Arsenal fans should thank Mourinho for blocking this Man Utd transfer

So there is more bad news today for Arsenal fans hoping that Arsene Wenger is still going to come up with the goods in the last few days of the summer transfer window, according to the Evening Standard, which is reporting that Jose Mourinho is not going to allow the Manchester United defender Phil Jones to sign for the club managed by his rival manager.

The bad part of this news is the same sort of bad as in the Michael Jackson song, in my opinion. Phil Jones, really? A permanently injured player that cannot even get into the Man United or England team even in his brief bouts of being fit, no thanks.

We already know that Mourinho would not want to do business with Wenger, as the two clearly do not like each other and the Portuguese coach tried to block the transfer of the veteran keeper Petr Cech to Arsenal when he was the Chelsea boss.

Luckily for us that move did happen and it is just as lucky that we are not going to sign Jones if you ask me. The Arsenal transfer rumours about Jonny Evans were not exactly thrilling but at least he has been playing regularly in the Premier League and is not constantly out of action with injury problems.

The question is, assuming that Wenger does sign a defender in the next week, who will be coming to boost the Arsenal back line?


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  1. Considering Wenger’s taste, it will certainly be another cheap mediocre CB. Just like he got us a Perez. We pay a premium for tickets, so why are we not getting premium quality players in return? In my books that’s called being short changed.

    1. If Arsenal do complete both Mustafi and Perez transfer, the total outlay including transfer fee, agent fee, first year wage will be around 100M pound mark. The total revenue Arsenal got from last season in the EPL including TV deal, match day tickets, performance bonus is 101M. So yes, the premium ticket income are included in the transfer outlay. So please stop your whining and enjoy this moment.
      The only way for us to really compete in this transfer market is to ask Kroenke, Usmanov to put in their pocket money (like Man City, Chelsea) or borrow from the bank (like Man Utd). With the current owner/board, both will never happen whoever the manager is.

      1. Etangooner, i think your figures for our income are incorrect. Income from match days alone is about £100m. Total income per year is about £330m.

        Overall however I agree with your comments, particularly about manu, manc and chelsea.

        1. EPL prize money alone was 101 million…. Ticket money is around 110 million … Then there’s merchandising, sponsorships etc….

      2. Arsenal keep within
        the limits set by Kroenke.
        Kroenke has no interest in
        winning titles so will not risk
        his own money buying players.
        The manager remains in a comfort zone keeping 6-7 favourite dead wood
        and buying players who are never quite good enough to win titles
        like strikers Wellbeck Park Sanogo Asano Giroud and Perez.
        It is the perfect top 4 scenario.
        Man City+ Chelsea have owners who want to win the league every
        3 or 4 years so are willing to risk their own money in that pursuit.
        Man U is still so big their financial returns allow them to spend big also.
        But the money we do spend is often poorly targeted
        Wellbeck Gabriel Debuchy Chambers a total of 60 mill
        to players who contribute minimally and all bought to save money
        but their failure actually means we are forced to spend 30 mil on Mustafi
        and 17 mill on Perez meaning we continue to spend good money after bad.
        All the while Leceister won the title with a team of cheap nobodies
        because their manager outsmarted everyone.
        What could a fired up motivated manager do at Arsenal?
        We don’t know because “Titles are not us continues to be the goal”.

    1. “Perez was dismissed in the reports by several scouts as not being at Arsenal’s level and he was well down their list of potential signings.”

        1. The report was right and Arsenal rejected the offer of buying the player, back in july.
          And for Wenger to go back and snatch him from under Everton’s nose, just goes to show the true desperation of a clueless panic buyer!

          Nothing against the player, just pissed at Wenger’s way’s!

            1. Hahaha What? ?
              All you ever seem to do is moan and whinge about other fan’s comments! ?
              And whenever you do make a footballing comment, it mainly gets thumbed down lol… So in a way, I can understand why you stick to attacking fellow Gooner’s instead of sharing your own thoughts or opinions.

              Personally, I couldn’t care for brand named player’s or big transfer fees! … All I ask for is some intent and ambition and if the manager shows that, then that alone will lift and motivate the whole club in general, from the fans down to the player’s.

              1. Because all I ever see on here is people whinging about how Wenger was done for the window… Newsflash he’s going to have spent close to 100mil, brought in Xhaka and Mustafi who are very, very good players and a striker who will be more than capable of chipping in goals and providing chances for others.
                This will have been our best window in some time.

                1. Hahaha Hahaha ? Awww Mate, ?
                  please, I take everything back.. just do me and yourself a favour and Stick to taking the mickey out of fellow fan’s, instead! ? ?

                  This the best window, in some time? ?
                  just because you claim £100 million was spent?

                  Xhaka still has a lot to learn and is far from the finished product that we needed, his more of a liability at the moment.

                  Lucas perez wasn’t even wengers 5th choice for striker targets and to go back and sign him after rejecting him in july, speaks volumes that completely flys over head!

                  Mustafi is still young and a little injury prone, as time will prove that to those who didn’t know, yes he has potential but that word has been totally worn out at Arsenal.

                  Asano ? no work permit and it may take 2-3 years before he gets one.

                  Kelechi is what 18? We may see him in the league cup games at the most but I wouldn’t bet on that! He will probably get loaned out.

                  You say that £100 million was spent !!
                  And I say ” what a waste of money! ”
                  If you think those signings will improve our cause this season, along with the deluded old manager who hasn’t got a clue anymore, then carry on celebrating mate, your joy won’t last for long.

                  1. That was a lot more of a rational response than I expected…
                    I thought our biggest shortcoming last season were in order of importance:
                    A.) When Cazorla and Coquelin went down. Our play lost all of it’s directness and purpose. Ramsey and Elneny together was shambolic. No defensive purpose, Ramsey was acting like he was a striker and neither of them could dictate play from deep. It dragged Ozil deeper away from where he’s most effective.
                    B.) Giroud’s dry-spell. Anyone who disputes how freaking good Giroud was first half of last season is equally as daft as acting like the second half of the season didn’t happen. He needed a break and a reset. No-one else was there to step in and provide spark and freshness.
                    C.) Gabriel…. People slag mertz but his performances were consistently as bad as Mertz at his worst… Bossed by Andy Carroll, Koscielny bailed him out at least twice a game and he was consistently poor. I don’t slag many Arsenal players but he showed he is nowhere near ready IMO. I’m not saying he never will be, and his first few seasons have shown shades of Koscielny’s first. But a massive weak point. I have no problem with Mertz being third choice as his experience and ability to step in and perform on short notice is brilliant. Gabriel I do though..

                    Xhaka – yeah, made a few errors. The prem is notoriously hard to adjust to. He’s played two games. Waaaaaaaay more positives on show than negatives and has shown what he’s about. Capable of dictating our tempo, distributing play, and will bring physicality no-one else in the squad can in that DLP/shield for defense way.
                    Mustafi – Aggression, Leadership, Mobility. His duel stats are phenomenal. Stick him next to Kos and I think we’ll see one of the most dominant pairings we’ve had for a very, very long time.
                    Perez – Mobility, Pace, Clinical finishing and a Vardy-esque never say die or give up on any ball attitude. We may not have brought in the most talented of players. But I think his attitude is going to push a few of our other forwards who are known to disappear or go missing. A late bloomer and one of the best quotes I’ve read about him was ‘he plays like he’s making up for lost time.’ I don’t think he’ll bang in 20+ goals. But I think he’ll have a very handy total and push an extra 5-10 goals out of Giroud.
                    This is why I’m excited Fatboy, the issues I saw in last season seem to be addressed. At the start of the window everyone was crying for a St and CB, and I truly think we’ve signed a midfielder on the brink of world-class. think of this what you will…

    2. Sadly, Perez was not likely acquired to be better than Giroud. They likely got him to back up Giroud or, at best, to be an alternative to Giroud.

      Perez seems to be more of a “we don’t have anybody else willing to sign so we had better grab him and hope for the best” signing.

      Mustafi was more likely someone Wenger really wanted for some reason and is not just a panic buy. But his fee seems to be more of a panic price. 35 mil should be able to get you a prime age, top notch CB. How much did Hummels cost anyway?

      1. Hummels was on the last year of his contract I’m pretty sure. So it was either sell or let him go for free… like they did Lewy.

  2. Signing Perez will hopefully mean less of Giroud…had enough of that clean sheet specialist. With Mustafi, feel lot more confident that we will qualify for Champions League next season.

  3. @ El blaze please stop nagging.DONE DEAL Arsenal will sign Mustafi as Valencia set to sign Sidnei from Deportivo who’s gonna be his replacement.Forget about Phil Jones and Johnny Evans but most of us here are too gullible.Was there anything even concrete like a bid?It’s annoying when we jump on everything we hear you know.If anything Wenger was desperate but now alas Arsenal are set to sign Mustafi as Valencia to sign Sidnei his replacement from Deportivo.

    1. Am not nagging am just saying the truth, do we pay a premium on tickets? Yes! Do we get premium players in return? No! Case closed! It’s about time we did something about it rather than sit on our behinds and accept every crap that is shoved down our throats by money gobbling board members and a stingy deluded manager.

      And don’t get over yourself on Mustafi, don’t be surprised if you wake up tomorrow morning to hear he has signed up for Chelsea. While we end up with some potential deadwood. We have seen this scenario play out many times over the years, haven’t we?

        1. Hahaha you have made 6 comments on here so far and this is the only one thats related to football.
          If its all about the Money for you?
          Then I must say “that is the biggest waste of 100 million that I’ve ever seen” … worst than the Spuds spending, when they sold Bale ?

          1. Xhaka – 22y.o., youngest captain in the Bundesliga. Physical presence and aggression that’s built for the PL and absolutely elite passing. Name me three other players that fit that profile?
            Mustafi – 24y.o CB, shown immense leadership quality. Close to the best duel stats in La Liga, German international. Name me three CB’s under 25 even close to his level?
            Perez – People will under-rate this signing a lot.
            Check the stats….. His creative stats are better than all of our rumored targets, only Griezmann was better at converting.

  4. I just can’t understand some arsenal fans.. the same ones who were slagging the manager for passing up on Vincent Janssen are now moaning about lucas perez who the best football minds in the business will tell you is better than vardy,lacazette,lukaku and a few others that we’ve been linked with.

    Penny-pinching have been the word of choice used to describe the manager, and now the moaners are complaining about the price tag of mustafi being too high lol

    1. You are quite correct but some on here have decided that wenger can do no right and criticise everything he does.

      1. I think most of us are relieved that we’ve got a a good CB and at least a striker, and not come out with nothing (if it’s all true, I never count my chickens), but if we’ve spent 100 million, and had we not dithered so much, we could’ve got Mustafi for 25-30m, and spent the remaining 70m plus on a world class striker….. The fans would’ve been ecstatic at that, and we would’ve had a side eminently capable of winning trophies.

        1. I get the hesitation on a striker dealing… That’s truly infuriating.
          But Mustafi played deep into the Euros and was supposedly nursing an injury earlier this pre-season if reports are anything to go by. Whether we’d brought him in now or a few weeks earlier I really don’t think would have rectified our CB situation.
          Ideally, yes a few extra weeks with the team may have been beneficial, but it was our attacking woes against Leicester that let us down and we did keep a clean sheet.

        2. The problem is CB was never a priority until Mert and Gab injury.

          Looking back it’s obvious that Xhaka and a striker was the priority, and we will sign a junior CB as the understudy of Mert which is Holding. For the past 2~3 seasons we tried to prepare for Mert eventual decline… we signed Chamber and Gab all of which were suppose to be understudy of Mert and Holding was no different.

          Unfortunately the injury of Mert really forced our hand and we had no choice to but divide a great percentage of the transfer budget on a established CB.

    2. HOPE you are right.

      I also think the reported fee for Mustafi is excessive but, to be fair, none of us really know about his true cost.

    3. who complaining about Musafi being too high! Won’t hear me complaining! Spend the damn money Wenger!!! woot! Hopefully this means he’ll loosen his purse strings in the future too!

  5. This is EPL with strong defenders. Perez will be just as lost in the box as how Sanchez has been in the last two games. Oh Wenger – Why did you not go for Draxler??? Perfect speedy player to go past these strong EPL defenders…

    1. Draxler, Id say the reason is because what’s left of the budget would have went on him. One more winger would hardly be best use of budget. And others need to realise we do actually have a budget.

      1. Because he’s so young, and absolutely unplayable on his day. Don’t get why wolfsburg are so content on keeping hold of him when he so obviously wants out. If he has another inconsistent season it will only drive his price downwards.

  6. OT: The best Arsenal player Kos looked knackered in the last game. His face contorted quite a few times as if he was playing with pain. He has to get into a lot of tough tackles all game long. He is also not getting any younger. Injury looks imminent here. Hope Wenger is prepared!

  7. I was talking to My Spanish buddy who is a real sociedal fan and asked about Perez. He said Perez is a decent player but was a bit surprised that he is going to play for such a big club like arsenal. He added he did score goals last season but went missing in many games. Also, he has a tad attitude problem it seems. He also added him not getting selected in euro 2016 for Spain speaks volume of his limitation. But he did end the conversation in a postive way by saying he will offer more than giroud.

    Don’t know what to make of this transfer. He is 27/28 and has had just one good season so far. Maybe a late bloomer or maybe just another aspas or soldado

    1. Hahaha And I’m surprised that your Spanish buddy thinks that Arsenal are such a big club! ? The laughter coming from Spain has caused another to earthquake’s around the world!

      1. lol.Trust me I was laughing inside my mind when he referred us to a big club. But then I realised for a change I am not talking to a barca or man utd fan.

        1. God bless their souls.
          And yes I knew that, I have friends who live in Italy and they are also blaming the laughter at Arsenal for causing all these quakes!

      1. Sadly he has more often than not given me right updates on players. I remember he was laughing at spurs when they signed soldado and said he is going to fail.

        The more irritating thing that he told me 2 odd month ago how United signed a real deal in Bailly from villareal. He was shocked arsenal didn’t sign Bailly. So far he has been proven right on Bailly as he has been really top notch.

  8. Mustafi and Perez. Well still better than Giroud and chambers. Not what I wanted anyways. But am not that greedy not to take these two players. Welcome to Arsenal.

    After all we will still get to pass the Spurds in the league

    1. Do you have anything to suggest Perez is BETTER than Giroud? I would be surprised if he puts up better numbers. But then again …….. you just never know for sure so we can hope.

      I am frankly shocked Wenger was willing to spend 50 mil. Let’s wait and see if Mustafi really cost as much as reported.

  9. Your headline may be right, but for me I think it just highlights what a nasty vindictive bastard maureen is. I wish Arsene had gone all the way in their touchline spat a few years back and smacked him in that big mouth of his.

  10. Wow… A lot of fans here questioning Mustafi’s price.
    Isn’t half the perceived issue that Wenger won’t loosen the purse-strings/overspend the market rate for quality/give in to the premium for english clubs? The guy seriously can’t win!!

  11. Im going to be positive today for a change. Perez is better than the waste of money that is Alvaro Morata 😀

    1. Why are so many people content on slagging a player that so many great footballing minds rate so highly? They supposedly rejected bids in the 50mil range… RM could have easily sold him and brought in Aubemayang for an extra 15-20mil. Zidane, Wenger, Conte must obviously see something big.

  12. To be quite honest, I’m so glad we’re getting a striker. Hopefully it goes through ok. As soon as all the major sources were saying it, I instantly felt better about this team. The same goes for mustafi. The fans need a lift and I think this will provide that. So what if it isn’t lukaku or morata (both of which I’m not fond of). Perez could turn up and bang in 30 goals, who knows!

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