Arsenal fans should celebrate the Gunners already hitting our main objective for this season

Arsenal may fail to reach their biggest ambition of winning the Premier League this season. After failing to win their last four games, they threw away any leverage they had to lift the league.

Now their chances of winning the league depend on Manchester City dropping six points and them not dropping any. It is a tough ask, but we will have to see if things go their way.

Anyway, amidst the last few disappointing weeks, they have bagged their first success of the season as we have certainly secured our first objective for this season. The Gunners are back in Champions League football after Nottingham Forest’s 3-1 win over Brighton guaranteed Arteta and his boys to finish in the top 4.

As per ex-Arsenal star Shokdran Mustafi, that’s a big win for Arsenal. Mustafi argues that it is important for Arsenal to return to playing in Europe’s top competition. He sees that as rewarding. More rewarding than Arsenal winning the PL and ending up being a one-hit wonder.

“I think Arsenal have already won a title insurance, and they will play in the Champions League again next year, because that’s where the club belongs,” the ex-Gunner told Sky Germany.

“Of course, Arsenal want to win the league after a season like the current one.

“But the goal will be to play at the top for the next few years and not just win the Premier League once, but one or the other title.”

From Mustafi’s words, I believe he insinuates Arsenal might not be at a level ready to win the league. I also get the point that they are in progression and are headed to dominating the league if we carry on our massive improvement from this season to the next.

Do you agree that, this season, just qualifying for the Champions League is a big win for Arsenal, who last played it in the 2016–17 season?

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  1. A UCL ticket is a big progress

    Man City have won EPL four times since 2018 and they would likely win it again next season. I think the second place is the best that other teams can achieve

  2. Very underrated player.
    Got some stick off us all.
    One thing league not won yet by the rule cheats.
    Hang in lads

  3. I would have loved to see Arsenal.go all the way as they started and win the premier league cup. However, after 6 seasons of champions league less presence of Arsenal I believe the lads have given us a reward of qualifying for the champions league slot. The rest will be achieved as we go ahead in coming seasons of we continue learning to maintain consistence.

  4. Forget about the big jug for a minute Arsenal has done extremely well this season so far.

    Having started so well and being on top of the league so long may have raise the bar and subsequently dampen the mood the minute we stumble.

  5. Being in the Champions’ League is massive. The big disappointment is the way we slipped off getting the big prize itself after being in such a commanding position.
    with the benefit of hindsight now, maybe we should have taken the Europa League a bit more seriously. That trophy plus top-four would have been fantastic.
    But such is life; you win some, you lose some.
    I’m already looking forward to next season!

  6. You are entitled to make what you will of this season, but four games ago we were close to grasping that title with one hand. And it wasn’t against City where we unraveled.

  7. What? We should have focus on Europa Trophy than EPL which is more realistic. I have said this before. That would be double trophy for us. Winning Europa Trophy and qualified automatically for Champions League. What a waste….

  8. Finishing 4th would have been meeting expectations, and I think most, including myself thought that would be a difficult achievement.
    We’ve been and still are title challengers, which is more than anyone realistically thought we could be, so yes, this season has been a success.
    With that success, we’ve also seen the weaknesses that still exist and should be addressed to take us to the next level – be happy with the progress, but keep moving forwards.

  9. Sorry but I disagree with the stance taken by some.

    We have been top of the table since day 1, and stayed there all season until the pressure of the run in set in.

    We crumbled, but should be happy and content we get back to Champion’s League?

    Sounds too much like choking away top 4 last year and some saying be happy 5th is progress.

    It’s that mentality that’s the problem. That level of contentment that’s being marketed and sold to excuse and obfuscate the problem we have mentally.

    Can’t listen to interviews after these last 4 matches where players shrug, mumble on about training, and the promised effort in the upcoming match.

  10. You guys are funny.
    I always belief we will fight for Top 4 this season and hopeful get it but never in my life belief we will compete for the Trophy and i never have hope even when we’re at the Top till we’re 5 point with game in hand.
    From that point, another season has started fro me and i believe we should have win that Trophy no matter what.
    people were giving depth as an excuse as if we played more than 3 games in each FA competition and we dropped off in Europa early.

    When you said we shld be happy with because we achieve more than what we bargain for shows how poor our mentality is and we don’t even neeed to blame the players cos they have same mentality then.

    Ask any Newcastle fan if they dream of making Top 4 this season and then ask if they will be happy with the season if they eventually dropped off from Top when the season is at the very end?

    The invincible never believe they could do it but when the season is coming to an end, they are no longer fighting only for the league but for the unbeaten.
    Leicester City never believe they could win the league but when they were close to the end, they fight tooth and nail to win it.

    That’s how mentality works.
    So has far as this season goes, am not happy at all, except if we finally win the trophy. (common, we’re even playing once a week and not even twice). We don’t plan for 2 tactics, no change in players out of form) Where is Arteta’s FA Cup win tactics. i sure he will win some game we lost and draw with that tactics.
    one trick pony can never win the league, even Conte as rigid as he his, he changed his tactics twice in his Chelsea Epl win season.

    Do you even know you guys were happy last year when we came 5th? because you believe is a progress, but why will i be happy when we’re 5 points ahead of Spurs at the tail end of the season and still lost it? Same is happening again this season.
    Now convince me that it won’t happen again next season?

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