Arsenal fans should be HAPPY with last nights result!

Arsenal receive massive title boost with 3-0 humiliation to Sheffield Wednesday By Twig‏

It was a humiliating defeat to Sheffield Wednesday last night, on a night where there were little or no positives to take home. The scoreline was made worse by injuries to Oxlade-Chamberlain and (his substitute) Theo Walcott. However, Gooners would probably not be expecting too much from this team when the lineup for the game was revealed: Wenger made sweeping changes to the team, fielding many players whom had not seen action in months or were on the fringes of the first team. Without the pace of Bellerin, work rate of Sanchez and passing of Cazorla, Arsenal are really not the same team. And against a home side who were on a good run of form themselves, Arsenal faced a daunting task.

However, despite all the gloom it seems an early bow from the League Cup is exactly what Arsenal needs in their quest for Premier league glory this season. Our squad is simply too thin, and our injury list simply too long, to be able to play in 4 competitions. Welbeck hasn’t kicked a ball this season, Wilshere’s return date is ambiguous and Ramsey has just been added to the injury list. Arsenal’s best bet for going the distance in the title race is to wrap our incredibly thin squad in cotton wool and only play them in competitions that matter. With all due respect, the League cup shouldn’t be high in priority to any top four EPL side.

Many commentators, like Jamie Carragher, are of the view that Arsenal can win the title IF they exit the Champions league. I agree with him totally and I think our exit from the league cup today also helps our title challenge. Unless Welbeck, Wilshere and Ramsey make quick recoveries, we only have a squad large enough to play in 3 competitions max! At the moment, Gooners should be happy with the result and hope fervently that Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain are not out on lengthy lay-offs.


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  1. I agree going out of CL would enhance our chances, you just need to look at liv almost winning it when they had three to four class players at most. Injuries to those three or four would have killed liv off, and we have three or four that if they were to get injured our chances might die along with them

    Hopefully Arsene will manage a great juggling act because Arsenal FC should be mixing it with the cream of Europe, also when we do decide to pull the trigger on a purchase which top professionals will want to leave a CL last eight team to come and join a league battle.

  2. I am gettinhg worried coz all available wingers are now getting injured
    All out
    we cant surely count on campbell and iwobi.Can we??!!
    sanchez is the only true winger left.
    another option might be playing bellerin on the wings and either of chambers or debuchy on rw
    or simply change the formation

  3. Crowley is coming back after failing at Barnsley. He has had 13 appearances but failed to impress.

    Also, West Bromwich coach says Gnabry isn’t good enough to play for them yet.

    I thought Gnabry played quite well for us when he played

    1. Ouch I hadn’t heard about Crowley. And Gnabry looked to me like he had a ton of promise, but apparently hasn’t shown it under Tony Pulis. Add Sonogo to the group of underwhelming youngsters, (we knew that one already) and our stars of the future aren’t looking so bright.

      Anyone heard of any of our young guys that are having successful loan spells this season? I don’t keep up with the youth team that well…

  4. Now i hope we all know our Arsenal 2nd eleven (reserves, fringes or whatever they called) will be struggling for relegation in the England conference national!




    *The Look on my face*

  5. I beg to disagree sir. Perhaps remaining in the competition and continue with playing the youngsters would have been nice but then, doesn’t seem they [the youngsters] wanted it enough but I would still have taken a win though.

    1. Agree!
      At the end of the day the league cup has more value than the mickey mouse Asian, Emirates and Charity Shield trophies that we won before the season started.
      Most fans on here are too bias and contradictive ?
      If we would have won last night, We would have been two wins away from reaching a final.
      You cry for trophies but this one is not good enough for you?
      What makes you so spoilt when most of you so called fan’s haven’t even seen Arsenal lift the Premier league trophy!
      You Jokers ???

  6. If we go out of the CL soon we may just have the bare bones about us to crawl over the finishing lines as champions although I have to say City will get stronger and fear Man U will too.


  7. In todays time the price of a player represents his value in the pitch. Our youngsters are all just a bunch of Sonogos who Wenger have bought only bec they where cheap to begin with.

    Quality youngsters: Martial, Lucas Moura, Kondogbia, Hazard. All worth the money they have been bought.

    1. Yes Bellerin, and also look where Kos came from, second tier in France. Coq too saved us millions and we spent similar amount of money on Beilik and Adelaide that we spent on RVP. Lumping everyone or everything into the one opinion or category is totally wrong thing to do. Also we have bought four world class players in one year at a time, next it could be two in one year ..or better yet another Bellerin Coquelin Van Persie Fabregas Koscielny might happen.

    1. ????
      Only the deluded ones!
      who think by playing lesser games,
      It will enhance their chances of winning the premier league.
      Champions are crowned for being consistent!
      (Winning) and not from playing lesser games!
      Yes, our squad is not stronger enough or good enough to compete with the best, Even though the pennie pinching deluded one disagree’s.

      With the injuries to key players already started to kick in,
      lets see how we do in our next 3 games.

      But there is no trophies for being consistently ?
      Or Consistently bouncing back from an unexpected defeat.

      1. I think you’ve made your point already @Fatboy
        There’s no need calling anyone names, okay? 🙂
        We’re all gooners at the end.
        Cheers 😉

  8. I don’t care about going out of a meaningless competition. But the two injuries are huge blows. And I am shocked by how bad Gibbs, Debuchy and others were last night. Debuchy looks washed up and disinterested.

    1. Of course Debuchy is disinterested,
      He was picked and only deemed good enough to play in a competition that even the fans are not interested in,
      But it was great when knocking the spuds out of it. ?

      Let’s be honest … i know Winter is coming,
      but we have alot of deadwood stocking up!… Again!
      I hope that Wenger gets his ? together in the January window, otherwise we can forget about winning the premier league.

  9. I am really worried how poor is Gibbs, Chambers,Debuchy, Campbell and Giroud. They were not interested at all, as if they dont care about rotting on the bench!

    1. probably cuz its meaningless cup, i dont get this abuse on Debuchy, he didnt play regulary, he miss game time, same for Gibbs, they are professional players, they know how to handle them, more trouble would be Coq position, he is definietly most important player for Arsenal.

      1. But this was their time to shine such that they send a message to the coach.Gibbs has been getting few minutes under his belt and its not like he coming from an injury. Yes its a useless Cup but losing 3-0 to a championship side is embarrassing to say the least. Had we played our under 18s they wouldn’t have performed any worse!

    1. I’m going to immediately snuff this out seeing as your comment sounds like you’ve never really played the game. Let’s see how these other athletes hold up after playing even 45 minutes of football. Injuries aside, any footballer knows they simply couldn’t hang. Some basketball players would get close. Rugby & Aussie rules football players would do best. Baseball players, a joke. NFL football players, have a laugh.

      BUT, the Ox did look to take a knock towards the end of the Watford game. So, not sure if no one noticed, or if he just tried to push through it. Was surprised to see him starting bc of it, though.

  10. Its all good, we have Joel, especially against swansea he will come handy against their fast wings, plus Ozil and Alexis are rested so no need to worry, and i dont even know why we entered this stupid cup, only England have 2 cups, meaningless. This is chance for Joel, he want have better chance, i suggest him to take it, or he will end in lower team next season.

  11. Bayern game isnt that much of importance now, we only need to not concide 4 or 5 goals and its all good, we win against OL and Dinamo and we are there, so no probs, but game against spuds will be so important, win is only option or say goodbay to title

  12. Yes let us celebrate the loss. Thats the difference between champions teams of past and us . They tried to give their best in every competitions and win it rather than finding positives in getting knocked out. Let us not kid our self and portray as if we have been the best club in england for last decade.

    Our trophy haul has been pathetic , we have hardly looked like winning the league , yet we have that delusional belief each season that yes this is our year to win the league and champions league and who cares about other trophies. This who cares about other trophy is the reason clubs like Manchester United have won countless trophies and we have not. Even our london rivals chelsea have won countless trophies and even city are overtaking us.

    Never celebrate mediocrity, losing 3-0 to a championship side is never good.

    1. thank you for your view! from what i read from some articles and most comments; really thank you for having sense. justfor a token of appreciation, i will be couting you on similar articles with pointless deduction and spread sense into fans who seem to have lost it trying to find a ‘win’ in a loss.

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