Arsenal fans will be very pleased with the clubs plans this summer

Arsenal fans need some good news that will put a smile back on their faces and if the latest rumours are true then that is exactly what will happen.

According to the British press, Arsenal is actively looking to dispense with the services of Mesut Ozil, Shkodran Mustafi and Henrikh Mkhitaryan this summer.

While it is true that we will now have a limited transfer budget due to our failure to qualify for next seasons Champions League the sale of those three players will certainly top up the kitty.

It will be very difficult for Unai Emery to rebuild the team if he does not raise funds through sales and it will hardly damage the squad to lose Ozil, Mustafi and Mkhitaryan, basically, it is a win-win, we offload the deadwood and get a healthy chunk of money for their replacements.

Even the most die-hard Ozil fans can no longer make a case for him, he is no longer fit for purpose, his wages are suffocating us and he offers very little on the field of play.

Mkhitaryan is not much better and there is almost no chance he will improve and as for Mustafi, the less said the better.

Emery is reportedly keen on signing Bournemouth attacker Ryan Fraser and Ajax midfielder Donny van de Beek and without an increase in the transfer budget it is going to be difficult to land those sort of players and so a clearout is absolutely essential.

There will not be too many fans that will be disappointed to hear this news, it has been a long time coming and to be brutally honest, the sooner the better.


    1. Most important questions are: after selling, whom are we buying? What about defense coaching? Are we sacking in that department or not?

    2. Sadly, the people who have replied to this blog don’t understand that it is not OZIL and the Mick, but the rest of the team that are the deadwood!!!

      Buying more of the same characters we bought last season will just add to the mediocrity of our team.

      Arsenal are in danger of becoming a middle of the table team, or maybe worse.

  1. very good short article. lets just hope it is all true, especially unloading the deadwood. once they are gone we can start rebuilding the emery way. he deserves at least one more season . without the millstones of wenger players he will flourish.

    1. So Wenger players are the problem?? After they go you are going to say its Wenger’s stadium..
      Why was Toreira crying.. Hint he played sh+#&%.
      Lichtenstein was brilliant all season. Shall I go on.

      Emery is a good Mid table coach.. Get rid of him. He will only ever attract mid table quality players.
      Hire a real coach to succeed the Prof.

      1. CRISPER, relax dude, okay, it is only a game after all . the players certainally dont mind, you should adapt that attitude , if you are that highly strung. players will move on , and we are left with this shambles of a club that we all love.please accept that your beloved guru has gone for good. all the top european elite football clubs are lining up to sign him up as their next manager. oh wait a minute, is that correct !.

        1. gerry, Arsenal can look forward to receiving Crispen’s and other’s applications for the coach’s position after Emery is sacked or resigns.
          Should Emery be sacked the payout of his contract will further reduce the funds available for players.
          Then again Crispen and his ilk may work for minimal payment as coach. Whether the players would follow any instructions from them is open to question.

          1. excellent way of looking at the situation ozziegunner. oh what i would give for one of wengers lovers to take control of our club, if only for one day, lol.

  2. If Ozil can sell a lot of shirts, there should be many clubs interested in him. The shirt profit alone would be enough to pay his salary at his new club and they can get more money from his merchandises

    If new Arsenal executives are good in doing business, they should be able to sell the old players with expiring contracts. Should they fail to sell the deadwoods, Kroenke must replace them as soon as possible

    1. Tell me again why does this crappy player called Ozil sell T shirts??
      Why don’t we just get rid of him. Because there are loads of great play makers available??

  3. The only way Ozil will leave is if he decides to himself and judging from his agent he wants to run down his contract. The only way we can sell him is to china due to the wages because how are we convincing a team in europe to make such a massive investment at this time in his career.

    1. The European teams can profit a lot from his jersey and other merchandise sales

      If he is still a big name for the football fans, it would not be hard to sell him, as long as Arsenal are willing to sell with low price tag

      1. You think clubs are focusing on the small % from shirt sales over how much they can get from the kit manufacturer? Adidas doesn’t get the RRP price that SportsDirect sold it for, the company needs to make money to pay wages and store costs etc… How much do Adidas get per kit?

        Arsenal got an increase of £30 mil a year from Adidas compared to PUMA, part of the reason for the increase is due to Arsenal selling greater number of shirts leading up to the negotiations.

        Teams would be better off buying a younger star player who would be able to boost shirt sales for a couple/few years and that then would allow the club to negotiate with a stronger position. Ozil has already done that for us, part of his wage (I believe) is based on what has happened so far. Ozil and Alexis really helped Arsenal bump up shirt sales.

        They was both in the top 5 shirt sales for EPL players.

        1. ?exactly, midkemma.
          The big question is given the “quoted figure of £40 million available transfer funds”, where is the Adidas kit deal income of £60 million per annum going to be spent?

  4. what about the rest of the wood? we have more than the few listed above. a complete clear out is needed.

    1. I don’t think that’s ever been done by any premier league club. A complete clear-out is easier said than done

  5. My response to Dan Smith article -Kroenke should not be blamed first for our decline. It is not all about money. He can’t give his money to those people that have shown their decision making is suspect and scouting networks is bad. We just don’t know what players to buy. How much does it take Leicester to gather those players than won epl. How much does it take Spurs to get to the finals. Kroenke certainly is not responsible for the mismanagement. He didn’t go after Suarez when Gelson Matins is their or chase after a lost course to get Carrasco or Perisic. Wenger made some many judgment calls in keeping so many players that we should being,given up better talents than what we had.He didn’t buy Mustafi and Xhaka, he didn’t lose 60m on Sanchez and money on Ramsey. He didn’t buy Welbeck and Perez for combined 37m amount enough to buy Lacazette and lose money on both. Chelsea is going to sell Hazard for over 100m after 8years of service full winnings and we got nothing on Ramsey after 11 years and both player are 28 years old. The manner we missed out on Hazard was laughable. If I was a major shareholder in this kind of mismanaged club I wouldn’t put your personal money into it when I’m are guaranteed without doing so I’m making shit loads of money.

    1. of course I do agree that others should take some measure of blame. Our manager, for instnace, was solely responsible for refusing to accept Ramsey’s offer, after the board had agreed it (because as he put it Ramsey was more focused on his contract); the manager’s scouting skills is dependant on his former players – and we have seen the result of that where David Saurez is concerned; it was the manager’s decision to rest players against palace when top 4 was in our hands, and instead he wanted his favoured Europa trophy. There are other examples, but for a manager to take this rotting team to the brink of top 4, and the finals of the Europa league all in his first season is enough to give him one more go at it.

      But ultimately the best managers in the world (Pep included) can do nothing with £45m. of course there are managers that has done it with little resources, but do we know who they are and will they come to Arsenal? how many Poccetinos are really out there? Ultimately the teams that regularly win the premiership are the teams that spend.

      1. No they will not come here, top managers will not go to a club that has no transfer funds.
        Emery will have no option but to play some youngsters next season and any transfers will not include top quality players I keep hearing Rabiot,Umtiti Goetz all top notch players with good experience at the top level and world cup winners, these players will not be at Arsenal next season, Emery knows that he cannot attract this type of player because we cant afford their wages let alone the fee, he has inherited a poison chalice and I am sure he thought he would be able to sort this lot out but i bet he feels different now, how the hell is he going to improve this team with 40m, he wont jack the job in but i bet that’s what he feels like doing right now.

        1. Thommogun58, none of us know what undertakings the board gave Unai Emery when he took on the position. If these undertakings are not fulfilled he will probably leave at the end of his contract, which I understand was for two seasons,with the club holding an option for a third.
          He is not “Merlin the Magician” and if not supported by the Board in the transfer market, it is difficult to see him risking his reputation by staying at an uncompetive Arsenal, as he is sure to get alternative offers.

    2. Agree. The blame is on the people that ran the club previously and the ones that manage it currently

      Kroenke has given us a 200+ M squad, but Arsenal executives have made grave mistakes by deciding to buy such low quality players with huge amount of money

    3. Mobella
      I’m quite impressed on your observation. That about sums up all that has been happening. Utter confusion in signing, renewing and scouting talents with market value all along. Now we are hit the hardest and we think Unai is coming to perform magic with those sets of dead woods.
      It’s time to start a new phase of transition.

    4. Mobella, Answer me this question please. If you are a multi billionaire and own a massive business, who else apart from the owner SHOULD FIRST be blamed when a stupidly incompetent CEO is hired to run YOUR business. The buck stops, rightly, with the owner. If he were even bothered about the club in any way at all except as collateral against which to borrow, he would have been alert to the appalling misrunning of Gazidis. The moral is that if you care nothing then idiots and conmen will misrun and ruin your business, as has happened. We NOW have decent people in charge but the appalling damage done by Gazidis and Wenger, since Dein was ousted continues to harm us. TRUTH! For you to actually claim that Kroenke should not be blamed first for our decline is laughable silly and plain wrong. LEARN HOW BUSINESS WORKS BEFORE POSTING SUCH NONSENSE AGAIN.

      1. Evening Jon
        I agree with you bar a few points
        Gazidis and Wenger were great for stan
        They made him lots of money.
        Gazidis has be proven to be incompetent at best but seems to have rolled from one powerful position to another and just on time before he was truly found out.
        AW will always have a soft spot in my heart for all the good things he done for us but time had run its course on his tenure of managing our club but this season has compounded what has always been there in peoples minds and that is old manager or new manager
        There is no money to spend..stan is spending it on his American empire
        I am sick about about how we ended the season how we fell apart on Wednesday in the 2nd half but people forget…we are punching above our weight at the moment
        At best we are 6th best in the league u with there squad should have been above us
        My heart ruled my head as I expected us to beat chelski but totally ignored or forgot that we lost the winning mentality many moons ago.
        The new man needs at least 3 decent transfer windows to get rid of the old dead wood and soft belly mentality and bring in his kind of players..then we should judge
        He was the best man for the job at the time who was prepared to work on a shoe string
        I would have preferred a few others to manage us but they would probably want a kitty of 400m min to transform us …trying doing that on £40m

      2. Jon,
        I would start with a quote from the club’s Managing Director, Vinai Venkatesham, in October last year “We have a self-sustaining business model at this club. That means all the investments we make on the pitch are funded by the revenues we generate off the pitch. We are confident we can be successful with this model. The ambition we have for this club is completely possible to be achieved in the business model that we’ve got.
        At the moment it looks likes AFC will post loss of about 60 million which gives rise to some concerns about the statement above.
        However, what is certain is that this loss can not be attributed to repayment of loans taken out by Kroenke to buy AFC
        The terms of the loan is on public record and states “the payment of interest on, repayment of, or security for any liability (contingent or otherwise) will [not] depend on the business of Arsenal. In plain English, this means the club will not have to pay or be liable for the debt. Some people think that Kroenke is milking the club and using Arsenal Holdings as collateral against other loans. That is not true as his existing loan contract will not allow that to happen. Perusal of the available Arsenal accounts will show Kroenke is not taking money in dividends or fees. Kroenke is not responsible for how Arsenal is run on a day to day basis. That is the job of his management team and until I see the reason for the loss, I will not criticise. You may wonder where all this going. Yes, we all wish Kroenke would put some of his personal fortune into the club. I am sure you will accept that football clubs are big business and as such are subject to a complex nexus of financial rules, governance requirements, and commercial factors. One of the major restraints being FFP. Over time, the rules have iteratively changed, increasingly focussed on transparency, responsibility, and sustainability. But within those constraints, there are mechanisms for owners to invest in their clubs, but with the stated objective of Arsenal to operate on the basis of its own revenue, I think it is not very likely that Kroenke can or will. Whilst I think Kroenke could be a much more proactive and interested owner, he is a self-made billionaire businessman and only doing what most of those people do which is look that which interest them most. Which in his case I believe to be his real estate portfolio?
        The key lies in the credibility and sustainability of a club’s long-term strategy.

  6. Stan kroenke is the one suffocating this club because he would rather take profits from it, and has refused to spend his own money. Even the money he used to buy his shares are bank money. Kroenke is the only owner in the premier league who have spent none of his personal wealth on the club he owns.
    If we persist with Kroenke then the cycle of deadwoods will continue, as it has for over 15 years. For instance, we sell Mustafi and use it to buy a £10m defender who ends up being worse than Mustafi, then get rid of him after 2 seasons for another deadwood. Liverpool buying Van Dyke one season, and then Allison the next has proved to Arsenal that you cannot change anything without spending money on the very best. Van Dyke costing the whole of our transfer budget last season, is enough to let you know what we are up against.
    We can get rid of Kroenke the same way we got rid of vulture – by kicking him where it hurts – in his pocket. This means not buying season tickets and boycotting the emirates. Even sponsors will not rally round an empty stadium. Any half wit business man will run a mile, therfore Kroenke will have no problems selling his shares at knock down prices.

    1. Exactly my point Joe71. Boycott Boycott Boycott. I wonder why it is f***king difficult in England to do this. Why the f***k can’t Gooner funds rally and boycott one of the most expensive season tickets. In Ghana here we have more Chelsea funs who don’t really share rivalries with us cause its not worth it and an almost non existent spurs fun base save a few buddies so I can’t catch a soccerphobia when walking through town. But I feel for you guys in London- how you are being trolled and bullied. I wished I never had a soft spot for this club. I was distraught on Wednesday. And that was the first tine I ever walked away from a Gooner game. not even the 5-1 against Liverpool this season. The Club would continue toying with the funs. You save hard earned cash to buy tickets and watch shi***t. Do you know how much investment you would have made if you were not a soccer fun? You got your heart broken all these years and you still flood the Emirates. Who the heck would take y’all serious. Communicate to Supporters base leaders and start that revolution now or never. You would all die before Arsenal lifts an EPL and not even your 5th generation would know what Champions League looks like. Don’t ask how Leeds, Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa got where they are- Arsenal is exactly on that path

      1. Boycotting IS the answer,CHU, I have said this before mate and will say it again, if it wasn’t for the amount of empty seats gradually appearing Wenger would still be our Manager I am sure of it, Kroenke is money mad, the minute the profits fall he will want to off load.

        1. I’m not boycotting as I want to see my team play. Support the team whether good or bad. You Fairweather supporters piss me off and that’s what you should do if you don’t like it!

          1. oh I thought aLL Gooner funs were pissed off with the appalling nosedive the team seem to be falling into. Declan is happy with results. Yeeeeeeey. I guess you will be buying Europa tickets too. You might never see a trophy again and Champions league football for that much you are paying. I feel sorry for the die hardies Lolx. in case Spurs win on Saturday, sit by a Spurs fun during a derby match and you will know what it means to be a die hard fun

  7. The club made a rash decision between Alexis & Ozil, both held all the cards & mesut signed for 350k a week… now he needs to go, we recognise that now so let him go even go for 15m, someone will buy him as long as it’s a low fee because his wage will be so high… Please some club from China comes for him they will pay a nice fee!

    Mhiki, Mustafi & you missed Elneny all need to go, Xhaka I’m not sure yet could be handy on the bench to come on for a season! That should gather up some money & free wages up esp Ozils & Mhike 200k…. Maitland-Niles can go back to CM where he should be when Elneny departs.

    Iwobi can replace Mhiki in Atracking Midfield where I believe he should be then the youngsters in Nelson & Willok can take over RW duties as we need wingers. I also read linked with Mario Gotze from Dortmund, he may be Ozils replacement but not sure on that one though myself personally. Let SmithRowe have a go also this year.

    We have Holding, Mavraponas, Chambers & Sokratis if we get rid of Koss & Mustafi. Leichsteiner will be leaving also, though PSGs RB Munier could be on his way as Bellerin not back until after season starts.

    In part we need a RB, CB, CM, LW and possibly a new LB if Monreal goes who in my opinion should be gone along with Koss as age isn’t being too kind to them on the pitch…

    What links iv read online;
    RB – Munier (in talks)
    CB – Zouma or Umtiti? (Chelsea/Barca)
    LB – Gaya or Chillwell? (Valencia/Leicester)
    CM – Teilimans or Ndombele? (Monaco/Lyon)
    LW – Mahrez or Frazer (City/Bournemouth)

    To be quite honest I’d be happy with either or of them players!! Making funds available from the rest and the apparent 40m budget we have we couldn’t get all of these some unfortunately and no UCL makes it more difficult of other bigger clubs come sniffing. Interesting to see what we do

    1. Marhez said he was happy at city and no plans of leaving,in the umtiti said he was not leaving Barca because injuries stopped him playing as his real level and wil show this season what he can do,man city had a bid of 40 millions turned down,he,s back at Monaco where Leonardo the manager is back after one year having managing them for close to 5 years,he bought teiliman from Belgian, because of the ban zouma is going back to Chelsea, sorry man you need a new list!

    2. One more thing no sources from the club came out with the 40 only papers also we,re getting at least 90 from TV revenues,plus cech,welkbeck,Ramsey gone that,s thousands more a week plus other players will be sold so if yo believe our budget of 40 millions you haven’t a clue man!

  8. Who will want Miki and Ozil? Both are 30+ now, inflated wages, and void of talent. Mustafi at least has age on his side and statistics. This is going to be a long summer.

    1. I agree – a very long summer! And as much as I dislike it when the season ends & there’s a huge void for a couple of months… I think after that performance (if you can call it that) on Wednesday, I need this break from it (never though I’d say that!)

      1. Sue, you can always be like me and watch the 50 over World Cup of Cricket, which just started last night. England are one of the favorites after their recent run of success and last night’s victory over South Africa.
        As an Australian the viewing times here are horrendous. A good thing I no longer have to go to work!

        1. I could give it a go, Ozzie, thanks! Luckily for me, there’s a lot of televised darts coming up.. so that’ll keep me going too…..

          1. Sue, how is Simon “the Wizard” Whitlock playing these days? He comes from Cessnock NSW where I used to work

  9. So are we convinced the reason Arsenal didnt make to the top 4, is because Oezil is paid 350000 per week??.

    1. No. He is part of the bigger problem why we did not finish in the Top 4. No only him to be honest.

      Did fck all all season while defrauding our club out of £350,000 a week. May if we had better players on that money they would have made a difference.

  10. Arsenals problem is not Oezil or Mkhitaryan is the manager. The manager failed to create good system that will make Arsenal better. You only think footballs problem can only be solved by transfer market. City only bought Mahrez this season, Kdb was injured, mendy but why you didnt see the gap? they hv better system. Liverpool missed Firmino and Salah, but Origi and Wijdnalum scored vs Arcelona, because they hv better system nt individuals. Milner, Henderson, Matip etc none of them are world class. Arsenal fans wake up and think. the gap between Chelsea and Arsenal is only 2 points, how did they afford to lose vs palace and draw vs Brighton?? How much money you need to beat those teams. I believe changes should start in the training ground.I dont buy your Ideas, oezil, mkhitaryan, Iwobi. I dont see anyone who is better in that team. How many chances Auba missed this season?

    1. There are players who are not just good. I agree the manager should be blame for some of his decisions but the squad is not just average, it is unbalanced. Going into a season without any natural wingers in modern football is suicide. I don’t know how the manager did it but he exceeded my expectations. This squad will give any manager nightmares

    2. Lolx Walad. You say we should not blame Mkhitarayn. If he hadn’t t given that pass away before Xhaka’s silly foul it could had been what 1-0 against Brighton. If Blunder mAstafi hadn’t let us down against Palace, it could had been 3 points as well. Now add those 6 point to our points this season and tell me who is third. Tell me now which9 player in a 10 shirt who don’t shoot. So Ozil just can shoot he can’t shoot- Lolx Walad. Like seriously

      1. Chu Ahorlu
        You forgot the equalising penalty by Kane against Spurs it was all due to his rash decision making.
        Forget the stats the guy is no fit for Arsenal. He should go to some average team of sort.

    3. Good you mentioned Klopp and Liverpool. But I would have you know that Liverpool and Klopp finished 8th in his first (half)season in charge and out of top 4 in his second season.
      He didn’t perform miracles immediately, neither was his team beautiful to watch then. What he did was to slowly rebuild by chipping off the dead woods (Balotelli, Benteke, Lucas Leiva, Markovic Sakho, Lambert, etc) and replacing them with his own type of players who understand his system better.
      Initially when he started, the new players he bought didn’t look shiny as well, it took time to work . I remember Moreno was bought by him and turned out a huge disappointment. Lich is Emery Moreno, but Lich was a free transfer.

      My point is that, good things take time. We need to give Emery time and money to get things fixed. We got ourselves in this mess by not sacking Wenger a decade prior. We must live with the consequences of that decision.

      Even if we sack Emery, no other top manager will come here with our meagre transfer budget.
      Remember it was rumoured that Enrique pulled out from taking Arsenal job because he was requesting for a massive transfer war chest to embark on massive squad clear out, as he deemed majority of our players below required standard of a top club.

      Allegri, Simeone and any top manager out there would require for same transfer warchest, which Kroenke will never provide. I remember Pep had to totally overhaul the entire City defense line the moment he arrived, and that was a defense that reached the UCL semis, losing 1-0 in aggregate score to Madrid, a season before Pep took over. If he deemed them inadequate and needing to be be totally discarded, imagine what he would think of the farmers we parade as defenders. Yet these are players Emery has been forced to work with by the board, with unrealistic fans expecting a miracle from him.

  11. Doubtful Ozil will leave; wages may put off other clubs, and why would Ozil want to leave a life in London with high wages? Club can be ruthless in other ways. Tell Ozil he’s benched and a sub until he decides to show up with some consistency. Tell Mhki he’s not going to start except cup games and as a sub due to injuries. Tell Mustafi club has decided to give Holding and Mavro chances ahead of him. Tell Monreal he’s behind Mustafi on the CB list, and that you are shopping for a backup LB, so he may only play half dozen or so games this year.

    Our midfield was atrocious and well below par. I’d have Chambers compete with Torreira, and look to bring in competition or offload Xhaka, and finally give AMN a shot in the midfield.

    Lastly, we all know Kronke isn’t going to improve us with transfers, so it has to come from coaching and the youth. Time to move Bould somewhere else besides Arsenal, and tell Emery he has to improve the players he has, or start to integrate and develop the youth.

    I’d rather see Nelson, Saka, and ESR given a chance then bring in another over the hill has-been type player. Why send these talented youngsters on loan to make room for another Lichtsteiner or Elneny type player? Rather see Willock play or Chambers than Elneny; they can’t do worse.

    I blame Kronke and Josh for not being more actively involved with the club. How about they show up in London, give the players the hair dryer treatment for collapsing again? Why didn’t he give Gazidis a rocket for his stupidity in transfers and the mismanagement of the Sanchez saga? I would be furious at my top level management for their amateurish methods and squandering of the self-sustaining funds. Also, for letting a fantastic scout like Sven walk without a plan in place? Raul blundered that one big time, and club still without key piece in identifying players.

    Club is exactly where it deserves to be; comfortable players not worried about their jobs, absentee owners, Europa manager who blew a great chance at top 4 PL finish, and Raul with nothing but words to show for his contributions.

    Club treats fans like wallets and not people. Hard to support players who show little pride in the badge, when the average fan has more love and honor for the badge than these muppets on high wages. I’m done with the lot of them with very few exceptions.

      1. Wholeheartedly agree, Durand, except that I believe you are too hard on Emery in his first season. The bulk of these players have now failed under two well respected and credentialed managers Wenger and Emery. Too many of them get their money too easily, with no personal professional pride or pride and commitment to perform for the Club. Players from Arsenal’s successful U23’s and U18’s couldn’t do worse and hopefully some will get opportunities next season.

    1. Durand
      I can’t agree less. Even the level of commitment he manageably showed sometime in the season stemmed from the fallout he had with UNAI about his performance. Such epileptic show and performance from a talented player as his is not acceptable. He is becoming a liability.
      It would be hard to get a suitor for him based on his wages, but it would still be hard for him to get regular playtime with the continued lacklustre performance come next season. It would have been troubling in that regards were WENGER still to be at the helms.
      But since it’s UNAI he doesn’t mind WILOCK takes his place as long the lad gives the performance that is needed.

  12. “Even the most die-hard Ozil fans can no longer make a case for him,”

    So the Ozil haters are out in force then huh?
    Trying to proclaim BULLSHT as truth.

    This site is getting pathetic.

    Yesterday someone claimed that no one is in doubt over the quality of players yet I have spoken to literally hundreds who blame the manager and not players…

    Now we get this BS about Ozil and no one can defend him. Who written this? No footBALLS to put their name to it? Is this the same monkey that written the article saying that every fan was united behind the idea that we have a squad of garbage? Ignoring the fact we was sat in third with the only thing to do was turn up and Emery failed to turn up.

    He had nothing that night, he was part of 3 men left to do an attacking job against a good Chelsea who aimed to win that CM battle.

    Who did we have? Deep sitting Xhaka and deep sitting Torriera, no aid from those two in attacking and getting the ball forward, well, unless you count Xhaka long passes.

    Let that sink in, 2 Deep Mid ahead of 3 CB and the 2 wing backs we played we’re pinned back as guess what… Their fullbacks had no one on them.

    1. Just to add to my rant.

      “Arsenal legend Charlie Nicholas has encouraged the Gunners to cash in on both Alex Iwobi and Henrikh Mkhitaryan this summer while taking aim at outgoing flop Denis Suarez, during an interview with Sky Sports.”

    2. Midkemma Having two deep sited DMs is what Ozil needed as a free role AM. Jorginho had a perfect holiday. Xhaka did his bit and Torreira too and oh Ozil too except when Willock came on and showed us that Mesut was happy with mediocrity. He hardly shoots and thus a problem. He didn’t give Chelsea’s midfield work to do. Ozil is not Arsenal’s problem. He is just a part of it that need to be purged in solving all problems

  13. Arsenal is the only club that Ozil has been at longer then his first 3 year contract at all the clubs he has been at.

    Credit to ozil, he marked the turn of a new era at arsenal where we finally were able to sign big. He will always be remembered for that and being the drive that eventually meant we won the FA Cup to become the record holders. The first was nervy, the 2nd clinical and the 3rd win was when we dominated Chelsea (even though it was only 2-1).

    Arsenal and ozil didn’t kick on.

    Mkhitaryan worked out the better part of the Sanchez deal for both teams and I dont mind him if he is a squad man but unfortunately his wages demands him to be more, and he isn’t sorry to say.

    Mustafi I feel sorry for because he was not good enough for arsenal, as much as I say players during the season need our encouragement (so they can do what we want from them) the reality of off season is we can voice what good business sense means – and that’s selling mustafi.
    Surely he is off if he is not being picked ahead of monreal!

    Not that note, I suspect also Litchsteiner and Monreal are off as their contracts expire in 29days and no news of renewals.

    I keep talking about needing a culture change, all the new people are arsenal are not messing around – Dick Law went, AW went, Sven went, Gazidas went and so we can agree no such loyalty will prevail for some of the players.

  14. In addition to the three players mentioned in your article the following should also be moved on before we can hope to improve.Kos,Monreal,Socratis who is no better than Mustafi,Lichsteiner,Jenkinson ,Ospina and Kolasinac.I do not believe Chambers,Bielik,Holding and Mavroponas could be as bad as the aging ,sub-standard centre backs and full backs who are part of our first team squad, indeed I am sure they would respond positively to being given the chance to perform on a regular basis.The question is does Emery have the guts to cut out the players who are clearly inadequate or will be soldier on with some of them because he is scared to take the risk?Well Mr Emery, there is absolutely no risk whatsoever because you will have the backing of most of our sensible realistic fans who recognise that a clear out of our defensive debris should have taken place a number of years ago.Our defensive has become the joke of the PL.Teams look forward to meeting us because they know they will have numerous opportunities to score during the game.We have got to instil real defensive nous and physical stature without delay otherwise we will be faced with yet another season of mediocrity.

  15. That Arsenal are desperate to get rid of all three is NOT rumour, but FACT! Apart from those who even now, still choose to be wilfully blind on Ozil, we all know that Arsenal are trying Heaven and Earth to move these three regular failures. Of course the wilfully blind will now shoot me down for speaking truth. That is what happens with self foolers! As to the actual chance of ridding ourselves of each of these three this summer I offer these odds as my opinion. Mustafi 95%, Mkhi 80%, Ozil 60%. BUT be in NO doubt as to the clubs wishes , whether or not they all happen.

    1. We will have to wait and see on this Jon won’t we?Lets not forget that you paid out on a bet 4 months early because you said Ozil will not be here next season.

    1. I’m hibernating and if the Spuds win the CL I’m going to dig a deeper hole!!!

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