Usmanov can lead Arsenal back to the glory days

Usmanov In should be the message against Everton. by Konstantin Mitov

Well guys, finally something positive I’ve heard after this diabolical season. Alisher Usmanov has made a bid to buy Arsenal, something that would save us from the free fall we are in. But sadly, reports suggest Kroenke has rejected the deal, despite no official statements.

This is interesting because Kroenke doesn’t care one bit about what we think, but money speaks to him on another level and a bid might be the wake up call that something isn’t alright. More interestingly the word change is the thing around Arsenal and it’s been kind of a forbidden word until recently.

Wenger’s failure in recent times won’t get him a better job than Arsenal and it’s just laughable how he turned around on his statement that he has to do everything once his future got into trouble. ““I am always open to things that improve the quality and the future of the club. Of course we can need help to become better. I am always open to that.”

We all know Arsene! He won’t change. We introduced Steve Bould and our defense didn’t really improve. We introduced new coaches like Forsyth, but overall I look at it and not much has changed. We’re miles off Chelsea and sadly, Spurs too, but the direction we are heading is important.

Some reports suggest we’ll spend big, but we did spent nearly 100 million last summer and where are we now? United spent loads of money over the post-Fergie era and are hanging their season on one game against Ajax. Money alone won’t solve the problem, especially given into the wrong hands.

And a series of bad decisions have lead to players feeling unhappy, uncertainty around contracts and fan protests like I’ve never seen them before. Now with one game left and the Europa league all but certain, we can voice one last message and it should be clear that we want Usmanov IN and Kroenke OUT.

Usmanov has been vocal about his frustration and disapproval of the way we’re handling transfers and our targets for the season, but he is sounded out of the board and unless he takes over, he won’t be influential to the situation. The main problem with keeping Kroenke is that he’ll never really put trophies and investments first, and he won’t try different approaches like Atletico or Dortmund, because he won’t let Wenger go.

It is so important for fans to voice their concerns now. After the season ends, we should be around the Emirates demanding change, because this summer it’s time to take a different approach and if we can have Usmanov lead it, I’m sure we’ll return to the glory days!



  1. Red Dawn says:

    I could never understand how a 30% stake holder be refused a place on the board – probably because Kroenke could never have anyone interfere with his plans for creaming the club of everything.
    Arsenal need someone with an ambition to win. You only have to look at Kroenke’s other “franchises” to see that winning trophies is not a priority.
    I just hope that Ken Friar, Keith Edelman, Peter Hill Wood and Bracewell Smith are happy with themselves for lumbering us with such a donkey for an owner..

    1. gmv8 says:

      You don’t even have to derive Kroenke’s ambition for the club, he’s actually said in an interview that he didn’t buy Arsenal to win trophies.

  2. Gooner007 says:

    Hopefully we have massive changes before next season starts!

    Also, give Sanchez whatever the f**k he wants!!

  3. Gooner007 says:

    I don’t see how we could move forward with Kroenke and Wenger..

  4. John0711 says:

    He won’t sell to Ustanov fact

    He wants to win things at the clud( lie as he recently said the opposite)
    He doesn’t care about money( blatant lie so idiots buy tickets)

    The question is if he wants to win the PL and CL surely wenger has failed so why hasn’t he been sacked

    It’s all fecking lies our club is Feck%d

  5. Nebsy says:

    Preach, preach, preach, my friend! That’s brilliant news.
    Usmanov, dig deep in that pocket and pay whatever the lizardman wants. We need to bring the club back into the humans’ hands. The lizardmen are sucking the club dry.

    Definitely should have those banners every bloody game from Sunday on. Every fan should have one banner saying Usmanov IN kroenke OUT! (and spell kroenke with the lower case k, as we don’t think of him as a person, but rather a greedy lizardmen from outer space, who came to our planet to rid us of natural resources and join forces with crab people to bring humanity to it’s knees).

  6. JSP says:

    Time for that bloody Yank to go!! Failure of all him A Erica teams show he has no real winning quality about him. Americans should not be allowed to destroy our teams.

    Usmanov needs to takeover, and fast before we lose him!!!

  7. Kedar Damle says:

    Kronke Holds 67% Stake in Arsenal and certainly he will reject this offer because Arsenal is trunk of gold for him…. He is major shareholder hence all the board resolution must be approved by Kronke itself he is only one who will decide how much dividends he will fetch from Arsenal and this club is profit making hence certainly in the greed of money he will not leave…

    1. gmv8 says:

      Kroenke’s doubling his money on the shares – Usmanov’s offered about 240 million more that they’re worth. Arsenal are becoming less and less profitable, through Kroenke … probably missing out on Champions league, sponsors are going to be less willing with all the protests and empty stadium, he’s said that all he cares about is money, so I don’t see why he just doesn’t take the profit and go.

  8. sam says:

    cant fans over there do something?say they refuse to buy ticket and force kronke OUT?

    1. Guneal says:

      Fans over there are fourth lovers and gullible believing every single lie told by the lizardmen.

  9. Goonerboy says:

    I desperately want Usmanov to show relentless aggression is pursuing this, for the sake of this club, the board is like an occult, extremely opaque and hypocritical, the level of deceits and lies surrounding the club is out of the ordinary…

    It is so saddening, Wenger didn’t even support Usmanov and he has said before that if Usmanov buys Arsenal, he will leave..they won’t allow him on the board because Usmanov himself is ambition personified,and he will reveal their secrets…

    Yes, they always want a classy club on a socialist structure, but for a club of our stature and the way football is going now, it is not possible,NEVER…unless we want to become the Evertons of this world

    1. Yossarian says:

      Not surprising that Wenger objects to an Usmanov take-over. Then he would start getting judged on competing for major trophies, like all others managers of big clubs.

  10. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Wenger’s Ego has been busted, his willingness for changing his norm proves that his bubble has finally popped. And that’s all because of Fear, Fear of losing his job ????????? along with the self acceptance that he’s not as good as his ego once lead him to believe. And it now looks certain that Wenger will have to accept having a Director of Football working above him, that’s if he wants to remain at the club.

    Josh likes his Arsenal toy and has begged Daddy not to sell it, our only hope now is that Josh starts to love his toy and spends money on upgrades to make it one of the best in the world.

    1. Goonerboy says:

      @ FGB….

      I guess you are right, we just have to hope little Josh is passionate and understands the fans frustration otherwise, we aint seen anything!!!

      1. Break-on-through says:

        It be good if Henry, Vieira, Parlour and Wrighty brought him along with them to sit with the fans in the stadium like all the passionate owners do at their clubs. Get him to love the game and soak up the atmosphere, all 20.000 Arsenel fans.

        Must say, seeing as I was a little harsh on them a while back, the fans done a good job in our last game, the one’s who stayed away. I thought to myself that they needed to up their game and get a little bit smarter and more organized. This time they flew the plane without letting any spoilers know of their plans, that’s better. They must have organized too as it did not look six’s and sevens like witnessed at another time, and they did not let other fans know of the statement to be made, which added to the surprise or shock value, Wenger or board did not have any time to prepare themselves. Good going dudes and ladies. Now it looks like the Arsenal fans are more serious than earlier perceived. Just hope you can keep it coming, esp now that Usmanov wants the hot seat, which may as well be laying idle for all he cares.

    2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Meanwhile, Back at the ranch…

      ? Josh- “Daddy, Daddy, Can I have some extra pocket money?”

      ? Stan- ” Hey son, now what’s the magic word?”

      ? – ” Fork you, before I burn your wig”

      ?- ” Haha, that’s my boy, now how much do you want and what’s it for?”

      ?- ” I need a couple of million to get Henry back at Arsenal, as an assistant Under Wenger and another 2 million for Overmars to work above them, as the Director”

      ?- * cough -Bulk – cough ” Haha, Look son, there’s a hundred dollars worth of change in that jar on top of the tv, take $20 and bring me back the change… Now run along, there’s a good chap”

  11. Goonerboy says:

    @ Konstantin….

    I love the part where you said United spent loads of money post Fergie era and are hanging their season on the Ajax game…I really enjoyed reading that….

    It will be good to witness their failure to clinch the EL, how disastrous that would be, even the Specialist in excuses, we have no reply to that…

  12. Kennedy says:

    Who the f*#”‘ sold shares to kraonke,they are the reason why we suffer and if there is a condition or clause inserted that can help revoke ,then do quickly to bail us out .

    1. gmv8 says:

      It was all to do with the fight between Fiszman and Dein over the control of the club, and the new stadium staying in Islington. Fiszman influenced other shareholders to sell to Kroenke, although Peter Hill-Wood famously said of Kroenke ‘We don’t want his type at the club’, words that will forever resound around the halls of the Emirates …. while they’re still standing …

  13. Goonerboy says:

    Reading the full comments from Wenger regarding the DOF thing and in his last sentence he said….”You have to see if it is really efficient because the titles do not always make you better”

    Can you just imagine that, and we keep wondering what Van Persie meant when he said Arsenal’s ambition doesn’t match his….just imagine what that means coming from our manager…”Titles do not always make you better” sounds so irritating! In other words making the CL and getting humiliated every season in R16 makes you better???
    What actually makes a club better???

    I think we also need a Director of Speech/Interview for Wenger to stop him from embarrassing and contradicting himself….

    I just hope Usmanov’s bid isn’t the last, because we have missed out on good managers and soon we will start missing the best players…maybe it has even started already with Lacazette preferring to join Athletico

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Yeah, very confusing, and it’s unlike Wenger not to make even one iota of common sense. Usually with words he can flip it on ya, with a twist to boot, but I haven’t got the foggiest here.

    2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Lol Surely he meant titles like in names. Eg Director of Football lol and not the trophy type ?? otherwise he needs locking up.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Cheers, that makes sense, I honestly thought he was having a go at Chelsea there.

      2. Goonerboy says:

        I really hope that’s the case, thanks for that perspective

    3. Break-on-through says:

      Ps, Goonerboy!!, editing!, play nice!

  14. wewant_thetitle says:

    Not sure what to make of
    this Usmanov talk.
    There is nothing concrete really
    only vague rumour.
    Maybe just a distraction till Wenger gets an extension.
    I still believe it is the Manager we need to change most.
    Wenger has lowered the bar by saying 4th is a trophy.
    This means its easier for him to “succeed”
    and keep his job and his 8 mill..
    Even the fans say he kept us in the top 4
    as if they are proud of that 🙁
    If the goal was win the title he would have been gone long ago.
    Raise the bar .Win the title or fe#k off.
    That applies to the fans too raise the bar stop hiding
    behind the top 4 is good enough b/s

  15. Break-on-through says:

    100m doesn’t get you what it used to, unless you’re looking at one forward and a defender, even then you wouldn’t get the cream. Liv and Tott had 100m spends something like three seasons back, and that didn’t get them all that much back then, now is doubly difficult. When other clubs are spending over two hundred mil, well then us spending one hundred is same old same old.

  16. Midkemma says:

    K a million miles behind the true supporters.

    Bould did make a difference in our defence but special K never watches any Arsenal games so how the fcuk would he know?


  17. RedSigmund says:

    Kroenke & Usmanov r both morally abhorrent but Usmanov would be much better for the club. There needs to be a massive fan demo demanding Kroenke goes at the Board meeting after the FA Cup final!

  18. vinie2000 says:

    People shouting KROENKE OUT but the fact is our failure to deliver a trophy for 13th and counting is MR Wenger like it to many or not. He’s the one who bought YAYA SANOGO, ASSANO, ANDRE SANTOS, PARK YUN just to mention few craps we got NOT KROENKE. whenever a transfer windows came he always states there is nobody better than the current bunch then we miss the likes of KANTE , SUAREZ, Huntellar few years back , Oh, He missed Mbappe too so on and on. Tactically obsolete and changed formation because fans outburst, never addressed defensive flaws ,nor bought the WC CF , DM and CB needed since the invincible to compete or even challenge in UCL. Yes, Kroenke is not interested in our club but a manager with reputation like PEP said that If he did not win a title in Barca or Bayern he would have been sacked. Wenger has 13 and still want to stay longer. Are you kidding us? he’s tarnishing his legacy If he stays and fans will really get more angry coming season.

  19. Robert Newton says:

    Aubameyang, Ruben Neves, Top CB and Winger

    1. Troy says:

      Lacazette, mbappe, dembele, tolisso, kolasinac

      Mbappe. Lacazette. M.Dembele.
      Tolisso. Ramsey. Xhaka.
      Kolasinac. Koscielny. Mustafi. Bellerin.

      Mbappe. Lacazette. M. Dembele.
      Wellbeck. Giroud. Walcott

      Tolisso. Xhaka. Ramsey. Bellerin.
      Montreal. Coquelin. Wilkshire. Jenkinson.

      Koscielny. Mustafi. Holding.
      Kolasinac. Chambers. Paulista.


  20. Yossarian says:

    It would be good if supporters and protesting fans could show their support for Usmanov, as well as campaigning for Wenger out. Getting Usmanov in would solve the Wenger problem anyway.

    Publicly showing support and encouragement for Usmanov can only be good for the club and it’s fans.

    1. bran99 says:


  21. Nebsy says:

    I’m starting to believe that kroenke is actually a full-on scum supporter and he bought Arsenal so he can gradually turn it into a Portsmouth. His hate for Arsenal is that great, I telz ya!

    1. gmv8 says:

      He’s an undercover spud in a wig ….

  22. Gworm says:

    Does anyone know if Usmanov would make a good owner? What would he bring to Arsenal apart from a full bank account? There are many clubs which have been brought to their knees by rich owners. Would Usmanov be any different?

    1. bran99 says:

      He is a loyal fan, you can see it from his pain of watching our beloved club treated as milking cow by an owner who has no passion whatsoever of the beautiful game call football. So, yes, we are sure things will get better unlike now

      Who’s better from your point of view? A businessman who has similar businesses that are not challenging for anything (just to generate money for him), or a businessman who’s a fan and passionate about this club and wants to do anything to change the course of the already ruined legacy of our beautiful club? Both are businessmen but their management will be totally different from one another

  23. GrahamB says:

    Let’s not forget as much as we all like Dein, he was the person who originally introduced Kroenke to our club.

  24. Big G says:

    Evan if Uzi gets in there is no guarantee he will not do as Kroenke has done and milk the fans for all we are worth and if he does want to get the club back to winning the PL and CL then it won’t happen over night, it’ll take 2-3 years minimum just to challange for the PL and then another 2-3 years for a proper go at the CL.

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