Arsenal fans should not get carried away with Galatasary result

Galatasaray result should not fool anyone by KM

Football is often about the last result and the next game. In Arsenal’s case the last result was a comfortable 4-1 win against Galatasaray and the next game is against the best team in the premier league so far – Chelsea.

We finally put in an expected performance against a side we are marginally better than. The new Henry with a hat-trick! Jokes aside, Danny Welbeck scored three good goals that highlighted something we’ve been missing for some time – a pacey and powerful striker who can shrug off a defender and burst forward.

Welbeck combined with Sanchez and the Ox give arsenal a new dimension of powerful and very quick players up front. Since football is a game of athletes, you simply cannot ignore the physical aspects of the players. If the opponent can outrun you from a few yards back and can outmuscle you, you’re always gonna have a problem.

I was most impressed with his second goal, because it showed determination to win the ball, power to hold off Melo, pace, good control and a calm finish. Now Welbeck joins a group of few English players who’ve bagged a hat-trick in the champions league. But that doesn’t put him even close to the one true king of north London. After all, Nicklas Bendtner managed a hat trick in the CL remember ?

Danny has the raw qualities and the potential. Whether he will have games like this on a regular basis or he will miss chances like Dortmund and Spurs is yet to be found out, but i do enjoy the way the Man United boy raised with so much love is now scoring goals for Arsenal and mocking United at not giving him the chance to shine as a forward.

But next comes Arsenal’s biggest test of the season. Chelsea did what we failed to do in the summer, address the problems. They replaced Torres and Eto’o with Remy and Costa, brought in Fabregas, and Felipe Luis we haven’t seen yet. They will have a game plan. Mourinho has Wenger’s number and he will motivate his squad for a win to mock Wenger again.

We will have a big problem, because they are physically better. Matic will dominate midfield. Costa will be an absolute terror and we need to concede as least corners as possible. A draw will be a superb result. Truth is we will hardly get it.I think we should take the game in our half and break on the counter hoping to catch em more than once.

We’ve really struggled with the clean sheets and we’ll hardly get one at the Bridge. It could end up a draw or we could get spanked 6-0 again. I really hope we watch videos of Chelsea, analyze them and adapt our game specifically to Chelsea. Hardly though. Wenger rarely changes his tactics and this will cost us. I just hope he realizes that a defeat would put is 9 points behind already. A bit too much if you ask me for just 7 rounds.

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. I agree, Galatasaray have been poor this year but Our speedy attack with Ozil in the middle can be one of the deadliest in the EPL.

    1. 3 keys:
      1. dont concede early,
      2. if u do concede, dont panic.
      3. greater concentration on set pieces , corners.

      1. I hope we do well, but I don’t believe we will avoid defeat. Chelsea are much stronger both offensively and, particularly, defensively than we are. We still switch off far too often in games. However, I hope we don’t come out looking like we did against Dortmund or Chelsea (last season).

    2. It’s not our attack that worries me. It’s the other end where we have blatant weakness. Pity because otherwise we have lots of options. They are a stronger all round team than us. But we can hope…

  2. dumb gala fans destroyed 100 seats in the emirates- look up tw*t in the dictionary- that is the definition.

    1. they are c###S but they dont even sit
      they just keep on singing throughout the match even when we were thumping them

      unlike our rich sophisticated gooners who dont give a f##k about the atmosphere
      just go there for the sake of it and leave early if the team is losing

      we have a good away support tho

  3. Who would have thought we would scare Manshity the way we did? Heck we almost won!

    Enof of these chicken displays from u shaky fans. Confidence is key. Chelsea are not as physically strong as Shity, yet we held Shity down.

    Let’s go out there with a brave heart, a win is possible, but a draw won’t be bad.

      1. U can’t call urself “The Realest” with such a perspective on the Shity game. We played like a big team against a big team. What happened after we equalised? Huh? Yeah, we went on to sit on their heads, just that we did not capitalise on our dominance. Their goal (the second one) was just a gift from us to them.

        1. Eh, pal, no hard feelings there, kidding about that reference to “The Realest”. But let’s hear u, sir Montana.

  4. Chelsea is of course a much
    tougher challenge because they
    are a better team and they
    are on home turf with a top manager and top players.
    However the style of the victory v Gala was inspiring.
    The pace, verve + quality of the goals needs to be savoured
    after years of Bendtner Chamakh Sanogo Park Arshavin
    and the faithful but mediocre Giroud.
    Hold up play was put on hold and sideways passing
    replaced by direct hard fast intent.

    1. arteta always passing sideways.
      wilshire also slows things bc he always wants to have a run at the opposition while holding the ball, he doesnt pass as much as he should.

      if caz is there instead of wilshire, and same 4 front as tue , that’ll be our best chance.
      + diaby instead of flam.

  5. Park the bus like west ham did last year,it also wound-up the Lesser Portuguese. Gob which is even harder to close than beating Chelsky.Still,same old tactless Wenger,up and at em regardless,same old result.

  6. Everyone is counting us out but there are lot of positives which indicate we can get out of this game with something COME OOOOON GUNNERS!!!!

  7. Its not a loss at Chelsea
    which will cost us the EPL.
    Our dropped points at Leicester
    and at home v a weak Spurs and a
    beatable City have hurt our chances.
    Playing well and running Chelsea very close
    will suffice at this stage of the very long season.
    However I am quietly confident the team can win it.

  8. Everybody knows that Galatasaray is no better than a “good” championship team.
    We should have won the game easily, so we did, end of story.
    Anybody taking reference on that game for Sunday is obviously losing it…!!

    Wenger said that Wilshere will play… Why? Only he knows, may be to become Matic “yumshopp”…!!

    I am just asking, but where is Campbell?? That boy should have taken the Porto offer and enjoy his football… Wenger is using him just to make the numbers (so is Coquelin, Podolski, and Rosicky)…

    When are we going to see Diaby?
    Apparently amazing in training (which player is not)…!

  9. you’re right, we played incredible on Wednesday, but we did cause some errors in the Galatasaray match.

    However, I’m thinking that our Gunners feel the same. Per was talking about how there are ways to improve from the UCL match. Then AW was talking along the same lines in his press conference. They know how big this Chelsea match is. However actions speak louder than words. So we will just have to wait and see which Arsenal squad will show up on the pitch on Sunday.

  10. Every single player must be on their ‘A’ gane to get anything from this match. A concentrated and determined effort for 90+ minutes is needed. I’d like Arsene to field flam and diaby if fit with our front 4, (the same as wed) doing their thing. We need a complete attacking and defensive game drom each player, including ozil!

  11. The title of the post should be ‘the players’ instead of “the fans”. If they don’t get carried away, they could nick a win. And what’s with all the negativity! I think I’m beginning to tire of it as I think is casts a spell on our player’s! Support them, I know they will give their best. Lisbon was shite and they could only win by a goal margin. Gala was shite and…

  12. As optimistic as we all would want to be, the reality is we are some way off from competing at the level that Chelsea and City do. Looking at the City/Chelsea game, the physicality of the game seemed at a higher level than we are used to handling. We have yet to learn to show that we can do well against such teams. We give away too many cheap fouls but yet can’t defend well on set pieces against physically strong opponents. We just switch on and off way too often in a game. I hope for the best, but I’m not the most optimistic fan!

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