players, and frequently to opposing managers. His unfortunate spats with Wenger I found utterly odious and his treatment of the club doctor at Chelsea was disgraceful.

    I was not at all keen on him managing us and thankfully he didn’t come. He is reviled by Arsenal supporters and I really, really do hope that Spurs go down the plug hole this season for thinking he was the answer. I bet they don’t now.

    1. Thumbs up there SueP.
      Maybe for my somewhat ego, I really NEVER wanted Mou to manage us EVEN if he would later win the treble with Spurs this season, considering his arrogance and insults thrown at Arsene at every level, his history of poor man-management shown at different clubs, coupled with his pride and football.
      Mou to me is a very good tactician but would never want him anywhere near Arsenal with the reasons earlier mentioned.

  4. I understand why some Arsenal fans entertained the idea of Jose Mourinho as our head couch. We were desperate and needed a somewhat proven and ready made tactician with years pf experience at the top.
    It was risky to appoint a man with no experience at all as a manager in MA. We even considered Allegri. A figure with a pragmatic style no different from Mourinho.

    I was all for MA from day one. The modern game is about adapting quickly to the demands of the game as it is about experience.

    At 37 years old, Mikel Arteta has the energy, drive and intelligence to create something special at this football club. I can’t wait to see the results he brings in the next +3 years.

    1. Yeah Gregooner, I quite agree.
      But like I said in a previous comment, I will NEVER want Mou even if Mou would win the treble this season and l Arteta would fail.
      It maybe pride but I would never appoint the man who always disrespected Arsene and Arsenal, throwing jibes and tantrums at us, coupled with his awful records @man-management…
      At times to me, it’s more than JUST success.

  5. Everywhere he went, he won! They lost Son and Kane, were doing fine with Son still on, went from way behind us and above for a minute.

    Let’s not lose our minds, this article is ridiculous and makes no sense, we should not talk about Spurs until we above them finishing in Top4 securing CL football.

    With a weaken team he is still on in CL and for top 4. Spurs are 5 points behind Chelsea but could right by their neck without injuries of their two best attacking force. Beside new Holland player on LW, they have no players in attack.

    Not making excuses for them but let’s not lose our minds and look into our team, hope Arteta doesn’t mess up with his formation as he too often does so far.

    To win two EPL out of 8 he had is shitty result! Man U giving away that win and a tuff 3-2 against everton.

    2 losts and 4 draws, 10 points out of 24! Out of Europa league! Get real instaed to hype people up with non sense. We have enough bad luck!

    1. You really don’t like Arteta do you Mogunna? You have never got over the fact that your hero Wenger got the push, as in “resign or be sacked, (for KEN 1945!!) YOU ARE ALSO ABOUT THE ONLY FAN ON HERE WHO PREFERS EMERY TO ARTETA. TOTALLY BIZARRE!

      1. He was a winner everywhere. It was just that after a while the gloss rubbed off his achievements. Look him up. Ultimately it was his behaviour, style and man management that lead to his downfall everywhere. Sue mentioned above that he is boastful and conceited. I think he is also very unpleasant as I have pointed out already. He wins ugly in every way and it usually after a couple of seasons that the toxicity surfaces

  6. If the spuds go out of europe next week and fail to qualify for the CL, they will be in real financial trouble.
    Their stadium costs are crippling without this revenue and that’s why our time in the CL was always of the highest priority to our club, when the Emirates was being

    maureen’s ego fitted in well with the club he joined – I will print this out again, something I read from a guy named Derek Elmore on you tube: no idea who he supports by the way.

    “Since spurs last won the league, I’ve been born, married, raised three kids, put them through university and seen them move into their own homes and careers”.

    Looks like maureen is continuing the good work!!!!

    1. The fact is Ken that there will be fans on here whose Grandads were not even born when Spuds won the league.

    2. Ken@1845- I always felt Mourinho wanted, and likely expected, to be given, not offered the Arsenal job. If nothing else, we can only congratulate the Board and Management for not believing this would be a quick and guaranteed fix. I detest Mourinho. The manner in which he seemed to take delight in belittling Wenger at every opportunity tells us everything about the arrogance and mindset of him as a human being. Who can forget the “ Voyuer ” and
      “ Specialist in failure “ comments he was all so quick to spout. If ever a manager was never to be given the Arsenal Managers job it is this man.
      He reminds me know of Wenger in his last few seasons where AW was finally recognised of being outdated and hopelessly out of touch with reality in what is required of a modern Premiere League manager. We as a Club hold too many values to ever have considered Mourinho and I feel he knows this. Now Levi is quickly realising his mistake and I bet most of their players are too.

      1. At Phil
        I read and like most of your comments. Ken 1945,Pat,Eddie, are just some of the people that makes me an ever present reader. I would never want Moreeno as our manager however if and a big if he was here first of all we would be really looking forward to our first European trophy. I repeat again I don’t want him here but he’s such a winner that if he gets four good years at arsenal he could surpass Wenger easily which for some fans is worth a go.

        1. Really? You sound so sure, Jah son. I don’t think there will be many Spud fans who will support your thinking, and even they think Wenger was great…

        1. Who said that? I certainly didn’t. Look at Ancelotti and what he is doing. It Wenger was proven to be behind the times and Mourinho is now being shown up in every game.
          Or do you believe he is doing a good job down the road at the Toilet Bowl ?

  7. I also detest Mourinho and didn’t want him anywhere near our club. I hate his arrogance and sneering looks, everything about him is me, me, me. He delights in constantly telling everyone how many trophies he has won in the past. Horrible man.

  8. Like him or loath him, no one can deny Mourinho’s horrendous injury problems.

    When I defended Emery in his first season, some delusional fans claimed that a massive injury list had ZERO affect on the team…which is ridiculous! He finished 1pt off 4th, and only 2pts off 3rd. Just imagine where we would have finished if it wasn’t for so many injuries. Where would we be if Aubameyang missed most of this season? Dread to think! Injuries, especially to your best players, makes a huge difference.

    No Son, and Kane, more than any other reason, is why Spurs are struggling, not Mourinho being toxic. Toxicity will happen in his 3rd season haha!

    1. JM would have done worse with our team then than he’s done at Sp*d. Remember we did not have players worth the badge. JM is manager that can only manage ready made team full of stars. But that was even then. He can’t manage a team wish no cash to throw about.

  9. Did the voyuer and specialist in failure remarks made by Mourinho against Wenger came out of nothing to slight him Arsene Wenger or are replies to the remarks he first made against Mourinho?

    1. Does it matter? Wenger would never have sunk that low with any comment so don’t try justifying what that slimy dago actually responded with

    2. Arsene responded to repeated insults from J M by calling him a “Voyeur”.

      A W is a highly intelligent man ( with J M being a bit of a dick, albeit with the trophy’s to show for it) and he (Wenger) was simply pointing out “why are you obsessed * with me, get on with your own work”.

      * One trait of a “Voyeur” – OBSESSION !

      In short Arsene Wenger had Mourinho well and truly rattled.

    3. Samuel, Since you ask, they came out of nothing but jealousy for the man who had personal charm , style, inate decency and though by then outdated, WENGER WAS A MAN WHO OOZED CLASS AS A HUMAN BEING AND ALWAYS WILL DO SO. On this important matter, Mourinho knew deep down he was himself a little person and would always remain so. Hence those jealous jibes, which no one believed. Wenger, having that personal class, had uttered nothing personal at all about Mourinho.

  10. Son and Kane are injured, yes, but even when they were available, they still had a mixed bag of results.

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