Arsenal fans should feel sorry for Alexis Sanchez

That statement may possibly been a little tongue-in-cheek as I don’t really think that any Arsenal fan will actually feel sorry for our errant Chilean ‘superstar’ who has gone to Manchester United on an obscene wage of over 500,000 GBP a week.

No-one really believes that he went there ‘to win trophies’ any more, as he hardly helped Arsenal’s cause of having a successful season by his sulking and self-centred attitude while wearing the red and white in the first half of this season.

After playing like Chuba Akpom in United’s weak exit from the Champions League to Sevilla at Old Trafford and the latest reports are saying that he was slaughtered by his United team-mates at half time of the game. Despite his incredible record in his first two seasons at Arsenal, Alexis has scored just once in ten matches for the Red Devils and he was subsequently dropped by Jose Mourinho for the FA Cup match against Brighton last weekend.

When questioned this week about his abysmal form since leaving Arsenal, he was quoted as saying: “As I am self-demanding, I expected something better,” said Sanchez. “After my arrival at United, it was hard to change everything very quickly. I even hesitated to come here [to Sweden, with the national team].

“I had asked permission to miss these games, but then I thought better and spoke with Claudio [Bravo] and told him that we should all be united.

“The change of club was something that was very abrupt – it was the first time I’ve changed clubs in January – but many things have happened in my life that are difficult.”

I don’t think it was that abrupt Alexis, considering you have trying to force your way out of the Emirates since last summer.

All I can say is that I feel extremely sorry for the way things turned out, and I feel just as sorry for Mourinho, giving us an excellent player and taking the most expensive dud in the world from us!

Darren N


  1. stubill says:

    I’ve started watching Utd games just so I can see how poorly Sanchez is playing.

    I know it’s petty, but I get real satisfaction watching him strolling around, not knowing if he’s on his arse or his elbow.

    1. Tas says:

      Same here, I use to have respect for United but since Mourinho and now Sanchez it’s so easy for me to forget our problems at Arsenal

    2. jon fox says:

      Petty? Yes perhaps but totally understandable and in fact , just human nature. No need to feel guilty for saying it. I certainly don’t and I agree with just about every other Gooner and yourself too.

  2. Innit says:

    I think it’s funny ???
    Also Mkhitaryan is doing better for us than Alexis is doing for United. That’s cool too ?

    I’m not sorry at all for Alexis
    He is making crazy money anyway and that’s United’s problem not ours. He isnt worth £400,000 to £600,000 per week (whatever his salary is). We offered him whatever we could afford but he wasn’t interested

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      back then there are heaps of fans calling to pay him whatever he wants…

      1. bran911 says:

        He was a beast back then, you think United would buy someone who plays like Chuba Akpom and pay him that amount of salary?? United system ain’t accommodating him, but here at Arsenal everyone used to see how classy he is above every average players we have

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          Would you pay him 500,000 a week back then when he was paying like a beast??

  3. PIRES says:

    Not our problem,we’r happy with Mikhi…

  4. jon fox says:

    The bizarre thought that ANY Gooner could or should actually feel sorry for Sanchez is too laughable to take seriously. I realise that Darren the article writer says “tongue in cheek and also feels no pity for Sanchez. Shame about the wording of the headline , therefore , which is designed just to lure people in and actually the article says nothing we did not already know. Waste of a topic really. It gladdens my heart to see this greedy self obsessed Chilean make himself a laughing stock at United. Still, soon he will be hawking his sulks and talent for constantly losing possession to the highest bidder elsewhere. We can rely on that!

  5. Ian wrights bruva says:

    At bacca he was a bench walmer, at Arsenal he could have been the King of north London but choose to act like a ignorant child.

    You’ve made you bed, now get on with it and keep the bench warm in Manchester

  6. Kolawole says:

    That Is Sanchez Problem N Manchester United.. We Offered Him Anytin He Want Before Moving On To Man U, Having Premier League Highest Paid…Feel Sorry For Who?

  7. dragunov762mm says:

    No wonder. Alexis was struggling back to his usual game when he left us due to his own want away attitude. Different from Mikhi who wasn’t fit to Jose’s football.

  8. Sue says:

    I can’t bring myself to watch United.. seeing that clip online of Sanchez playing the piano made me feel ill!! If he’d stayed with us, he would have been our main man, but he thought the grass was greener on the other side.
    I’m glad it hasn’t worked out for him so far, I can’t stand United & I’m afraid I don’t like him anymore either

  9. GB says:

    Totally agree with everyone that he’s an overpaid mercenary who is getting his just rewards, ( it must be difficult thinking about spending all that non earned salary while sitting on the bench), but I think it’s somewhat disrespectful of the article writer comparing him to Akpom, a player the writer has likely never seen play. But as Jon said, it’s another of his pointless, non informative articles and a waste of time.

  10. Rkw says:

    Another dead cat article … Man utd paying sanchez ridiculous wages to underperform is no more amusing than arsenal paying it’s fossilized manager 8 million a year to underperform … The only question we should be asking with respect to man utd is how the f*** are we 17 points behind this pretty average team …

  11. Robin Vanpayslip V3 (V3 keeps Chuck Norris level cojones and adds new knee for Wilshere) says:

    He’s a very good player but he is not disciplined and his performances have a great impact for him but negative for the team. Just look at his time at Arsenal – he was allowed to do whatever he wanted making him look great and the team progressively worse. Now at united he can’t do that and he doesn’t really look like a great player. Even at Barca he was just a squad player and not really that great when he did play.

    I blame Arsene. For certain players he has turned the team upside down to accomodate them, in particular cesc and Sanchez and that ultimately leads to the team playing no worse after the player leaves even though in both examples the player was never replaced like for like.

  12. MrBrizzle says:

    I’ll wait till next season before i start judging him though…

  13. Sony says:

    Well he is now MU player. We should keep the good memories, but remember why we split up him. He was primadona and he need lots of support and understanding from other players and can produce miracles, but put him in a bunch of selfish players like himself and he is no better than avarage. That’s what I think is the main problem now. We could see it in Barca bench warmer or Chile were he get all the support he needs.

  14. moge says:

    Hey guys it has been only two months since Sanches left arsenal and every one is roaring against him forgetting what he has done for us in 3 and half years.I don’t think Sanches left Arsenal because the club didn’t pay him 400, 000.00 pounds/week. it is because he doesn’t have any chance of wining big trophies as long as he stays in Wenger’s Arsenal. Van Persie(whom i can surely say that would have been happy to win that trophy with Arsenal than Man. United), Nasri . . . all left us the same way and their success showed us their decision was right. We knew it that they were right to leave Arsenal for trophies, we new it that SAnches was right to leave Arsenal for trophies. if we are only judging them from the perspective of being an Arsenal fan, we will continue to be harsh on such people. an EMPATHY is required here. are we willing to continue working for our employers with irrelevant rewards to our unlimited efforts? are we? it is same them. until we build a team that plays for meaningful trophies like champions league and premier league, players will continue leaving and we will not stop moaning. we need to see to ourselves. Wenger is the root cause for the problems and blame him for this not players who are leaving arsenal seeking trophies.

  15. Musdon says:

    Nothing special. Sanchez is known to always have a slow start at his club sides. he could still come good for utd

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