Arsenal fans should be postive, but is Spurs clash key to Top Four?

Is Top Four Arsenal’s to lose?

As hard as it is to get carried away with the wins and the poor form of other teams around us, sometimes positivity is the way forward.

I say this because many people, including myself, have always tried to remain grounded and not get too happy where Arsenal is concerned, especially when things are going well, because we know how quick that can change.

However maybe just maybe it seems as though the tide is turning and our luck is coming through. (So far so good let’s not jinx it now!)

Yet when you look at our run of fixtures, although they will prove tough, you would hope rather than expect that we can claim some form of maximum points from each game, barring a demise of course.

All games are tough there is no doubt about that, however if we want to continue building in the best way possible then we have to ensure we can beat the very best week in week out.

Top four no doubt is in our sights and yes we do not want to get carried away, but if you look at it, we have played three games less than both Manchester United and West Ham who sit in fourth and fifth and two games less than Chelsea who sit in third and there is only eight points between us and them in third place.

Yes it can be argued that we will be playing Chelsea and Tottenham for two of our games in hand but what is to say we cannot win those?

Tottenham currently sit in eighth with three games in hand as well but are three points behind us, so yes, among some of those games that final North London derby will be key.

This league is unpredictable, each week is unpredictable and literally any team can beat each other. And although we still have to play both United and West Ham, with just 15 games to go it can be said that we are in the best positon and that it is ours to lose.

But we also know we have the potential to claim all if not some of those points and put ourselves in the best position possible.

So maybe just maybe we can begin to feel a little optimistic about the future but as always let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, but let’s also be allowed to smile and not feel like we are at rock bottom!

After all if we don’t have high expectations and we come out as winners, the victory tastes even sweeter doesn’t it!


Shenel Osman


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  1. Wolves and Spurs games are vital and then we have 2 consecutive games at the end of April that will make or break our season….ManU then West Ham.

    If we can get 3 wins from those 4 games it will go a long way.

  2. I trust in my cocky boys who chills like villains and cause havoc to oppositions defence(saka and esr) to do the job provided they are fit and available.

  3. This is why I wanted us to play Spurs earlier so that in the future it wouldn’t seem like a final for top 4. We rather appealed to have the game called off due to some inconveniences in the team. I remember stating that Spurs were not yet confident in their 3-4-3 so it would be great for us to have played them at the time. Now that they have beaten City who knows what that result would do for them. It would not be easy at all playing away against them because they would also see that match as crucial for top 4. I still tip us to pull off good results in the future and not lose as many as Utd or Spurs because of our defense. Imo we will finish in the top 4 because the other teams in contention are less consistent.

  4. Since Spurs signed Kulusevski, they’re the only team that can overtake us. Unless both Kane and Kulusevski get injured

  5. I’ve said since the summer 5th/6th is our most likely finishing position. And I stand bythat. There are so many permutations. No 1 game or 2 or 3 games are key. “Every” game is key. We need to win our home games v Wolves, Brighton, Leicester Leeds, + Everton to have any show. United at home is crucial. Liverpool at home can we get at least a point? To me the away games at Watford, Palace, Villa, Southampton and Newcastle loom as critical deal breakers. Spurs and Westham away are games we need to avoid conceeding 3 points to a direct rival. Some teams have European games and/or FA Cup games. Injuries will take their toll. Every round the picture will alter. 15 cup ties in a row. Which team has the quality, the wherewithal, the nous and most importantly the luck? I’d favour United then Arsenal, Spurs Westham and Wolves.

  6. The Wolves game is the “key to Top Four” because that is the next game

    I think it’s unlikely that we will win every game until the end of the season (we might even lose a couple) and if one of the other contenders do that and get 4th fair play to them, they would have deserved it

    We are where we are on merit and in the mix so we have a chance of Champions League football next season

    I believe we are capable of doing it

    1. Wolves are a team that seems to be out of most people’s calculation for the top four spots yet they are playing some very good football and look like a good team. The Wolves game is a very big game. The NLD hasn’t been won in the league by the away side since 2014. The hostility will be cranked up even further due to the postponement, it is going to be a bear pit . Both teams don’t have the strong enough characters to win the away NLD game at the moment and I cant see it happening this time either.

      1. If Wolves beat us on Thursday they definitely have a shout John

        They are a bit like us, no big names in the side so work effectively as a team unit, strong in defence but don’t really score enough

        Looking forward to the contest

  7. We have to play Spuds and the Chavs away, Pool and Utd at home
    We are NOT getting top 4
    Given our struggles to score despite commanding possession I am not even sure we will beat Wolves on Thursday

  8. This shows our differences and what we perceives as choices. I honestly believe Arsenal is doing just good and have the propensity to attain #4. What we fail to acknowledge is the wonder Arteta is doing underneath which most angry and hungry fans want out.
    He’s here to stay and let’s just support him to champions league spot. Peace

    1. Good post Biellydude, I agree Arteta is doing a good job for us, winning another FA Cup in his first half season

      But he had a spell last season when Auba wasn’t scoring and we couldn’t buy a win which went on too long and it appeared to me at the time he didn’t quite know what do about it, however we finished the season well and only missed out on Europe by virtue of the fact that Spurs came back from behind at Leicester on the last day, which I don’t think many saw coming

      We also only missed out on a Europa Final, against a team that hadn’t managed to beat us in the League, by the width of a post

      But he has now built a new, young team that looks very good for next season and are still in a good position this, very disappointing to go out if “our” FA Cup the way we did though

      How long Arteta will stay remains to be seen but I should think he will want a go at the title next season at least

  9. The fact of the matter is that without doubt, the games against Chelsea and the Spuds, will be crucial in our run in. That said, all games are tough and nothing can be taken for granted. It all depends on our consistency and maintaining our good form and being gritty and tough when it will really matter. It will be a real test of not only the players but also of Arteta, because his tactics and planning will be also important as to how we handle the situation. 15 games is a lot so there is lot of time left but we have to take each game by game and plan accordingly.

  10. What matter is 3 points no matter the opponents…. One game at a point, our game against tot, liv, chel or man utd is as crucial as our game against wat, palace, Everton, or even Leeds…. So its all about 3 points, we will win some and loose some just like our rivals too…..
    So the best and consistenc team will qualify for the 4th place….

  11. Every game is critical as there are so many potential horses right now.

    Any game against a top four rival is even more critical as they can be 6 point swings.

    North London Derby will be huge!

  12. Every game with any of our competition for fourth is a six pointer……worst result should be a draw…….if we win those games fourth place will be ours…..

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