Arsenal fans will be very pleased with latest transfer news

Finally, there is some good news for Arsenal fans when it comes to offloading some of the deadwood in the squad.

It is not Mustafi, well not yet, so it is not the very best we could have hoped for but Mohamed Elneny, who comes a very good second in terms of players that should be offloaded.

And it gets even better.

The club apparently interested in him is West Ham United. It would have been Christmas if it was Tottenham but alas, it is the poor Hammers.

According to reports in Egypt, West Ham are looking to sign the 27-year-old in a deal worth 10 Million Euros, however, the report claims that may not be enough to tempt Arsenal to sell.

Are they mad? Of course, that is ample money but fair enough, if the club thinks they can squeeze a bit more out of West Ham then it is worth a go I suppose.

I cannot think of many more outgoing transfers that would please me so much and the fact that it is a London rival that wants to sign Elneny, all the better.

If this deal does materialise then it would be good news for the player himself, he has no future at Arsenal, he must surely know that and at a club like West Ham, he would certainly get more game time.

Fingers crossed this one actually happens.


  1. Elneny is decent to have as a squad player. he doesnt complain about wages or playing time so good to have as a back up

      1. As much as we feel we do not like some players. I think we should talk about them with respect. They are human beings and have their pride. No player deliberately sets out to be a bad player. These players have wives, children and family members who maybe reading some of these not very nice comments and it would hurt. Feel for others guys.

        1. My thoughts exactly, fair comment he has never said a bad word about the club to my knowledge.Why the hatred.

  2. There are actually players I’d want transferred before Elneny. He actually tries hard. But I won’t be crying if he leaves to be honest

    I think with his Premier League experience he should be worth over €10 million which is just under £9 million.

    1. £9 million is pushing it for a 27- year old who’s not really very good at anything, nor fast or strong, merely tries hard.

      I like Elneny personally, but I’d sell him for 5 – 6 mill. and have Chambers as a backup to Torreira.

      1. If the board sells him for 5m ya’ll will now start blaming them for selling players too cheap.

  3. Arsenal should play hard to get too, about the price. I really am sure the club will scoop at least £20m from player sales this summer. At least 2/3 senior players will bid farewell, hopefully they are minors/underperformers.
    I hope we could get our deals done this week, wingers and lb, but what about kos, monreal?

  4. Dani Ceballos to Arsenal is very close to being sealed.
    Only thing that could hold up the deal is Real Madrid’s stance to not include an option to buy

    1. Welcome back Kev, how close is Tierney and Everton? Appreciate anything new you can pass along

      1. Thanks.Tierney will join Arsenal.Just give it time.
        We are working on Everton Soares along with Zaha deal at the same time.Thing is Everton Soares’ deal is complex because Gremio don’t own all his rights.If the Zaha move fails I think we will push for him or Ryan Fraser.

        1. Sky just reported that Arsenal are struggling to get the Tierney deal done ,and they also say that we will go in with another offer for Zaha this week but CP want 80mil .
          Just shows how incompetent our club is ,3weeks ago we started on Zaha 3-4 weeks on Tierney and we still ain’t anyway near completing deals .how does it take 3 weeks to put in another bid for Zaha ,maybe I’m stupid or something or do all clubs work this way.

          1. It’s a fact that our club is indeed deluded?.But what I can tell you is that we are going to sign at least two players(LB,CM)before the window ends.The deals for these positions are advanced and they will happen.Wings should be Zaha,Everton or Fraser.I don’t have any info on CB’s atm.

            I confirmed weeks ago Spurs moves for Lo Celso,Sessegnon brothers and Ceballos who wouldve joined them but for a deal breakdown due to no ‘option to but.

  5. Sell him and use proceeds to wrap up Tierney, no excuses now.

    As for Auba potential
    1. Sell Golden boot winner? Madness
    2. If Utd want £80 for Lukaku then Auba has to be worth more surely
    3. For Zaha? So would club sell our top striker to get winger with half his goal tally?

    Sell Elneny because we’re struggling to offload our deadwood, bite their hand off.

  6. He always gave his best and helped when needed, not complaining, respectful and appreciated by his team mate and coaches for that and discipline and hard work. Reduced playing time does not serve any players.

    Im sure he will do good at Westham we should not undermind; they have 120M budget, almost 3 times ours.

    Elneny has EPL experience and be hungry to show his best; 10M is a good buy if you look around, can’t replace him with that amount. He is one of our 4 defensive midfield, Torreira and Gendouzi injured, he is in, and plays his part.

    WE havent got a beast or real box to box since Viera doing both. Abou Diaby was a jewel to step up, promising but we never got anyone. Wenger used our youth instead as Coq & co hoping to see Abou back & not hurt him by bringing his replacement. It would have been very hard for Abou to see this and Always keep injuring non stop

    We have this new phenomenal player in Willock to play with Niles, Nelson and Toreira or xhaka or Gendouzi if you want all youth. They will hold that midfield and play a fluid, fast, agressive, technical full or energy football.

    Once you play them a few times, they hard to not play as Niles last year.

    When you have such talent, can’t pall up so called experienced players who are all from foreign clubs, need time to adapt.

    Sign professional contracts to not play at that level is risky, many youth leave clubs or must obliged club to be played X amount of games as Mbappe’s dad smartly imposed in his first contract at 17. Wonder if Fabregas’ camp didnt do that; they were in position to do so …

  7. Real Betis are about to sign Nabil Fekir for 20 million Euros.

    This is a top quality player we are talking about. We may end up not getting Zara. Are we making progress at all?

      1. Ronche
        Fekir played 39 games last season and scored 12 goals. Where did you get your fake news from that he’s injury prone? He’s got 5 good years ahead of him and is a class midfield player who doesn’t hide.

  8. What is the essence of playing hardball in offloading “deadwoods”?. Reducing their prices to offload them and build a solid team makes much sense imo than keeping them and paying their hefty wages for virtually nothing. If €10mil wouldn’t be enticing enough for Arsenal to let go of Elneny, then I would say we are happy at creating our own problems.

  9. I hope they manage to offload him and I hope they manage to buy a decent CB before the end of the window. We can’t rely on Sokratis and Holding and Monreal for the entire season. One of them gets injured and mr Liability is back in the mix turning average strikers into Messis and Ronaldos.
    Really, if they fail to strengthen there, there will be no top four. Manure won’t suck as much as they did last season even though CSKA London will.

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