Arsenal fans urged to ‘have patience’ with signing who will ‘be fantastic’

Jamie Redknapp insists that Ben White will be a ‘fantastic’ signing for Arsenal, but claims that we will need to be patient in the mean time.

The defender arrived from Brighton this summer to become our club-record defensive signing, but after a rocky debut performance against Brentford, the fee has come into question.

Rival fans need little excuse to take aim at us, and they certainly enjoyed revelling that day, and to make it worse, he has been ruled out with Coronavirus since, and been unable to set the record straight.

Jamie Redknapp insists that there is nothing to worry about on the clubs investment however, but does warn that we should be patient as he isn’t a ‘leading centre-back’, but claims that he will be ‘fantastic’.

“He can’t save Arsenal on his own, and Arsenal fans need to have patience with this guy he’s not necessarily a leading centre-back. Redknapp told Sky Sports live on Deadline Day(via HITC).

“He plays alongside someone who will go and head the ball and he’ll sweep up alongside him. Be patient with him, he’s going to be fantastic. The pressure at Arsenal is huge right now, and he’s one for the long-term, because the pressure at Arsenal is huge right now.”

While we have already seen the talent and potential that White possesses, our problem is that we need players now. Our team needs to get back into those European spots this season, not somewhere down the line. We need players who are ready-mate to set the Premier League alight, and if we’re able to spend £50 Million on a player, they need to be improving the team for the now, as well as potentially down the line.

Do you believe that White was signed to improve us in the coming years or was he signed for the here and now?


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    1. Cheque’s in the post Sue…!

      Although I kind of get his point. Centre backs probably need more time than any other position, and to have a substantial minority writing him off after one full game, mainly because they wanted the money spent elsewhere, is a tad hasty!

    1. Most pundits are not Arsenal fans Kenny, and we print what they say. If you only want the opinions of Arsenal fans I would suggest the posts will be rather myopic as its not always easy to see things clearly from the inside.
      Does that mean that you have written off White after his long acclimatisation period of one full game?

  1. We beat Brentford 4-0 in a friendly earlier. White and Gabriel played – hallelujah! Gabriel on the scoresheet.. Laca and Cedric x2.. apologies if this has already been discussed, been busy up until now..

    1. Hi Sue,

      I thnk we will improve if we get our players fit.

      There is a possibility of us winning our next 6 matches.

      Arteta should go for a 352 formation this season. and also a 4141 formation

      Two Options for playing a back 3.

      Option 1

      Takehiro White Gabriel

      Option 2

      White Gabriel Tierney

      Takehiro will be the player to watch out for. He has the experience. A good buy.

      There has been a lot of negativity recently. Zero points from 3 games is not good enough.

      However, we have to support the team and be optimistic that they will turn things around.

      I want a change of Manager. But if Arteta stays, we hope he makes the right decisions.


      1. Well there’s only one way to go from here, Skills! ⬆️
        Norwich may be too soon for Partey, so hopefully after that, will feel much more confident with him in the team, along with BW/Gabriel…
        We won’t be bottom for long, Skills 😉

    2. But you know Cedric’s brace will keep him in the first team until Xmas Sue! Heck he could become our top scorer – we all know how strange Arteta’s team selections can be, and he probably wants Tomi to learn fluent English before he gives him a game. Now how frightening is that?

      1. Guy.. what I failed to mention was this wasn’t Brentford’s starting 11, far from it! More like their U23s; which appears to be our limit right now!

        I beg to differ; Cedric had a good spell previously then vanished for around 6 months 🤣

        As for Tomi, that wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest!!

  2. Yeah, as Sue refers to above, Gabriel and White partnership has a lot of potential. With an injury-free Tierney and the latest new guy at RB that’s a promising back four.

    1. To answer your question Gooner P, I’d say both. He’s an improvement on the here and now (Holding, Chambers – notwithstanding Saliba) and he will continue to improve in coming years.

      Same goes for Odegaard, Ramsdale and Tomiyasu.

      Tavares and Lokonga probably more for the future.

      1. Hi Voy – I think all 6 have bright futures, and would argue that Lokonga is pretty darn good now. Should be a darn sight more interesting than last season.

  3. We were begging Arteta for a whole year for patience with young Saliba, but he ignored us. With arrogance, too. Now the table has turned; they are asking for our patience with the green, White.

    Just to be clear, this debate is not about the player, White. It is about the blatant misuse of the club’s money on another CB when it was known to everyone what we needed most was re-enforcement in the midfield.

    There is also some speculation that we went into negotiations with Brighton for the 30M rated Bissouma but left instead with the over-priced 50M White. This says a lot about our naivety or lack of ability to negotiate good deals.

    1. so wise RF…I actually feel for the lad, albeit there’s no doubt he used the transfer fee his former club received to leverage a higher per week salary, as there’s no way he could functionally live up to the billing…that fact is he’s not a great defender, as of yet, which was well-known prior to his arrival, and that our formation naturally invites pressure, thereby potentially exposing those deficiencies, could make for a tough transitionary period…as such, he will face considerable scrutiny if he fails to come good early days, in light of the overpayment, the Saliba debacle and the fact it appears as if those monies could have been allocated towards much more pressing needs…btw I totally agree with your thoughts on the whole Bissouma v. White miscalculation and about the naivety of our “negotiating” team, which could have been a group of monkeys in diapers, with old school “poker night” visors on and a pencil placed firmly behind their respective ears

  4. Not completely true RF – some people are writing off white saying he’s not worth £50 mil. That maybe proven correct. This is not about Arteta, this is about giving the guy a chance. The money has gone, White didn’t pick the fee. Would fans give him a chance if he cost £25m? Probably yes.
    The question should be seeing as he’s here, is he good ENOUGH, not is he worth £50m. The price can be lumped onto the Arteta debit list, not held against White. He’s played one full game, lets give him a chance. The more fans get on his back before he’s started, the more chance we are ruining a career just to prove a point.

  5. Lol at this point he is just a pricey Mustafi…
    And Mustafi had a stretch of good games too, BW needs to atleast match that stretch before being called even that. So pennywise for now, awaiting further updates😂😂

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