Arsenal fans to see NO more transfers IN until dead wood goes OUT

It is pretty much the same for any manager of any football club, but for those of us that follow the Arsenal and have had 20 years or so to get used to the ways pf Le Prof, Arsene Wenger, it is clear that managers do not always tell the truth when it comes down to the business of transfers, nor should they.

I guess it would be like showing someone what cards you have got in a game of poker, so even though you may be mad keen to sign a certain player or perfectly happy to get rid of another, you generally expect a club to play their cards close to their chest.

That is what Arsenal and Wenger have been doing all summer so far, but the result is that we are now less than a week away from the start of the Premier League season and the Arsenal squad is full of players that will, in all likelihood, not play but simply collect wages and take up space.

I do not want to be disrespectful to the likes of Lucas Perez and Kieran Gibbs as they are very good, but they are surplus to requirements and so we need to get rid. There are still plenty of Arsenal transfer rumours about which players, if any, the boss wants to add to the squad before the transfer window closes but it seems clear that the need to trim the current squad is more important right now.

So Wenger has abandoned the coy approach and flat out admitted that he needs to sell some players and as reported by The Mirror that means that we can expect no signings coming in to the club until there have been some going the other way.

Should Wenger have been doing this much earlier, though?



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    Chelsea is doom

    Abramovich is going through a divorced settlement

    There will be less money to sign players this season

    May follow into Monaco footsteps ….which is no more mega signings

    1. jon fox says:

      This is an Arsenal site, in case you had not realised.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        The Ibrahims have been in this site and an Arsenal fan for years

    2. Remember Resource? says:

      No club would pay debuchy 80k a week or whatever. Why is alexis wrong to demand 320k. Who club who deems debuchy worth 80k a week must surely deem sanchez worthy of 400k a week atleast lol Entire structure is flawed, wenger has a useless wage structure that does not work in the modern football. paying players like debuchy 80k a week and penny pinching over couple of million on amazing talent. We missed out on higauin because of penny pinching. We could have had him for 30m. We stopped at around 27m i believe. We could have had lacazeete two season ago for 35m or so. We could have had kante and hazard had we moved fast and got them to sign quickly before their talent was known. We were the first to spot hazard. Its that we don’t spot players, it is our unwillingness to spend. Garry cahill we weren’t willing to offer bolton’s 10m asking price. Wenger keeps saying we can’t compete with chelsea and utd, but ironically we have a mammoth wage bill and offer alexis 320k a week to make him the highest paid player in league i believe. We offer 50m for lacazette. We CAN compete with ute and chelsea, its just that players do not want to join arsenal because they know the LACK OF AMBITION and thats what makes the club smaller club that chelsea and ute, not money. We are able to offer wages higher than real madrid. We outdid ute for ramsey why? because at that time arsenal were a european force and ramsey chose us..

      1. Jay says:

        There is literally not one thing that you have just written that is substantiated by any evidence, whatsoever. Please stop talking as if it were 100% fact.

        1. Kostafi says:

          What a huge bellend… Debuchy was a like for like Sagna replacement and had balled for Newcastle in the previous season. The wage was befitting- his injury problems began with an unpunished off-the-ball incident. Bellerin got his chance and never looked back. The flaw was in giving him a 5 year contract.
          How can you criticise an existing wage structure in one breath and suggest disproportionately obliterating it in the next Resource? Arsenal have the 4th highest wage bill behind City, United, and Chelsea. I won’t even mention Madrid. You can argue that Spurs are punching above their weight but they have already started to lose players- Walker 1.0 gone, Alderweireld refusing to sign a new one to “fit within their wage structure.” Paying kids is easy, keeping them is hard. just ask AW. Paying developed players costs a fortune…
          We did spot Hazard but what Chelsea paid or him in 2012 was AW’s entire budget in 2012 which only came after we were humbled 8-2 at Old Trafford. Check your ‘facts’ mate.
          I’ll concede Higuain because he was available for €40m and AW dithered before splashing €50m on Ozil, the rest is history…
          As for Kante, Leicester get the plaudits for spotting him and while we were interested last summer, Chelsea’s wage offer pipped ours. Could Arsenal have offered £150k a week? probably. But it only brings you back to the wage structure issue with making Kante the highest paid player.
          Gary Cahill is one lucky player- he has never been Chelsea’s best CB but managed to play alongside a top CB, his whole Chelsea career. Put him next to Jagielka, Smalling, or Jones for England and the pack of them aint worth £20m.

          1. Jay says:

            Perhaps “bellend” may be a bit far haha, but it is extremely annoying that practically every comment on here, that is used to bash every aspect about our club, is usually something that they have literally just pulled out of their arse or read in the Sun or the Star and then come on here to post about it as if it were 100% factual.

            If Wenger and the way in which Arsenal is run, really was as unbelievably awful as these “fans” make it out to be, then they would be able to present genuine evidence and reasons to back that up, instead of having to completely make things up (like Wenger being terrible at negotiations, as well as being a dictator) and/or quote misleading and lying newspapers

          2. Kojima says:

            Brilliant comment, we need more opinions like this over here

  2. Simon says:

    As a fan I’m very happy he focused on getter my talent IN –

    More than letting my it out

    Crazy prices by some have frightened a lot of deals away.

    Imagine many mid-level teams have to rely on last minute movement in the market – and ‘relatively’ bargain buys.

    Think we might be supplying a few of these.

    Got some great players, just not quite ‘great’ enough for Arsenal

  3. gotanidea says:

    It’s very logical thing to do. Any smart fan would be able to see this a month ago.

    The question is why didn’t Arsenal prioritize this two months ago? Now they have to sell a lot of players in a very short time and it will lower the prices.

    1. Jay says:

      What makes you think that these negotiations to sell the players have only just started? Seriously? You should change your name to “gotNOidea”, because unless you have personally been involved with the clubs transfers, you couldn’t possibly know that they’ve only just suddenly started to realise we need to sell some players. You do realise, they’re not idiots, right? Why do you think you are able to see these players needed to be sold and not the people that manage one of the best run football clubs in world? It’s absolutely insane. Ignorance through arrogance.

      1. xxnofx says:

        “You do realise there not idiots right ”
        The same people who let are 2 most expensive signings run there contracts down

    2. We do this every season, whether selling or buying. I come home every night looking for the big headline, which may still come, but then we can’t play them as they’ve missed preseason or we get a slow start. We get an initial high of early signings then spend the rest of the summer waiting. I’m not convinced we’re good enough, but will keep on supporting whatever happens…

  4. Kostafi says:

    The reported Lemar bids had nothing to do with the current squad size. There is a limit to non home grown players (17) and we definitely have more than that. The reality of the situation is if another non HG comes in, the likes of Debuchy will not be registered in the official 25 come 31 August.
    Still it is in the clubs best financial interests to trim the wage bill. Perez, Jenkinson and Debuchy are the obvious ones. Although Rafa was moaning about Ashley not being able to cough up the €15m asking price and his agent saying it was too high. That twat is actually trying to set the price at €12m- a player we bought for €20m a year ago?
    Jenko wouldn’t take a pay cut in January, why would he now? He should.
    Debuchy is available on a free and still cant find a club?
    AW rejected £10m for Gibbs which tells me he is back up LB. Cohen is going Dutch for the season.
    Chambers shouldn’t be sold with Per having less than 12 months to retirement.
    Campbell is injured and cannot even be loaned out let alone sold until fit
    Wilshere is a tricky one because AW says he wants him to ‘play somewhere.’ A loan is only worthwhile if a new contract is signed…
    None of these have anything to do with a new signing. The bloated squad still has 23 days to be trimmed.

    1. Atid says:

      We have 18 non homegrown players and 15 homegrown players classed as over 21s. Players born 1996 do not count. That is Iwobi and Bramall only.

  5. muff..di...di...di...diver i now stutter cos this club made me suffer says:

    lemar to come on deadline day. in desperation we rejoice
    then cry when we realise we needed more additions

    yawn city

    groundhog decade

    1. Jay says:

      In what way is it groundhog day..? Arsenal have made plenty of quality acquisitions since the stadium debt has mostly been paid off. Your comment is absolute nonsense.

  6. jon fox says:

    Clearly Wenger has to move on the deadwood as the wage bill and squad is too heavy but still light on real top-Sanchez style- quality, esp when compared to our main Prem rivals. I do though applaud- if it turns out to be true- Wengers defying the board by not selling Sanchez. We still need a top proven CB, as Kos is our only proven top class one , though I like Holding and see him getting better but not good enough right NOW, which is what matters. Merts is far too slow despite two good Wembley perfs(actually one and a third) against Chelsea. We still don’t have leaders in the team and a proper leader as Captain. We STILL,after all these years have not properly replaced Viera. A real scoring aggressive wide man is still needed though we have (hopefully) Sanchez but even he cannot do everything on his own. Lacazette and Kolasinac look great signings but not enough. Above all we need a new hunger throughout the squad and to let shirkers and idlers like Walcott go, as their attitude to work is poison in a Prem challenging squad. IF can put these things right and swiftly we could challenge, BUT frankly, I do not see them happening, not while Wenger is still manager anyway.

  7. McLovin says:

    This has been mentioned before but here we go again:

    Squad size must be: 25
    Home-grown quota: 8

    Now we have:
    Squad size: 30 (didn’t count Macey or Akpom)

    So we need to get rid of at least:
    Campbell (injured so I believe he will just be left out of the first team)

    That would mean we have a squad of 25 players. But would Iwobi (born -96) count as U21-player? Therefore he wouldn’t have to be registered as a first team player.

    1. Ack77 says:

      iwobi count as u21 this year since he was 20 on the 1 jan 2017. we have 33 1st team players right now. with iwobi and niles removed
      squad size = 31
      home grown not relevant as we have too many = 15 ( coq,ramsey, bellerin count as HG)

      so its
      squad = 31
      HG = 13
      Non HG = 18

      we need to remove 6;
      perez ( he’s good but wants to go)
      gabriel or chambers

      any potential arrival will require a sale or loan.

      1. Atid says:

        It’s 8, cos toral and iliev are also now classed as over 21, although they are homegrown

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      Sadly Most fans wouldnt care less of the home ground quota

      If the fans have their way they would have 33 man squad with 3 world class player in every positions

      Fifa 17 style with unlimited funds and even a 200m would be happy to be benched for 3 years in Fifa

  8. Waal2waal says:




  9. Shark says:

    I think it’s too late for big transfers now and we will see only 1-2 panic buys on deadline day. With the addition of Lacazette, probably Wenger sold most of the season tickets so he has no reason to impress the fans. He will play with the zipper while Bould will chew gum.

    1. Jay says:

      “With the addition of Lacazette, probably Wenger sold most of the season tickets” What a brilliant display of a total and utter lack of knowledge. The waiting time for a season ticket to be available is years and years. If you think that Arsenal only buys players to try and sell season tickets, then I’m sorry, but you really are a moron.

      And who do you mean by panic buys? Because that is one thing that Arsenal absolutely do not do. We usually watch players for years, before spending the cash. Ozil was only on the deadline day, because we had to wait for Bale to be sold. Arsenal don’t do panic buys, because we can’t just chuck £50+ at any old player, like the other oiler clubs.

  10. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Very wise and sensible. Financially speaking we need proceeds for future signings and it will also free up wages.

    However, there are only 3 weeks left and we still need another couple of signings to compete for the title. Not a lot of time left

  11. ThirdManJW says:

    We’re in trouble then, because Arsenal seem just as incompetent selling, as they are buying! Maybe they’ll FINALLY learn to stop giving ridiculous wages to players that haven’t actually done anything!!

  12. John Ibrahim says:

    Wheres Kev=Resources on his dream updates?

    1. stubill says:

      The authorities in his secure unit found out he had access to the internet, and have taken all electrical devices away from him.

  13. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    The so called deadwood have high wage demands, which is putting interested clubs off and this has basically got Arsenal by the short and curly’s because It now seems that the only way that they will be able to sell these players is by reducing their valuation fee’s.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      I know. We need to sell them to raise funds and to free up wages.

      Wenger has been quite generous with wages. We are paying Kolsanic around £150k per week and Lacazette around £200k per week.

      Walcott should not have been given such a high wage. Because it’s impossible to sell him now, if we wanted too.

      I read a while back that Wenger was considering waiving a fee altogether to get rid of Debuchy

      He may need to reduce fee of Lucas. I think £17 million is reasonable but Lucas’ agent thinks Wenger has overpriced him out of the market.

  14. says:

    There are so many on the fringe Gunners right now at Arsenal, but for if not for wage dispute with the clubs that want to sign them this summer, they would have stopped been Gunners. It was only Szczesny that Arsenal were able to offload among the 8 Gunners who Arsenal have planned to offload this summer.

    The truth to the matter is Arsenal have to offload to recoup what they’ve spent to bring in Lacazette for a reported £52m plus add ons. And only £12m had so far been recouped by Arsenal, thus leaving a balance of £40m yet to be recouped. Apart of Lucas Perez who looks to want to leave this window, the on the fringe Gunners such as: Gibbs, Wilshere, Jenkinson, Debuchy who are looking to be the crust of the surplus to requirements at Arsenal this summer are all playing hardball with Arsenal preferring to see out the last year of their deals at Arsenal which for Debuchy, expired next season, so that theyll continue to earn the big salaries they are earning currently at Arsenal which they are not ready to lower to transfer to any club that want to sign any of them this summer.

    So, there is a problem if these on the fringe four Gunners continue to sit tight at Arsenal and be earning big there and at the same time occupy rooms in the 25 man list to block the rooms ment for accommodating two more senior team top quality signings this summer. How should Arsenal then solve this blockage of rooms to be used to accommodate more new signings this summer if the three out of four on the fringe Gunners continue to stall on their move away this summer but rundown their deals next season?

    To solve this problem if at the end of the day it becomes clear these four on the fringe Gunners will not move, I will suggest Arsenal could compensate them for the financial loses in wage earned at their new clubs they have agree to move to but if the financial compensation will not be too big to bear by Arsenal in comparison to what they would be paying them for another year at Arsenal.

    Nevertheless, I think out of the £100m war chest approved by the Arsenal board for Le Prof to do his summer incoming signings this window, and after expending £46.5 – 52.5m to sign Lacazette, shouldn’t Le Prof still have a balance of £53.5 – 47.5m enough to sign Thomas Lemar? If I would imagine.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Szcz has been sold for a fee of £10mil upfront (about) and that can be added to the war chest.

      While it could be enough for Lemar, what if Wenger wants Lemar and Seri, both equally important in his head? Although Carvalho rumors still linger.

      £53.5 million + 10 million isn’t enough for both of those players.

      If reports of Seri release fee being around £35 mil to be true and a bid of £55 mil is needed to get Lemar to be true then that is a combines fee of £90 mil. Carvalho is rumored to cost around the same so backup target maybe?

      £90 million – £63.5 million(above) leaves £26.5 million to find still.

      This is all hypothetical yet could be true… Nothing yet has disproven this.
      Also hypothetical is the poker part, we can only afford 1 of the 2 players currently but who knows which one it will be?
      If we jump in for Seri first then who else interested in Lemar could meet that £55 mil fee and not worry about us causing a bidding war. Even Barca will want to get the player as cheap as they can, will probably send half the squad round to the players house to force a Barca top on them…

      Point is, they all want to spend as little as they can but we do not have the hand to get them both atm.

  15. Waal2waal says:



  16. Jay says:

    Thank you for capitalising some of the words in the title, because I would have never understand what you were saying if they were all in lower-case.

  17. COYG_CA says:

    Sorry, but having all this deadwood around at this point is unprofessional and would be comical if not so ridiculous. It is really simple, if the players’ wages are a prohibitive factor, lower the asking price and ship them out! Done deal! And let that be known to all possibly interested suitors. I just can’t get over how this club, which is supposed to be managed by shrewd owners and Manager could be in such a problematic scenario at this time of the transfer window. It really is dumbfounding.

    1. gmv8 says:

      You’re right, and I’m getting the feeling that things are changing, but the other point to realise is that these players could be useful to us – rather than sending the first team off to some remote part of the world, to battle in the Europa, and turn up here, worse for wear on Sunday, we could use these players to do that. Because of all the media coverage etc., everyone knows that Arsenal are overloaded, and as such other teams are making ridiculous bids for our players. I think these players would be useful in this capacity, rather than selling them off for virtually nothing, and in this way would do their part in helping us bid for the EPL title.

  18. 269gunner says:

    Why am i not surprised, this has turned into a 13yr movie with a brief fa cup intermission and a happy ending doesnt seem to be in sight.

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