Arsenal fans want changes – not more excuses

Debate: Has Arsenal became stagnated under Wenger and Kroenke’s running of the club? by Koss The Boss

This is my first time posting one of these debates because I believe Arsenal has lost it heart – and thats the fans. Arsenal at times are so irresistable to watch but a lot of the time are, without a doubt, the most frustrating team to support and that is because of what goes on in the board (money and ambition) and the management of Arsenal Football Club.

Firstly, Arsene Wenger has far too much control of the running of the club and does not care too much about what the fans want or think and Kroenke loves him for it! He does everything from the bottom up or at least has a say in whatever decisions being made by the club. How he thinks this struggling 3rd placed team would challenge with no outfield signings is classic stubborn Wenger. Its a slap in the face to all our fans who pay their hard earned money they put into an overpriced stadium to watch an average team…

Now don’t get me wrong he has been without a doubt Arsenals greatest manager for what he has done with very little finances, its actually remarkable what he has achieved but I have never heard or saw any other club whose fans are so divided in this man’s management of the team. This is because he doesn’t just concentrate on his job – and that is coaching the squad to win. He is calling all the shots! Yes, the fans are very thankful for what he has done but what matters now is what happens on the pitch, and to be honest are we really getting any better or moving forward?

Now that we have the money and stadium almost paid (easily managed now), we are a global brand and commercially up there with the best of teams, so why are we still at the same level we are at? Its simple, Arsene Wenger and Stan Kroenke! Arsene is happy being paid 8m a year to make sure we are a profitable club in Europe and Stan is over the moon just dipping into Arsenals funds for his own benefits, knowing Arsene wont spend it on the thing we need most, players. Is that what you fans want us to be? Or do we need change from both ends, the Board and Management? In my opinion yes we do, because we have a platform here to be a huge club along with the big boys of Barca, Bayern and Madrid and the management are holding the club back.

So no signings, bad management, awful board, more injuries (as expected by everyone bar Arsene and his new improved medical team). The team is not playing well and all we will get like every other season… Excuses, we have heard them all here at Arsenal! What do you guys think?

My opinion is easy, Wenger/Kroenke OUT… Klopp/Usmanov IN. We have a squad needing two or three really top signings with a manager to pump this team up, and not be so nice all the time. Usmanov wouldn’t need to dip into his own funds, we already have it. He is just more ambitious and wants Arsenal to win and would happily help out! Arsene out, as we have stagnated under him, teams know how to beat him and the way he sets his teams out! He is delusional enough to think he wouldn’t need outfield signings to get to the next level to win the league… He’s not ambitious whereas other certain free managers are! The fans have waited long enough for this moment and he is ruining it because its his way or no way at Arsenal Football Club.

Koss The Boss

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    1. i never once cried…
      technically its not crying if theres no actual water dropping down your face

      (manhood intact)

    1. I feel it would be very dodgy bringing a caretaker in at this stage, better to have Arsene play the season out as we have best chance of staying in top 4 that way. (that much is obvious by now) When Wenger does finally leave, I wouldnt be suprised if some of the arsenal players are easy pickings during the transfer window. Ramsey, wilshere, santi etc. They will follow suit

      1. Why wait until the end of the season? For more dross on and off the field? Let’s break the cycle of mediocrity now! We might do even better than just finish 4th! At the end of the day Wenger has run his course, to keep plugging away with this outdated manager is just madness. Liverpool allowed Benitez a year or so too long and they dropped out of the top four and just look at the poor managers they’ve had since. Arsenal should make changes now before it really is too late.

    1. Exactly. Martial was a move many fans laughed at because of the price… well hes already scored more than nobody we brought.

      Oh and thats how you play the lone ST role btw. Martial vs Southampton today has done everything Theo doesn’t. Got a real laugh at the player ratings yesterday on here saying Tgeo was our MOTM. Toothless Arsenal.

      1. il admit id never heard of yes i laughed at his price tag
        bloody hell at 19 he has it all-just need to fine tune few things- by 21 he will destroy this league

        one french teenager we missed- happens to be bit of a gem

        1. Mate its a myth that Wenger has the french market cornered. He was king of his homeland 10 years ago maybe, but he’s let tons of quality slip by for someone with such an apparent knowledge of the place.

          Martial is another in the long line of missed opportunities from france. Cabaye, Sissoko, lloris, hazard, sakho, matuidi, drogba, thauvin?, laporte, mathieu. Some were obvious as they come but instead we hoovered up gervinho, sanogo, chamakh, squillaci along the way.

          Wenger has no greater insight of french talent than alan pardew based on his dealings this past decade.

      2. “Martial vs Southampton today has done everything Theo doesn’t”

        Apart from getting two goals out of which one was a terrible back pass and other one an offside move eventually falling to him, he seriously did nothing. I will give him credit for his composure.

        1. “Apart from getting two goals” – Good start to bashing a player…

          Let me have a go at some of your likely opinions early season:
          ‘We was robbed vs Chelsea’
          ‘Giroud and Theo are enough’
          ‘We were unlucky in Croatia, ref was dodgy”
          ‘First game of the season so nbd’
          ‘Benzema isnt worth 50mil’

          5/5 i bet. Martial showed good movement, read the game well to find space to score, hassled and tracked back, held the ball up well for his slight frame and linked well. Theo either gets put through on goal or does nothing… literally nothing.

          Also, martial is 19 and raw as f*ck, whilst Theo is 26 and should be the full ticket. Neither him nor Giroud will take us to the big trophies as first-choice CF, i’d slap any amount you like on it. To suggest martial did nothing shows your ignorance. Good players get chances, and great ones get lots of them, we are the top team in the league for chances created but have 2 ST’s who’ve barely been in position to score. Says everything about them.

    1. How do the fans go about making this happen?? The board will no let wenger go. Fans have to stand up and be counted

  1. The dictionaries should include “wenger” as synonym word for “perpetual looser”.
    He was good,(so I hear coz i wasn’t around then) but he is past it and no matter how cool a car was, when it gets old and unroadworthy, it has to be disposed off.
    Wenger out 🙁 🙁

  2. How can we change when we have sentimental grown up people who are behind a manager who was once up one a time a good manager but nowdays not even a top4 quality manger.

    Arsene and the board do want fans who are smart enough to pay money for mediocre performances, but not that kind of critical fan who question the clubs poletics and ask for explanation.

    You people should never trust no one from the club bec all the do is delude and lie.

    1. Well Top 4 is still his forte. He is top 4 quality but I don’t think quality enough to win the league anymore. He is without doubt one of the best PL mangers of all time with Sir Alex but I too believe his time as a top manager is over.

  3. You are absolutely right – I think a alternative might be to bring back David Dein, but this would require getting rid of Kroenke.

    TBH I think Kroenke is our biggest problem, because he simply does not care about Arsenal, as long as he can get rewards from our reserves for ‘advisory services’ or a dividend as it’s more commonly known, and he is also going to be the one most difficult to get rid of, as it’s very unlikely he’ll sell unless someone makes him an offer he can’t refuse, he hits financial problems where he’ll have to sell, or Arsenal become extremely unprofitable – all of which are extremely unlikely, given that the share price has gone up over 60% since he bought.

    1. why would dein come back when he was forced to resign by this club.

      i would love to know in clear as day view, who decides how much we can spend in each window…cos someone has to foot the blame for us missing out on titles by one or two players- every year.

      its this oh well wenger has final say, well no gazidis oversees an decides on behalf of kroenke,

      who is it down to

      1. David Dein still loves the club, and is still great friends with Wenger, as he has always said, most recently in his interview at John Cross’s book on Arsene Wenger signing.

        It is Kroenke who forced him to resign, which is one of the reasons why getting rid of Kroenke would benefit us more than Wenger, but unfortunately he will be far more difficult to get rid of.

        1. No. He resigned following pressure from the other board members for trying to get Kroenke to take over the club.
          Yes. David Dein is an AKB. As I have been saying for years For me transfers worked best with AW providing the list and David Dein buying the players.

    1. Everyone will comment about the goals but nobody cares how they went in when its other players, but if our players score like that, fans will say that we have to rely on opposition mistakes. I will give credit to Martial, but will demand credit for our players too.

    2. Martial’s not the new Henry.
      He’s the new Anelka.

      hes still very raw, but at 19 hes insanely talented
      so composed


      1. Hey we bought sanogo for a free, a year ago… That worked out well for us.

        Already I have given up on our season, just hope that Wenger moves on at the end of May and allows a manager with ambition in to take the team forward

  4. Why the hell does wenger not uses his fench connection ( if he has any) to scout youngstars in. And no i am not tllk about the Songos.

    Even the french disslike Wenger.

      1. Hazard was virtually ours, but Wenger dithered so much that he allowed Chelski in, as Ian Wright alluded to – with David Dein the deal would’ve been done, no dithering.

  5. Usmanov has said publicly that if ever he was in charge he would keep Wenger as manager, so Kos boss now what?

    1. That is hardly constructive criticism is it?
      Perhaps you could explain the reasons for it being “a load of tosh” instead of just insulting the writers opinion?
      Without a reason I would judge your comment as a load of tosh!

    2. Bolly i would like you to debate against me as to where i am wrong in my Article? Imo and the looks of quite a few fans i am spot on in my review of wenger and the board. I think you should re read it again because if im a plastic fan then you must be delusional enough to think that kronke gives a toss about the club and wenger wants to win titles! its all money to him and wenger bags a nice pound or two to do what exactly?? Top 4, maybe an FA cup and a turnover at the end of the year is their ambitions… Not good enough for the finincially situation we are in and the price the fans pay emotionally and finincially.

      Il refer to myself and many others on here as realistic not plastic my fellow gooner. Thanks admin also

  6. As long as Wenger is the Manager we will Not win the PL or CL

    So if you are happy with Top 4 and challenging for FA Cup and League Cup then Wenger should stay. He is your man.

    Chelsea signed Pedro, Rahman, Falcao, Begovic
    City signed Sterling, De Bruyne, Delph, Otamendi
    United signed Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger, Depay, Martial, Darmian
    Liverfools signed Benteke, Firminho, Milner, Clyne, Ings

    Arsenal signed Cech and NO outfield player (unless you count Adelaide)

    Arsenal were the only top club in Europe not to sign an outfield player (even though we needed another striker, a DM, a backup LW and perhaps a backup LB)

    But we will challenge for PL ???

  7. BTW
    Does anybody know how these players are doing On loan?

  8. Arsenal should move forward by planning to leave Arsene behind.

    Let him become part of our history and his achievements be noted, but let’s move on in attempt to move up.

    Would love Kroenke to go too but cannot see that happening anytime soon.

    More is the pity…

  9. I will say a positive thing though

    After losing at home to West Ham, drawing at home to Liverpool, losing to Chelsea we are still 5th place, only 5 points behind the leader and ahead of Chelsea

    So if we can stay within 5 points by January and Wenger gets a Top striker/DM in January we can Still challenge

    But if he didn’t get an outfield player in the Summer I don’t see him doing it in January when it’s more difficult sadly

  10. Nothing will change cos you have too meny wenger boys as our supporters,they only supports wenger not the club.end of the season arsene will get his 4th place trophy,may win carling cup and all the wenger boyz will get there banner out saying “arsene fc” clupping there cult hero the board members are happy cos they cn see fans are he will go on to the next season with same real fan who supports the club we are left to see the same crap all over again.12 years n still going strong

  11. If I had a snout I would be a pig.
    If I hung from a tree I would be a fruit, a tree or or monkey.
    If Wenger had a vision, the insight to see what the team lacked and strategic competence he would still be useful to AFC. But I doesn’t have he is not.

    Too many ‘IFs’….

  12. Curious question!! Had RVP not left us like Reus, would we have been enjoying the same like Dortmund right now?

  13. First one kloop in now with AW so he knows the Arsenal club then AW to go upstairs and find talent. Look at this kid Man U just got yeah lot of cash but AW missed a trick there when years ago he would have been at Arsenal
    Time to stand down now. Ppl say we have no plan b well we have no plan A
    All this talk about us winning the EPL lol joke and we play the spuds this week he should put his best team out and win big and win hard kind of like a punishment

  14. Personally I’m not shocked anymore, yes I’m anxious all week leading up to big games but our horrific end-performances against the top 8 teams don’t surprise anymore. Low expectations are the only way to deal with the inevitable. Under Wenger we will only stagnate in limbo. Maybe shifting up a mere fraction, or like now – shifting downward. No, we won’t beat Spurs midweek, especially if Coquelin’s out with no replacement purchased in the window. Yes we may pile on the revenge against Zagreb and push through the group, but we all know we’ll get knocked out of the last 16 like every year. We may get a panic-buy striker in the summer but it won’t be anyone we need – let alone anyone we’ve heard of. The ticket-holders who get the privilege of seeing AFC live need to make a real stand, because all of us having a moan on blog sites is futile. May as well be talking to the mirror, or the missus! The only way to make Wenger or the board notice is to hit them in the wallet. Protests and boycotts are the only way. Sad but true. #imissmyarsenal

    1. I agree but how do you get a few thousand fans to protest outside the Emirates before and after games? Is that maybe how to get Kronke and Arsene out of Arsenal Football Club is the question?

      Look what happened tranfer deadline day at 7pm ?? great turn out! Do we not have supporter clubs that could organise things like that?

  15. Blimey. STOP with these articles.

    There are 3 natural positions to sit on at the moment:
    1. You think Wenger is bad for Arsenal and he is the only thing holding back the club.
    2. You think Wenger is good for Arsenal and that either something else or simply bad luck is holding back the club.
    3. You think Wenger should be dealt with by his merits, not by how much he spends and you’re waiting to decide.

    We spent a long time without money. We scraped through it, keeping fourth. 2 seasons ago we started investing. We got 2 FA Cups. That is VERY positive and is ultimately Arsenal as one of the best 3 clubs in the country. This season is 6 games in and you’re calling for change of manager. Seriously, what is the point? You have no idea how the whole season will turn out and are basing this on a couple of bad games. Bad games where the manager could do little about the outcome because players on the pitch did irrational things (and a referee had a stinker).

    Yes, we are all frustrated we bought no players. But seriously, we have to go until at least January until we can buy – why be negative about your team constantly until then? What is the point in constantly belittling the manager and saying everything he does is wrong, when in all honesty, I can’t knock 90% of his decisions this season. Players are letting the team down currently. No matter how good the manager is, if your players don’t perform, you can’t do squat.

    1. The point is that it was bl**dy obvious to every single Arsenal fan and even non-Arsenal fans that we needed a DM, it was like looking at the weather forecast, seeing that it was going to be torrential rain for the next few weeks, and thinking we didn’t need to repair the roof.

      Yes I agree with you, if you take Saturday’s game in isolation, he did nothing wrong, and did the best he possibly could, but that’s not the point, the point is that there was zero preparation for this season and zero foresight (not to mention zero spending on outfield players), and this is unacceptable from all those on the board at Arsenal.

      1. I didn’t disagree. But we’ve had the same article reworded for 3 weeks running. It’s not constructive. It just breeds negativity. Our lack of support will do more damage than not buying a second class striker and Dm.

        1. I agree with everything you said, but you cannot hide the fact that we have been short a top quality CF since RvP left. Everyone but Wenger can see that Giroud and Walcott are just not consistent enough. Walcott poses no threat down the middle, but down the wing he is dangerous and should stay there.

          I agree that Wenger is being unfairly criticized for a few unlucky losses, but he needs to be grilled for not having brought in a top CF by now. If you look at it from his perspective, you have a CF like Giroud who is scoring roughly 15-20 goals a season in all competitions. Not bad by any means. Now do you have faith in this type of player hoping that he can excede this tally next season? This is exactly what Wenger has done…he is placing major faith in Giroud to somehow transform into a 25-30 goal a season striker. It’s admirable, but foolish as Giroud is nearing 30 and does not show any signs of becoming a world class CF. Perhaps Wenger realized this up until the last transfer window, but there was just no one available to bring in and he is now waiting until January to make some additions to the squad.

          Either way, we are short at least two world class players and only Wenger can be blamed for this which I sincerely hope he rectifies come January. But this season so far has been a major upset, not only for us but many other teams. Chelsea are sitting near the bottom and Man City were beaten by West Ham. It is still early days and we are only five points behind the leaders. Let’s rally behind the team and realize that although it is easy to blame Wenger for everyone, he is was not responsible for our loss over the weekend.

    2. Been asking for him to go upstairs for a good few years now. What manager don’t have a captain on the park

  16. Perfect article for the moaning kids. This site feeds negativity and is absolutely everything “unarsenal”. How anybody blames Wenger for yesterday’s loss is beyond me. For your information your love Chelsea even after cheating to a win yesterday are 15th on the table far behind “poor” Arsenal on 5th. I wonder what these children of hate would have said if Arsenal were the ones in 15th even if they beat Chelsea. Did City not lose at home to Westham? When that happened at the Emirates the children of hate all jumped out to breathe the only air of negativity that sustains their wretched existence. Get a life all of you including the hopeless author of this article.

    1. This goes alot further than chelsea loss. Its years of the same thing. I didnt just blame wenger i blamed the board also. Thats your opinion ur entitled to it as am i… oh lastly bro, if im hopeless then thats why alot seem to agree with me. Im not the only one.

  17. Top 4? For get it best is top 10 and this time not even fa cup arsen wenger won’t quit he needs a shove Gerrard houlier at Liverpool was confronted by fans and given a choice I don’t have say it but he left so suddenly it won’t hurt the club to see him leaving peacefully now there good young managers eagerly waiting to fill his boots dah 8 ml.

  18. All this Wenger bashing would make sense if Chelsea beat us fair and square with both teams having eleven men. In fact I don’t think we would have lost if this was the case, as we were looking quite decent until the Costa incident. Absolutely appalling that he got away with it, but even more appalling that people are blaming Wenger for what happened where the blame should be placed at Mike Dean’s feet.

    We have the technology to replay these types of incidents, the officials have ear pieces, so what I cannot understand is why they cannot use this technology properly to make the correct decisions? Surely one of the officials could have reported to Dean that there was a previous incident between Costa and Koscielny? It takes a few seconds to report such an occurrence, yet the spat between Gabriel and Costa went on for ages without Dean even aware of what happened in our box.

    Yes we were extremely hard done by Dean and Chelsea took full advantage of the situation. But if you are honest with yourself Wenger should not be blamed for what happened. The loss was inevitable with a nine man team. Also, people are harping on about Man United and how great they were against Southampton. They had three shots on goal the whole 90 mins and two of them were due to Saints defensive errors. Hardly anything to be ecstatic about.

    But what I will agree with is that Wenger needs to make two TOP signings soon. Walcott and Giroud will NEVER guide us to glory and I have always said that Giroud is not good enough. Walcott is a winger, end of story.

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