Arsenal fans, team, staff and manager need to stick together

Arsenal are currently in the biggest slump I have ever known under Arsene Wenger, and although the Gunners lost four games in a row in 2002, they have never lost five in a row under the Boss, which could easily happen on Thursday.

But if we are going to reverse the decline we need to identify the causes and address them. There has been rumours regarding unrest between some of the players, and Danny Welbeck denied it when was asked about this. “There’s no split in the camp. I didn’t even know about that story until now,” he said.

“I’ve not really seen much of the criticism. I can imagine it’s not been great because with the results and being at Arsenal, it’s not good enough.

“It’s not something where I’ve sat down and read through newspapers and stuff but we know we should be doing much better than where we are.

“But I think if we stand together as players, as a team with the manager and the staff and everyone involved around the club, then unity will make us stronger.”

Our veteran defender Laurent koscielny has also called for unity from everyone at the club, as he told “We know we’re in a bad situation, a bad period,” he said. “We tried but nothing is with us. We tried to fight [at the Amex Stadium] and play football but you could see the confidence is very down.

“It will come back slowly. It is a bad period but we need everyone at this club – players, staff and fans – to be together and to fight to stay the highest we can.

“It is very difficult but football is like this. Now you focus on the next game, to prepare well. You need to put your head down and work.

“It will be very hard to finish in the top four. We’ve had a bad period and have not had the results we wanted. We lost our confidence a little bit and on the pitch we didn’t have the confidence we need to push ourselves more and to play well with the ball.

“We miss a lot of passes but we need to stay together, to fight together. We need to win to have more freedom on the pitch and we need to stay together. It is important to have everyone behind us.”

Looking at the comments on here and many other blogs, it doesn’t look like the fans are feeling like backing Wenger any more, and to be honest it doesn’t look like the players are either. Should we get bejhind the team for a while and try and give them a boost?

Sam P


  1. gotanidea says:

    I think we have been sticking our asses with Arsenal for more than a decade

    But Arsenal need our support again for the upcoming Europa League match, because it will be our last ticket for the Champions League

    Ideally, Arsenal get the Europa League trophy and then Wenger leaves

    1. Ray says:

      Unfortunately, I think if that happens Wenger stays!!

      Actually, I think he stays anyway (Come rain or shine)..

    2. Rob says:

      So for you, I guess that means you won’t write negative things for a day?

      Don’t suppose for one minute that ‘AFC needs our support’ means anything else. What will you be doing on Thursday evening?? Nothing that makes any difference I imagine.

      Trash the club when you’re jacked off we’re not doing what you think we ought, then support when you think there might be something to be had. Fickle fans.

    3. joseph says:

      Arsenal do not deserve to be in Champion league, Neither do they deserve to be in Europa league next season.AC milan will defeat Arsenal 4 nil in milan.

    4. Arsene Out says:

      If we win Europe League Wenger stays, if we win the rest of our games in the league and have a decent end of season, Wenger stays.
      This is why, as an Arsenal fan, I would rather have us loose every game, get humiliated at Milan and leave no question marks on Stan’s head that Wenger has got to go.
      We have to start rebuilding this team and it is not going to happen with this old man in charge.

    5. wizos says:

      I agree to support Arsenal FC. The match against Milan is a tough test. I found 4 weaklinks in our team and only 2 weaklinks in AC Milan. Prepare to have a broken heart again?

  2. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    Danny please take a photograph of a set of football goals, find the real thing at Colney, ask one of our goal keepers to practice with you. Then practice putting the ball past the goal keeper into the net for as many hours as practicable. Maybe then you will able to hit the proverbial “barn door”.

    1. Jan says:

      Hahahaaha exactly…but not Chech- he is not the guy for that at the moment.
      Anyway i doubt it will help Welbs… he’s hopeless.

  3. Shinoda says:

    The least you can do as a professional is work for your wages, if not for the course or for the fans. The fans have always supported this team, but they’ve all (including the manager & the board) failed us in a big way. I will continue to wish them luck & hope that they win, but I will not support this clown of a manager or the useless board. Respect the fans, do your job (for which you are paid millions) & maybe we can start talking about support.

  4. Lupe says:

    Sorry we can’t stick together. This club doesn’t deserve support because they don’t care about the fans. They do whatever they want with the belief they are not accountable to the fans. Infact i am sure they don’t want us to stick together, they just want us to take our place as slaves who dare not question the establishment. All they want from us fans is our money and our silence. The fans have tried, no title in more than a decade and no champions league trophy either, the club should do something right for a change by sacking wenger and backing a new manager.

  5. Tony says:

    i want to stick to another manager. old fart didnt leave few yrs back we could have got kloop,pep as our manager

  6. H&S says:

    The team and fans should stick together.
    For what?
    To keep the root cause of all of the problems in an obscenely paid job?
    Josh Kroenke over to you…

  7. TYN says:


  8. John0711 says:

    I knew this was a Sam P click bait after only reading the title. Scoop closed today eh !

  9. AndersS says:

    Getting fans and team together and getting spirits up for everybody is actually very easy.
    Just sack Wenger! He is the only obstacle for a better atmosphere and better results.

    1. Craig says:


  10. Innit says:

    I think this Article won’t get a lot of sympathy.
    Sorry. Enough is enough.
    We have always been loyal to the team but the Manager needs to go.
    We have given him 14 years to build the team. We want more than the occasional FA Cup. We stuck by Wenger for years. Too long imo

    Its over Johnny. It’s over!

    1. Break-on-through says:

      We all have not always been loyal to the team, not the ones who welcome defeat if it means the manager change they want. They have their reasons but you cannot say that that is being loyal to the team, far from it buddy.

      1. RSH says:

        damn right. Im loyal to the club, not a team, not a manager. If getting knocked out of Europa league helps the club and gets rid of a has-been and points us in a positive direction I can stomach it. If you want to waste another year with Wenger, and have fans go to the Emirates and spend their hard earned money on garbage performances then by all means slate me.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          I can’t agree with you. We have a terrible history on the European stage so for me any loyal fan would love for our club to win a European trophy with nothing coming between Arsenal and some silverware.

          1. RSH says:

            Dont believe this team is capable at all of winning Europa League. Most likely would have to beat Atletico as well, fat chance of that. I’m fine missing out on this trophy if it means a clean slate for the club. Ideal situation would be Wenger leaving after winning Europa, but that’s simply not going to happen.

  11. Ray says:

    Arsenal are like the NHS. Completely miss-managed and fractious!

    It’s been a long time coming because the club, management and players have been complacent! The owner (Kronke) could care less about the running because he knows shit about English football and as long as he makes money..

    There’s a stagnant method to the club which has consumed the club at every level on and off the pitch. Only now, in 2018 are we finally starting to smell the stench of “4th will do” finally catching up!

    It was dangerous to ignore and only those smart enough (Sanchez, Giroud, Oxlade, Walcott and many more) to see it coming and jump ship!

    Of course, the captain of the ship will (should) abandon ship last. Although, Wenger will obviously remember to pack his diving suit and remain at the wheel at 2000 feet down for as long as he can!!

  12. Break-on-through says:

    Welbeck is part of the problem, we used to have the likes of RVP Kanu Wiltord to call from the bench, later Eduardo Podolski, we have Lacazette now but he won’t stay on it. Welbeck is classed more of a midfield option simply because he can’t score and assist, he’s not good enough for either position. 100k a week for a player that cannot change things after he comes on, we should be able to find a better younger player willing to work his way onto the team-sheet for that money. Welbeck, all he has going for him is some hard running and strength/scrappiness. Has anyone ever felt like Welbeck could turn it around for us after he came on, I never once thought ..get the ball to Welbeck he’s in space.

  13. RSH says:

    The team and manager has gotten the benefit of the doubt from most of the fanbase for years. But over and over again are let down, and over and over again are milked for more money as ticket prices continue to go up. We see these players showing a lack of effort, walking around, throwing their arms up, not giving it their all. We see Wenger and Bould sat on the bench doing nothing, looking completely clueless. But after the game it’s just all talk, and no action. Wenger has an agenda to keep making money and keep his power. And the players, I’m sure some do care, but too many don’t and are perfectly fine not earning their salaries. Something has got to change. Arsenal fanbase has stuck by for a long time, but it isn’t working.

  14. bran911 says:

    The author is the biggest AKB and doesn’t see what wenger does wrong. To him, Wenger is doing everything right and we as the fans are all wrong for being mad at him, and so he asks us to stick to that old clown for what? We’ve done that for more than a decade and nothing good came of it, what other lie should we believe from the largest and most stu*idest liar of all time? Sam, you can go with him to whatever team he’s gonna go, PSG or some school team in China, you can tag along and fly with him. We just want our Arsenal back

  15. Jan says:

    “But if we are going to reverse the decline we need to identify the causes and address them.”

    Sam p…I just dont get it!
    You wrote this article because…??
    Where were you these past 8 years or so ago?
    As for Welbs…his comments are sh##y same as sh##y player he is!
    BTW in one of thw previous articles there was Koss the boss calling for the “unity” so this pri#k is lieng!

  16. Odein says:

    I rather watch paint dry on a wall then stick or support this team. Pls wake me up wen Wenger leaves

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