Arsenal fans smashing Liverpool over invincible failure

Arsenal fans have not had a lot to cheer about this season but they did yesterday.

Arsenal remains the only invincible club in the modern era (Preston did it in an 18 game season over 100 years ago) following Liverpool’s loss at Watford and they have celebrated it in brutal fashion.

The Reds did give it a good go it must be said, they are a remarkable team and may yet end the season with the highest ever points total, they may even do the treble but they will not end the season as invincibles.

No doubt some spoilt brats will have a go saying that Arsenal is 9th, humbled by Olympiacos and all that but who cares, we are still the only club that has gone an entire season unbeaten and I for one will never apologise for celebrating when a rival team gets so close and then fails.

All this will be forgotten in a few days but for now, we can celebrate the hell out of Liverpool losing to relegation-threatened Watford.

These fans on Twitter certainly have



  1. Brilliant tweets, made my day lol!. Now that Liverpool have tasted defeat it won’t be a surprise as more defeats will come there way….now every team knows they a jinx in their armour n they are not as invisible as everyone thought… came a very good time as well. Athleti can take some heart from it n there is a big chance they will dump Liverpool out if champions league. When they are down kick them even harder hahaha

  2. Interesting tweets.
    The gathering of invincible managers in PL only has one person for now and he was Arsenal manager.

  3. Yeah right! Same retarded bunch fell in Kroenke’s trap, having them kick Wenger from stadium he built!

    He is a legend but alive; to not have him around and given first seat in this stadium, treated as he should, as much he would love to be home with us as Sir Alex til this very day.

    We lost our identity, kicking our own Prof. These young players are all Wenger, all the top players we have as well!

    Kroenke did Emery as he done Wenger, had fans kick him out, only because stadium was empty for franfurt game, fearing losing more. Brings Freddie with no experience but DNA, having us all happy, back at stadium as a family. Same for Arteta!

    But Freddie was not ready, but supposedly for transition to a coach.

    With all due respect to Arteta, buthe is not a coach but an apprentice with a Ferrari he must drive in a highway with no experience.

    Arteta is a great assistant coach, close to players, keeping their focus fired up and preparing them for games ; in training and before games.

    Guardiola is the coach, picks the team, formation and tac tic, makes sure they get it.

    Arteta has a real issue in picking his team, it is not best nor right formation 90% of the time nor right tac tic then. Even when he subs players, it often doesn’t make any sense!

    He is experimenting develloping, but other coach do so in smaller teams and leagues to gain experience, devellop! Just as players don’t start straight in EPL, they must devellop! Lampard does better because of that.

    1. Mogunna,in your heart of hearts you must know it was time for Arsene and The Arsenal to, temporarily, part company.

      Just take a look at the man today, compared to his last season at our club – he looks twenty years younger and seems to be enjoying life again – let’s hope that we will see our club also enjoying success after the AW days.

      With talk of a deserved statue being proposed and, maybe, a stand being named after him, the acknowledgements will not be long coming.
      Unlike fergie though, he did stay two seasons too long and it was best for all concerned if he gave the club and its fans time to heal.

      The picture I love best and find so poignant is the one of Le Prof standing alone at the bar – the one and only Invincible Manager, who should have had his partner David Dein by his side…INVINCIBLES!!!!!

      1. Ken-the picture I love best of Wenger ( and which I still have stored safely on my phone ) is of Wenger walking off the pitch away at Huddersfield in what was his last ever game as manager.

        1. My favourite picture of him is on the upper tier (I think over the tunnel) when he was sent off at Man U.

        2. Phil, this is about our clubs greatest team ever – with a defence that surpassed anything that the defence he inherited achieved.

          I’m actually looking at the picture again and it seems like he’s looking at the small minority of fans who can’t acknowledge greatness when it’s right in front of them – thankfully, it seems such a vast minority, he’s having problems finding them!!!

          The thing is Phil, just like Mogunna, you can’t seem to move on either – chill out the pair of you and enjoy the fact that we are still the only club that can boast of being “INVI CIBLE” and hope that MA can come near, or even beat, that record… klopp needs to learn from the master, along with pep, fergie, mourinho etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc 👌👍😊

          1. Not sure telling a manager that has won the Champions League and will probably end the season with the most ever points to learn from any other manager in the history of the English game is the best comment you have ever made Ken.

          2. As your article is about being INVINCIBLES in the Premier league Martin, can’t understand why winning the CL or gaining most points is relevant – if your not INVINCIBLE🤔perhaps that topic might crop up in your next article 🙄I’ll keep my eyes peeled 😳

          3. The master of being Invincible Martin, not the masters, as there is only one regarding building an Invincible premier league team – unless you know of another?

            As you have instructed us to do so many times, I keep to the subject title, which you headed:

            A magnificent headline that seems to be a clear subject for all Arsenl fans to enjoy – from the amount of fans who have posted and sent in photos etc etc. they greed with you…as I did!!!
            i have ensured I don’t overstep your instructions regarding the subject and didn’t mention anything about record number of points or winning the CL – in fact, the only one who has is you.

            Is there anything else that you want to discuss regarding the article in question and my reply to that subject?

            If not, I look forward to discussing the merits of klopp as a manager in the CL and how he has broken the record of the most number of points gained in a single premier league season, if of course, he actually does achieve that – looking forward to the article being published and more than happy to do it myself if you want me to, at the end of the season of course.
            Without doubt a subject worth looking at – meanwhile, let’s all rejoice in the fact that The Arsenal hold the record of being INVINCIBLE and keep hammering those looserpool fans!!!!

            1. I read your comment again and you are indeed correct, I misunderstood, I stand corrected. As for articles about Liverpool’s achievements come the end of the season I have no issue with that as long as it is relevant to Arsenal as well. Needs to be appropriate for an Arsenal site.

      2. Agree Ken, for his own health, he had to pack it all in. I hope he realizes how important it is for him to enjoy himself in his retirement, from football management at least.

    2. @ MoGunna-so I take it you would have happily kept Wenger as Manager would you? In spite of the team,HIS TEAM, getting worst as the seasons went on. The atmosphere becoming toxic at him, the board and anyone due to the poor performances and total lack of progression at the Club. Games being lauded in a half empty stadium which clearly showed the true feelings of the fanbase. But YOU were oblivious to this because of your undying love for an over the hill manager and his outdated prehistoric methods that were as embarrassing to him as it was for allArsenal fans. FFS PAL- get yourself a life that does not include Wenger. Bread here far too long and left this football club with a team only half as talented than the one he inherited.

      1. Phil, no exaggerated words from you please… a half full stadium, toxic atmosphere, players revolts and prehistoric methods refer to Unai Emery – it was only the last two seasons we didn’t finish in the top four and the three seasons before that, progressing from 4th to 3rd to 2nd.
        Facts, facts and more facts over opinions anytime and the fact is, this article speaks volumes about our club…. We are still the only INVINCIBLES this century.

    3. Mogunna
      We all know that you have these memories of the past under AW and you tell us this at every opportunity.
      I am trying now to support the future under Arteta rather than dwelling on the past – some of which was truly great and some that is best forgotten


  5. I, for one, got no real satisfaction from Liverpool’s “failure” when I see Arsenal languishing in mid table. This Liverpool are one of the greatest premiership teams we’ve ever seen and are current world and European champions.
    I really don’t get these type of celebrations when you are currently not in contention for anything. To me this just speaks of a generally poor mentality and spitefulness.

    1. David
      Liverpool ARE one of the greatest premier league teams but even they couldn’t become INVINCIBLE this season. We are not denying it or being spiteful rather enjoying another season being the only INVINCIBLE team in the modern era

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