Why Arsenal fans should not be worried about Chelsea hijacking Mudryk deal

As per the transfer specialist Ben Jacobs, in an interview with Football Transfers, if there is one thing Arsenal isn’t worried about, it’s that they’ll miss out on Mykhailo Mudryk’s signature this winter.

Mudryk made it clear months before the transfer window that he wanted to move to the Emirates in the winter, and Arsenal appeared to be the only club interested in him and thus the favourite to sign him. However, that appears to have changed as the transfer window began, with Chelsea expressing interest in the Ukrainian sensation to the point where they have already made contact with Shakhtar, threatening Arsenal’s free run for the attacker.

Chelsea’s entry in the Mudryk race has many Gunners worried, but there’s no need to be. The first thing many worry about is that with Chelsea’s financial power, they may outbid Arsenal for the attacking swoop, but about that, Ben Jacobs stated, “If Chelsea were prepared to table something far bigger, such as the €100 million that Shakhtar are quoting in public, then Arsenal were never going to entertain that kind of figure, and Chelsea would, therefore, pay wildly above market value and end up being the only suitor who had an accepted offer.

“But Arsenal don’t think that’s going to happen, and Chelsea are not likely to start off with that kind of amount. And if we’ve learned one thing from the Enzo Fernandez saga with Chelsea, it’s that there will be a lot of noise, a lot of hype, a lot of games, PR about Chelsea chucking crazy sums of money around, but the reality is they’re being quite shrewd with their offers and they’re low-balling, and I expect nothing different with Mykhailo Mudryk.”

Jacobs also hinted that Arsenal knows how much they might have to pay to bring Mudryk on board. “Arsenal feel like the Mykhailo Mudryk situation is in their control and that’s because they’ve always had a top-end valuation and if they were to meet it – and they haven’t yet – then if Shakhtar reject, they were always going to walk away, which give Arsenal significant belief that Chelsea can’t influence the situation,” he adds.

“If Chelsea were to bid higher than Arsenal’s last offer, then, should Arsenal see that as still in keeping with their own valuation, they will equal it and go as high as they’re prepared to go.”

Mudryk could really be a big plus for Arsenal’s title charge. Hopefully, the stars will align and he will be able to show the world at the Emirates why he has been dubbed the Ukrainian Neymar.

Sam P


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  1. They are bluffing, why not blow we out of the water already, Fernandez from Benfica is the player they are really after, but it’s not in their interest to make life easy for us.

    So Darijo Srna will continue to huffs and puffs , but we must not fall to their antics

    1. What we pay should not exceed what is on the table maybe 1 or 2 million other wise we go for cheaper option.

  2. SAM P talks realism in his piece . I doubt many Gooners at all, perhaps just the immature dreamers that this site attracts – will even WANT Arsenal to pay more than MA thinks Mudryk is worth to us.

    As for me, I am in no informed postion to know what that figure may be but my guess is not more than£62-£66 mill at the very most.

    But I will happily leave that decision to MA and ultimately to Kroenke , as MA, even if not Kroenke, , has FULLY EARNED our trust to make the correct call.

    My gut feeling is we will land him but it might take a week or two more, though hopefully not.

  3. Didn’t Er!ing Haaland cost Man City 60m?Shaktar need to wise up or they may end up with a large egg on their face.

  4. Wouldn’t buy him for more than 50million but only stupid ass would pay for Ukraine we have better players in our academy young boys who deserve a chance

  5. Not sure we need so many op-ed pieces on the same subject but…

    The author is missing a key point. People don’t seem to be worried about being outbid, most people are worried abot NOT being outbid.

    Most feel that £62m is already far too much – not only for the club, but also for the player because of the pressure it puts him under.

    The other concern many people have expressed is that he doesn’t even seem to be headed for the starting 11. Who would he replace? His competition seems be Martinelli and Saka – good luck with that. GM and BS are still in contract negotiations so how would this affect their willingness to stay? We already have ESR and others who cover these roles, it feels like £62m for a squad player.

    Unless there’s a masterplan to turn this guy into the next great striker-converted-from-winger, I just don’t see how £62m for this guy makes any sense.

    The author seems to have “misread the room” – the above are what I see people saying, I don’t see many people being afraid of Chelsea outbidding Arsenal.

  6. Why are we so crazy about signing this raw talent? For me, 50M is even too much for an unproven epl player. What we need now is experienced player and we have them in surplus in EPL. So if Shakter refused the offer, let us walk away please. We may avoid another Pepe by looking at other options. And we should not be worried about Chelsea highjacking the player. EPL has proven time and time again that big transfer buy does not translate to super star on the field of play.

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