Arsenal fans should be used to humiliation by now!

Nothing new under the sun with Arsene by KM

Hello everybody. How are you? Surprised? I doubt it. Angry? Yes, angry maybe, but hardly surprised. At least I’m not. This just happens with Arsenal. We just randomly lose to average sides. It happens about once every few games.

It’s not something that is part of how Arsenal functions as a football club. It’s either losing to an average team or getting humiliated by a rival. People hate it when you put the reasons down, but truth is we all know why this happens. Deep down we all know who sits at the base of this behavior.

In Europe you’ll get beaten when your striker misses two sitters and afterwards gets send off in the first half for two yellow cards – one for being angry at himself and the fact he cannot hit the open net, and second because he does a foul from behind with absolutely no reason.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain contributed with another own goal. I mean Ospina was at least going to have a chance to save it if Alex wasn’t there to put it in his own net after both our right defender and winger were nowhere near their LEFT BACK. Add that to the 3rd goal we conceded against Monaco and the second goal West Ham scored against us this year. That’s a good way to root yourself to the bench. I mean if I was the Arsenal boss, I would leave those two out of the group for the next game.

Because you know what? For once I agree with the rotations Wenger made. Debuchy pointed out again how not to spend 10 million on a right back and it’s depressing how we need Bellerin and Coquelin to fill two positions when we have zero options there, when instead any decent top club would look at adequate replacements.

The whole squad was plain terrible yesterday. Even so, if Giroud had scored his chances we would’ve walked the park. Instead now we have a mountain to climb for that second place. As disappointed as I am, this is no longer the exception but the rule at Arsenal. When something repeats every year, it’s not down to bad luck, it’s just that you are not good enough to do your job.

Giroud should’ve been subbed first half. All he does recently is punch the ground being angry at himself for the fact he is not good enough. Even though, at 1:0 with a man down, at half time we could’ve sacked Arteta for Theo. They were that bad, we could’ve snatched something with 10 men.

I mean this is Dinamo Zagreb. It’s not Real Madrid. We’re miles off the top because we accept that each defeat is a mistake of someone else but ourselves when we shoot ourselves in the foot. It was West Ham all over again.

Nobody will call for Wenger’s head though. Why would we want an old man with a salary as big as the sky, who is past his best out of the club. The reality check will come when England lose their 4th Champions League place. English clubs live in a delusional world where they think that just because the last team in the table can beat the first it’s a very interesting league.

You know how when your job is safe, you tend to put less effort into it, because you start to feel like doing what you do is easy, and you slide into a slippery slope while others are working hard for their place. Football is no different.

The top clubs round Europe close games. They score from one chance and win. We have a lot to learn from the other leagues in Europe who have caught up and moved forward, while football in England is at best been sitting where we were 10 years ago.

I used to think that those defeats would be lessons, but turns out we learned nothing. If we lose to Chelsea the decisions to leave out Ramsey and rest Cech and going with Giroud in front of Walcott will be questioned. But even if we make it out of the group we will hardly win the competition. Even Wenger acknowledges this, but still we didn’t sign a single outfield player.

Ancelotti and Klopp are available. Thomas Tuchel took the Bundeslinga by storm with Dortmund so maybe there are talented managers we don’t know about? In England managers are given too much time. Ancelotti got sacked the season after winning the tenth Champions League because he failed to deliver. Arsenal will never show similar ambition with Wenger and Kroenke at the top.

I was sad when Wenger signed a three year contract, because it’s three more years of the same old. At the end of next season, how much more would it be? Five years, another ten? Just give him a lifetime contract, cause unless he decides to leave, nobody can get rid of him.

Knowing or not knowing where the problem is is the same if you won’t do anything about it.


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  1. And I was Sad when I read this matey ???

    Arsenal slumped to another embarrassing European defeat last night, this time at the hands of Dinamo Zagreb. 

    Speaking this morning, Zagreb manager Zoran Mamic even went as far as revealing how his side comfortably beat Arsenal, simply by copying tactics employed by other teams.

    “Arsenal is one of the best teams who ever played here and they did exactly what we agreed they would do,” said Mamic

    “We thought it would be very important to close the middle, to stop the fast passes.”

    “That’s what we did and it’s nothing new.”

    “We have already seen other teams who beat Arsenal use the same tactics. This is a good way to beat them,” he said.

    “Arsenal has top four top international players, and other top players compared to Dinamo, but they are not world class.

    “We just concentrated in not letting them come to the ball. It was probably one our best games tactically.”

    And when a mickey mouse manager from a mickey mouse team can say that about Arsenal, You know it’s time for a change at the club!
    It really is time for wenger to exchange the managers seat for one in the Boardroom.

  2. Giroud, he is never the kind of striker we need. The man should be playing for West Ham.

  3. I don’t think fans are used to humiliation… The fact is, Wenger is used to it and it does not bother him. Sign of a failure and a manager who clearly could care less about the fans.

    1. You nailed it mate. Spot on.

      That old f@rt had lost his “shame brain cells” long time ago, and so did all those AKBs.

      Where is budd and the other AKBs like josh, nowhere in this article comments?

      They knew it is hard reality check, but didn’t give a sh!t about it.

  4. arsenal will never win anything big till wenger is in charge in summer we need a change klopp/ancelotti/pep guardiola are all available down to korenke & the board

  5. Befor we dont try something new we will never know. Wenger himself was not known to many at that time. Wenger senpai, why you no retire?

  6. DZG boss Mamic: “This is not new. We’ve already seen other teams who beat Arsenal use the same tactics. This is a good way to beat them.”

    what we need is some physical players like we had during invincibles pires/viera type

  7. I don’t think we have the squad to win anything major, but certainly do not have the manager. Wenger would not even know what to do with Ronaldo or Messi.
    I just hope he gets the f*ck out after his contract ends. The fans who really want to win something are tired of this shite…

  8. I have a question. What diff would it make if Arsenal would not qual for the next round but rather fail sooner then later, bec lets be honest, we are Sh**t at the moment and have no place in Cl.

    As for Chelsea, dont be surprised if we beat them, bec they are also not doing that well.

  9. Wow I can’t believe the negative stuff. We have Chelsea coming up. Time to get points there like when we WON the shield at Wembley.

    We played a man down on a horrible call. Maybe not the 2nd but certainly the first. The player made no attempt on the ball bent over to deliberately try to upend OG and he did it. Very dangerous. OG gets a card for that? Really?

    1. As wenger would say ” I couldn’t see it” ?

      Giroud’s stupid mistake was the first yellow card that he received for arguing with the Ref.
      Wenger’s seventh mistake was not subbing Giroud off,
      When he received that 1st yellow.

      1. That was funny FG. Like that avatar.
        I also think OG didn’t see the player on the second card and was just trying to clear it out of danger.
        My question is why did Gibbs just play the ball back to where it came from. Why no clear to the side. OG should have been no where near that ball that Gibbs should have cleared.

        1. Jim. Is it rrlly that hard just to admit that he f**cked up and thats it? Not having any competition has also his bad sides. Giroud right now is not mentaly up for the game. He needs to be benched asap bec right now him failing is getting into his head rrly bad. Wenger is to blame big time.

  10. I’m not surprised nor angry. Arsenal aren’t going to win every game they play. Maybe Wenger should have rested more players and started with Campbell and a few more of the fringe players knowing we have to go to Stamford Bridge this weekend.

  11. get all this out your system lads..we got chelsea in less than two days

    dont wanna see none of this crying on saturday

  12. ” Giroud deserves to walk home from Croatia for what he did” lol this comment was posted by an Arsenal fan yesterday and I nearly fell off my chair reading it.
    I really don’t know what’s happening to him and oxlade, whether its bad luck or something, but its become almost impossible to defend the two. The ox had a good pre season but it seems like he’s lost some confidence and his performance isn’t helping either.

  13. Humiliation is such an emotive word suggesting a sense of entitlement amongst Gooners that is just plain embarrassing. Disappointed is more apt, especially as I’ve been critical of the lack of rotation in the early games. Ospina, Debuchey, Ox and Gibbs I think can still do the job but I’m worried I was wrong about Arteta – I thought he had one more solid year as a back-up but on yesterday’s performance looks like I was wrong. I’m holding on to the hope that pairing him with Ramsey in the middle might make more sense than Carloza but that’s more a hope than a belief.

    1. You my friend have all the right to be wrong. You are not in the team, you dont know every single detail of what’s going on, although to be perfectly honest, it really was obvious that Arteta was not up for it from last year already.
      But never mind that, my point is, what is Wenger’s excuse??? Who is going to know better than him if one of his players has another year left at top level or not?? I mean WTF, why do you offer him a contract extension?? Why do you not buy an alternative to Le Coq?
      Let me tell you why, because it was obviously the right thing to do. I mean every pundit said we needed a DM, so what does he do, the exact opposite.
      Why? Because Wenger knows best.
      Well Frack him, and his hubris and his arrogance and his small minded mediocracy.
      Get rid of the senile fool once and for all, he is harming AFC.

  14. Another Embarrassment:
    The Sanchez spark, energy and running is GONE. The dynamic energy we saw in the first 10 – 15 games when Sanchez joined has suddenly evaporated! Most in this forum thought that the Alexis energy will rub onto the other players but in this case the opposite has happened – the lethargy of other Arsenal players has rubbed onto Alexis. Where is the Manager?

  15. Arsenal will win the return
    But it’s the EPL which is
    the real target.
    On to Chelsea then.
    Chelsea simply can not afford to lose.
    Arsenal need at least a point.
    This is a defining game for both clubs.
    With Cech back in goal Arsenal are a different side.
    I sense a ground breaking win.

    1. so do i…u no good son of a b*tch

      this game will be huge….im filled with starburst rainbows in anticipation

      1. Thank you Muff but
        not too much praise
        it goes to my head 🙂
        Giroud will score 3 sumptuous goals
        and Vladamir Putin will give him a call.
        Goodbye yellow brick road…

  16. Just new on this site but been viewing it for a while now getting a good laugh at the expense of a few members of this, some of you are mad (in a good way) anyways…

    I agree in some ways that wenger had to rotate but we are only 5 or so weeks into the season, players cant be needing that much of a rest when the mid week games have just begun? (Internationals yes ofcourse but not that major)

    Arsenals problem is Wenger. Arrogant fool has lost most of the fans with obvious bad tactics, excuses and lack of activity spending fans money (should never be as split as it is now AKB/AOB) the fans is what makes Arsenal, who i may add pay all the big bucks to watch The Arsenal in a fancy stadium that they paid for and what did they get in return… an old delusional stubborn man who runs their club the way he thinks its should be… 200m in the bank and nobody available?? Maybe few season ago that woulve worked but too many excuses. Do the right thing at the end of season and move up or on!!

  17. No way will ozil or AS stay past this season because we are as bad as we were 7 years ago. Only one problem with Arsenal and that’s AW and he needs to go upstairs and for kloop to come in before Liverpool take him. For me he would have been signing of the season. Needs to be done with AW there so we don’t end up like man u

  18. In the 20 – 30million Pound range there were plenty of powerful midfielders in this transfer window. That is probably not the type of money Arsene likes to spend on a DM but this is where the market is for these type of players. You either buy one of Kongdobia, Krychowiak, Vidal, Schneiderlin etc.. for that price and create real competition for places in the middle of the park or have Arteta and Flamini as back ups.

    Am i missing something here? Are we broke again? Is there a peice of information about AFC that none of us fans are privy to?

    Disgusted once again

    1. Totally agree and a striker too-every Arsenal fan knows where we need to strengthen,but not the Professor.INFURIATING

  19. Aren’t we fait accompli to the Zagred lose? And now we are trying to exonerate ourselves from any blames and heap all the blames on the Boss and Giroud as the sacrificial goat to bear our sins. What kind of advice and starts had we not given to the Boss & the Gunners on this site? Didn’t some say, the Boss should rest some top Gunners in the Zagreb game for the Chelsea game? How wrong that advice turned out to be. I told the Gunners to soft pedal on their gearing up for Chelsea and focus on Zagreb to stop distracting the Gunners from their important Ucl away game to Zagreb. But all my warnings fell on deaf ears. Now that the dead has happened. We should all accept our guilts and stop passing the buck. We’ve learn! Take a look again at my final starts: Cech. DebuchyKoscielnyDeAbreuGibbs. CoqulineCazorla. SanchezOzilOxlade. Giroud. How guilty was I? I think the only area I was guilty was my back four starts. And the weakness there had led Oxlade there to give a helping hands. Let’s not over blame Giroud too.

    1. I Already posted so many comments here over and over again mate, like right now.

      As long as Silent Stan happily chipped in profit by wenger, he didn’t give a sh!t about EPL and UCL trophies.

      Only if someone like MEAN roman abramovic took over, something will change.

      BEAN wagner out (see my new picture).

  20. We didn’t need a striker or defensive midfielder-one of each is enough:same shit every year,so either change the transfer policy or change the manager.

    1. please, don’t change me.

      i am mr.wagner-bean, i work my arse off to build emirates.

      you’re ungrateful fans.

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