Arsenal fans will be very pleased with latest transfer speculation

Over the last few days, there has been an abundance of international matches involving many players linked with Arsenal and one, in particular, has shown what a very good player he is.

That player is Turkey’s Cengiz Under who we have been linked with for some time now and is now firmly back on our radar.

The Roma winger had a fantastic game against World Champions France in the Euro 2020 qualifiers on Saturday where he scored the second goal in a 2-0 win.

The 21-year-old is valued at £44 Million and on the face of it that would appear out of our price range, however, that is being too simplistic and there are good reasons to believe that we can afford him if the will is there.

For starters, the so-called transfer budget does not include player sales and you can take it to the bank that there will be some and there is a strong possibility that we could have a budget in excess of £100 Million once the expected clearout is completed.

Secondly, it has been widely reported that we have tabled a bid of £44 Million for Sampdoria duo Dannis Praet and Joachim Andersen and therefore it does seem that we are able to spend £44 Million if needed, albeit on two rather than a single player.

There is, of course, no Champions League football to offer Under and that may be an issue but he is young and playing in next seasons Champions League may not be a priority for him right now, especially when you consider he is on roughly £15k per week with the Italian side and it is just as likely to be the best financial package that determines which club Under ends up signing for.

Put it this way, if we have the will then we have as much chance as anyone of signing the young forward.

As an Arsenal fan that has seen Under play on a regular basis, I am very pleased that we are being linked with such a quality player and I do not take the attitude that we cannot afford to sign him because I believe we can.


  1. Out of all the wingers out there, Under doesn’t seem that great. Especially not for £44m.

    Off topic, everybody’s on Joao Felix, a 19-year old CAM who scored 20 goals for Benfica. Apparently United, City and all of Europe are all over him.

    But is no one talking about Kai Havertz? He’s the same age, same position and also scored 20 goals, in the Bundesliga. Can we get him to replace Özil, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?

      1. And if he hasn’t signed for Bayern this window, he will next window, or the window after that. Essentially, the kid is going to Bayern and nothing will prevent that.

  2. Getting him would mean selling Mustafi, Jenkinson, Elneny, Mkhi, 350zil.
    I don’t think they’ll manage to sell either Ozil or Mkhi and they’re the ones that would probably be the costliest transfers out of the bunch.
    Now, as it’s the likeliest that neither of them will be sold, we’re talking around 20 million in transfers from the other three players and that’s not enough for the Turkish lad.
    So, it’s a no from me. He’s not arriving. For 20 mill, the club will attract another player in the mold of the rumored Sampdoria duo.
    Don’t know how much the Carrasco deal would cost.

    1. Because seemingly Emery isn’t a fan of purely technical/creative players. PSG fans also had this exact same complaint about him. And of course Ozil is always the media scapegoat, and for many, many people, whether they realise it or not, their opinions are largely dependant on what gets pushed onto them by the mainstream media.

      1. And what our eyes see on the pitch, and his poor stats. But let’s ignore that because “media agenda!”

  3. Under I feel is a better option than carrasco mainly because carrasco has been playing in a very inferior league and will struggle to acclimatise to the premier league

  4. We had /have problems with players like Chamak, Elneny, Ozil, it would be safe to stay away from Under,En-Nesryi, Emmanuel Dennis and the like. And Emery isn’t too great as a coach either to take them to another level. Better we look at internal reserves for promotion or sign proven talent like Ryan Fraser etc.
    Off topic, congrats to Ozil and Amine on their wedding last Thursday, wish them happiness and like their gesture of supporting BigShoe.

    1. On what basis do you rate Emery as “not too great of a coach”? Compared to who?
      Emery has been at the Emirates for one season and the same players, who failed the last two seasons under Wenger, also failed under him to achieve top four. At least the gap was closed, except compared to Liverpool and Manchester City, whicb both had phenomenal seasons.


      2. OG, please refer to Ozil’s so called rant at the coach on the EL finals. I am not fan of Ozil, just support him as he is an AFC player as on date. And let us not discuss the past; Suarez signing, the catastrophic end to the top 4 run in, EL final tactics and his stint at PSG. In my view, we should give Emery this season and if there is no progress, we should not renew his contract.I am optimistic for this season, more because of Lumberg and less due to Emery

  5. Mesut Shouldn’t Be Sold This Summer, The Team Needs His Inspiration And Talent. The Squad Of Arsenal Is Defficient Of Worldclass Talents Unlike As It Used To Be, So I Demand That Mesut Stays, As He’s “Our Icon Of Possible Greater Fortunes.”

  6. Enough of this transfer rumors here and there
    How many players are we even buying this summer, we’ve been linked to every damn player on earth, very soon it will be Ronaldo then Messi.
    The media are jess trying to get us excited, to put away our pain on missing out on top four

  7. Is Under over rated or is Under under rated?
    Was the pilot in Airplane Under or Over?
    And don’t call me Shirley………

    1. “and is now firmly back on our radar.” The article you linked there says nothing of the sort (which you know full well, but most people aren’t even going to click on that link so in their minds it gives that claim more validity). In fact it says practically the exact opposite, that Under is in the plans of the new coach.

      1. wow, bold claim Den though the headline of the link in question says

        “Ünder performance against France puts Arsenal and Spurs on red alert” in BIG BOLD LETTERS

        Now for me the term red alert puts him firmly on the radar, additionally in the article in question it says clearly “Both Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have been touted as potential destinations”

        With regards to your claim that Under is in the plans of the new coach it actually says nothing of the sort, it says “There is the possibility, however, that Paulo Fonseca, who is expected to take over as head coach at Roma, has a space for Under in his plans and, therefore, the Giallorossi could attempt to offer the young Turk assurances about his future and role at the club”

        I am not sure what your definition of the word possibliblty is but for me it far from being in the plans of a new coach because the way you write it is rather difinitive.

        Not sure why you felt the need to attack the article ther Den but I hope the HUGE headline from that link puts your mind to rest.

  8. Ozil is simply a garbage and infectious, dangerous disease in the dressing room. For a whooping 350k a week, and he’s this weak? I can’t keep him anymore. The last straw for me was his lackadaisical behavior during Europa league loss to Chelsea. He was shameless and carefree to walk off the pitch like nothing was at stake. Besides, he’s not done anything positive to remember him for.

  9. I’m surprised that in all our transfer talk, i hardly hear a mention of Ismael Banacer – our former youth star who now plays for Empoli.
    I understand Arsenal have a right of first refusal on his transfer. I have watched him on a few occasions and I have been very impressed. He looks every inch a potential long-term replacement for Ozil.
    Now Empoli have been relegated, we can buy him back at a bargain. And with our reportedmiserly transfer budget,and new-found policy of building with youth, Benacer could be a wise deal.

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