Arsenal fans should give Mesut Ozil respect when he deserves it

Whether it’s his political views, who he meets/doesn’t meet, his body language, etc, it’s fair to say that Ozil has divided opinion in Arsenal fan base.

Yet in an era where we are quick to pick on players for what they don’t do, it’s only right we share a positive story for a change.

Working with the the Charity ‘Rays of Sunshine’, our midfielder invited 17-year-old Jake Lee and his family to join Ozil’s own family in his personal box for the game against Everton. The teenager was diagnosed with Astrocytoma (brain tumour) in January 2019, preventing his own dreams of becoming professional footballer.

While Jack was able to spend time with the German after the game, his mum was grateful to Ozil’s whole network for making the day so special. “The wish was absolutely incredible and beyond all our expectations.

“We had a great day and felt very spoilt.

“Ozil’s family were so lovely and kind to us. We are so grateful to you all for a truly memorable day.”

The birth of Ozil’s child was due at the weekend so credit to Ozil’s wife, Amine Gulse, for going above and beyond to help her husband grant such a special wish. Bal Sandhu added, “Jake lives, eats and breathes football.”

We sometimes take sport too seriously. Yet at its core, it can be a comfort and an escape to many.

Ozil has to hear a lot of opinions about him. I’m sure when he visits so many sick children it helps him garner some perspective in what really matters. Whatever you think of him as a player, it’s hard not to respect the man for granting wishes like this.

A reminder that football is a beautiful game …….but it is just a game.

Dan Smith


  1. Ozil is a very compassionate and gentle person with a massive heart. What he does for charity should be recognised and I wish more greedy celebrities would do more for the needy! Even though he paid a ridiculous amount of money he still manages to share it in other ways. As a footballer and an Arsenal player he still gets my vote too! He is class. I feel the problem for him has been the “lack” of class around him. The support that his style of football requires from the team around him has been missing. He had an abundance of of it Real Madrid. Only, Arsene Wenger never really managed to supply the kind of football we were hoping to get back to. Instead, Arsenal continued buying unproven players that just could not reach the same attacking heights that we were all used to under the early AW years. In some ways, Ozil has been like a fish out of water. He has been too good for Arsenal but contaminated by averageness..

    1. Shame that some are so quick to make this a football debate
      Missing the point
      Can’t just say well done , it’s right back to his salary , etc

  2. @GunnerRay- while Ozil will be highly regarded by ( well nearly all ) Arsenal Supporters for his charitable work, the main issue, and concern, is for what he produced on the pitch. He is now beginning to show signs of producing some consistent performances that clearly highlights he is regarded by MA4 as a vital component in the side. Some see things differently and chill never credit Ozil with anything. That’s is the right of any fan and is why the player will always be a divisive figure. But, as results clearly show, we are a better side with Ozil playing than when he is not. And no matter what the “ realists “ might feel, the facts are proven in the results. I would also add that Ozil never seems to have divided opinion from his own teammates, which surely shows how highly regarded he is within the club, if not by some from outside.

  3. He came more than 5 years back, but nothing to show for it. Only a hefty salary and troll on the pick. He should be thankful to Arsenal for giving him this much time, and £350/week for doing nothing

    1. Got 3 FA Cup Winners medals PAL so he certainly does have something to show for it. As opposed to,let’s say Lacazette, who has been here coming up to half that time and has helped us win what exactly? Xhaka- how long and achieved what for the Club and at what cost? Mustafi ditto? Even Aubamayang if you want to look at what we have won with him even though it’s only been two years.
      And as your obviously or who looks at what he is paid as much as anything else, if you add Ozil’s transfer fee and accumulated wages since he has been at the Club, then divide by trophies won, you will get a figure that amounts to his value and cost to achieve those trophies.Im struggling to think of any other player that will get anywhere near close to him.
      Sort of shows up your argument PAL don’t you think

  4. I think Pat is also trying to show, not only his humanitarian side, but also the link that his high profile name does for the club across the world.

    Of course, he is paid to deliver on the pitch and under MA, he is obviously doing just that… unless one thinks MA is selecting a passenger to fulfill his vision for the club!?!?!

    Time to get over his obscene and grotesque salary and credit the man for what he is… a thoroughly decent human being, a very decent footballer and a great ambassador for the club.

  5. From what I have read, Ozil does have a compassionate nature and regularly and willingly helps those less fortunate than himself. From modest background to immense riches coupled with his devout religious leaning has ensured he has not forgotten the really important things in life.

    I would hope that all the team share his ideals in this respect

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