Arsenal fans should show Petr Cech some respect

There are some gooners expressing their discomfort about Petr Cech starting against Chelsea, given that days later he could be an employee of the opposition. It has been widely expected that our keeper would be offered employment with his former club given his legendary status at the Bridge. Maybe he should have started negotiations once his retirement was official? This could even be a ploy by our rivals to unsettle us this week. Either way there are now fans who don’t want him to start on Wednesday.

If you want Leno to play based on him being our number 1 goalie, I understand that. If you are basing your opinion on Cech’s sudden job offer, then I think you are being disrespectful to one of the Premierships greatest players. Because in essence you are basically questioning the man’s professionalism, saying he would sacrifice another medal based on a conflict of interest. He has long since proven he is a born winner. To suggest he would sabotage lifting a trophy in his final game for the sake of earning some brownie points is laughable.

Some have questioned the man’s integrity by not waiting till he hangs up his boots to make future plans. Yet he’s not doing anything he’s not entitled to do. If fit would you not want Ramsey to start based on him knowing he’s a Juventus player in a few weeks? Do you not think Welbeck or Monreal’s agent have been making contingency plans? Should they not travel to Baku?
Has their dedication been compromised by their contracts about to expire?
Even if Cech hadn’t decided to call it quits, were their guarantees we would be extending his deal?
If we didn’t want to pay over the odds to keep Ramsey, are we going to carry on paying over 100 000 pound a week for someone only playing in the cup games?

In 2 out of the last 3 cups we won, we started Szczesny and Fabianski when we knew it was their last game as Gunners.

Even when he didn’t start the last time we beat Chelsea in a Final, Cech held out 5 fingers to show he was counting this towards the other 4 FA Cups he has won. So if next week’s showpiece comes down to pens, why would Cech turn down the opportunity for a 20th piece of silverware over putting one over his future coworkers?

Dan Smith


  1. I believe Leni should start purely based on starting our strongest 11. I think Cech would be fully focused and a true professional if he does play however. We have 2 veey good goalkeepers to choose from so its a good headache for the manager to have.

  2. Everything’s at stake for us here. We need this more than anything as a club so it only logical to go with our strongest 11.That said, Petr starts.He’s our Cup tournament goalie and he has got to start.

  3. Dan how about you show some respect to the fans. Most of the fans that prefers Leno in over him in the final didn’t do that out of disrespect but for the success of the final as they believe he is better and coming next season Cech will be Chelsea employee and they suspect some there might be conflict of interest. This I don’t believe anyway and I clearly don’t mind who is in goal but for successful final I will go with Leno.

  4. I predict there would be a surprise

    Cech may want to let Leno start ahead of him, because the consequences would be too big if he makes any mistake

  5. This idea of “respect” is meaningless; what is it supposed to mean? Cech has had career that commands respect from all decent fans and players everywhere and I am sure all Gooners respect him too. But this misuse of “respect” does NOT mean that he should be picked in this vital game . Vital most of all for US fans , who ARE the heart and soul of our club. Also for our new manager who is desperate to win silverware in his first season. I do not remotely agree with CASCARINO, who says, stupidly, that if Emery plays Cech instead of Leno that is a sacking offence. Perspective please, in all things too! But to pick our better keeper is correct and I pray that Emery picks Leno. Will he though? I have not the slightest idea!

  6. We should start Leno he is certainly better than Cech.I think age is catching up with Petr.However i believe he is one of the best professionals i have ever seen

  7. No telling with Emery, he has made questionable and debatable selections all year. My preference would be Leno, but Emery will have a selection headache.

    Chelsea is dangerous and either keeper will have their hands full with our spotty defense.

  8. My choice is Cech
    He has tons more experience than Leno
    He also got us to the Final

    Would be wrong to start Leno when Cech has got us this far.

  9. I’m surprised anyone would suggest this, all the best players have something in common, they are all competent to the end. Cech will want this and he’ll want his teammates to have it just as much, also the fans, management, he’ll want Arsenal to have a long awaited European trophy!!! Please, we need this lads, stop mickey mousing about whoever it is that comes up with the silliness. Come on Arsenal, will!!! that ball over the line if we have to. Show these bluebells the meaning of grit, determination and concentration, we believe in you lads, come on Arsenal.

  10. Cet a life dude. Man U won with De Gea last year and Chelsea will do same; put their top 11 for a final. This is most important and Key game for this and next season. Dont think cup or anythjng but what this represents: Champions League Football for upcoming season, Chelsea already qualified but wont put Hazard on the bench, he wants to win this trophy for his last game with Chelsea. All players will give all they got to honor Hazard goodbye, a very special game for them. We need the best team and game plan of the year to stand a chance to face such determination, event, final game. Our last chance go sée CL football or watch everyone else again…A lost will make it the dumbest season in FC Arsenal History; because, no one expected us go fight for Top 4 nor miss out on it as of last month before end or season. The opposite of Chelsea who looked mighty shaky at same périod and finishes 3rd we were supposed to. Let’s hope we win this; Leno is of course our first choice, we all know this and no disrespect to Cech, a chance for him to put add well deserved silveware. All players as Leno should play this game for Cech and fans who réserve this as a minimum this season after the ridiculous last displays losing us top 4. This would be biggest crush ever!

  11. I really do not know who should start. It is a huge game and one could argue that Cech has done it all before successfully on numerous occasions. Leno is a relative rookie and maybe the occasion will get to him, his ‘clean sheet’ record in the EPL is not good (6 out of 32). Either way it’s a tough and crucial choice for Emery to make.

    On a more positive note, we have won 5 and lost 2 in our last 10 matches against Chelsea so let’s make it six.

  12. I believe cech will do well with both set of fans on his side.. he will probably keep a clean sheet or have the best game of his career.

  13. Of course this is very important game. And it is Europe’s league and not EPL. So one who has more experience in Europe will outweigh the other who plays in EPL. Chech has shown who he is to take Arsenal to this final. And he deserves to be in the goal post in the game which he too had painstakingly helped to reach. Ridiculous to spoil his confidence at this moment. Rather be solid behind him to enhance his confidence for a clean sheet….

  14. Mind you cech has earned respect from chelsea because of what he did there which we all know he gave them solid years of performance but at arsenal he deserves respect not because of performances but based on professionalism which he himself dented by signing a chelsea contract when still playing his trd at arsenal and few days before we meet his parent club in a cup final.. That is not professional and such favour should be returned

    1. He has not signed a contract yet, he was only offered the position and instead of questioning Chech’s professionalism, why don’t we question the rationale behind chelsea’s time of this offer ?!!

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