Arsenal fans should NOT accept losing to Man United at home!

Arsene – Speechless, Clueless but his job is still safe! by KM

What a disappointment. What does Wenger care about the poor old Arsenal fans saving money all year to make that one trip to the Emirates to see Arsenal lose to the WORST UNITED SIDE I’ve seen in my entire life.

Disaster… I had only one wish this year, and it was to beat a poor Man United side. I didn’t make the illusions we will win the league. Not until Wenger is gone. And just when i thought he cannot screw this one, there it is. The players looked on in disbelief. When they don’t know what to do, the manager should, instead Wenger sits there CLUELESS!

Wilshere should’ve scored. At the moment everyone at Arsenal wants to score. There you go – a chance sitting on a plate and we fire every one straight at De Gea. This is ridiculous. Ramsey thinks he’s Beckham, but he’s rather proving to be his old useless self rather than proving critics wrong. Times up. Wenger out, Klopp in.

This season we will not finish in the top 4, and just maybe that’d be good for once. We might get rid of Wenger that way. What has to happen so he gets sacked is beyond me. There is no power in nature that will make him go away. It’s been far too long since we’ve beaten United, City or Chelsea and if that United side is too good for us AT HOME i don’t see us beating them under Wenger again.

Tell me with all your heart you can accept being beaten by that United side. Enough is enough. Klopp or Simeone? Or leave Steve Bould in charge? Whoever it is I don’t care.

I want Wenger gone sooner rather than later!

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. I hate this klopp rubbish, klopp is just a younger wenger in the bundesliga, compare their seasons and players, they would both tell u they have been unlucky, if u are looking for a replacement, its gotta be berkamp or Henry

      1. An Arsenal fan has been arrested after allegedly throwing red wine at the Manchester United bench during Saturday’s Premier League fixture between the two teams….

        red wine? smh

        highbury will always be my teams home

      2. What experience did Wenger have when he came? Monaco and Nagoya Grampus? They may not be as experienced as Wenger, but at least they do things right.

    1. Although the fact that Wilshere couldn’t score was not because of Wenger, I’m so bored with our old tactic that always failed against big teams. Our team don’t look like themselves whenever we face MU, why? I know we are going to be even worse after Wenger resign, but this is not going to work anyway. We need to change even if it means we become a new liverpool

  2. Wenger out for all we care…..give this same player to another couch n see what he will make out of them..Wenger has passed his time…time to rest and enjoy his money at brazil beach

  3. bould for the rest of the season.
    and simeone or klopp after that.
    wenger should offer to resign – but he’s too greedy and delusional.
    the board should accept, but they are too cowardly and greedy.

    1. Vvery well said mate. Problem is, if we don’t snap up Klopp, he’d be picked by another premierleaue side, while we’re stuck with Wenger… I wish this is a nightmare i could wake up from, but the reality is the board won’t sack Wenger no matter what…

    1. Their profits need to fall. Until then nothing changes. If people can boycott one home game, there would be some sort of response from the board. Leave the rest to the British press

  4. Another article to ask for the sack of the manager.
    And dont care whether the next manager can solve the problem?
    Does anyone care to ask what are the real issues?
    Performance? Tactics? Bad signing?
    Everyone who watch the match would say we perform well, dominate. Our new signings are doing well. The tactics to attack from the flank when they played with 3 CBs and 2 WBs is spot on. Mert is up there when we concede the 2nd because we need someone with height in the box for cross – it is Gibbs or Arteta who should track Di Maria.
    The reasons I see is that we have a bunch of immature players (Wilshere is a prime example of all, get frustrated easily, lack composure, lack concentration). Individual mistakes due to lack of concentration and discipline (Gibbs)
    We need someone from coaching staffs to inject that mentality to our players as Wenger definitely failed to do this. But change to foreign manager is the right solution? Dont see the change to Simeone or Klopp who who can not even speak none to very little English can do that with our players especially the ones need that the most are our Brit players (Wilsheres, Ramsey, Gibbs, Ox, Welbeck).

    1. When our current manager is not doing things right, then why not change?
      Also, Wenger’s mistakes started right from the beginning of the season and even before when we were leading the table last year.
      He should be sacked. End of story.

    2. dominate does not mean any $h1t if we do not win the game. as simple as that.
      we have 80% possession, we have 100 shots on target, so what? we LOST

      right now wengker tactics and management is so bad, even I think wengker fall into moyes level

      this is the problem for all blind-faith Arsenal fan, you guys are too afraid for CHANGE, you want to maintain status quo even though it is killing you!
      you know what? if you do not want to take a risk in this world, you will never go forward!!

  5. Arsenal is a 4th place Franchise.
    And I suppose if I am completely
    logical in my thinking I should be
    grateful. It could be a lot worse.
    But a loss to a weak Utd side
    just like last season hurts.
    We used to bully the weak teams
    now a draw is a good result.
    I wish we could at least beat two
    or 3 of the top sides each season.
    I just want to see some sparkling football.
    Or is that asking too much?
    Just in case I must practise saying
    “4th place makes me happy thank you Arsene”
    “4th place makes me happy thank you Arsene”
    “4th place makes me happy thank you Arsene” …
    2007. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  6. Wenger to resign at the end of the season
    Simple as that

    I swear to god after we won the f.a cup and it was announced that wenger had extended his contract
    I was pretty skeptical about it

    But at that moment f.a cup win after 9 years blinded me from seeing the truth as should be the case with a lot of fellow gooners

  7. It has to start with playing chambers at CB and bellerin at RB give Rosicky podolski and Campbell a chance then sign one or two players in January

  8. Kloop in

    Atleast with him in charge I would be confident going into the big matches against big teams

    With wenger there is always a danger of 6-3, 5-1, 6-0, 3-0

  9. These wenger d##kriders are funny

    For the last 4-5 matches we have performed s##t
    We can’t beat big teams
    We still concede counterattack goals
    Players out of position

    None of the problems are being solved

    But no don’t blame the manager
    Blame the AOB players Bould Morgan but note him

  10. The defeat against United is unacceptable and there is no way around it.

    Reading Arsene and Arteta’s interviews on doesn’t help either, its like they live in a world of there own and see things differently, Arsene even claims not to have seen certain things in the game and needs to watch the game again while his so close to the pitch you would think he follows the game closely. This clearly shows the man’s head is elsewhere and that seat should be taken by someone who wants to give there all for the team. I feel Wenger now feels his doing us a favor been at the club and that his already earned his statue, bumper salary, and his a cult here for our club so there is nothing more he can give apart from CL qualification.

    CALLING ON ALL SENSIBLE GUNNERS IN LONDON ATTENDING TOMMORROWS GAME, PROTEST FOR EVEN 15MINZ JUST BY THE EMIRATES ENTRANCE BEFORE AND AFTER GAME WIN OR LOOSE, leave the banners outside or sneak them in, if Galatasary can sneak flairs into our own ground am sure you boys can do the same too. Here are some tips:

    – Fold the banner or posters and carry them as hand luggage (if you have a female in the group this should not be a problem with her hand bag)

    – Wear Wenger out Tshirts under your jerseys

    – Print on A4 paper and carry a few with you under the jacket to share with others once you are in

    – Paint your body, especially my big bellied friends that stomach will be a good canvas

    – Kids are a good way to sneak in things too, let them carry the banner

    I bet you catch my drift, am afraid if we win tomorrow you guys will craw into your shells and forget the 10 years of torture under this manager and the stupid board. For other teams like Madrid and Barca it only takes 3 bad games for funs to protest and be head. The key to success in football is not rocket science or secretive anymore, its having a good manager, assistants and the right players.

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

  11. I would not Beleive it? But, now I’ve seen it i do, IN Spades!! What a bunch of Waxxxxs.How many chances? How many misses? This team, and this Manager, should be totally ashamed of themselves. I wish they would go away, dissapeare.They ruin my Saturdays when they, make an attempt to play,make a pact, and join West Ham guy’s, Sam would sort you out? Dont put the shirt on again, PLEASE.

  12. My thoughts exactly. I wanted him gone years ago. We are now a mid table team that rejoices in injuries to big rivals in the vain hope of beating them. Have we really slumped to this level? I’ve already lost interest in this season and won’t regain any at all till Wenger is gone.

  13. I have one question for all Arsenal fans ” are you not tied of been called a loser”
    Thumb up if yes u are tired
    Thumb down if u are ok with loosing…
    Its as simple as A.B.C

    1. @ goldfish27, the things that we the fans are meant to pass through by this management and board is very unfair because we the Arsenal fans are WINNERS in so many ways.

      – Most of our fans are classy people, I can speak of presidents, royals, professionals, well mannered funs from upper/middle/ and low stream of society.

      – We pay some of the most expensive seats in any game to watch our team play – now if that doesn’t speak of success what will

      – Our manager is one of the best paid in all forms of sports

      – We give players, mangers, and stuff chance and don’t interfere in the running of the club too much despite been taken for a ride

      – We the fans know how to loose, we are insulted and bashed by opponents though we are usually classy in reaction.

      Sadly the good nature of us the funs maybe the clubs biggest weakness, our kindness is been taken as weakness by management and the board because we have given them so much freedom.

      We the fans own the club and not that yank and his foolish French puppet, they will leave someday and yet the club and us the funs will be around. The time for change is NOW!!!

      But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

  14. I still cannot understand how we lost that game. Our decision making in the final third was poor and it is no coincidence that the same sh*t has happened the last three games. Who is really to blame though? Ultimately of course the buck stops with Wenger and I feel perhaps there simply is not enough discipline on and off the pitch anymore which has lead to complacency and lack of fighting spirit. Honestly though, we have one or two players in our squad who are always working hard, always trying – Sanchez, Rosicky, and one or two others. Why then are some of our other players so lethargic and undisciplined? These guys are professional athletes, paid a bucket load every week to play their hearts out for only 90 mins every couple of days, – IT IS NOT A LOT TO ASK FOR. Yet what we are seeing on the pitch is a different story. We play well for a while, but we tend to take our foot off the gas and loose concentration and make STUPID mistakes. Is this Wenger’s fault? Do our players a bunch of kids who need to be reprimanded? Bit of both I think.

    1. True Big Gun, its abit of both but Wenger gets most of the blame because its his players, his selection, his tactics, his bench, his lack of vision, his stubbornness, his clueless assistants, weak denfense.

      His been building this team forever and has enough experience though we are witnessing school boy era’s by his team on the pitch and players not showing enough passion and interest, what do these guys do in training honestly apart from smiling around.

      If you compare this team to the invisibles only 1 player can make that team.


      – I blame Wenger for trying to force the Wilshere and Ramsey combo on us
      – I blame Wenger for playing out of form Ramsey
      – I blame Wenger for not having a proper bench
      – I blame Wenger for not having a midfield marshal
      – I blame Wenger for not having a leader on that pitch game in game out
      – I blame Wenger for our poor defense
      – I blame Wenger for not getting a WC striker
      – I blame Wenger for his continued stubbornness and stupid excuses
      – I blame Wenger for making us laughing stocks

      – I by the players for not putting up a proper fight – all they did was pass pass pass and Ramsey to smash it way over the bar. (Aint blaming one player its an example yawl)

      But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

  15. I was at the game and Arsenal were very poor. In the first half we had decent possession but couldn’t finish our chances. Second half we were awful. Utd grow more confident and scored their chances went presented with them. And guess what. Wenger just stood there all game doing nothing. He has no fight or bottle in him. Great goal from Giroud though. #WengerOut

  16. Same mistake we made in the 6-0 we push up too much without a cover at the back, and we lack a dm to protect the back four so we pay for it, if wenger doesn’t treat this in January its gonna be khamikazi in the obvious reaction

  17. We are going to finish bottom half this year. All because of Wenger’s stubborness by playing Ramsey and Wilshere at the same time. Both of them need spend some time on the bench. Our counterattack are toothless and defence is a joke. Can someone get Henry to come down and teach those kids how to put the ball in the net?

  18. I’m not even surpised when we lose anymore. And I blame wenger nfor everything he nakes excuses but the so say bad luck we’ve had, (injuries) could have been predicted.

  19. lol… Sorry for the laughters, but there still are some “idiots” who are convinced Wenger is the man to bring us glory…lol… “Dumb fools”… Hard to kick bad habits…!!

    Let me clarify for you who do not get it/ did not get it yet: LOSING IS NOT GOOD… LOSING MEANS THAT YOU GET NO POINT.

    I can see that some people cannot let go of the breast and still need to be fed through the nipple…!! Delusional and addicted to mediocrity and “nothing” results… Those are the same fools who will run and queue like cows in front of the Puma shop to get the new jersey as a price asset…!!

    This club has become a laughing farce…
    Top club?
    Wenger does not know the meaning of a top club…!!!

    I red this morning that Arsenal were preparing a £150,000/week for Wilshere in order to keep him at the club until 2020…
    We are not in April, but I hope it is a f*cking joke and a journalist is again being overzealous…!!
    Give that amount of money or even thinking of extending one of the worse midfielder I have ever seen wearing the Arsenal jersey, would be Wenger most deluded move since modern football transpired and we stayed in the shadow…

    1. I hope that 150k p/w news for wilshere is not true btw. We refused to sign khedira for next to nothing because he wants that sort of wage, and now he’s prepared to dish it out to wilshere who constantly dwells on the ball, runs into people and falls around holding his ankle every time he feels a tug. Alexis is on that money that’s understandable, cos he’s world class. Wilshere? He won’t even get a starting place at any of other top 3 clubs.

  20. Hahaaa hahaaaaa”, My dear Gooners, the reasons why we still can’t fight and win against the top teams and I wish to include on the list Everton and Southampton for that matter are; 1. The manager, his psychology when approaching the games and on the pitches is questionable, the way he responds to pre match interview mostly effects the morale of his players and boots the oppositions, the way he responds to mistakes during the game i.e. not approaching to the touchline till the opposition scores and his substitutions tells you that he is not fit psychologically. 2. Lack of qualities in some areas especially in defense and attacking minefields, here you may expect me to talk about DM instead of AM but for my quick view our AM with the exceptional of Mesut Ozil tend to dribble too often than looking for a killer pass, people may talk about Sanchez to be there but for me he is a better option among the available midfielders, however the only proper number 10 we have is Mesut Ozil. Jack Wilshere is not even a good substitute let alone to be guaranteed the position, fan may think otherwise but i real tells you that this lady isn’t an AM, let the coach try him in other positions especially in DM, look he has the ball about three meters away from De Gea instead of hitting the ball to the far post, he ran the ball up to about 60 cm to the keeper and hit the ball on the legs. You can not see this to Lampard, Toure, Silver, Fabrigas, Oscar, Rooney, Gerald, Pinner, Osman, Jonjo, Raheem, to name few and that could have been the killer goal. Astonishing some fan even offered him the man of the match. I even astounded to see some fans talking about the pass he made on Alex-Ox Chambo during the game England played against Scotland, there was no any extra ordinary on it, it is not even 20% of what Fabrigas did to Costa against us or not even 30% of what Song used to do to RVPs during their Emirate career. Arsenal fans and their Manager may all fall on the Morinho’s word “simply they are specialist in failure”!!!

  21. Why can you think we are stronger than MU at the moment? We dominated the game, that is so positive. I just think that we was not luck for every single minute we played with strong team. Just only one win will lift our team up. Keep fath in Wenger.

  22. If arsenal were to remove Wenger there are 5 possible conclusions
    1.arsenal rift develops between manager and players
    2.arsene Wenger and team are playing a game of frustration to seek for new players to come in pressurise them to perform
    3.arsenal’s 2 major owner threatens to sell the shares to people that arsenal do not like or disinvests in the team causing the american to either leave or sack the manager
    4.arsenal’s performance is very bad and fans do not show up to the matches
    5.sanchez’s burnout, wenger’s final nail in the coffin

  23. Sack Wenger okay, but whos going to replace him? I hear ppl saying Bergkamp / Henry, thats a ridiculous idea, they have zero experience as manager. Klopp? Simeone? Are those two even avaible? Will they do better than Wenger with our tight budget? Quit playing Football Manager and realise chances of one of those two coming are very slim, Arsenal have no money or dont want to spend millions on transfers.

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