Arsenal fans should stop worrying about Porto’s visit to the Emirates – Here’s why…

After our last-minute defeat at Porto, some fans are already consigning us to a knock out defeat after the second leg at the Emirates.

However, despite some fans saying that our history in Europe played a part in last night’s humiliation (not one single shot on goal!) perhaps we can take some comfort from our previous results against Porto … even though we’re told how dreadful we performed in our earlier days in the CL.

As was mentioned before our trip to Portugal, we have not won any of our previous visits to the Stadio de Dragao, but history also tells us it is a completely different story once we are back on home turf…..

In the 2006/07 season, we beat Porto 2-0 over two legs.
In the 2008/09 season we beat Porto 4-2 over two legs.
In the 2009/10 season we beat Porto 6-2 over two legs.

In the 2023/24 season we lost to Porto 1-0 with our home leg to follow.

It’s comforting to use actual FACTS when looking back at results against Porto – let’s hope that MA and his players continue to preserve AW’s positive results against Porto, and I’m supporting him to the hilt to do just that.

Surely we’ll have at least ONE shot on target in the return game?


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  1. On the flip side of that:

    In all three of Arteta’s European campaigns, we’ve been knocked with the 2nd leg at home.

    Arsenal have lost their last 7 or 8 CL last 16 ties.

    I think it’s been something like 14 years since we last qualified for the CL QF.

    1. Then as the past is destined to ALWAYS repeat itself, ACCORDING TO YOU, we are wasting our time playing a last 16 tie at all, as we are bound to lose!!

      And simply because we did before.
      For “psychological reasons” too.

      Such tripe!

      Use your brain and get wised up about how REAL football life works IN PRACTICE, Jen!

      1. From a statistical standpoint, Jen’s assertion is valid. Football winning odds predominantly rely on historical data. The article claims a chance for success against Porto based on past outcomes. Jen contends otherwise, citing historical round 16 knockout results. Both are valid points. In both elementary and advanced statistical analyses, existing data (historical records) is used to forecast the probability of future occurrences. Note, it’s a PROBABILITY, not a definite prediction

      2. Jon what you’ve said lacks so much intelligence, I feel I’m losing IQ points even replying.

        Good to see you’re English is slightly improving as the capitals have reduced a little.

        Your comment also proves you do not bother actually reading my comments, because I have never once said there’s no point in trying.

        I’m simply stating the fact that Arsenal are poor in Europe, and dreadful in the CL.

    2. Yes those facts are right but i can remember any of those games being against porto.
      I am confident of us progressing into the next round and those history wont repeat it self

  2. OT: The officiating in England is a big disgrace, this is not just incompetence any more but pure corruption. Watching the Liverpool Chelsea match. How on Earth is that Van Djik goal an offside? English refs need to take lessons from AFCON refs on the proper use of VAR.

    1. Chapo

      There was a potential VAR offside check

      But the goal was not disallowed for an offside

      It was disallowed because Endo blocked one of the Chelsea players who was aiming to defend the cross

  3. If the physiological side of the coin is to be believed, then the three results in our previous meetings with them must take precidence over any other stats.
    As Jon Fox so ELOQUENTLY put it, whar happened in the past doesn’t matter, but for those who DO believe it plays a part, then, surely, this is what MA and his players should be thinking about.

  4. We need to worry about every match, so that we can stay on our toes

    Porto is one up. That’s by no means an insurmountable scoreline. But they are still ahead so we need to take them very seriously to play our best to beat them

  5. I’m not worried have full belief we can turn it around. People throwing stats around but there’s just as much in favor as there is against. Yea we’ve been knocked out at home before but Porto’s record in England is abysmal. None of those things will matter on the day though. What we do in the 90 minutes is what matters.

  6. Well if we play like we did against Newcastle at home I.e using a high press and putting Porto under pressure with the aim of getting early goals, we will be through with fc Porto by Half time.

  7. The law of average dictates the table will turn , so it was with playing against Liverpool, Arsenal had effectively rid that monkey off our back.
    So I won’t loose a minute sleep on this tie.

  8. First of all we have to acknowledge they are a good side, hence there should be no margin for error and no room for complacency even when we are two,three or more goals up. Just keep focus and do our thing, then we got Porto in for some heavy mauling. i trust in the team to get through. COYG!!!!!

  9. Yeah..!! The first leg against Porto has gone. MA and his player now need to pay attention to the come back at the Emirates.Yeah past historical facts about Porto’s record in England may play a some how hope, but then it’s own our side we have to take the game seriously at home. But lastly I don’t see any competitor to man city if not arsenal. We have to push this ..yeah

  10. Was the fact that European games had been put to bed over the winter months a factor in our wobbly performance against Porto? No continuity? No other matches against European opponents to draw on?

    I do understand Jen’s opinion but it really shouldn’t make any difference and yet it does appear to have had an impact.

    But surely there are reasons behind this failure other than claiming that we are just rubbish at the knockout stages. Arteta got to a semi final and Emery made the final against Chelsea so although we didn’t win a final we did get close.

    I’d like to think that the non combative performance against Porto won’t be repeated against an expectant home crowd. The solidity of our win against Newcastle showed that it’s all there by and nerves should not be put to consigned to history.

  11. I am more positive for the second leg, I am sure the players will be better prepared. With our huge fan support at the Emirates, I am sure Arsenal will beat Porto and make it through to the quarter finals.

  12. It’s a bit concerning that Arteta and the squad tend to buckle under pressure. Here we are, expected to win, yet we’re already trailing by a goal. Add to that the pressure cooker of playing at the Emirates, and it’s a recipe for nerves. Arteta might get a bit too fancy with his tactics, and the players might struggle to execute under the weight of expectations. I’m not exactly brimming with confidence, but fingers crossed for a positive outcome. Oddly enough, we seem to thrive more when facing formidable opponents as underdogs. I’d actually feel more at ease if we were up against Real Madrid or Bayern!

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