Arsenal fans will be happy that Fulham boss promises to “try 100%” against Man City

Fulham manager Marco Silva’s latest remarks, shared after his team’s 0-0 draw with Brentford, will appeal to Arsenal fans. The Cottagers take on Manchester City next Saturday; they’ll be facing a Man City side who bullishly won 5-1 over Wolves on Saturday night.

Of course, the Gooners will have a lot of interest in this match.The Cityzens, having played one fewer game, are just a point behind our Gunners and it is a well-known fact that they must drop points if Arsenal is to win the league.

So far, the gooners are hoping that their main title rivals will falter. And while they look forward to that, Fulham seek to give them a massive title boost. Their boss, Silva, insists they will not allow Manchester City a free hit.

He said on Fulham’s official website: “We are going to try and win the game as always. It’s clear from me, we are going to try 100 percent.

“We are going to play against one of the best teams in the world, if not the best, in my opinion.

“But as always, more so at Craven Cottage, we are a really tough team to play against, and we’re going to give a really tough game for City as well.”

According to H2H statistics for this clash, Fulham haven’t troubled Manchester City in 15 games, as the Manchester side has a flawless record against them ever since 2012. Nonetheless, Fulham’s fortunes in this match next weekend are far from certain.

Marco Silva and his team have the chance to determine the title race; hopefully, they will pick a result that will leave a lasting impression. We, the Gooners, would greatly appreciate a Fulham draw against City if they don’t win.

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  1. Omg Man City have beaten Fulham 15 out the last 15 times they have met 😳
    I guess we can write that one off hopefully they only win by one goal ?

  2. AFC blow this season at Emirates vs Villa when it comes to the title dream. But that doesn’t turn this season into dust. It’s has been even better than the last one (which was a big break compared with the 5 or 6 before that).
    Arsenal is back in the combat for the Premiership. Hopefully for years to come. Wonderful.

  3. IMHO, Fulham are our only hope.
    I would like to call on Leno, Iwobi and Willian to have the game of their lives to be classified in my eyes as absolute Arsenal Legends.

      1. @CM
        Willian: I agree fully.
        Leno: To a smaller extent as he was backed even though he should have been. Martinez should have been backed.
        Iwobi: Not so sure. No young players future is guaranteed.

  4. Of the three remaining games this is probably the one where City could drop points. The 15-0 head to head is ominous but records are there to be broken. To expect extra effort from William, Leno and Iwobi because of past links with us is questionable.

  5. I suggest there are some on this thread not giving sufficient thought to Citys remaining fixtures.
    Even the writer fails to mention Spurs. I have to wonder WHY is that?

    Its plain to me that if CITY ARE GOING TO DROP POINTS, as I believe they will,it is far more likely to happen at Spurs. To this REALISTS mind that is plain, and obvious sheer percentage likelihood!

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