Arsenal fans should relax and play more golf!

The summer transfer window is always one of the most stressful times for Arsenal fans, and it doesn’t get any better when Arsenal lose at home in their first game of the season, but no fear, Aaron Ramsey has some great advice to help you forget about the game after a loss…..

“You’re disappointed with the result but there’s nothing you can do with that now so it’s important to put that to the back of your mind, learn from what went wrong there and focus on the next game,” Ramsey said on “You have to prove what you can do and that you can get back to winning ways.

“I’m not one of those people who goes home and has to put football on the TV straight away or has to watch Sky Sports News. It’s important to take your mind off football otherwise you become too obsessed and you look into things too much.

“You could have problems when you do that, when you then go onto the pitch and play, so it’s important to take your mind off it. When you’re there and playing it’s important to focus 100 per cent on what you’re doing.

“I play golf to take my mind off [football]. I have a family who are very important in my life as well and they help me to take my mind away from it. When you are playing football you have to give everything and focus 100 per cent on trying to do your best but it’s important to have the right balance.”

Listen to the voice of reason! Here I am spending all day watching SkySports news and writing articles about Arsenal and raying that we get a glimmer of a new arrival, when I should be relaxing! Or “otherwise you become too obsessed and you look into things too much. You could have problems when you do that.

I really do think I should take his advice. I presume you all do…..?


  1. Few folks on this site always try to under estimate Arsenal and over rate other teams. Now many thinks United has better team than us. I agree they have won their starting 3 matches but in both of league matches they were lucky to win and didn’t show any sign of champion. For me City and Chelsea has better staring XI than us. Let’s compare united team with us.

    Bellerin Gabriel Boss Monreal
    Cazorla COq
    Ox Ozil Sanchez

    Darmian Smalling Blind Shaw
    Morgan Carrick
    Mata Januzaj Depay

    Honestly how many utd players can make it to Arsenal starting XI?

    Romero over Cech: No (If De Gea then Yes)
    Darmian over Bellerin: No
    Smalling over Gab: No
    Blind over Boss: No
    Shaw over Monreal: No for me some can argue
    Schneiderlin over Coq : Yes
    Carrick over Cazorla : No
    Mata over Ox/Walcott: No for me some can argue
    Januzaj over Ozil: No
    Depay ovr Sanchez: Big No
    Rooney over Giroud/Walcott: At current form No, Rooney of 3-4 years back Yes.

    So only one player can make to our starting XI. We still need WC striker and backup for Coq but it doesn’t mean Utd and other teams (except City and Chelsea) are better.

    1. But Chelsea and City ARE better, and they ARE spending to get even better.
      There is no excuse for us not to buy one or two players to upgrade the squad where needed.
      Also United is better than last year, Depay is going to be a big player for them.
      And i will personally take Rooney over Giroud any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

      1. Rooney over Giroud not for me. He has been horrible in last few games. Giroud is not WC or at same level of Rooney used to be but at current form, I will prefer Giroud.

          1. Forget that, I thought it was a new report but it is the Marsh report ..suckered in by the headline.

            1. This won’t be news for many on here but Agent Alexis’s twitter account is sure fun to scroll through. He is being trolled mercilessly by certain sections of AFC fanbase – but he is sticking by his guns with Benzema. I’ve only followed him on and off for a few months but he seems to have a decent track record. He called it right on Pedro, Otamendi, Ramos, Kovacic, Rahman and now Thauvin. For me it is all good fun but his take at the moment is:

              Benzema: Deal done. RM in for Reus after failing to secure him in January. Reus “injured” and not in Dortmund squad for EL fixture.
              Gotze: £35M bid in with Wenger seeing him as Cazorla’s successor.
              Welbeck: Wenger trying to get him out on loan ahead of KB’s arrival.
              Krychowiak: Interested but probably go for him in Jan window when back from injury.

              I’m just the messenger – all probably a crock but entertaining nonetheless.

      2. Since OG arrived arrived he has 59 goals. Rooney in same period 49. I like Rooney as a player and always thought he would have been good up top in our system but he is plainly in decline. If the Rooney hype is to be believed, and OG is really as crap as many claim, I would expect Rooney to be scoring at twice the rate of OG not 20% less.

    2. please don’t get me vexed!………………… golf?……………..are we Tiger woods?

      1. We’re doomed!!! DoooOooomeeeeeeed!!!! If Arsene’s first son can say stuff like that…. We might as well take our money off football too. Thwart!!! If you love something, u never take ur mind off. It!!!

    3. you love rumours so much..I sworn to never ever again comment on anything to do with players linked to arsenal so as to stay stress free..have heard seen and had enough of frustrations..
      mourino finished top last season.Chelsea has top quality attack force but he never shys away from strengthening..getting Pedro who will have to compete with the likes of Eden Hazard, Willian and Juan Cuadrado to get into the team..that’s what winners are made of..wants to be strong and stronger..let me ask you,assuming that our front line is fantastic just as Wenger says,what is wrong with making it even more stronger? God know.Wenger is a looser and we will win nothing this time it or no…I don’t care your telling the truth and that shall prevail..and set me free of frustrations..have never loved a team like i love my Arsenal.God know am not lying.I skip watching my local league to watch arsenal play.I don’t even love my national team like I love arsenal.but do I have anything to smile about?Nothing.

      1. Hazard doesn’t compete with anyone, he plays.
        I think Fabregas and Matic will play behind Hazard Pedro and Willian, unless they are playing a top team, after all is mourinho we talking about.
        Cuadrado and Oscar will compete for some game time, if not, ask for a move.
        Hazard and Pedro, not too shabby. Alexis and Theo ..numbers wise I think they can match them.

    4. Giroud should not be put in the same sentence as Rooney. NEVER. Do people know that Giroud and Rooney are 1 year apart? Rooney 30 this year. Giroud 29 next month.
      Rooney has been PHENOMENAL since he was 16 YEARS OLD. That is 13 YEARS of TOP QUALITY PERFORMANCES or 12 YEARS (if you count last season a failure by his standards). That feels you ALL you need to know about Rooney. He’s been world class for a decade now. Giroud has never been a world class footballer. He will NEVER be. No talent, just an OK footballer.
      Last season Rooney did not play as a CF and suddenly shallow-minded analysts think Giroud is better. Are you F*cking kidding me? Its insane.

      Combined Starting XI Man Utd and Arsenal teams.
      De Gea
      Bellerin Smalling Kos Monreal
      Cazorla Schneiderlin
      Depay Mata Sanchez

      1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This isn’t a history debate. Most rational people know how good Rooney has been and that he is a better footballer. But in the here and now, if we were playing tomorrow, I’d rather start with OG than WR. If Rooney rediscovers his old form, finds a first touch that doesn’t gift the ball away every other time the ball is knocked in to him and starts outscoring OG I’ll change my mind.

        Have to love the Depay knee-jerkitus – seems to be quite a virulent and contagious disease. Next week he’ll be in a United all-time XI no doubt. At least let the lad get a PL goal first.

    1. Damn fool that Ramsgate.
      Says football rabble
      should play golf.
      Good Lord no.
      We here at Harrington Downs
      allow only the better types in
      rugger men, public school chaps
      Conservative voters.
      Any way none of them could afford the subscription.
      Must speak to Ramsden before he goes right off.

  2. Two things are involve…. Its either we sign one or two players before deadline or even on deadline as wenger likes to do his business or we don’t sign anyone and life goes on…

    I am waiting to see what happens within the next few weeks. Everything will be over soon my fellow gunners… This torture from the media, arsene and justarsenal articles is becoming unbearable but we’ll be fine. COYG!

  3. I just want this window shut down, I don’t give a damn anymore, because I believe I can’t change anything but one thing is certain that, I am 100 percent Gunner. #COYG


    1. deal could be confirmed in the next 48 hours. all depends on real madrid. They are currently close to sealing a deal for marco reus.

      1. Yup. Reus should off to real. Benzema deal for arsenal is already done and will happen regardless….

  5. Read this piece a while back on some other site. Good piece of advice I must say. But coming from a pro footballer, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first.
    Some attain to excellence by being obsessed with their career or profession. If you asked me I’ll say that I’d prefer a footballer who is as hurt as a fan over a bad loss, to one that just brushes it aside when he gets home. Don’t know if such factors count though.

    Don’t want to start sounding like a pr8ck right now so maybe I should stop over-talking.

  6. In my opinion
    Costa and Aguero > Giroud
    Giroud > Rooney, Kane, Lukaku, Bony
    Giroud = Remy, Benteke

    Giroud is definitely one of the Top 5 CF in the PL

    However, we need an even better CF like Benzema, Lewandowski, Muller, Ibrahimovic, Cavani, Higuain

    1. You don’t watch football.
      Giroud better than Rooney, Kane, Lukaku and Bony? These players are all BETTER. They have made more of mark in english football than Giroud.
      Rooney – 29 to be 30 soon, debuted in the EPL at 16 and the rest is history. Are you kidding? Should this even be a freaking argument? NEVER COMPARE PLEASE.
      Kane – 22, scored 21 in the league last year in his first season as a starter. Talented lad, young, loads of potential. A definite class player. Giroud been starting of Arsenal for 3 years and highest tally is 16 in the league.
      Lukaku – 22, introduced at the same time to english football as Giroud. 44 goals in the PL till now, highest tally of 17 in the league while playing at lesser teams like West Brom and Everton. Loads of potential, loads of talent, and isn’t near his best yet but looks like he is almost world class. Big guy with a silky style of play. Fast, flair, tricky, very strong and fantastic footwork. To me, the MUST have of the bunch.
      Bony – 26, 16 in 34 in 2013/14 as a starter for Swansea City. Quicker, better footwork and stronger. He is at Man City behind Aguero where Giroud will face the same faith. In fact with Bony there, he would be 3rd choice. Better footballer IMO.
      Benteke – 24, introduced at the same time to the EPL as Giroud. 43 in the EPL and highest tally in the league of 19 while playing at Aston Villa. Loads of potential, talent and equivalent to Lukaku in style of play.
      Giroud – 29, highest tally in the league at 16 goals since 3 seasons at Arsenal. Plays with world class creative players…Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla etc and still can’t hit 20 in the league. No pace, no skills, no dribbling and makes to likes of Tevez, Messi and Aguero look like they have super-human strength. No more potential and as we’ve seen is not a very talented footballer.

  7. Mesut ozil and Thierry henry have been instrumental in bringing benzema over. Karim benzema to arsenal is a done deal!

    1. Did you hack their devices or did one of them tell you this by chance. Or is it that it just seems plausible given if move were to happen.

        1. If it happens great, but will you stop coat-tailing pleaze. Lizirazu and Marsh have made confirmations of a sort so no need for you to confirm and speak as if it is you whom has been shedding light.

  8. Golf !!! İ tried it last summer,it didn’t work. After completing one hole,i always found myself checking where my phone was to check transfer news….am too much in love with this girl called Arsenal, i just can’t leave her for a minute.

  9. AW thinks a team that came 3rd 12 points shy of the top teams will win the EPL ? #dickhead
    Go buy some players or keep some of the ones you keep letting out on loan. Bench BFG play our captain next to F Q and play TW ffs
    All the pundits can see we need the players can see it but he can’t. Tickets are up sports tops are up but he can’t find any money just makes me sick

    Thumbs down I guess but if you all can’t see it never change

    1. Arsenals net spend the last two summers has been one of the largest in Europe. There is very little activity this window because all of the top players aren’t moving. What club has signed a truly world class player? All the usual suspects have been quiet this window. Compare last summers transfer names to this years – it’s not even close. Should we sign average players for the sake of doing something?

      Should we follow Liverhampton’s approach?

      1. Above average would do fine …. we have enough average players with giroud Walcott Ramsey mert ( below in this case) Monreal …. The fact that our 8 million quid man can’t find better is a sad reflection of his and the clubs state of mind … Benzema and bender or krychowiak would be fine but I would take draxler if needed,he’s 21 top skills right physique could b another rvp ….

  10. For the fans who say we need a top backup for Sanchez in case of injury. Leaving aside the fact that Ox Welbz and Theo are fighting for starting berth and can easily be played there ..then also we have Jack Ozil and Cazorla who could make do for a spell.

    I’d like to see Adelaide or/and Iwobi get consideration, I know some will say they are not ready yet but this is how they will get readied quicker. Adelaide already looks too good for some of those under 21 players and I really like how he shoots fairly often and will still keep asking for the ball before he has another pop. Iwobi, has top athletic ability and looks like a decent finisher, or in the least he looks likely to hone those skills further.

    Good to hear Maitland Niles get praise from his loan spell and have to say the boy looks tough, very powerful looking youngster and I hope his manager is right about making Arsenal’s first team. I have a strong feeling/idea that in about four to five years time allot of our current academy players will indeed be playing for the first team and I believe we will have a very strong side. Similar scenarios whenever a group goes up together it usually is a strong core of players.


      1. You just repeated what that model slash presenter slash reporter tweeted about Reus Benzema and Arsenal. Why didn’t you get it out there before her seeing as she’s more likely to have a full plate whereas we are in here reading your confirmations on confirmations all afternoon.

        1. She isnt wrong you know. i can confirm that. He is an arsenal player.. the deal is worth 45m he will get 7.3m p.a and wear 9 shirt.

  12. Wenger, a man who is hated by some Arsenal fans for staying in Arsenal,and some love him for the same reason.
    Actually, am finding these comments of how much we need a DM and CF boring and annoying. Everybody know we need them,so please! Stop telling us…it’s not like we have the power to change anything!!

  13. pls we have to stop dis Benz frenzy…..what other viable options do we have if he is the way it ain’t happening anyway.lets spend tym praying for de team I still trust we can make it with de right tactics n team selection. #coyg

    1. Why, will they not come across any info in the future. If you really have a good source we are better off not knowing and hopefully in the future you can come to us much sooner.

  14. Wow so Giroud is in the top 5 EPL strikers.yipee yiee how lucky we are aint we.Wow just wow.Sometimes i just dont get people and what they see but as they say everyone is entitled to their own opinion but dont forget there are no 2 truths in this world for the truth in this world is only 1.

  15. By the way Karim Benzema to arsenal is not a done deal and to add to that it is not happening due to certain reasons.Part of it is someone in the team who if anything will hold it back.IT DID NOT HAPPEN

  16. Golf was once an elitist sport, exclusive membership and the amount of money you had did not matter, you had to “fit” the golf club.

    Today clubs take anybody and it is a universe distance from how it was. Yet many people who looked at golf from a distance years ago with the fantasy they could gain access, they play today believing it has the same class and exclusivity of the past. They tell people who are ignorant of the change in club membership that they play golf with the belief the ignorant person is impressed.

    Mutton served as lamb does not make the mutton lamb.

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