Arsenal fans were promised a busy window – Wenger meant lots of sales!


At the end of the season, upon extending his contract for a further two years (we wont go into that), Wenger promised an active transfer window. We all assumed that meant acquisitions. We never dreamt it would mean sales. So to date we have sold Szczesny, Gabriel, Oxlade Chamberlain, Gibbs is close to going – as his Mustafi……and two players in.

I read today Gibbs is close to leaving for 5 million. How is it that he’s worth so little despite being an England international yet Johnny Evans is being talked about in the region of 30 million? Or that Gabriel was sold for 10 million?

Here’s the one that’s really got me…..Liverpool are reported to be ready to offer 75 million for Lemar, you know the lad we’ve been allegedly close to signing since the opening day of the transfer window but that Monaco refuse to sell. Refuse or just not willing to do business with a club that are incapable of making serious offers?

I think if Lemar ends up at Liverpool then it confirms, if there were any doubt, our club is either an incredibly unattractive option for any player worth his salts to consider, that we are inept at negotiating – or actually both.

As of this moment, and according to newspaper numbers, we have spent 52 million and earned in the region 60 million with Gibbs and Mustafi pending bits of business to add to that total. So far from spending 100 million we have actually made a profit of 8 million….

I watched DT being interviewed on Arsenal fan TV after the Liverpool destruction and while his rant was justified it didn’t really offer any suggestion as to how we would bring about change in our club. The fact that the media, Ian Wright, Thierry Henry and Martin Keown, have gone on record to describe the situation as a crisis highlights how bad things are.

I urge the more pragmatic within our group to make positive and realistic suggestions on how we can force change…


  1. justforlaugh says:

    BBC reported Arsenal sold Ox to Liverpool for $40 million. YES !!!

    1. ozil10 says:

      Alexis out or mahrez in, Draxler in or mustafi out…..
      No matter what happens tomorrow…..
      ARSEnal JOKE FC 1 – Bournemouth 2

      1. John Westlake says:

        Same old moans from the Arsenal Supporters. If the fans really wanted a change, then they should NOT TURN UP FOR ONE GAME. Surely somebody at the Emirates would notice 60,000 empty seats for a home game. Just One game would send a message!!!! The Board know the fans will not boycott any games, so they just ignore us.

    2. Nayr says:

      we should use the ox money and get mahrez tommorrow.

      40M is enough to tempt leicester and mahrez would push through.he wants arsenal.

      1. USAGooner says:

        Unfortunately not going to happen. AFC will NOT be signing anyone.

  2. Mobella says:

    How many of those players do still want to be on our book. These are players fans don’t want around any more and we should be happy they leaving.

    1. Charlie says:

      The point isn’t that players are being sold that aren’t needed. Very obviously the problem is that no money is being spent. Are we meant to believe that Huddersfield, Brighton and West Brom have more to spend than us ? A profit on transfers when teams that finished above us have spent a fortune is a disgrace.

  3. ozil10 says:

    ARSEnal transfer window can be compared to a student who leaves it too late to start his exam preparations…
    No matter how hard he tries to study the night before, he will still fail…
    Similarly no matter what happens on deadline day, ARSEnal will finish outside the top 4 this season

    1. COYG_CA says:

      duh . . . !
      Outside top 4? Try outside top 10!

      1. ozil10 says:

        Took the safer option by writing top 4 coz there are some deluded AKBs who’ll go berserk if I say outside top 10?
        But I’ve a gut feeling that we might be in a relegation battle

  4. Dave says:

    My god pls wenger and co just fuck off!!
    I really thought we would change this summer for better not for worse!
    Big trouble ahead, bring on the protest against the yank, wenger and rest of board!!!!

  5. COYG_CA says:

    Wenger has kept around too many pet-players on big wages, so a player revolt is unlikely, unfortunately . . .

  6. Invincibles49 says:

    The feeling that Ox will realize might true potential in Liverpool under Klopp makes me sick.

    1. mark says:

      I don’t think he will improve much if at all. Probably have a new club bounce, then go missing in games, get injured and become a bit part player.

      1. Invincibles49 says:

        This needs to be seen. Frankly, there have such a vast pool of players who could have been great (Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox, Gibbs, Walcott to name a few) in our team but wasted away in their development, that it makes me think if they are in fact ordinary or their is a systemic flaw in our system under Wenger preventing the desired development and peak potential achievement in the ling run.

        Take other teams. Spurs have done a great job at this and have Dele Alli and Kane to show for. Even Kyle Walker commanded such a respectable fee from MANC. Liverpool developed Coutinho who if allowed to leave can become 2nd most expensive player ever to play and they have Firmino as well in pipeline destined for greatness, all under Klopp. Manchester United has Rashford to show for who keeps soaring high with each game. If all of our players are put on the auction, how much interest will it generate in top clubs around the world ? think about it.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      He won’t score that much more often, same goes for through balls and final third stuff. But what he will be is a powerful component for his side. They have forwards buzzing around like wasps, creating all sorts. They don’t need Ox to do that, they’ll want him pressing, dribbling, harassing, and getting the ball forward quickly. Basically allot like he was doing, but Klopp can see the value in that, it’s a component to his jigsaw. We wanted it all from Oxlade, we wanted him to be a player that he isn’t. Oxlade doesn’t find himself in space like a Walcott would, he’s a different player. Klopp will give him confidence though, Klopp’s good at that, I think most people would admit that they’d enjoy working for someone like Klopp who’s very demanding but also very appreciative, he’s one of the lads.

  7. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Dude made a profit this window and he wasn’t even trying

    1. bran99 says:

      Heheheh that’s the bitter truth

  8. justforlaugh says:

    If arsenal can get $40 million for Ox, surely Sanchez can be sold for $70 million. With that money we can buy replacement immediately. Do it now Wenger u son of the beach !!!

    1. Valentine says:

      Lol ?

  9. DAGAN says:

    The biggest tranfer i wanna hear is Wenger quitting and some shake up at the board or even a new owner for once!!!

  10. USAGooner says:

    Sold Ox! Thank the lord. Unfortunately we won’t be signing anyone. . . .

  11. Break-on-through says:

    See this business with Mustafi, that isn’t because he’s not rated, it can’t be. If that was the case he’d have been on the market well before there’s one week to go. I read that it was because he doesn’t get on with all of his teammates, this is bs too. Impossible for everyone to like everyone, it just doesn’t happen. He had to have done something, it must be something to do with the Stoke fixture or just after it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he mentioned what he really thought about Arsene’s line ups, and how he could have played Leic along with Mertesacker and Gabriel. He’s said to be outspoken, if this is why he is not fancied anymore well then shame on Arsene. Or else the only thing I can think of is if he wants the move himself.

  12. Galen says:

    Wow, just wow , the club has succeeded in killing any love I have for the game .

    Wow a premier league club making huge profits in the transfer window.

    Most expensive match day tickets in world football .
    Fans treated like slaves, no explanation no nothing .

    Sanchez would leave . No sources, just my feeling .

  13. Kilo Kilo says:

    Watching Arsenal play is like watching the movie,”Titanic”. No matter how many time you watch, the ship will always sink.

  14. Gelz says:

    I’m guessing with it being the last day of transfer window tomorrow, Wenger will be busy in his native France commentating on the France v Netherlands match talking how good all these young French players are and how he nearly sign them.

  15. Jerrry says:

    if Liverpool can sign Lemar then Wenger is a failure indeed and should cover his face in shame. Fans should continue to boo him and Kroenke till d end of d season. They have destroyed arsenalfc. Even players are now believed they can’t be successful under Wenger. I pity Lacazette for coming to play at wrong time under AW.

  16. COYG_CA says:

    Listening to some pundits claiming the Ox has the opportunity to NOW prove himself at Liverspew! So, all this time at AFC and the OX NEVER had opportunity? Sorry, I just don’t see that at all. Not being bitter, just have never seen anything special form the Ox at AFC nor the National squad. And he believes he will be slotted into the center of the pitch over there to command play? Really? Sorry, I am just missing the entire plot on this!

  17. McLovin says:

    How would Arsenal fans feel a swap between Aguero and Sanchez? There were a bit of falling out with Pep and Aguero last season. His contract is uuntil 2019.

    We should demand a top player in return because they unlimited amount of money, so skinning them for 70 millions won’t hurt them. Losing Aguero might.

  18. barryd says:

    Draxler and mahrez can be done by 11 tomorrow but with this board and owner it’s not going to happen

    1. Galen says:

      Just prepare for the worst so u don’t get to disappointed. That’s the only advice I could give u. Expect nothing .

      People hoping VVD, Draxler and Mahrez would sign could be having ? Heart attack by tomorrow.

      Expect nothing and don’t care. Believe me you would sleep better .

      1. Trudeau says:

        The not caring bit is not possible but I’m completely on board with expecting nothing.

      2. Skills1000 says:

        As painful as it is, I agree with you 100%/ Arsene goes a fishing. He is HAPPY he caught nothing

  19. Gonner954 says:

    How the f*** have West Brom signed krchowiak and we didn’t even have interest
    I’m actually thinking wenger is sabotaging us having a fire sale and not even improving our defence is a joke same thing every year has held us back I don’t see us even getting top 6
    It’s horrible that fans of other clubs feel sorry for us it’s embarrassing

    1. shark says:

      I like him a lot. He is one of the best DM in the game but the dictator didn’t know about his existence.

    2. amb98 says:

      Really would have liked Krychowiak. He is a no nonsense, tough tackling, strong, holding midfielder. Renato Sanches is close to joining Swansea as well ffs.

  20. henry says:

    Everything needs overhaul at Arsenal. Kroenke, the board, Wenger and the players.
    But themost worryingt are the tickect holders who sit comfortable while things go wrong.Why do they fill Kroenk and the boards pocket and continue to support a manager who has clearly lost grip of things.
    Unless Arsenal fans unite to kick out the current ownership and management, we are hopeless

  21. Durand says:

    Hey people its called “payback.” Kronke’s hunting channel was cancelled, so this is how he gets back at us ungrateful supporters.

    1. Sell players last minute no replacements brought in. Sanchez and Ox not for sale remember?
    2. Rob merchandise store blame arsenal fans
    3. Strengthen rivals if possible for fast cash
    4. Cash dividend check
    5. Cash reserves used as collateral to finance new LA Rams stadium after construction delays.

    6-8 million in profit this window, several million in construction delays for Rams. Probably just coincidence I’m sure.

    Wenger doesn’t stand up for “club he loves” because 10.5 million salary in pockets weighs him down.

  22. BOBBY says:

    Arsenal Will Sell Chamberlain, Alexis, Mustafi, Lucas Perez And Debuchy In The Next 24 Hours Coupled With The Ones That Has Already Left. But Wenger Won’t Be Signing Anyone Because He Feels The Squad Is Good Enough To Compete. He’ll Promote Reiss Nelson To Replace Alexis Plus Campbell Will Soon Be Back From Injury. At The Back We’ll Be Left With Koscielny, Holding, Mertesacker And Chambers As Natural CB’s So Wenger See’s No Reason To Bring In Players. We Might Conclude A Deal For A France U21 International Though. 10 Million Euros Mooted. In Attack, We Have Welbeck(who Never Scores), Lacazette, Giroud Plus Walcott Can Play Upfront Too. In The Middle Of The Park, We Have Xhaka, Coquelin, Elneny, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey And Ozil. And Don’t Forget, Joe Willock And Maitland Niles Are Also Coming Through(LOL). Wenger Might Sign But Please Don’t Be Optimistic.

    1. John0711 says:

      Thanks kev

  23. John0711 says:

    im sorry guys but i just do not recognise the club anymore i hate what it stands for. i will not let it continue to make my life depressing.
    WENGER IS NOT A LEGEND hes a puppet who only cares about money, Krokie is all about money i cant stand the man but he is wheat he is
    i am finished with the club. if you choose to continue to support the club good luck

  24. justforlaugh says:

    I am so pleasantly surprised Liverpool and Chelsea fighting to pay $40 million for our sprinter. Ox has a football IQ 2 point higher than our second sprinter Walcott that’s all, nothing more. With $40 million we can buy someone way way better.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      We could buy someone better but we having done so over a month so I doubt that will happen in the next few hours or so..

  25. #Tiredofthis says:

    When the transfer window shuts then we’ll know what we’re working with in terms of a team. I personally think we need to drop out of europa as soon as. I see it as a burden on the club and players, morale is shot to bits so I think we should focus solely on domestic performance this season and rebuild cohesion within the dressing room.

  26. Chooch says:

    Mahrez and a top class centre midfielder please. Sanchez and Mustafi staying.
    But have to agree with the comment above….expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed. Been there too many times before.

  27. GoonerKev84 says:

    According to David Ornstein any Arsenal incomings is unlikely following the Ox sale..if this wasn’t so tragic you’d laugh! This has got to be the final straw its bordering on criminal! Arsenal are the only damn club who makes profits during a transfer window. Fans were told the move to the emirates was to compete with the big boys.. We can’t even compete with Huddersfield Town for god sake! What the hell is happening at this club? No doubt during the AST meeting they will fob everyone off again and the emirates will be maximum capacity every home again and we’ll be back to square one this time next year. Its a miracle how this club operates and still the money men get away with it! And I’m sick of hearing former players coming out and saying Arsenal is Wengers life its all he has, really ? The beanpole is a multi millionaire has more cash than a normal hard working family man will ever dream of having! Next home game we’ll get the violin’s out. P*ssed off!

  28. Trudeau says:

    How must Lacazette feel? I hope he has a tape of the Wenger sales pitch.

  29. shark says:

    Sanchez is very ambitious player. He will want to show his grandsons pictures with the CL trophy, not Emirates Cup or Top4 trophies.

  30. Tolu says:

    I read here someone talking about forcing Wenger out. The only way you can do that is to chant ” specialist in failure” at every home and away game. He’d be horrified, ashamed and leave!

  31. Charlie says:

    My suggestion would be, assuming no major signing tomorrow as expected, peaceful protests outside the entrance to the Car Park aimed at the board and manager, obviously not the players. It’s the only way to get the message directly to the board.

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