Arsenal fans – Show your discontent and boycott the Bournemouth match

Boycott Bournemouth! by Neil

The only way to humiliate and embarrass the Arsenal board is to boycott the next home game.

Its hardly a mouth watering fixture, it’s Bournemouth.

Can you imagine what the media would make of it if the stadium was deserted? It would be worldwide news. The after match interview would have Wenger squirming, all the back pages would have it as their main and story, it would run all day on Talksport the following monday….it would be HUGE…!!!

It’s one mediocre game to miss yet would be a massive step in the direction of getting Wenger, Kroenke, the board out. Thats what we want right? ……so do it!!!!
WengerOut Banner
Season ticket holders – coordinate yourselves and show your discontent. Its the exact same stance that miners took against Thatcher. Stand outside the ground demonstrating while the game goes ahead. You’ll be on Match Of The Day !!!! Something to tell your grandkids!!!

If we offer the same complacent resistance as in previous years then this saga will just carry on for two more years..think about that: Two more years of having to put up with Wenger’s excuses for his failings.

This public show of anger and the demand for change will go down in our wonderful clubs history where fans showed the club where the power lies…..JUST DO IT


  1. Please make this demonstration a success! We need change and the fans with season tickets are the ones that can make this happen!

    I’m Arsenal ’til I die!

    1. Then contribute by donating to the cause (see below) as I’m guessing your not a london boy!

      Money goes to protests, materials, projections etc..

      Please do something, If you love AFC. Nobody gonna do it for ya!


      OnlineGooner Wenger Out Protest Forum:

      Wenger/Kroenke Out Justgiving Page:


      Shooting Blanks since 2005;

      Kroenke Fund Club;

      Usmanov-Arsenal Needs You!;

      C’est Fini – No More Excuses;

      Anyone want the artwork to use then get in touch. It’s currently in landscape A3 size (420mm x 297mm) but I can resize the artwork to any size should you want it on your own larger banner design.

    2. Arsenal fans…such a pathetic bunch… boycott all the matches…show some balls don’t just imitate your team ?

    3. Yes totally agree! We need change! Boycott matches and stop buying their merchandise until we see some changes. But apparently, we still have some delusional fans who will thumbs us down for such comments. Let’s hope that majority of the fans are in sync to force them to bring about the necessary change.

    4. Yes! Let’s make sure to undermine team morale and then act like we had nothing to do with their loss when they lose.

      I criticize Wenger and individual players, but I don’t take actions that will have a negative impact on team performance. The team is strong enough to win the league as is, if only they had the support of the fans.

      People always criticize Arsenal for “mental weakness.” Somehow the negative “fans” don’t seem to understand that they themselves are the source of that mental weakness. Were you people to spend as much energy supporting the team as you do trying to sabotage it they would probably win the league. But hey, why not act like complete idiots instead, create an atmosphere of toxic hostility, fly banners and organize pathetic, defeatist protests and media spectacles that embarrasses everyone associated with the club and see how well that works in propelling your team to victory.

      Good to have fans who want the team to lose so that they can prove they are “right” and have the “power.” Maybe this year Arsenal will come in 10th and you can all pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. Then, you can get a new manager, who like most other new managers does not guarantee any success, lose all your stars and get relegated. Then you can really be proud of yourselves. Keep going mates, you’ve nearly destroyed the team, you’re almost there!

      1. Lets have one bad season but save the next 20 seasons. Lets protest with all our might and cause changes. Better this season we perform badly and we keep striking and cause change of regime than this to keep going on as there is never an ideal time to protest. No sentiments but only one love for arsenal fc lets is protest as never before damge this year but not the next 20 years by this regime

      2. Support the regime which ignores it’s own fans, support the regime which keeps lying to its fans, support the regime when it keeps repeating the same stupid mistakes all over again, yeah right. Thank God the world isn’t full of people like you. I hate cowards who can’t stand for themselves but just support a regime blindly.

        1. Sorry but we have brains. We wouldn’t be caught dead participating in one of your pathetic 5-man protests, fighting in the stands like utter imbeciles, spending thousands of dollars trying to sabotage team morale before a game with plane-flown banners or any of the other embarrassing spectacles you create which the sports tabloids thrive on.

          “You’ll be on Match Of The Day !!!! Something to tell your grandkids!!!”

          That’s what this is about, your own inflated egos. A bunch of drunk idiots trying to show they have “power” in an arena where it doesn’t matter in the slightest.

          If you people could be banned from the stadium for a whole season I’d be surprised if Arsenal didn’t win the league.

      3. Stephan Larose, You are, as we all are, fully entitled to write as you wish. But Stephan, your post will be derided by the vast majority of fans who totally get that we HAVE to force change and soon, if the club is to survive as a major force in the future. No club has a divine right to stay at the top and those clubs which have done so, do so because they are well run by real professionals who keep themselves abreast of what is going on in the football world RIGHT NOW. THey do not hark back to an era which has gone for good and realise – even though you clearly do not – that Arsenal is being misrun by dinosoars, some of whom care nothing for the club at all. If you properly consider this issue you will surlely see this evident truth. YOU ARE , THANKFULLY, IN A TINY AND STILL SHRINKING MINORITY.

        1. Sorry, but you people are deluded. You have been sabotaging the team and you are responsible for the so-called mental weakness. The more you boycott and the more stupid antics you indulge in the more you will alienate talent. Skilled players won’t touch Arsenal with a ten-foot pole.

          You are also deluded if you think changing the manager will bring about instant improvement. There have been plenty of managerial changes at top clubs around the league and most of them have led to lower performance, not better, the only exception being Conte’s Chelsea, whom Arsenal have beat in 3/4 of the last competitive encounters in the last year. You have a team that is good enough to win the league now, but your plan is to sabotage not support, and then you will pat yourselves on the back if Arsenal drop further down the table. I can’t think of a more counterproductive way to “support” your team.

          I’d point out how selfish it would be for a few fans in London to ruin the season for millions of fans worldwide, but that’s clearly beyond your comprehension.

          Arsenal’s negative “fans” are creating a real reputation for themselves as the worst fans in the world. If you create a toxic atmosphere, plus the manager leaves and the club is in a state of upheaval, don’t be surprised if Arsenal falls out of the top ten for a decade or even worse. Arsenal won’t be able to attract talent if their lives depend on it.

          The reason you people choose to single out Wenger is simply because you won’t take responsibility for your own actions, he’s a single target–meaning small enough for you to understand, and you haven’t the heart to support a team if it loses, which happens to every team. You are just a whiny bunch of losers. I pray you people aren’t successful because the proof of your success will be that Arsenal implodes.

      4. No matee kroenke and Wenger have destroyed the team. These people are spending their hard earned cash to go see rubbish year after year and we get mugged off like we did this summer. Lol wake up mateee

    5. You boycott the match, watch live on tv, boycott meant you got your pass they have their money.
      won’t work.
      instead why every fan, mean’t each & every fan do a placard reading, #KroenkeOUT.
      it will be interesting to see how media pick you up.
      furthur, don’t help to contribute to a miserable season.

  2. I would definitely do that but already returned my two season tickets this year, Made a stand already will be armchair fan until we get all of the real deadwood Kronke & board & Wenger to, Not getting any of my hard earned money, Hope this can happen but doubt it.

  3. You only need few hundred seats empty for the press to pick up and it will work

    On another note It looks like Lamar has been taped up by Bacelona who now say they are interested in the player no wonder he snubbed Arsenal

    England v Malta not much of a game but well done to our Welback

    1. Even leaving 30 minutes before the end would give a message away, or some minutes of silence, and then some crazy chanting

      Stan out, Stan out, fatman in fatman in, and thats it

  4. Best article in ages, this is exactly what needs to be done whether it will is another thing all together, its the full attendances that are lining the yanks pocket and keeping our clueless pensioner of a manager in charge. If we don’t step up and do something now then pound to a penny we’ll still be on here complaining in 5 years time. Arsene Wenger has no intention in stepping down in 2 years times hes looking to surpass the 26 years Alex Ferguson did at man u. This Arsenal board and owner need to know they can’t take the p*ss out of us loyal fans anymore and sending out their serial bullsh*tter Gazidis to talk the talk and sell next years season tickets which he will. The club is nothing without us its time we showed that.

    1. I can only hope that this attempt is taken more seriously than the largely muted and clearly unsuccessful protests of late last season…although the plane writing escapade brought some much-needed attention to the matter, it failed to resonate with fence-sitters and those who had just recently fell off the Wenger truck…without a big enough showing of support the whole endeavor appeared relatively weak and poorly organized, especially to the major media outlets, whose involvement could have significantly changed what was to follow…but I get it, few wanted to turn on their club, let alone make a public display of their discord…problem is, they are preying on that vulnerability, in fact, their counting on you to keep your thoughts to yourself…who are you to tell these fat cats how to steal your money…they have worked long and hard to pull the wool over your eyes…they even went so far as to pay enormous sums of cash to your once beloved professor to be their corporate spokesmodel so that the whole thing would be more palatable…eventually the club made it appear as if this was simply a relatively small fringe group of highly radicalized supporters, which allowed the pro-Wenger element inside the club hierarchy to claim victory following the FA Cup win…unfortunately what has happened to this club can’t be solved by FA Cups or a few players coming in, the very culture of this club needs to be changed and that starts at the top…in order to change the unhealthy and dysfunctional narrative that has absorbed this club we need to remove everyone who presently occupies a position of power…only then can we get back to the business of playing championship caliber football, which should always be the number one priority of this organization…on an important side note, one of the most devastating mistakes made in the final days of this hectic and poorly planned transfer window didn’t have to do with the big name players like Sanchez or Lemar, but the fact that they failed to secure Jadon Sancho, who might even start for Dortmund this season…I think they might seriously regret this oversight…instead of spending so much time, energy and manpower pretending that they were desperately trying to make big moves, they once again lost the plot due to their all too familiar tunnel vision


  5. I expect some time to pass as i knwow that to many are real losers at heart, and soon many will get used to the situation we have found our self in and go back in being miserable again

    Thats what you get while being lied to for to long, forcing someone out of their sleep is tough

    I for once have lost the love for this game as it has become insane corrupt

    I will still be watching Arsenal, and i will wait till Wenger gets hit by diarrea and will be forced to give and make arragments for the afterlife

    Nothing last forever, even things we disslike, change will eventually happen, but till then we will change as well, bye

    1. Wenger is a great liar I’ve ever seen & knew in my life. please, every Arsenal should boycotts the next home game against Bournemouth. God punish Wenger and his generation!

  6. Nobody seems to be mentioning the damaging infighting going on between Wenger and the board, which appears to have lead to players who have performed well on the pitch, being benched for their unfit counterparts, or being put on loan (Joel Campbell, Lukas Perez, Shkodran Mustafi), not only leading to discontent in the squad, and on the pitch, but using millions of the much vaunted player salary limit, which still doesn’t make sense to me as how come we were going to increase Ozil, Alexis and Ox’s salary by so much? Again, this is something Kroenke should be addressing, but is doing nothing about it.

    Definitely all up for the protest – maybe we can arrange a large screen outside the ground?

    1. This window I am thoroughly dissapointed with Arse. .After missing out on top 4, I tot they would loosen their purse string…yet….surprise…surprise…profit in net spending….

      Yeah boycott this match…and many more matches to come this season..there is always tv…

      But if you do have to attend the matches, make sure your protest is directed towards the whole Arse Board, and not just the Manager, he might be their designated spokesman…but you are kidding yourself if you think things will change after he is gone ….Judging from what I have seen the past 3 weeks, yeah, the old man may have loose the plot, but really, Arse downward spiral began not when Arsene join the club, but when the new owner took over….

  7. ………I just love my glory glory gunners and that is true whatever they do so why on earth would I boycott my life’s love. They frustrate, they let me down and do things go on I cannot fathom just lik Man City spending £350million in a couple of windows and Paris becoming the financial powerhouse of Europe but down N5 it is the Arsenal that is for me always always always.

  8. Wha are we aiming to achieve through these demonstrations? Disrupt the team or cause change? I would have imagined that we would wait to see how the post transfer situation unfolds and then we would decide on the next course of action. It is still only 3 games out of 38. Don’t you think starting to demonstrate now is premature?

    1. Yes be patient again. Have we not being patient since 2004? My friend go use your truckload of patience for something else. The protest must start now. The 4-0 humiliation by Liverpool was not because of any protest or demonstrations!

    2. Nope – attempting to highlight the discontent. The sponsors are the way to affect Kroenke, and an empty stadium will not please the sponsors.

    3. Premature? Are you kidding me?! Unless you’ve only just become an Arsenal fan, you would know that the first three games are barely the tip of the iceberg of the fans anger. We’re talking about a decade of failure, lies, and the fact we’re arguably the worst treated football fans by their respective club, in Europe, maybe even the whole world!

      We haven’t even signed a single player since our last game, so there is no “post transfer situation”, in terms of anything positive. It’s only negative because we lost the Ox who’s been doing very well in the wing-back role, and we kept hold of Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil, etc. We could even huge problems in the dressing room with Sanchez.

      I wouldn’t worry about disrupting the team, because it’s about as disrupted as it could get!

    4. It’s been going on since Kroenke joined. Liverpool have been allowed to make total fools of us – a club half our size! They trounced us 4-0, they took a player of ours, which clearly Wenger wanted to retain and then made him act like a performing seal kissing the badge on camera, like he’d just escaped from Colditz, they then tried to sign a player which we hadn’t managed to sign all summer! They are half our size, and have half our resources, if we continue in this embarrassing vein we will also shrink to half our size, unable to attract fans, players or sponsors. We have already waited 8yrs …. enough is enough!

      1. The most annoying and worrying news from the Ox transfer is that he took a pay cut to leave aresenal. Our best players just want to get out of the club cos theres no direction where we are headed

    5. Nope it’s not premature. Wenger has been doing this for years now. Arsenal used to have players come up now we don’t. Liecester city winning shows how far Wenger has fallen bitching about money of other teams. We have a team with wage bill of 191 million when 90% of the team won’t get into any first 11 of the top teams. Now we have players contract not signed why was the money denied to them then and now willing to give more plus why are we paying so much for a looser coach when he isn’t in top managers anymore..

    6. You talk sense but they thumb you down. I am in Sierra Leone, West Africa. If I were in England I would have love to watch the match at the Emirate to see how much these pathetic fans would stay away. The Arsenal fans are even worse than the team or coach. WORST SUPPORTERS.

  9. All of the protests have
    so far been total failures.
    Sorry but you guys don’t
    have a clue on about how to influence public opinion.
    The protests at the Emirates last season
    were useless. Fail.
    Even after missing the ECL Arsenal
    then won the FA Cup so Wenger got a new contract. Fail.
    Even after the humiliation at Anfield protests fell on deaf ears. Fail.
    The anger during the transfer window has come to nothing. Fail.
    Arsenal will thrash Bournemouth so your protest will look silly. Fail.
    If any thing wait till the Chelsea game.
    The Europa league is soft with Arsenal being the highest ranked side
    so your protests will look silly as Arsenal win game after game. Fail.
    Unless Arsenal has a complete and total melt down = Fail.
    People have talked protest and Wenger out for seven years
    and the old buzzard looks safer now than ever. Fail.
    Roll on July 2019 when the new manager comes in.
    Apparently the club has the new manager sorted.
    He is to be a 72 year old Frenchman 🙂 Fail.

  10. Ok one catastrophic performance at the weekend and one unlucky reversal, and you are calling a revolt. Decision was made at the end of last season Wenger signed a new contract. Given what the club has achieved during his tenure it wasn’t unmerited. Wenger will not be with us forever and maybe a future manager will will push the club to a higher level of success, but we’re with the manager and player we have, limitations and all, and we should support them through thick and thin. Protestors Pi*s off!

    1. How is it “one catastrophic performance”? Please explain that. Because it’s actually a decade of catastrophic performances. I really have know idea where you got just the “one” from. If it was with new manager, I could understand your point, but we’re talking about the same manager who’s responsible for all of those catastrophic performances.

    2. The performance was bad but thats not the worst thing. The fact that our manager played the Ox probably knowing that he wanted to leave us for Liverpool, is the hardest thing for me to accept.

      Surely he has lost the ability to manage a team when he made such a decision. If you’re okay with tactics like that then I can’t reason with you.

      Someone please enlighten me with why he made that decision, maybe I’m missing something.

      1. Still think no one at the Emirates believed he would do it, bit like a 7 year marriage breaking up for no logical reason, and Wenger running around desperately trying to appease him. There was no doubt that he was well loved by fans and team alike, so I think it upset a lot of the team as well, and as his character led people to think he was a good guy, and he wouldn’t follow through, I guess it was shocking when he did. I think he was valued more for his team bonding and human touch, rather than stunning footballing prowess, so now people have to change their view of him. Liverpool are a bit like the ugly bloke nicking the wife and parading her around the street for everyone to see, because they have a problem with the husband (Wenger). All a bit tasteless. He was a Wenger favourite, and as such was always accomodated by Wenger, so we are probably better off without him, as now we can play the right people in the right positions. Just a shame we didn’t use the money to get in someone like VVD.

  11. Do something.. no excuses

    Please do something, If you love AFC. Nobody gonna do it for ya!


    OnlineGooner Wenger Out Protest Forum:

    Wenger/Kroenke Out Justgiving Page:


    Shooting Blanks since 2005;

    Kroenke Fund Club;

    Usmanov-Arsenal Needs You!;

    C’est Fini – No More Excuses;

    Anyone want the artwork to use then get in touch. It’s currently in landscape A3 size (420mm x 297mm) but I can resize the artwork to any size should you want it on your own larger banner design.

    1. Designs have been improved and resized to A4 paper and will be printed and distributed by the protest organisers for the upcoming matches. Perhaps even for the Bournemouth one.

      Getinvolved, don’t buy AFC merchandise, or attend matches, donate , protest if you do plan to attend.

      Follow the onlinegooner wenger forum (previously posted) to find out how you can get involved.

      Now is the time! Not end of the season..

  12. Just curious, how did the Ox do un the match, I was unable to watch the match. I heard he did “ok” and DW scored a goal off the bench.

    1. Was a bit surprised when Wellbz was subbed for Ox – they always looked like great friends at the Emirates, but there was no recognition in the changeover.

      1. Thanks – I am sure DW would have preferred to kick him in the yarbles (if ya have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou) rather than acknowledge him coming off the pitch!

      2. If Welbeck is in the England team at all it just goes to show how badly off England are. I don’t think he’d even make the bench at any other top team.

      3. Yes there was, there was a silly hand bump thing and a pat on the back, what do you expect them to do, drop their shorts and bump uglies?

  13. Barca fan power!! – vote of no confidence for board!


  14. funny thing is after winning against Bournemouth and probably chelsick deluded fans will wryt to us how we can win the premier league and that will suddenly change to top four come February……… something’s can’t just change… some arsenal fans have more faith in arsenal than dey do in God

  15. Best article for years. However, the fans in England will never cooperate to see this dream come true. They’ll still fill the stadium and line the pockets of these heart less people with cash. Desert that stadium and you’ll see the act.

  16. How about a few chants and or banners bigging up Usmanov, that should get the hairs on Kroenke’s neck standing to attention.

  17. Enough is Enough

    We have given Wenger well over a decade
    He can not be trusted

    Just looked at this summer transfer spending table. We are second from bottom in front of Swansea. United, city and Chelsea were the top 3. We finished last season 5th place so it was vital for us to spend big this summer to get us back in the top 4. We sold OX, a very good player to get back the money for Lacazette. Didn’t Wenger say OX was 100% staying?

    Look at Wenger’s comments about OX this summer.

    “All I can say is personally I rate him highly”

    “I personally think it is VITAL that Chamberlain stays at Arsenal. We bought him when he was very young, we have built him up and I think he has a great mentality.”

    ” I like his mentality and he has a good football brain. It would be a BIG DAMAGE for us to LOSE this kind of player. ”

    ” I want him to stay here for a long time – I’m convinced that he will be in the next two or three years the English player everyone looks at.”

    ” Oxlade-Chamberlain will ‘100% STAY”

    “I expect him to stay, 100%. No matter the speculation, he will stay”

    “I want to keep my best players. I want to keep everyone on board. For me they have a responsibility to the club. I am highly determined to keep him”

    So determined to keep him that we sell him to improve our rivals who just beat us 4-0.
    Pathetic. Wenger is a liar. His words mean nothing. He doesn’t even believe what he says.

    1. got 3 Billion?

      want changes?

      Change the owner and the management first

      you can have the best managers at the club and if the owner and management do not back the manager and provide the funds…..

      no club can be successful

  18. I am not a wenger fan for over 4 years , but i do not believe the problems we are facing now is his doing, it’s the board and kroenke , until we force this man out (kroenke) arsenal will never be a great team , is there anybody out there that can research the numerous other company’s that arsenal have and where all the profits and loses are , kroenke has made it perfectly clear it’s a business first and foremost , he has made a huge amount of money from arsenal but he does not want to sell his shares, its only the arsenal fans that can force him nobody else can, so pls stop blaming wenger and get to the root of the problem, KROENKE GET OUT OF OUR CLUB.

  19. I have had enough of you lot telling me what I should do. Instead all you people who normally don’t go to games, and those who don’t live in England, tell us what you are doing for the cause? Are you cancelling your sky subscriptions? Are you not going to your local bar to watch the game, thereby depriving the bar of your money? Are you arranging local demos in America and Africa or anywhere else for that matter which will perhaps even attract more media attention? Are you making videos of shirts being burnt? Come on let us know what you are doing? Meanwhile I am expected to tell my 3 grandchildren who have been looking forward to going to this game since last season that no, because we are protesting against the owner and manager, sorry kids you can’t go! You sit on your fat backsides telling everyone else what do and not one of you has told us what you are doing! Come on then, practice what you preach.

    1. Even if we boycott watching Arsenal games on Tv, how will it affect Arsenal board?….You saw how Manchester United fans demonstrated against Moyes then and it was what made the board to sack Moyes…..Arsenal fans in London must do this, if you guys there in london can’t protest like the way Manchester United fans did, then you guys should not Expect anything or any improvement

    2. Declan, Go to Itunes, amazon and have a look what Im doing….i wrote recorded and released a single Wenger Out Out Out / Mantak……I’ve put my mobey where my mouth is. Others have protested. Dont infight or pour cold water on others trying to affect change Declan. Be supportive #boycottbournemouth

  20. International fans need to get of their high horse.

    First of all English fans have protested. When they do then the world says they are being harsh. Secondly, and more importantly, ALL fans contribute to Arsenal. If you want total silence then YOU need to do it. Log off, forget Arsenal ever existed and never talk if it again. Because unless you do that then Arsenal still gets talked about, still makes money from its international presence and still has popularity.

    If no one turns up to a game but the rest of the work still watch it, talk about it on fan sites and pay attention to the media then nothing changed.

    Fans need a reality check!!!!!!

    1. Sorry, we actually support the team, we don’t show up to the game and undermine team morale and then act like we had nothing to do with their loss when they lose.

      I criticize Wenger and individual players, but I don’t take actions that will have a negative impact on team performance. The team is strong enough to win the league as is, if only they had the support of the fans.

      People always criticize Arsenal for “mental weakness.” Somehow the negative “fans” don’t seem to understand that they themselves are the source of that mental weakness. Were you people to spend as much energy supporting the team as you do trying to sabotage it they would probably win the league. But hey, why not act like complete idiots instead, create an atmosphere of toxic hostility, fly banners and organize pathetic, defeatist protests and media spectacles that embarrasses everyone associated with the club and see how well that works in propelling your team to victory.

  21. Yes pleas !!!! Let’s get the momentum going empty stadiums is the only thing that will make the difference, why cant season ticket holders & arsenal fans in London not realise this

    1. We are doing our bit but what are you doing for the cause? Nothing I expect as all you want to do is complain on here and tell all us fans in England what to do! And don’t come back and say’but what can I do thousands of miles away?’ Well protests where you are would generate media interest especially when Arsenal are trying to expand support globally. As I said in my earlier post, what are you doing??

  22. If Arsenal could, it should probably sell its “deadwood” fans and get some new fans. I hear the Dortmund fans are amazing,” top rated “! Arsene should spend the winter window bringing in new fans. It’s so hard for the club to carry on with such sorry fans. IF WE DONT DELIVER AGAIN, I say, get ARSENE and the FANS out of the club. We don’t need such people who don’t respect the dignity or the aspirations of the club.
    Don’t like the comment? Brings negativity in you? Think about the players when you go on targetting them. Criticise as much as you want before and after the season. Back your team during the season. We can be the push the players need. DONOT abandon the Bournemouth game!
    With us= Arsenal can come in top 4
    Without us= Mid table obscurity!

  23. I’m not sure this is the way to do it initially at least.
    I’d rather see a stadium full of illumine us yellow the shirts that bear the words “Kroenke get out! You’re killing our club” or something like that.
    It doesn’t hurt their pockets but initially what a visual image you get onto motd.
    Also I feel we should loudly support the players now as it is what is now until January at least.

  24. I wish I can spearhead this campaign…..Arsenal fans in London are divided, in fact I wish they have the mentality of Manchester United fans…..You guys in London are not effective…..Arsenal fans in Nigeria can’t tolerate all this rubbish going on at Arsenal… forget this campaign, it won’t work because you guys in London are not united

    1. Spot on. Protest if you want but don’t do it in a way that undermines the team performances. Otherwise you’re part of the problem. Start by reading “Blueprint for Revolution” by Sroja Popovic.

  25. You know what, it doesnt have to be all of the fans who boycott. Just a sufficient number that will then attract media attention which is the entire point. The world is a small place and social media will spread a half empty stadium like wildfire across the world. Stan Kroenke’s buddies will all know about it and rip it out of him. Wenger will be asked about it by every reporter he meets….thats enough to get the ball rolling. Fans make change…weve seen it at loads of clubs. If its more important for you to go to the game than protest then thats fine. Its your choice. But dont second guess the outcome of a protest you dont support when you have no way of predicting its outcome: some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, some people wonder what happened….

  26. fans in london need to grow some balls. Wenger and co. are setting new standards for mediocrity and they need to be booted out ASAP

  27. What you don’t seem to understand is that perhaps only 1 or 2% of fans read this site and there are other sites with relatively small reader %. I am definitely a Wenger out and doing my bit but take acception to being labeled as a no balls London fan. The other fact is that not all or even a huge percentage of fans want him gone. My family is steeped in Arsenal history and most of you moaners never experienced this club through earlier years when we were a constantly mid table team and even finishing 5 points off relegation one season. We still came to support our team though. Also, krienke does not own Arsenal, just 67% and cannot take money out or even use us as collateral for a loan as it is ruled by the stock exchange. Ok he takes 3.5 mil a year, peanuts to him and us. When Usmanov
    Sells his shares as rumors suggest, that is the time to really worry. I believe Wenger will be gone before Christmas but don’t think another puppet of Kroenkes will be any different.

  28. Some wiser people on here DO realise that even a few thousand regular empty seats , plus many Wenger and Kroenke out banners and chants from those who do go, will have a huge effect. TV and the press will keep the story going and feed the publicity we need to keep the pressure up on the amateurs (claiming, laughably, to be professionals) running the club. The important thing is to make a strong start and then the wheels are set in motion and speed will increase rapidly. Remember too that the players will be fully aware and though gut wrenching to write, we have to admit to ourselves and the football world that we need to actually undermine the players too to achieve our aim. Though there are some innocent players, the majority have let us down by insufficient effort and deternination, sheer laziness and even cowardice for a considerable time already. Walcott is by far the worst culprit and Ozil who is, lets be honest, bone idle and uninterested. Even Ox, was lazy, did not backtrack, gave the ball away constantly, in dangerous positions. Now that he will be coached by a proper professional manager with charisma, love for his club and the crucial ability to motivate players, just watch him develop into the player he couild have been five years ago, with a proper manager looking after him. The club have had our unthinking support which has got us and them nowhere and now we need to actually use our own vast power to enforce change. We can and must do it . And we will. Do not forget the awesome power of social media and anti regime radio phone ins too. Blog on line, make anti-regime videos and keep up the constant pressure. Once this sick regime is ousted and we have a wealthy and above all proper fan owning the club, the glory days will swiftly return. Have the courage to actually fight to reclaim our club and let the few and shrivelling dinosaurs preaching loyalty, to what, in essence, is a cancerous tumour killing our club, rot in their stupidity and timidity. Ignore their dinosaur pleas. They, too, are now our enemy.

  29. Av said dis and I will say it again and again , arsenal will never move forward in as much mr Wenger and his clueless board remain in our great club, please arsene Wenger is nt Arsenal FC . tell this f***ing guys to leave this great club alone.

  30. I have already started a twitter thread asking people to not attend games, even if you must watch at a local bar, do not put on your Arsenal shirt. It should be loud that the presence of fans is compromised. I know a few friends who are putting together a petition to send to Puma and Emirates and i am asking others to do the same. Sponsors follow clubs that make them look good. If a number of letters and complaints are received, they may perceive the protests a little more differently. Like someone said here, better lose a season and be miserable if that is going to bring really good results for 20 seasons after.
    But i just wanted to stress one thing to Arsenal fans. Even if we win the Bournemouth, Chelsea and FC Cologne games. THE PROTESTS MUST CONTINUE. Its about bigger, better and more sustainable change that Arsenal require. I am tired of almost getting a heart attack everytime Arsenal plays, and the heart break every transfer window…

  31. One match is not enough, fans should continue to show no respect for the board members and wenger. Nigeria fans what do we do to show our anger? enough of wenger is enough, very selfish set of people that do not mind if the fans are happy or not, only interested in making their money. Fans please lets do something more than just missing a match. Please think about it.

  32. When I read some of the write up here, I wonder if m actually reading them. The kingdom of heaven suffers violence n violence takes it by force. If a house its divided amongst itself it will not achieve anything. Not just boycotting one match but more than half the season matches. Arsenal has been made a laughing stock by greedy Kroenke, senile Wenger and mediocre board of directors. So what if Wenger and team wins the rest of the matches till the end of the season who cares. Most of the clubs in England who sacked their coaches end up winning the league the next season, and are still doing well in and out the peach. But of cause we have more spineless ambition less fans who are ok for the crumbs well if they are some of us are not we want the best for this club we love so much. Arsenal has not won one eight of what Barcelona has won but of course the fans want the head of their president so are they hooligans, jokers or stupid no. If wanting the sky for this club will make others round the world call Arsenal fans hooligans, jokers stupid well I I guess many don’t care but those who still prefer crumbs should keep their opinions to themselves boycott all matches till the end of the season not one and greedy Kroenke will run with his tail between his legs.

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