Arsenal fans will be able to buy sponsorless shirts next season

Nottingham Forest is wearing a sponsorless shirt this season as the newly-promoted side looks for shirt sponsors for their kit.

Other clubs have different sponsors, with Fly Emirates sponsoring the Arsenal kit.

The Gunners remain one of the in-form sides in Europe now, so it is hard to think they will not have a sponsor on their shirt in any campaign.

However, if their fans desire to buy their shirts free of sponsorship, they will be able to do so from next season, according to a report in The Sun.

It claims the club will now make provision for them to buy the shirts without the sponsors in front, just like Forest’s jersey has been this season.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Forest’s sponsorless shirt has been awkward to see this season and we do not expect our team to ever wear a shirt without sponsors.

However, some fans might like it plain and simple, which is why this idea might make the club even more money.

It is also possible that the Gunners have asked their fans about their preferences before they make the decision to sell sponsorless shirts.

If they have enough people asking for it, then it makes sense to add it to our collection.

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  1. My view on sales of all football club shirts, both sponsored and not sponsored, is that almost all the profits made on both types find themselves , albeit indirectly , into the pockets of already filthy rich and obscenely overpaid players AND their dreadful agents.

    As a humanitarian fan who has spent most of my life actively campaigning against financial greed,and standing up for the financial rights of unfairly burdened fans, I naturally hope that all club shirt sales, worldwide, could cease altogether, this very instant.
    I consider it a rapacious and greed ridden industry and hate its existence with a passion.

    1. I have no problem with shirt sales per se.
      Revenue for the club and the enjoyment of wearing one if so wished.
      My boys always had the most up to date ones as Christmas or birthday gifts. Saved a huge amount of hassle and neither son was ever disappointed.
      My 9 month old granddaughter has already got a squeezyArsenal bath duck and no doubt she will follow in her grandma’s footsteps supporting the best club the world has ever seen

    2. Jon, I agree with your first paragraph, but people choose how they spend their money – it’s nothing to do with financial rights. If people weren’t buying, teams wouldn’t be making and selling replica kits.

  2. I largely agree with jon fox – one reason they do it is the FFP (now FSR) rules. The more revenue the club has, the more it can spend.

    But it just inflates costs, so they end up getting the same for more money – the problem is that once one club does it, the others have to do the same or they fall behind.

    And of course, the Notts Forests of this world can’t find a sponsor, so they fall behind anyway.

    When football was a real game people went to matches in normal clothes and just a scarf in team colours – and wearing sports clothes when you were not actually playing in that sport was seen as utterly naff. To me, it still is naff – devoid of any style, dress sense or individuality.

  3. I’m not sure anyone would want a replica first team shirt which isn’t the same as the players wear so I think it will be a non starter.
    Having said that I think it’s quite sad when you see 50+ year old men with their huge beer bellies walking around in football kit. Possibly acceptable when you go to a game but when on holiday or in our local supermarket, beyond sad.

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