Arsenal fans turn on AFTV following Everton game at Goodison park

The notorious AFTV attracts yet more controversy following a confrontation at Everton this afternoon.

No matter how much they defend themselves AFTV continues to attract controversy, this time from fellow Arsenal fans.

Arsenal fans have now joined the likes of journalist John Cross, pundits like Ray Parlour, players like Hector Bellerin and radio host Simon Jordan in attacking the so-called Arsenal fan channel.

Obviously AFTV owner Robbie Lyle has come out and condemned the Arsenal fans chanting to him to get out of our club by calling them thugs.

Seems that anyone that criticises the mass media outlet will be turned on fiercely, no doubt these Arsenal fans that exercised their right to free speech will be furiously attacked all week by the AFTV contributors.

AFTV can only defend themselves for so long until their brand is forever stained. They have brought this sort of behaviour and criticism on themselves with their own antics.

Anyone doing a youtube search on AFTV rants will get a taste of what has made the channel so unpalatable to so many.

Lyle cannot just blame the media of being jealous when it is current and former Arsenal players deriding the channel and now fellow fans.

If you develop a certain style, like vicious swearing and veins bulging then you can hardly complain when that same venom is directed right back at you.

But of course, the fans that complain are thugs and the mainstream media is jealous and AFTV is the golden example we should all applaud and praise.


  1. For their being Arsenal passionate wanting to see the club excel and for their always saying the truth about the club and the team abject oerformances in the Premier League campaign so far this season, Arsenal Fans Television, the AFTV should be praised and applauded by all Gooners but not castigated.

    1. AFTV is just pouring on the misery.
      We all know the score.
      Don’t need to be reminded. Stopped watching and listening. Don’t need this pathetic prattle to make me feel even more sad about how average we are at the moment

      1. You are entirely right to stop listening, I find it hard to watch after a game but I do so because I want to know if other fans spotted the same things I did on the pitch as watching on TV and being at the game you see a lot more being there and get a different feel for the game.

        I’d like them to continue because they’ve kept our team relevant. AfTV reminds the media that we are a big club because our record and form doesn’t speak for itself anymore. Arsenal would love to have AfTV as a partner but they can’t take being criticised publicly. I say keep the misery coming, when the board get it right all AfTV will do is sing their praises, because they’re fans first and foremost

  2. Yet again, another baseless attack on AFTV. This clearly part of a wider narrative, filtering down from the money men like Kroenke, but specifically from the mainstream media. Fans should just put up, and shut up! This is EXACTLY what was happening with the major news outlets as well. People are fed up with the spin, propaganda, bias, and outright lies, and just do not trust traditional media anymore. There are so many other options via the internet these days, and in most cases, the actual truth!

    AFTV is exactly what no one likes hearing…the truth! They don’t have a narrative. It’s purely opinions based on what they’ve been seeing, and experiencing. The reason why it’s usually on the negative side, is so blatantly obvious, that it shouldn’t need explaining. Clearly it does need explaining, especially to those over at Talksport. I listened to the whole interview Robbie had on there recently with Simon Jordan, and Jim White, and they were a disgrace! Talksport are so contradictory, and hypocritical, and they dare comment on others? The mainstream are the toxic ones because they are the ones that spread malicious lies, and create mountains out of molehills all the time. Look at their awful treatment of Sterling. But that’s what the mainstream does all the of the time. They’ll try and bury anyone is isn’t believing their lies, or is a rival.

    You say that “current and former Arsenal players deriding the channel and now fellow fans”. Whilst I do not deny that, it’s interesting you do not mention all of the current, and former players that DO like the channel. Lots of fans like it as well.

    It seems we’re all in agreement that freedom of speech is a good thing, but only as long as it goes with the narrative. Great examples are: Trump is evil, Clintons the best! EU is amazing, self-governing country is horrible, and racist! Anything, and everything that happens with nature is definitely man-made catastrophic disasters, and we’ll all be dead in ten years!

    1. On this issue i feel Admartin is obviously baised for not talking about the multitude that likes the channel, ex players, current players and fans. Jealousy.
      Also heard that those so called fans where actually organized by talksport to stir up issues. Guess who first broke the news about the fans causing trouble?? Talksport!! They broke the news and had their camera personel there, apparently just waiting for things to kick of. Look at how they labelled the channel, the AFTV gang. SMH. And seriously Admartin, you are using Simon as a point of reference? Could not take you seriously after that my bad. Wake up Admartin and stop persecuting the messenger for spreading the truth!! Geez

  3. I truly hope this is the beginning of the end of AFTV in its current form. It has become a foul mouthed platform for certain low lifes. Robbie you must get things under control, its becoming and is inciting hatred and dare I say the make up is very racist. Get it under control Robbie, I respect you and your comments also I think you are very fair, get one certain foul mouth off immediately (you know who) thanks for some good years but now I am SWITCHED OFF.

    1. How on earth is racist? Is diversity now racist? Everyone speaks differently as well. It’s not all foul mouthed, and many do not even swear. Have you seen Graham’s tactical insight show on AFTV? He speaks well, and is very knowledgeable. I am not a fan of the aggressive swearing myself, and although it’s not excuse, one has to remember they are commenting straight after a game (usually another humiliation), and emotions are running high. Robbie does a great job, because he’s effectively acting as punch bag.

      What is great about AFTV, and others of it’s like, is that it’s unfiltered. One can tell that some Managers being questioned straight after a loss, want to let rip, but know they can’t because it’s on TV. The same goes for some of the pundits as well. I am sure Roy Keane wants to drop a few f-bombs here and there when analysing dire performances, but he knows he has to reign it in.

    2. Steve, how is AFTV racist? Please provide examples.
      Robbie Lyle is one of the first to speak out when racist abuse is levelled at players or fans.

    3. Racist???
      Okay, these are pretty much the regulars on aftv:
      Lee Judges- European
      Claude- European
      DT- European
      Graham- European
      Heavy D- European
      Turkish- European
      Original Wenger out guy- European
      Pippa- African
      Kenny Ken- African
      Kelechi – African
      Deluded- African
      TY -African
      Tade- African
      Belgium- African
      Troopz- Arabic/Jamaican
      Moh- Arabic
      Afzal- Arabic
      Livz- Arabic
      Bhavs- Indian
      The American guy on every international review
      The Australian girl on every international review
      The Indian guy on every international review

      1. Moh and Afzal are Pakistanis not arabs.. And Livs is east african.. And AFTV aren’t racists at all like you said.. Cheers

  4. The problem occurs, when you have a mouthpiece that airs his/her personal views in a way that is deliberately confrontational to those with differing views and put forward to try and belittle that person and their ideas.

    AFTV have become excellent at this and when passing the gathering around AFTV after a game, anyone with any sense and knowing there views differ, would be wise to take a wide berth away.
    I believe they have three or four “main” mouthpieces, that feature on a regular basis, who see themselves as the voice of the fans – no way jose!!!

    So,in actual fact, the only views being sent out are those that caused this confrontation with opposing gooners who are as passionate, but can’t be heard on AFTV, because it’s been hijacked.

    They are not the views of all Arsenal fans, rather the views of a select section – whether they represent the majority has never been given the chance to be tested.

    I applaud Robbie for his original concept, I think the platform has become to big for him to control and run as he originally intended. He is a passionate gooner, of that there is no doubt, but when one plays with fire, one gets burnt!!!
    I watched his confrontation with Simon Jordan and, in my opinion, tore him and talks88te to pieces. well done to him.

    If one takes out the vile and disgusting language, there is no difference in any of the Arsenal run sites…they are there for fans to give their opinions.

    They also thrive and exist on controversy and it is in their interest to provoke said controversy in any way possible – hence Phil’s remarks about the number of Ozil posts (I’m sending one off soon!!), because we have a very split audience regarding him.

    That’s my take on it and I expect, as usual, to be challenged, questioned, put down and ignored…but not sworn at in a vile and unnecessary way.

    1. I’ve actually been to AfTV after freddies’s 1st home game in charge and everyone gets a chance to speak. Robbie was there for 3hrs interviewing any person that wanted to say something. On the sides a lot of us were speaking about the game but remember – a lot of young people are less sensitive to swearing than we are and it’s a part of life and if you go into a pub the same language is used so why does it have to be different on AfTV? Swearing is very normal at a football ground and people ignore it.

      I see your point that they thrive off controversy but after going I have to disagree, as a fan base we have differing opinions, some people are more popular on AfTV because they relate to a certain demographic and there is nothing wrong with it, some are very cynical (Claude) and others are very positive (TY), what is nice is that you get to hear those differences on topics we all discuss and the mainstream media always throw out when they want some clicks or after a game on skysports. AfTV isn’t the only fan channel, it’s just the best one out there because they’re organised and other fans laugh at it, relate to it because their teams either went through this mess we are going through now or have been through it.

    2. Ken I much agree with the overall thrust of your well balanced post. I would love you to digest my long post further down and give your comments on it, if you will.

  5. I believe it’s a case of can give it bit can’t take it. AFTV more than happy to critisize and pass judgement on players, fans, management, owners etc but when the camera is turned on themselves they cry foul, fans are thugs, immature…. Give it, have the balls to take it.

    1. Trying to intimidate people is not what AfTV does and comparing them to those thugs is wrong. I’ve been to AfTV after a game and Robbie will interview any person that wants to speak, I stood there for 3hrs after freddies’s 1st game at home, whilst Robbie interviewed every single person that wanted a chance to speak. Some of the more regular features waited their turn to speak and they all took pictures, shook hands and everyone was discussing the game. What I can say is that their passion for the team is real, it felt like being surrounded by family with strangers I never met or cared about but our problems with the team were voiced and if you wanted to voice those opinions – you could. Some people do swear a lot but remember, not everyone speaks the way you do and younger crowds are a lot less sensitive to swearing than we are. AfTV always critise the board, they critise the players and managers, nobody is exempt from criticism

      1. From the footage I have seen there is not much difference between what AFTV produce and the flack they coped at Everton. Saying AFTV out of our club and having fivers waved at you doesn’t constitute thuggery. I personally don’t have an issue with what Robbie does, but man up a bit. If fans are not happy with the way you conduct business and express it, take it on the chin.

  6. Either there is free speech or there is none. Only speech you agree with is no free speech at all.

    For any that disagree, beware; how long before your speech is condemned? Sooner or later everyone will run afoul of the mob.

    I do not agree with everything on AFTV, but their opinions are not more or less than ours.

    I will always take the side of free speech, even when I disagree with what they are saying.

    Shame on those who would silence another’s opinion. That is the first step of tyrants and despots. Learn your history.

  7. AFTV offers fans with varying opinions a media voice via utube. Some I agree with, many I don’t; however such diversity is a positive and represents freedom of speech. Justarsenal provides a similar service.
    I have never seen AFTV censor or stop anybody from expressing a view. Thus the 10 to 15 people, instead of casing a fraca and trying to intimidate Robbie Lyle, could have gone and expressed their dissatisfaction of AFTV by putting their point of view. Then again they may not have been eloquent enough to shout more than “AFTV get out of our club.”
    It should be noted that the Liverpool police at Goodison Park, supported the right of AFTV to safely conduct their interviews and were critical of the loutish behaviour.
    Also there is a very good discussion of the issues on the Manchester United site “The Football Terrace”. The fact that the action of a few Arsenal yobos was given so much coverage by the main street media is indicative of the threat they perceive from fan channels.

    1. ozziegunner,

      OT..thanks for the reply regarding the stae of affairs out in Australia – it sounds like hell itself has opened it’s arms to you!!!

      I didn’t realize you were still living out there, that was why I asked TMJW the question.

      Take care my friends, after Durand and the experiences he has had with hurricanes,good old blighty seems like heaven on earth – even when you support The Arsenal!!

      Inappropriate as it sounds, I do hope you are able to have a merry Christmas and that 2020 brings you and your country some relief.

      1. Thanks, ken; the rest of the world is nice to visit, but Australia and also New Zealand are the best places to live. NZ has a better government at the moment and the gap is widening! Unfortunately Australia with global warming providing limited windows for fuel reduction burning and the Pacific Islands with rising sea levels are at the forefront of climate change.

  8. AFTV is awesome! It’s not perfect and it has got a couple of snakes on it like Troopz and DT but overall it is fun and takes out the stress and depression of our very regular poor performances and results and so I MUST watch it and will continue to watch it after every game.

  9. How is the incident that happened same as what Aftv dish out? The only difference between this site and Aftv is that swearing is not allowed,we rip into players after every poor performance and blame those who are not even on the pitch for our misfortunes. How many times have we dragged wenger’s name in the mud and make fun of emery for his good ebenings. Let’s not be hypocrites please.

        1. Viju, I would just question the veracity of the report on the incident, not the right to fairly criticize AFTV. The same criticisms of AFTV could be levelled at Justarsenal.

          1. I hear ya, I commented after reading several versions of the event, so the incident did happen Ozzie. It’s all so unfortunate for us all these days and everything seems to be a downer these days.

          2. Viju, I saw the video of the incident as well, the chants started in the stadium and continued with confrontation of Robbie Lyle et al. If they had problems with AFTV they should have taken the opportunity to express their views on the channel rather than abusing someone’s mother. Apparently it was a small group of 10 to 15,who didn’t have the ability or guts to express themselves on AFTV, which Robbie would have given them.

    1. D, you obviously don’t watch it;these guys spend their hard earned money to follow Arsenal home and away and AFTV gives them an outlet to express their opinions, not all of which are negative. Much of the “slagging” is warranted and praise is given, when deserved.

      1. Don’t worry AFTV making good money no problem with that, No problem with Robbie, Graham, Turkish, Claude, Ty, Lee Judges, MO even DT but most of the rest crap especially troopz,, Robbie drop the foul mouth negative self centered, love myself creep. Onwards and upwards with a few more random supporters for diversity.

  10. Is there any adult that studied past Secondary school / college level who watches this ArsenalFanTv nonsense?
    I watched it once in 2014 and my IQ felt under attack. Was losing IQ points with each second I
    listened and watched that garbage.

    1. Goonster, I watch it and have three degrees, including a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering.
      I don’t denigrate those who watch it or those who choose not to.
      Compliments of the season to all on Justarsenal.

  11. So sad to see no matter what we should not do this to our own fans n our own players. As a fan we all should have some dignity n respect for everyone attached to the club. We will have disagreements and different point of views how things should be done but at the can not force some one to follow certain views.

  12. Jordan was spot on in his assessment and everyone knows he was. (The channel summed themselves up in their response to Jordan, calling him a posh t**t and a failed club owner) The success of that channel is Arsenal’s downfall, Jordan was right, that channel was never and can never be a supportive asset. Fans are the supportive asset to their clubs, neutrals used to love watching Arsenal games but they left in their droves as soon as this channel got going. The decline kept coming and kept getting louder, that channel influenced a generation of kids, do you think they set any sort of example you’d want for your kid, do you believe those kids grew up knowing how to get behind their team. They’re at an age now to go and see games for themselves, and people wonder why our fan base has become such a hot topic. They set a bad example, when we took home the top four and an FA cup, they set a bad example like it never happened, like we didn’t have a moment there to try to build on something, they went straight back to their clickbaiting views with over the top spouts of anger, with a one sided panel, not in the humor of giving any sort of appreciation (were nothing like a supportive asset/fan). It’s a conflict of interest just as Jordan spelled it out, this was brought up before by AFC fans, but Jordan is the t**t, I think not, sure how can an outsider not see this all at Arsenal as being ugly, you’re living under a rock if you don’t believe that other people view us in this way.

  13. This is extremely sad to see happen. There are several thoughts, conficting ones too, that I will make. On the one hand, it is clear that ALL AFTV regulars are true dyed in the wool Gooners, most of whom attend home and away. In their defence, it needs to be said that the vast growth in social media, PLUS the fact that AFTV are the very first club fan site anywhere to become so VERY widely publicised, is bound to attract those who wish to join it AND those who wish to bring it down. That is the inevitable law of life when something becomes well known.

    On the other hand though, is the fact that basic standards of decency in language have been sidelined, in particular by a well known few regulars, notably Troopz and DT. That was a clear mistake to abandon widely accepted bounds of decency and unleash “spit fury” animal behaviour. It is also too small a fan representation, at least with “regulars” who get the lions share of airtime. Another mistake if you are intent on becoming mainstream.

    I recently tuned in to Robbie Lyle on TALKSPORT, trying desperately to both defend his site and to attack Simon Jordan(ex Palace owner) with whom he crossed swords SEVERELY.

    I have to say that overall, I sided chiefly, though not exclusively, with Jordan, who had better language and the backing of all other present studio pundits. It was a sort of “one man against the world” contest and Robbie gave as good as he got.

    On one thing though that Jordan, unfairly, raised and stressed, and on which I firmly sided with Lyle ,is that Jordan accused him of creating the site for personal profit and that was IMO, below the belt, untrue, AND unworthy of Jordans undoubted intellect. Robbie Lyall, a family man too, gave up a secure job for his love of Arsenal and to start AFTV, so credit should go to him for being so brave. Tempers were raised on both sides and all in all it was a most unsavoury twenty minutes or so.

    I have no conclusion save that fan sites are not going away as neither is social media. I believe wiser heads will prevail when tempers have cooled after this video which is bound to have shaken Robbie Lyle and his team. The bottom line with echos to us all , myself much included , is that when a majority turn on someone or something which is widely seen as harming our club , pretty much nothing is out of bounds when animal passions are aroused, as many of us on here are guilty of doing. I SEE SHADES OF THE OZIL DEBATE IN THIS LAST COMMENT. As with most things in life final majority opinion will decide the issue. I will add that people are allowed to change their minds from their original thinking as evidnce to the contrary being true increases. It is those who refuse to change or to accept evidence to change their minds, who are the true dinosaurs!

    I hope AFTV CONTINUES BUT REFORMS, TO STOP ALIENATING MAINSTREAM THINKING. Otherwise it will go the way that dinosaurs went. They died out!

    1. Hi Jon.
      I too listened to the talksport show with Robbie on it and it was one of the best talksport shows I have ever listened to. I too thought that the show came across as ganging up on Robbie and I could not help myself wanting the “little” guy win against what I thought was a bullying show.
      They both made good points, but like you say, Robbie gave as good as he got.
      I like The Jim White Show and listen on my travels and even like listening to Simon Jordon although I think he needs to use plain English and not try to sound too arrogant by using big words trying to make himself sound more clever than the average listener.
      It`s all entertainment whether ralsport or AFTV and like Robbie said on the show, talksport were being hypocritical as they entice listeners to have a good old moan all the time.

    2. Jon,
      I gave my views earlier, but when two worlds collide, the results are devastating – maybe a bit over the top analysis, but our club most certainly doesn’t need any more negative news.
      The media are all so quick to criticice and belittle our club and we don’t need our own fan base to give them even more ammunition to drag us through the dirt.

      To have to resort to the language of the gutter, when speaking about our club is sad, but I guess (as I’ve been told quite recently) us old fools were brought up in a different culture and accusing someone of being a thief sees an accepted way of life, with no consequences attached.

      I thought Robbie was strong when he had to defend himself against talk***te and Simon Jordan – the passion, belief and no nonsense style against a man who seemed to think losing £50,000,000 was a badge of honour – while still having a dig at our club over Zaha.

      AFTV is not for me and I am probably viewed in the same way by them so my simple remedy is not to watch it, except when a certain article draws my attention.

      To be honest, our club has much more important things going on and MA needs the whole fan base united, not involved in a civil war.

      1. 👍 Supporting the Club, owner, board, the head coach and players does not mean meekly accepting everything that happens at the Arsenal. However, it shouldn’t involve abusive bad language; sarcasm, wit and the use of the many wonderful words in the English language are more effective.

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