The reasons why Arsenal fans should be worried about Newcastle becoming the richest club in the world

Following the imminent announcement of Mohammed Bin Salman as the new Newcastle United owner, the power Ranking of the most richest clubs in the world have taken a new shape.

Newcastle United are set to become the most richest club in the history of football with over $434 Billion.
They beat the likes of Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain, RB Leibzig, Chelsea and other rich clubs to attain the number one position.

Newcastle United will now have the power to get any player and manager they want because of their financial strength.

1. They can get The Best Managers In The World

Just like Manchester City, Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain hired the best managers in the world during their change of power, it is expected that Newcastle United will sign one of the best coaches in the world of football.
The likes Of Zinedine Zidane, Antonio Conte and Frank Lampard have been linked to Newcastle United following the Imminent announcement of the new owner.

These managers have the capacity to Influence best players in the world to join the new club because of their new owners.

2. They can Sign the Best Players In The World

Next season transfer window will be interesting as Newcastle United will be using their financial strength to get world class players into their team.

Players like Paul Pogba, Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland, Rudiger, Lewandowski have been linked to join new club next season and with their financial strength, they can sign any player at the moment.

Paul Pogba, Mbappe and Rudiger will be a free player next season and that will an opportunity for the club to sign them without much stress.

Chelsea and Manchester City won their first English premier league trophy after they changed owners and Newcastle United will be hoping to achieve the same thing very soon.

With top players like Mbappe, Lewandowski, Paul Pogba and other talented world class stars, Newcastle United might win next season’s English premier league title.

Do you think Newcastle United have more chances to break into the top 4 next season ahead of Arsenal?

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  1. Don’t be silly, their rise to the giddy heights of the Premier League, if in fact it ever happens, certainly won’t be within a couple of seasons. They are second bottom of the league and one of the favourites to be relegated this season. Now wouldn’t that be funny if they go down?

  2. It won’t be instant success, never is. Chelsea had a free crack as it was pretty much a case of Arsenal and United rebuilding when Roman bought them the league title in his first 2-3seasons. City too took time to find their feet and establish themselves, whereas PSG were already top dogs in Ligue Un. It could all go a bit Blackburn Rovers too.
    Not sure I’d regard Lampard a serious ‘pull factor’ and can’t see them landing Zidane without first establishing themselves, so too Conte unless they promise him an instant £250m shopping spree – and although Financial Fair Play doesn’t seem to tackle the big offenders they do seem to clamp down on teams with ‘new wealth’. I reckon we needn’t worry about the Magpies just yet, but by 2024/25 there may be a new serious player in town.

    1. Also the earliest Newcastle will have CL football would be ‘23/24 season so I’d rule out players like Mbappe, Rudiger etc joining on a free next summer.
      If they are smart they’ll start establishing a strong core of english players with promise first, likely taking them from teams they see as immediate competition, players who may have already looked destined to leave. Wouldn’t be a surprise to see them pursue the likes of Maddison, Abraham, Coady etc first, with a couple of Robinho-style big foreign captures that may not offer them total consistency. We could try offer them a few established stars like Aubameyang or Xhaka and they’d probably jump at the chance to make such a statement by snatching our starters, which would help us rebuild.

    2. City only spend 100m this season on World class Grealish

      PSG spend less than 100m season and sign a few free transfers…..and they lost to Rennesj

      Arsenal spend the highest this season……

      its not about spending big its about signing the right players to form a team

      1. Not sure what that has to do with my comment but City have spent £100s of millions over the years and were willing to spend another £120milion on Kane this summer before it fell apart, PSG were wise/fortunate to get so many free transfers but look what it’s done to their wage bill, especially adding Messi, this is the first summer we’ve ever really ‘spent big’ without making up for it by selling players. I agree that the player’s price is irrelevant and that the most important thing is their quality but at the same time you look at the world’s biggest clubs and barring Bayern (who largely control the Bundesliga) the rest have all relied on spending a huge amount. It doesn’t guarantee Newcastle’s success but definitely gives them a huge opportunity to improve.

  3. Of course, in one to two years time they will be ahead of us quality wise.
    Money rules the world, unfortunately.

    What will make us strong and compete with them is, team balance, cohesion, bonding and consistency. Which can be derived if Arteta creates those features.
    And more money still need to be spent on the team by the owners too.

  4. New Astor certainly won’t be a serious threat in the next two years I think, after that yes… they’ve the muscle now to go on and be huge.
    A rebuild of this kind, literally from bare stones takes time, time for teams to gel, but have no doubt, we’re coming… it’s our time now! We just want a team we can be proud of, a team that competes.

  5. We don’t need to worry. Because we have a talented manager who will only get better each season, if we’re patient enough to wait for the slow progress

    Now our victory against Newcastle will be even sweeter

      1. Not as funny though as the article writer calling Frank Lampard one of the best coaches in world football 😂

          1. Because of his tactics, we won four games in a row + one draw at a tough opposition’s turf in a cold rainy day. And because of his coaching, Xhaka, Pepe, Saka and Smith-Rowe have improved a lot

        1. Lampard top manager? On what basis? Turns out he was the one who was work in progress not his team as they won CL with another manager who knew what he was doing.

  6. The barcodes will be a serious threat to all within 3 seasons if they get it right.If they copy the initial citeh route they won’t go far wrong.They’ll throw so much money at it eventually they’ll get it right.Point proven by the oilers & chavs.
    The only all this might change if there is a truly workable transfer cap.One ceiling for all in the prem with no room for manoeuvre such as cooking the books on sponsorship etc.

  7. It shouldn’t worry our club one little bit…. if you believe the likes of Loose Cannon.

    There can be no excuses for MA finishing below Newcastle, because money doesn’t matter – just as it didn’t with city and chelsea during AW’s reign.

    So, happy days ahead for the Magpies as they won’t affect us under any circumstances will they???

  8. I’m pleased for Newcastle fans that they’ve outlasted Ashley. But they deserve better that what they’ve got.

    If Bin Salman took over Arsenal it would test my loyalty – woman’s rights (dont expect Newcastle women to be in WSL anytime soon); LGBQ+ rights (looking forward to Rainbow Laces Day at St James Park), anti-semitism (Kick Out Racism – you’re having a laugh), throw in a murdered journalist (dont be too critical of the team if your a Tyneside sports reporter) – I don’t think I could muster up enough cognitive dissonance.

    Maybe Arsenal will get Putin in few years. He’s not short of a bob or two.

    Sad day for the PL.

  9. The owners have £434 billion; however as stated above the owners are limited as to how much can be spent in funding Newcastle United FC. It will take money, time and sound decision making in manager and player selection to lift the Club up the table.
    Time will tell whether Newcastle United’s owners get it right, but they have bought a club with great tradition, stadium and fans, many of whom have been long suffering under Ashley.
    One can only feel sorry for Sunderland fans at the moment!

  10. Nothing to worry for Arsenal atleast in the short term but long term yes, NU could make an impact in the PL standings. But it will definitely take time, proper decision making, planning and tactical management to get success, all these factors do not necessarily succeed by having large sums of money. The sad part is that the Crown Prince who is the head of the ownership is well known for violating fundamental human rights and the Saudi ownership is involved in the murder of a journalist. But when you have the money, I guess, though very sadly, that these things dont matter. Very unfortunate.

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