Arsenal fans should ignore Scholes’ biased hatchet job!!

While I think that us Arsenal fans should not let the hatchet job written by Paul Scholes about our beloved club, it is hardly a surprise that he has done it and that the article appears in The Independent just a few short days before the Gunners head to Old Trafford to try and knock his own beloved club Manchester United out of the FA cup.

It is hardly a surprise that Scholes is biased towards the club he spent his whole career at or that he is not too keen on the club that were big rivals to them for a lot of that time. So don’t get wound up and don’t be shocked that Scholes picks on things like our lack of recent trophies and ignores the financial situation. Or that he glosses over how poor but lucky his team have been this season.

He confidently predicts a United win on Monday and uses the recent record to back him up. Did you watch the game at the Emirates Paul? Lucky does not cover it. And then he has a go at Ozil and drags out the old issue of us having no leaders in the team since Vieira left. No mention of our ongoing injury crisis, the rise of Coquelin or the fact that Di Maria is playing worse than Ozil ever did after costing more money.

Of course he is biased, just like Arsenal fans are biased to our club. More proof, it it was needed, comes in another article from Scholes in which he surprisingly supports his mate Jonny Evans while condemning Cisse in the spitting storm from the Newcastle game. Maybe the ‘Independent’ is not the right paper for Scholes.

While Arsenal fans should take this with a pinch of salt, I hope that it makes Wenger and the players even more determined to prove just how lucky United were in our last game and it is them, not us, that are stuck in the mire.

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  1. OT:
    X. Sanchez. X

    X. Le Coq

    X. Kos. Gab X


    How hard wud it b to score against us through the middle? Aint that a great backbone??

  2. have you ever wondered if scholes is possibly right about our club . there are too many blinkered arsenal fans on here , we should all live and let live , it is only a game after all. the amount of one eyed gunners on here spouting vile and filth about other clubs is actually embarassing to our great club , this is not the arsenal way . i remember when we took everything that was thrown at us with dignity .even BON , who wrote this uninspiring article was quite clearly delighted that an opponent of ours was recently injured , how dare you sir drag our club into this kind of debacle . let us just mind our own business for once and for all . after all , any of you with long memories might remember arsene wengers philosophy when he arrived at the club initially . he always said that he had no intrest in what other clubs said and done off the pitch !. and i have always agreed with that statement , i am not the greatest wenger lover , but back then he was honest and come on arsenal fans , let us join together on here for a change , and not give a fkuk about what other clubs and their fans and sympathisers like scholes says and writes , none of our business , scholes is making a living after all and paper does not refuse ink .

    1. What utter nonsense. So scholes writes an article to engage our opinion, yet when we do render an opinion we are wrong.

      So what was the point of the article? what is the point of scholes? Actually what is the point of you?

  3. Scholes said Ozil took the easy option moving to Arsenal. He’s taken the easy option just criticising everyone and everything. It takes zero effort to criticise everything. Criticisms fair if you analyse someone’s game and point out the good and the bad I don’t mind hearing people say this player needs to improve on certain aspects of the game but all he does is slam everyone. I respected him as a player I’d have loved to see him at arsenal unbelievably talented one of the best ever but what a dull t*** no wonder he never did any interviews I can’t stick him. Can’t shut him up now he’s got Notting better to do. So so boring listing to him He has absolutely noting to say and sounds like an idiot. Being a talented player doesn’t make you a good pundit tv companies and newspapers need to take note and stop employing people based on there playing careers.

    1. Spot on. Maybe he should have taken the Oldham job. He seems to be lazy. What he hasn’t crasped yet is that you need to put the work in even for punditry.

      1. Lazy is exactly what he is and your completely right pundits get paid a lot of money maybe pennies compared to when he was playing but still very good money and there are too many ex players taking the pi$$ really. Being a Pundit a good pundit take effort hours of watching & analysing then being able to talk about and discuss teams and individuals. It’s just something to do for them and for me I’ve started turning games off before and after games because there are far too many Scholes’s. Loads of people would give anything to be in their position and would do a much better job. Why not get more people who are just general football fans who can speak correctly and put a bit of passion into what there saying instead of ex footballers who hate everything.

  4. Bit rich there accusing “one-eyed gunners” of “spouting vile and filth about other clubs” – better surely than doing it to your own club, something for which you have a pretty decent back-catalogue.

    Whether Scholes is right or wrong isn’t the issue. Why he is being paid to be an expert pundit and comes up with this regurgitated, hackneyed dross is the issue. If you substitute “Vieira” with “Keane” and “Ozil” with “di Maria” he could say the same about United but he elects to avoid balance. He is a s**te pundit, inane and monotonous – he probably has self-worth issues when he sees how it should be done by his old mucker Neville over on SS.

  5. Paul Schools never talk when he is player, now he is retire he likes the talks. Too bad they are stupid. You just talk about Men Utd when you lose to MONDAY!!!

  6. with Gabriel in the line up i would’ve predicted a clean sheet, without him i’m worried about conceding if mertesacker doesn’t show up. Also, wenger will play ozil and cazorla behind him which barely works against bottom half teams and got us killed against monaco. Wenger is honestly tactically naive, with ramsay back cazorla should move to his regular position and so should walcott. Ozil/rosicky/ox should be coming off the bench to inject some pace and creativity in the second half, end of story.

    ps: sit deep and counter attack if we have a chance of winning this game.

  7. United worst miss in FA Cup history, ironically, against Arsenal, by Legend Ryan Giggs.

  8. Scholes passes on as a typical British pundit, zero perspective and intelligence. Having said that the best way to deal with such rubbish opinions is to go and comment on the site where the article originated. Scholes has greater chance of seeing comments at site of article origination than at secondary sites like this one.

  9. Paul Scholes, Phil Neville, Michael Owen, Roy Keane are the The Human Centipede of football punditry the same sh1t passes through them all. All trying to be controversial all bias scared to criticise Man U. They just merge into one dull person for me. Gary Neville is the only one out of the ex Man U players who’s recently retired who has something worth listening to although he has his moments.

  10. Like Adrian Durham and his echo goffy you completely ignore their comments. Don’t read or listen to them.Think of them as something you’ve trodden into.

  11. People get defensive so easily. We have been going through a bad period for the past 10 seasons. Players have left, we have then signed big money players in the last season. But in all that we have still progressed at all, not addressed the DM position, we came into the season with no DM, only 2 CB. We were out of the title race by November. This has been the worst season for Arsenal in the past 30 years.

    We have been the most settled team out of Spuds, Liverpool, United, Everton, Southampton etc as we have had the same manager and settled players in the team, so we should be up there this season challenging at least, we had a summer where most people and all of us thought we were going to get a DM, CB or another striker, but we sign Welbeck a bit part player our rivals did not rate. he had never scored 10 goals in a season since he became a professional. He is a nice guy but we are past feeling sorry for players now.

    We might sometimes think that all these people are bashing us but they I think they all have high expectations for us, they expect us to be more than what are giving for a club of our status, you don’t see them criticizing Spuds, Liverpool, Everton etc as much as they do us because they know we are so close to being a real challenging team but we have accepted and convinced ourselves with our excuses..

    Why have we been so poor all season? Why have we been so poor in the CL in our history? This season in the CL we have been a joke. No excuses as we got a good group and a good last 16 draw against Monaco.

    Lets take a step back and stop being so defensive when a non Arsenal fan says exactly what we keep saying on our fans websites. We have been saying exactly the same things but when someone who is not an Arsenal fan says exactly the same we cry..

    Lets stop crying victim and full of excuses and go out there and prove these critics wrong, they will keep criticizing us until we can prove them wrong. That’s what you do if someone does doubts you..

    Lets man up. Our team is full of cute and weak characters and it has rubbed onto us fans. United, Chelski and City are bullish due to their clubs attitude..

  12. I wont say Scholes is biased. Some of my united mates are very surprised the amount of heat is giving Manchester United. He has been openly criticizing Man united. ANd what he said about us is sadly a truth. Hope we prove them wrong by beating them

    1. He may have had some truth in his argument like the previous results and how players left us. He didnt say though that when those players left it was because we had financial difficulties with the new stadium, he said they left for trophies, manc turncoats did leave for that reason or maybe money, but if we had then what we have now well then we wouldnt have sold them and they probably wouldnt even have asked. He was talking about a different time and while its only two seasons now that we have money the issue of players leaving for better pastures is finally over. He highlights Ozil and other wrongs in his judgement but no mention of how Sanchez was an inspired signing who is a leader by example. No mention of how Coq could be that player Arsenal have been needing, no mention of Cazorla being oh so gifted. Scholes is doing a mourinho by trying to get into our players heads, i hope we finally shut that arrogant lot up.

      1. I know many wont admit that but I feel scholes prefer us to the likes of city, chelsea, liverpool. My Man united mates say the same, they actually prefer arsenal.

  13. I think that he sees that Arsenal and Ozil are on the rise as a whole and he just wants to knock us off our stride while also reminding utd that they should just bully or believe themselves superior. Id be interested in nevilles take on the Arsenal v manu situation as he usually is honest to a fault. Scholes reckons that liv will take third and we will fight it out with manu, i think he would like that as he reckons they have more metal. Neville though reckons we will get third and they will battle liv, so well see. No mention of lilly white panzys, hardly a shock eh.

    Whoever loses will suffer some sort of negative effect in the places run up i would presume, also the vice versa. I would happily take the draw now cos losing to those hurts more than any other.. with spu and che close second, but thats just me, others will differ somewhat am sure.

  14. The biggest problem with today’sfansis they only read and see half of the news. Pappis cisse reacted first, he kicked evans and evans didnt directly spit on cisse but cisse again retaliated by spitting directly on his face. Again not defending evans but it is sad media are not doing a proper job

  15. And Scholes has been criticizing United all season.. Him and Gary Neville have been all season and some United fans got angry with them at sometimes.

    Remember when he said Wilshere has not improved?? Everyone was so giving him praise on here and from then Wilshere has become the scapegoat, it’s always his fault that we lose or his fault that some other special players perform bad.

    But lets be honest, he might sound annoying and bitter but what has he said that is not true? Aren’t these the same issues we have been arguing about for God knows how long?

    Wilshere has not improved, no can can deny that.

    Players have moved on from us to our rivals.

    We have been stagnant for the past 10 seasons.

    We lack leaders, we have weak minded players.

    We have physically weak players.

    Defensive inabilities season in season out.

    We are not strong enough mentally etc..

    Our manager just seems to want to do just about enough, does not demand to push himself like other managers. etc..

    Ain’t these the same things that have divided our opinions as fans for 10 season now?? We keep debating them every season.

    1. That’s exactly what I echo, I can’t figure out what Scholes said that you can without a doubt say is untrue or biased. When I look at Arsenal I try to ask myself, where are we going and since 2004 it’s just been a state of stasis. We’ve had good players, players which we could build a team around but for whatever reason don’t. Being “just short” or “almost there” for 10 seasons. When will be ever really just go for it?

    2. Wilshere? Really? He was criticising wilshere as an ENGLAND PLAYER. Not in the arsenal team or set up.

      And as an England player HE HAS PROVED HIM WRONG.

      He also said England should take as many Liverpool players as possible and play them because England WILL play with the Liverpool swagger.

      How did that work out.

      I would say he was bias. He is lazy. He never watch how England performed enough. He didn’t spend time to analyse the players the system. He didn’t look around at other lesser known options.

      He is a lazy pundit and isn’t much of a fan. More of a player then a fan.

      My guess he refused the Oldham job because it would take too much work.

  16. It seems when it comes to Arsenal and criticism once it comes especially from certain people all logic and objectivity go out the window and its all men to battle stations. Did ANYONE ACTUALLY READ THE INTERVIEW? What exactly is it in the interview that Scholes said that was a ‘hatchet job’ exactly?

    1. Of course it’s no coincidence the interview has come before the FA CUP match vs United, THAT’S EXACTLY WHY IT’S RELEVANT, he was asked about the rivalry between the club over the years.

    2. Arsenal need leaders – How is this incorrect? Question to you all, in the matches we have been up against it this season who’s stepped up for us and been a leader? When we were 2 – 0 down vs Chelsea who took the game by the scruff? Spurs, Anderlecht? When we had an off night vs Monaco and Ox got that second goal who had the sense to realize that this is a 2 LEGGED TIE and tell our players to stay switched on? Does anyone actually remember Lee Dixon, Tony Adams? That is the difference between that Arsenal and the current one. How is it that rival ex players hold us to that standard but we as supporters can’t.

    Look, the rivalry between United and Arsenal I’m sure gets people’s blood boiling but can we please not treat everything everyone not associated with Arsenal as biased hogwash. Be objective, this new Arsenal is young and on its way, it will develop but it is fallible and it has chinks in the armor. Nothing Scholes says in that interview is disrespectful or untrue.

    1. It isn’t leaders or grit which is the issue. We have both. Plenty of leaders. Sanchez has both grit and leadership. Ozil has grit, he isn’t the most vocal but does his talking on the pitch. He does shy to receive the ball. Ramsey is a leader, carzola as well, wilshere, mert, rosicky is fabulous, and we have the like of coquelin who is very vocal and is full of grit.

      Arsenal haven’t found the balance. It isn’t the easiest thing to find.

      If arsenal didn’t have grit and leaders we wouldn’t have beat city and we would have found our last match very difficult.

      1. The same City that was 0 and 6 in wins without Yaya Toure and had an Aguero just coming back from injury? That wasn’t a test of anything as two of City’s best players were missing That same squad lost to the 4th best team in the French league 3 1. . That was a bigger test than anything else and we blew it As for winning our last match have you seen QPR in the table? Is that a test of our grit these days? Ozil has grit, what?

        1. Two, I count one. Whether or not they missed toure is irrelevant as many wouldn’t and didn’t even think it was an issue until he went.

          They beat stoke, had a draw against chelsea which was still a good result considering and one game against barca and their second half was too bad. Would have beaten most teams.

          Maybe it was less toure more arsenal beating them and stopping their good form.

          Away to city IS a gritty performance.

          1. You must be joking, several people before this season have said Toure was the key to shutting City down since last season Matic man handled him at the Etihad. A for stopping their good form, City were on a run of 2 wins out of 5 matches before they played us. There away form has been better than their home form

        2. Ozil has grit. More then the others. I saw it plenty in the world cup. Forgot about that did you. Played all the games and beat the hosts in the semis. Did you watch the game?

          And any away derby is difficult.

          1. I could care less about Ozil in the world cup because I don’t support Germany I support Arsenal. Several players exhibit Jekyll and Hyde like transformations when it comes to them in the world cup then at the world cup. Remember our young Columbian wonderkid at the world cup? Where is he now

  17. Fair play to you for taking time out to write so much and expressing your opinion – but there is so much to disagree with. Worst season in 30 years? Really?? How do you figure that one out? Seriously I am curious. Were you following Arsenal in the 80s and 90s? If we are not here to offer counter opinions then why are we bothering at all? There are many fans who will say exactly the same as you but I am guessing there are more who don’t feel the same way. The only people I see “crying” are the ones who have an overwhelming sense of entitlement and can ably pin-point how every single aspect of the club is wrong. And how precisely do we “man up” as supporters?

  18. Scholes is a twat, crap pundit, crap at being objective and generally an all round crap ex player..

    How he has got pundit gigs is truly beyond me. No likeability, no charisma, no TV screen presence.

    He’s just a bitter ex player with half a brain, non of which he uses wisely.


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