Arsenal fans should be more forgiving of player errors!

Dear Arsenal fans: Are we too harsh on our own Players and Club? by MN

I have been following closely on what we expect of our players and coach and what we tell them, and for over a decade the story has always been the same – Criticism of the highest order – I understand the importance of criticism, however too much of it has become too obnoxious. Among those who have been a target are Olivier Giroud, Jack Wilshire, Ramsey, Koscielny, Wenger, Wojciech Szczesny the list is long.

So soon we forget that learning is a process: Read this quote from Michael Jordan: “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” Well, we all know what he became afterwards…

People fail at some point and that is why the most successful people around the world once failed in their lifetime. Olivier Giroud is 27 years we have seen him miss golden opportunities at critical hours in front of a goal but this does not necessarily mean that he should be crucified and sent to hell. According to ‘Rich Dad’ he encourages people to make mistakes in their lifetime and says, “The faster the mistakes are done, the faster we learn.” In our own terms, we are asking OG and company not to make mistakes and in that case we are telling them not to learn. Henry and Van Persie made mistakes too in their initial days in an Arsenal Jersey but later turned their miseries into opportunities by breaking records for club and country. Players like Messi, Ronaldo (Brazilian and Portuguese), Rivaldo, George Weah, Ronaldinho, Pele, Maradona – the list is long, made mistakes too at some point.

Its by fact that Arsenal has negotiated a decade without any BPL titles, however we can all see what happened in that period; we were busy improving our infrastructure while the two Manchester clubs and boring Chelsea were winning trophies. In this period we were selling our best players; our financial status was in shambles, and no player wanted to play for Arsenal despite the fact we were always playing in the Champions league.

The last few years has been the opposite though, we have brought in quality players in the name of Ozil, Sanchez and Cech; we stopped selling our stars and that is why Ramsey, Walcott, Cazorla, Koscielny and Wilshire are still with us today. Our club is in a good financial position and the transfer business is quite encouraging, this can only be emphasised by the two FA trophies we have won back to back and still in a good position to compete with English and Europe’s top prestige clubs for now and in the future.

Now that we can see light at the end of the tunnel, I am calling all Arsenal fans to change tact while criticizing our coveted club, manager and players by substituting ‘satanic words’ of ‘F’ and ‘S’ characters into words that can add value into the club’s vein and steel, write more articles that can encourage Arsenal players rather than kill their morale, unite and dissolve abuses coming from rival club fans and club enemies like Jose Mourinho. This will benefit the team psychologically, emotionally and tactically, but also remember to reasonably criticize errant players.

Long Live Arsenal

Do you Agree with me Gunners?

Maurice Nyamoti is the founder of and ArsenalFCsoccer


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    1. As long as Van Gal is in charge im not so worried…He made RVp crap, Rooney mediocre,Di Maria and Falcao completley useless and he played Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young as wingbacks this was all in one season..he knows they got lucky last year.

        1. Really.. when he signed falcao how many people on this website where angry because we were linked to him and instead got danny welbeck.. takes a real moron to f£ck up one of the highest scoring forwards in europe’s career in let me ephasize again one season especially when you have the person who boasts the most assists in europe Di maria in your team . I think you’ve been diving in yeast infected muffs, it kind of seems like you stumbled upon a few magic mushrooms

        2. Fantastic buys, a fantastic attack, but their defence is still in serious need of strengthening, especially if they lose De Gea which looks likely now with Casillas gone from Madrid. I would expect them to strengthen their defence, but they’ve already spent £60-70m don’t forget.

          1. No question they are fantastic players but and as you said it defence and goalkeeping are an issue not to mention there striker situation, i mean hernandez will probably be sold leaving luke wilson, rooney deepay as the only recognzed fowards at the club…

          2. Fantastically solid in the middle of the park – not sure how they are fantastic in attack. Amazing what nearly £300M in 24 months can buy you these days. Probably spend another £100M for a GK/CF/CB. It is the stuff of fairytales – real Roy of the Rovers stuff – painstakingly building a team with love and imagination. The Theatre of Dreams bathed in romance once more and GGMU once more signifying all that is great and good about this game we love.

      1. ManU is getting players but some very good players will likely also depart so it is not all one way traffic.

        It is sort of a mixed bag however. Van Gaal should have enough good players that it should be nearly impossible to screw it up – so ManU will likely be strong.

        On the other hand Van Gaal has been known to screw up some very good players. By the time he left Bayern several players had defected and this otherwise strong club was in disarray. Even Lahm seemed lost. No way to know if Van Gaal will repeat the debacle but we can hope.

    2. It’s hard to say but the truth remains all these players mentioned above are all nothing but average players,hope they all prove their selfs

  1. Schneiderlin going to Man Utd.

    Dont think we are getting a DM this summer which is very worrying. I cant think of any top class DM left in the market. Kondogbia gone, Schneiderlin gone, William carvalho staying, Grzegorz Krychowiak = possible?

    Le Coq cant NOT play all season alone and I dont feel secure with Arteta or Flamini in the Dm position(Please Wenger).

    1. Krychowiak is the one I wanted from the start, but I wouldn’t count on it, we’ve only been loosely linked with him.

  2. So glad Schneiderlin’s transfer is done. Finally people will stop linking him to us. Said it from day one, he’s been available for three transfers windows and Wenger hasn’t bitten. Probably because he isn’t a DM. Despite what most people on JustArsenal will have you believe, he’s actually a CM how has license to go forward. Southampton played Schneiderlin next to Wanyama, Wanyama is Southampton’s DM. Good player but not massively upset to not get him. £25M is £10M more than I think he’s worth. Pick up a quality striker and cover for Coquelin and that’s perfect.

  3. Btw this article is bollocks.
    “Players like Messi, Ronaldo (Brazilian and Portuguese), Rivaldo, George Weah, Ronaldinho, Pele, Maradona – the list is long, made mistakes too at some point”
    What the F*ck is this? You talk like we have the best players in the world in our team who are world class and just had one bad season. Are you comparing Giroud, Arteta, Mertersacker and the likes to world greats?
    “Made mistakes at some point”? You have to be F*cking kidding. The best players don’t make a lot of mistakes consistently for 3 seasons.
    Sh*t irritating article.
    Try some honesty…make an article about how the competition is getting stronger and it looks like we are stagnating.
    You think FA cup is enough?…that is what mid-table and championship teams set their sights on. To stay in the EPL, make Europe league if they can and have a good domestic cup run that can culminate in winning the FA cup or capital one cup.
    For Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd…it’s win the EPL, win the CL and if we cannot, then we will take the FA cup. Its not a bloody substitute…it’s a last resort after the big targets fail. Its a good cup but their are at least 2 or 3 highly coveted. EPL, CL and club world cup.
    Every year we set ourselves up for 4th. For Arsenal the goals are make the CL and try for an FA cup. We are nearly synonymous to Spurs and Everton when it comes to goal setting. We are at it again. Targets are dropping left right and centre. Liverpool have already replaced Sterling with Firmino and been handed a 45M warchest that they can use to sign a world class ST. Man Utd will definitely be pushing to sign a ST to partner Wayne Rooney. It just got more difficult to sign players.
    I will try to be “more forgiving of player errors” though…. f*cking bulls*t

  4. Schneiderlin is a top top signings for our close rivals. He is french , a top quality player . ANd pls let us not suddenly act like Schneiderlin is an overrated player. Manchester United have improved significantly.

    1. as always on here …hes gone to united -morgan isnt all that.
      ive seen some gems on here- real beautys….
      pogba?! meh- wilsheres better hahaha
      diego costa…hes overated he wont adapt to pl- lol- humble pie on its way

      no doubt pedro over next few days- meh barcas b team- lol

      1. ANd the strange part is they have bought 4 quality /useful players for 77 million. Now that is called business. Last year they screwed up but now they have become like the old United. ALl the 4 players are there to win trophies and want to play for their shirt. SO I am gutted. Also, have to appreciate the way they have made real madrid struggle to get hold of dE GEA. Now De gea will seriously feel its better to stay after watching how Madrid treat their legend so how can he survive teh wrath. But it is sad that they are again become a top destination for players.

        The last thing now we need is Di MARIA Coming back to form. If LVG some how manage to crack that code , then their team is building for something special.

        1. Exactly last year they were just a hair behind us. Noe thay have Depay, Basti, Schneiderlin and Darmian. and there is still 50 days to go, to fix their defense and Gk problems if they let De Gea go.

          What have we done so far, well we have brought in one of the best GK’s in the world but to be perfectly honest, I would have been happy with Ospina at goal. Not that i am complaining about Cech coming in, but I would have preferred a DM and a Striker even a CD and then a GK. So we solved our smallest problem first, lets see what else Wenger has up his sleeve.

      2. So true. It’s embarrassing to read sometimes. Unless we sign them the player in question is always good for criticism, only yday some were saying Schneiderlin isn’t very good or someone would’ve bought him…… riiiight ok then, and now?

        Fact is there’s several players out there who could improve our team and I only hope we’re able to add the necessary few. I’ll play along and think Arsene has someone better in mind if he’s passing on Schneiderlin, but can’t lie…my nails are starting to go.

  5. still cant believe 49 million pound ‘sterling ‘was paid for raheem (see what i did there-im basically like jay z with my ferocious wordplay)

    h to the izzo….muff to the izzay

  6. Soon will be watching arsenal at my home country, shall I put up wenger out banner? Anyone here going there to watch? Should we chant spend the f*cking money?

    1. @justarsenalfan
      IF you don’t know what to do, then do nothing but watch the matches. Most importantly. If you need to be told what to do, then you can never be trusted to do whats right…

  7. Said it before, it’s all good talking the talk butwhen push comes to shove you need to step up.

    A title challenge comprises solid preparation over the summer addressing key weaknesses squad flaws and bolstering depth and that in turn allows a team to cope with 9 gruelling months of football.

    Mourinho saw the deficiencies in a Chelsea squad, Courtois came back from loan, Fabregas and Costa were brought in early. Luis and Zouma were brought in as depth options. As a result it was deemed Chelsea won the league at a canter. But the foundations weee set during the summer.

    United saw the flaws in their squad, knew Carrick needed help so they brought in Schneiderlin and Schweinsteiger. They have now Di Maria, Mata, Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin, Depay and Herrera. That is a serious midfield and anyone who doubts they are challengers is being naive.

    If Van Gaal get a serious forward Arsenal will have bigger issues than just Chelsea alone to worry about and Chelsea are in for Pedro.

    Serious managers act fast. Wegner needs to act before its too late but t may already be.

  8. I started this transfer window with quite a bit of optimism you know.. But our relative inactivity whilst other clubs – particularly United – have made top signings has really dampened my mood.

    The Schweinsteiger deal is the one that really got me. I wasn’t exactly wanting us to get him, but seeing a rival make a world class signing like that whilst Arsenal are apparently inactive is tough. We’ve had nothing to indicate any kind of transfer deals except a vague tweet from someone most of us had probably never even heard of..

  9. At this juncture, I’d like to be left alone with Wenger; just one-on-one, like good friends, you know.

    Quel est ton problème, Monsieur?

  10. We are just a fourth place chasing team. So no need to fill up the loopholes. That’s the sad truth.

    We are forgiving enough to tolerate ourselves to be in 4th or 3rd place for years already.

    People may say that it takes time for new players in ManU to integrate, they at least buy world class players to aim to atrophy. Unlike US.

  11. We pretty much sealed our fate giving Mikel Arteta a new one year deal. The player who was injured through out most of last season. Another great move by Wenger :/

  12. Ffs people why u moaning 12days into the window with have 1 WC signing if u were told this was gonna happen 6 weeks ago u would of but a nut off in excitement! Yes Man Utd have signed some good players but they have more repairs to fix than us ! Schweinsteiger is very good but it’s also a risky buy in terms of immediate success he’s got 2 years left in him and he’s gotta hit the ground running , that’s no guarantee. Delay has to settle then live upto the potential which is no guarantee ! Plus he’s only 20 a lot still to learn . Damian again no guarantees to be a success and they only got him because Everton wouldn’t sell Coleman ! Plus there best player is goin to Madrid! Fair enough Morgan should adapt straight away but this def isn’t enough for us to worry especially as we haven’t finished shopping yet ourselves COYG

      1. ’12 days into the window’. The season starts in less than a month and we are clearly not prepared.

    1. Not really moaning. Just accepting we’re pretty much standing still while other clubs are bolstering their squads. You seem happy with 3rd or 4th spot finish….

      1. Man Utd and Liverpool have bought multiple players no1 else! Plus your obviously clearly in the no what’s happening behind the scenes ! Not happy with 3rd or 4th just have more patience

      2. So would u accept making the signings United have made at the expense of losing our best player ‘alexis’ like they will with ‘de gea’ there’s many different ways to look at it , not always black and white

  13. Seems to be allot of negativity on this site tonight. Its due to our darling Schneiderlin joining up with Bastian. Chelsea Pedro and City Sterling, we are looking over the fence with a bit of the green eyed monster. People are falling back into their character of three and more years ago and attacking our perceived slowness in the market. I got one hell of a deja vu.

    We have just signed Petr Cech from Chelsea… from Chelsea, warranted repeating. Sanchez last season after Wenger said if I can add quality I will do it. Well people, he has said it again, so maybe a bit of patience is in order as Im sure some quality players will become available, if not already well when players move Im sure it will happen.

    1. Wasting your breath tonight YY69, all the toys coming out of the prams. The quality of discussion and level of IQ on display is cringeworthy. They could possibly look a lot cleverer (couldn’t look any stupider) and could save some tears if they judge on 31/8/15.

  14. With United signing Schweinsteiger, Delay, Darmian, Schneiderlin and more to come, Chelsea soon signing Pedro and Isco, Citeh signing Sterling, we are a 4th place club.

    Still ahead of Pool, Southampton, Everton, Spurs but at best 4th place unless we get some top quality players.

    We can’t expect to compete with United, Chelsea and Citeh by them greatly increasing quality in their squad and us just getting a Cech and saying Walcott, Wilshere and Ozil are like NEW signings because of injury last season.

    Cech is NOT enough

  15. most of our fans aren’t just brilliant! I’d take an Ox and a Ramsey any day to any new signing available in their positions…… heck even a wilshere!

  16. Well said alex95: Schneiderlin IS NOT a DM!!! Schneiderlin is a central midfielder and some of those on JustArsenal, they just follow the leader. There are reports that Szczesny was filmed being an idiot again off the pitch but you just watch some people defend him because they don’t think for themselves, they follow the “trend”. The main article is right, people tend to denigrate players for even the slightest mistakes. Players are human beings, not robots nor computer animated play things. There must come a time though, when enough is enough and unprofessional fools like Szczesny, has had numerous chances but he keeps taking the mickey.

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