Arsenal fans should be happy not angry at Ozil’s Germany form

I understand that there are a lot of Arsenal fans out there who are struggling to feel anything positive about our club at the moment. I share the frustration that another poor start to the season has produced and I do not agree with Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board when they try to tell us that this summer was a successful one for the4 Gunners in terms of the transfer business done.

But that does not mean that every single thing connected with Arsenal should be seen from the negative, glass half full, perspective that some Gooners have got themselves into and seem unable to get out of. A prime example, in my opinion, are some of the reactions from Arsenal fans to the fact that our playmaker Mesut Ozil has just put in two impressive performances on the international stage for Germany.

How can he score and provide two assists for the Germans when he has not been in great form for Arsenal you ask? It proves he is not trying at club level you say, but does it really? Could it not just be that he plays better when the team he is in plays well?

Should Arsenal fans not actually be happy that Ozil has just enjoyed two good games and will probably come back to north London feeling a lot better than he did when he left? Would we rather he had a nightmare with Germany like the recently departed Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain did with England? Of course not.

Come on Arsenal fans, try to muster up some positivity and summon up a smile will you?

Sam P.


  1. rzl says:

    Slum environment is the reason why. Player uncertainty, manager inconsistency & the owner run & see the club as a source of profitability and want to make AFC run like a Leicester City.

  2. arsenal4life says:

    Ozil = big trophies.
    World cup with Germany.
    FA cup with Arsenal.

  3. arsenal4life says:

    Asano scores as Japan reach
    world cup finals.
    We must bring him back now.

  4. Arsene woke up in a new Bugatti says:

    He actually plays well for Germany so it has to be an issue at Arsenal.

    1. Eddy Hoyte says:

      I said that yesterday. Everyone would keep blaming Ozil at the club here week in week out. but soon as it’s the internationals, Joachim always make sure Ozil is on the team? A world cup winning coach, are we saying he’s dumb or doesn’t know his job? The way I see it, Wenger keeps thinking he’s helping Ozil and will always defend him but he has no idea he’s spoiling Ozil. Ozil’s issue has to be with the way our coach makes use of the players

  5. Eddy Hoyte says:

    picking on Ozil is very easy for people to do. that’s why our fans do it. my advice to Wenger would be stop selecting Ozil when we have tough away matches until he finds his balance. but then again, who the fvck am I to advise Wenger ??

    1. Anko says:

      Wenger himself doesn’t know what he is doing, talk less of making good or tactical selections. His methods and approach are tired, his tactics are tired, he is not fit for modern day football so HE NEEDS TO RETIRE!!!!!!

  6. Mudassir says:

    Off topic: anyone with knowledge in law here? I want know if there’s any legal right which will back arsenal fans to sue KRONKE for the way things are going against the promises??

    1. Tas says:

      There must be something you can do about Kronke holding Arsem Wengers brain hostage

  7. Arseneout says:

    ozil is a playmaker who needs a player like santi or wilshere with him and need a fast player upfront so the way i see it this is our best formation
    bellerin mustafi laurent saeed
    coqulin wilshere
    welback lacazette sanchez
    and for me walcott is better than danny boy becuase whats important in football is scoring goals

  8. mikki says:

    The truth is that ozil is too at comfortable arsenal,no competition compare to German squad,ozil is not good enough for arsenal fc,he is too lazy as a creative midfielder no excuse is for ozil he improve his games against big teams……..not smaller teams on rare occasions

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      I feel Ozil is cast a frustrating figure at Arsenal right now. If you look at how he played for Germany, his complete facial expression shows how happy he is playing there but at Arsenal he is always frowning and kicking the turf. We currently have a lot of unhappy players at Arsenal.

  9. ArseOverTit says:

    Ozil is Ozil, and I’m not a huge fan


    It is the ineptitude of Arsene Wonga that makes him purchase a player of a certain style who needs certain types of player and system around him and then who proceeeds to give him the opposite and ask him to track back, which is not his game..

    If he doesn’t fit your system get rid, if you want him, make the system fit around and perhaps PLAY PLAYERS IN THEIR BEST AND MOST NATURAL POSITIONS for christs sake!!!

    The man is a farce and he and Kroenke have turned us into the Farcenal l!

    1. Arsen Agaciyan says:

      Lacazette will go from being a 30 goals a season striker to 15 goals a season under wenger

  10. Vishaad says:

    Ozil is ‘s brilliant playmaker that playing in a mediocre mid table mindset team . IF Wenger played to Ozils strengths with a PROPER DEFENCE AND HOLDING MIDFIELD so that he that freedom to be creative in the midfield then we will see the best of Ozil. At Arsenal we have him playing on the wings and with our horrible defence thanks to Wengers tactics we spend more time in our own half defending than going forward to attack .

  11. Vishaad says:

    Of topic but did anyone watch Draxler and Ozil combine to destroy their opposition. What a fantastic pairing those two are , if only our club directors were ambitious enough to have snapped Draxler up in the summer

  12. ZA_Gunner says:

    Ozil is a good player no doubt and I also say that we don’t have players that complement his playing style. Either you sell Ozil and get a player that fits our style or you keep Ozil and overhaul the entire team to fit his style.

    Makes you wonder is Ozil really the right fit for Arsenal and did we really need him whilst spending so much money at the time? If he wasn’t for sell and hence we didn’t get him that window then it would have been another failed transfer window from Arsenal. For me Ozil was more a last minute panic buy than a plan that was in the making before the transfer window started.

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