Arsenal fans will be very happy with the latest transfer news

Arsenal fans will have thought it would never come but it has, a club has finally been linked with a move for Shkodran Mustafi.

It is being reported that Turkish giants Fenerbahce are interested in the German defender.

Apparently, Fenerbahce Sporting Director, Damien Comolli has been in contact with Mustafi’s agent about a possible move.

Arsenal fans are a divided bunch but when it comes to Mustafi they are truly united, they do not want him to remain at the Emirates and see him as a liability.

He cost us a whopping £35 Million and truth be told, he has been an absolute flop.

There is very little sign that we will see a turn around in his game and he is at the top of every Gooners list of players that Arsenal must sell.

Unai Emery no longer has confidence in Mustafi, that was confirmed by BBC reporter David Ornstein who said

“I was told that after the Europa League final that Unai Emery, who had always put his faith in Shkodran Mustafi despite a number of high profile mistakes, has decided enough is enough with him and he is no longer in favour of keeping him, so he could be sold.

“Arsenal have tried to sell him almost every window since they signed him.”

The feeling is that there is some credibility to this report and you have to think that it would be in the best interest of everyone if the player does depart North London.

Musafi must know the strength of feeling against him and unless Fenerbahce cannot meet is personal terms then it would be incomprehensible for him to want to remain at a club where absolutely no one wants him.


        1. Haha you’ll be a little sad right ? I know it broke your heart seeing Lichsteiner leave so this one’s bound to be a blow ? I trust your Watching the Kenya game Sue ?

          1. Omg Kev.. I’ve just seen Arsenal’s leaked Adidas advert.. you have to watch it – it’s brilliant ?? buzzing!!
            Oh I know I’m absolutely heartbroken ?
            No… stranger things ? I just watched the Lionesses.. they played so well! Are you watching it?

          2. I certainly am Sue yeah they won 3 zero didn’t they ? I don’t watch women’s football but I follow the scores ? thought they haven’t released it yet ? So Aubameyang off to utd what’s your thoughts on that ? ?

          3. If you put it in.. it comes up on Twitter. It’s so good – Wrighty, Adams even Idris Elba! It’s absolutely brilliant ?
            It’s gotta be BS surely? Not seen owt about it on sky or anything.. we can’t sell him to them anyway ?

          4. The club has a habit of selling to utd though don’t they Sue ? oh I don’t have twitter Sue maybe YouTube? Brazil vs Paraguay tonight won’t see it though as I’ve got work tomorrow it’s 1:30 kick off ?

          5. Just type it into Google & it comes it’s popular on there you don’t have to be on Twitter to watch it. Looks like it’s not available on YouTube.
            That’s a late game ain’t it? Oh well not all bad, at least you won’t be blinded by Bobby’s teeth ?

          6. Oh yeah, I’ve seen it Sue where’s the away kit ? haha it’s ok I have sunglasses Sue ? so is fekir off to Milan ?

          7. Haha Le Coq has just put it on down there ⬇️
            Is he? I thought he might end up at Anfield! Wouldn’t have minded him!!

          8. Yeah I saw it already Sue ? that’s what I read I’d have preferred Mdombele but that ship has sailed ? hopefully we can get this Tierney deal wrapped up soon before someone else comes in and swoops haven’t we seen this many times before ?

          9. Kev.. this is our transfer window, period!!
            Aren’t you getting a lil excited about the new season? Just a teeny bit??! I am…. ?

          10. Not until the dross is cleared out and new signings arrive Sue ? you reckon hazard will play against us in Washington? I think it’s Washington ? ?

          11. Christ.. so you won’t be excited for another 4 years then? ?
            Oh yeah more than likely & he’ll no doubt score!! Although seeing as there’s nothing on it, we’ll probably win ?

          12. 4 years ? ? Haha yes possibly ? where do we play Barcelona? Nou camp or neutral? I wonder why Arsenal never unveil home and away kits at the same time like other clubs ?

          13. Happy days it’s not like we’ll visit there from the Europa League ? yes certainly different ? well I’ll know when I get home Sue ?

  1. Offer them a buy one get one free deal

    For instance, they could get Mustafi for 20 M and Ozil for free

    A Turkish club could get a lot of money by selling two World Cup winners’ shirts and that could pay Ozil’s 30+ M salary

      1. Xhaka should be transfer listed separately at around 40 M

        That money can be used to gamble on another midfielder

  2. Spectacular waste of £35 million by the club with his purchase. Add Xhaka £35 million to that and £70 million gone and their sales will not recoup the money spent.

    Unfortunately it’s not about making money with their sales, but getting off wage books.

    What would be a satisfactory offer made for Mustafi? Xonsidering his wage demands will probably be close to his current wages, what would you take?

    I’d hope for £18-£20 million, but probably somewhere between £12-£15 million with his wage demands.

    Just a guess on my part, but one I’d do for sure.

  3. Hope so ??
    Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Xhaka, Elneny, Jenkinson too hopefully

    Try our best to raise more funds to add to the £40-45 million war chest, I mean war drawer actually

    Then we can sign a CB, Winger and CM

    1. We have already lost Ramsey, Welback, Lichtsteiner from first team and we are no close to signing anybody. I dont see how we can sell half of our squad and get replacements with our budget. Lets face it we are not going to make a lot of money by selling Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Xhaka, Elneny, Jenkinson even if we manage to find a club willing to buy them.

      Best case scenario is we sell mustafi and may be Elneny for some cut price deal and use the money to get one two players in.

  4. Mustafi, the error of judgement which was probably the final nail in the coffin for Arsene. I will be surprised if he attracts an offer over £10m

  5. Instinctively I tend to take rumours with a pinch of salt, but I propose to take this one, if true, with a grand opening of my best champagne! Oh please be true, I beg you. And may we never again have to suffer a huge waste of money and lorry loads of frustration at such as the appalling Mustafi. Good riddance!

    1. I’ll start a go-fund-me campaign to help Fenerbahce pay his fees and fund his travelling and living accomodations.

      1. Hi Sue.
        On my laptop using mouse I right click the https://www. box at the top of whatever page you are on and want to copy, then left click on “copy” which appears in a pop up box, then just right click on the comment page on here and left click “paste” in the box what pops up and it should appear in comment box, then post it !
        Hope that was as clear as mud . 😆

  6. I don’t like being mean but his brain farts in games costs us so much, will be glad to see the back of him.

  7. Am I the only one who cannot stop cracking up about David Ornstein’s comment about us trying to sell mustafi. I mean even Jenkinson has more market appeal than Mustafi – let that sink in.

  8. If Auba,wants to go let him go.players cme n go(thats money we can use to bring new faces.Georges Nrb,Kenya.

  9. Reading through the comments on this thread you would think people had a serious crush on Mustafi ????????

    Xhaka – 45M Euro
    Mustafi – 25M Euro
    Ozil – 25M Euro
    Often people express frustration at Arsenal inability to get the kind of transfer income for the players they sell that other clubs get for theirs. Perhaps sites like this one and the bashing of their own (supposedly) they condone and even encourage contribute significantly.
    I hail from a traditionally trading community who say ” the fowl seller does everything to make the folw he is selling look bigger; the buyer on the other hand talks down the size”. With the type of talk here our so called fans have done more job than the buyer! One would expect a real fan to want his club to get the highest possible value for their players. The talk here trends otherwise. Its not healthy.

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