Arsenal fans will be very pleased with what Unai Emery is demanding

It is hardly a secret that Unai Emery has issues with Mesut Ozil, he does not appear to trust him in away games and according to reports in the media, the manager no longer wants him at Arsenal.

It is being reported that Emery was infuriated with the way that Ozil walked off the pitch in the 4-1 Europa League final defeat to Chelsea and that action has caused the Spaniard to lose complete faith in Arsenal’s highest profile star and is now demanding he be sold.

Ozil walked off in such a manner when we were 3-1 down that you would have thought that it was Arsenal that was winning.

He lumbered off so slowly that you have to question his attitude to the club, he gave the impression that he did not give a shit and that the game was already done and dusted.

It showed a massive lack of respect to the club and fans, he should have run off that pitch as if his life depended on it but not Ozil, he carried an attitude that he is such a big superstar that he can walk off at his own pace regardless of the circumstances on the pitch.

The fans were furious and now it seems that Emery was just as angry at his reaction to being substituted.

The big problem facing Arsenal though, is who will buy Ozil with the huge wages he is on?

It is very likely that he would refuse to take any pay cut and based on his performances and attitude who will trust him to play at a level that justifies £350k per week?

If Arsenal is to offload Ozil they will have to subsidise his wages and probably for a huge amount, possibly as much as £200k per week.

Ozil is now toxic, the fans, for the most part, do not want him and neither does his manager and I would not be surprised if some of the players do not want him at the club anymore but the simple fact is that it is almost impossible to get rid of him.


  1. Can’t stand Ozil
    Ozil is a liability now.
    But I don’t think anyone will want to take him off our hands with his current £350,000 per week salary
    Chinese? Arabs?
    The huge salary increase by Wenger was ludicrous

    We should get a Top creative winger who can also play central attacking midfielder

    1. The Gulf clubs might want to pay him. But I highly doubt the Chinese clubs have serious interest in him, because of the anti-muslim sentiment there

      Regarding the new winger, he has to be a specialist that is not afraid to challenge defenders and has skills to do it. No more jack-of-all-trades

    2. As much as I have backed Ozil over the last 6 yr’s but now l am joining other Gooners he has to go to help salvage our club, why don’t we try and sell him to Barcelona, or ship him out to the Chinese League or even at a last resort do a deal with Manchester United and bring Alexis back to the Emirates!!!!!!!⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽???????

    3. Don’t give him a Squad number next season see how he likes that, leave him with the juniors cause he his a baby with the attitude he has

    4. The salary increase was by Gazidis, it’s common knowledge. One of his last “gifts” to us.

      To be fair, though – when there was talk of selling Sanchez – most fans online were furious. Yet mere 6, 7 months later these same fans were complaining why Sanchez hadn’t been sold 6, 7 months earlier.

      Same with Ozil. Gazidis was scared of losing Sanchez and Ozil within a few months, so he caved in. Turned out to be a mistake, but in this instance you can understand him, as Ozil was still performing much better than now. And if you look back, a large percentage of fans were okay with the extension, as they felt a replacement plus salary would cost much more…

    5. I totally agree Ozil is like a millstone around our neck dump him if it means taking a hit so be it

  2. There are still many on here who , rather ridiculously, think him an asset. Needless to say, I am NOT among them. Thrilled to read this article and fervently hope it is true.

  3. I think Unai emery needs to go the youthful way.
    it can’t go worse than this old idiots like lichsteiner.

    spend the 40M and get a leftback and a new CB.


    bellerin holding manolas tagliafico

    xhaka torreira

    nelson willock iwobi


    no lacazette as i think he wants to go to barcelona.
    let the young guys have a crack at it,they cannot do worse than this set of players we have had bottling all season long.

    1. Highly doubt Barcelona’s interest in Lacazette, because his goal and assist stats are not impressive in this season. He should go if there is a 60 – 70 M offer

      4-2-3-1 is good to dominate the ball possession, but we lose one midfielder at the expense of the no 10. Prefer 4-3-3, where we can have one DM, two half-wingers and two wingers

      1. I also like 4-3-3

        liverpool and city utilise it very well.
        but i think for it to work you need great fullbacks to give you width.

        1. Where is the £60 million from the Adidas kit deal going, given the quoted transfer budget of £40 million?

          1. And what about also 50mil from Emirates deal that starts this year?

            I am fed up with this shi*ty rumours saying we only have 40mil or 45mil.

            What i believe is that we only have 45mil to spend coz any of the players worth more than 45 mil will take our wage bill beyond the FFP limits. For ex: if we go for Pepe who is worth 60mil which we will be able to afford. But his wages will definitley be upward of 150k. And hence there will be no room to buy 1 or 2 defenders.

            So the biggest problem we have now is that pathetic sh*t of a player Ozil. And the next biggest problem is Mikhi and Mustafi. offloading all three would raise our transfer budget by 50mil easily.

            Dont forget apart from the TV income and all other profits from last season we will be getting 110mil(60mil addidas +50mil emirates) just through sponsorships.

            1. We also earned 34 mill. pounds from the Europa league last season when we reached the semis, so should be at least as much this year.

    2. i think Laca will still be with us, for now. i’m all good with using & promoting the youngsters into the first team… use the 45M to get a couple of better than decent defenders into the team. if there’s balance cash, go for a creative midfielder (i’m sure we can find someone decent out there at an affordable cost). personally, my line up would look like this… and yes, can’t get any worse than what we went thru with the current one…

      GK – Leno / Martinez / Macey
      LB – To buy or use our youngster
      CB – Sokratis / Holding / Mavropanos / Pleguezuelo / *Koscielny / To buy
      RB – Ballerine
      LW – Kolasinac / To buy
      DM – Torriera (Captain) he deserves the armband / Chambers / *Xhaka
      CM – Maitland Niles / Guendouzzi / Willock
      AM – Smith Rowe / Iwobi / *Ozil
      RW – Nelson / To buy
      FW – Auba / Laca / Nketiah / Saka

      Time to go…
      *Ozil (low chance of any team taking him)
      *Kolcielny (one of our better defenders but should be given a choice to stay or go)
      *Xhaka (if any team interested…sell, if none, no choice but keep)

    3. No Auba, my friend. He’s in the last two years of his contract and just can’t see him signing an extension at 30. He’ll want to win trophies and we all know Arsenal can’t provide him with such ludicrous things. Since when is winning trophies an Arsenal thing? Not since 2007 and kroenke takeover, that’s for sure.

  4. Pochettino made a mistake by playing two CAMs (Eriksen and Alli) in CL final, which was proven to be ineffective despite the dominant ball possession. Only Son was able to disrupt Liverpool’s defense, whereas Tottenham’s CAMs could only do merry-go-round passes

    The CAM tactic is not effective anymore and that’s why most top teams prefer to use wingers to break through instead of using a no 10. Therefore Arsenal have to replace their CAMs with skillful wingers

    Sanchez created more assists than Ozil in this season and that fact tells us how bad Ozil worked in 2018/2019. If Arsenal plan to pay Ozil in order to replace him with a young winger, I fully support it because we cannot afford another season with ineffective CAMs

    1. A team without a number 10 is just as imbalance as a team without wingers.

      A balance team needs good passers to complement good dribblers and vice versa

  5. The Ozil blaspheming again, lets just blame him for our loss as all the rest were excellent !
    Great player who doesn`t fit the criteria of current football and probably should move on, but if you seriously think he`s going to leave on £350kpw…….mmmmm
    Many times I have read that all the players rate him, but obviously they just say that to his face.
    Some great words coming out of Oxlades mouth about …”once a gooner always a gooner”……….and great bit of class by Liverpool for allowing the Arsenal squad to be on their bus parade around Liverpool to celebrate Spuds getting beaten !

    1. he’s not a great player though. Xhaka has had more great games this season than Ozil. Is Xhaka now great? The last time Ozil was great was in Spain.

      1. Buy a player for record amount (at the time) and you build a team around his strengths…………………you dont put Usain Bolt in a Marathon.

        1. Okay, sure. Let’s pretend we didn’t have Sanchez, Auba, Lacazette, Cazorla, Ramsey for Ozil to play alongside. Best he was ever able to conjure up was half an amazing season. I can already tell this conversation is going the “ozil can only be world class when he is surrounded by world class players” argument. if that is the case then you are NOT world class!

          1. You m ake a good argument RSH and I can understand some of it. We have got worse over the last few seasons, but other than Auba and Laca the players were better when Ozil was at his best for us.
            Like I said the “football” has moved on with the more pressing game and I did say that he should probably move on…….still a great player imo.
            Sorry for the delay in reply as I was teaching my grandson some football tekkers ! 🙂

          2. 1st post here since the final… I think my mourning is done… I so much needed that Trophy reasons because Chelshit are my most dislike team, More than spurs from where I come from as there is no spurs fan here

            Ozil knows he is useless to the team absolutely useless… I blame him not for the defeat but Emery he chooses to play him knowing he offers nothing on the pitch.. He chooses to play Cech knowing it the most important match in Arsenal history wait of European Trophy since 25years but still he chooses a mediocre Team…it will take something magnificent for me to forgive Emery and get over this defeat

            1. Who could Emery have played instead of Ozil in the Europa League final, given that Ramsey and Mhikataryan were unavailable?

  6. great article, great news. at last, the club are copping to the leech ozil. he is bleeding our club dry . and yet, you have fools and clowns coming in here still saying that ozil is world class. he is indeed world class, he is a world class pup in my opinion. the people who agreed to give him a huge pay hike should be kicked out of football about feathering your favourite sons nest !, it is so blatant what went on with wenger here. and he was let away with it . between him and the fools who sanctioned this unreal wage hike they should hang their heads in shame.further proof that that fraud of a manager loves arsenal, arsenal is his club, and it is his stadium.funny way to show your love to your club, bleed em dry.

  7. Ozil should leave Arsenal he is no longer good enough for the club I believe he needs to find a new club I think Shanghai SIPG need him so that we sign Oscar the Brazilian as a replacement

  8. Silly how the writer claims to know what fans want or don’t want.. How may fans have you polled.
    So we got beat by Chelsea because of Ozil?
    And what was the score when he was subbed? If only he had rushed off the pitch Arsenal would have quickly scored goals rescue the match..
    I do hope Ozil leaves but only because he deserves a better squad than playing with these xhakas and torreiras behind him.
    Besides the two in front of him who of these Arsenal players would play at the top 10 teams??
    But yes it’s Ozil’s fault.. It always is.
    Arsenal is going to tinker with that second rate coach until they figure out that they are waisting their time.
    Let’s see what the young players produce next year with this useless Emery..

    1. Ozil deserves a better club? A better club won’t take him. They all know he’s been nothing but a fraud here. Only Arsenal fans would accept such trash, smh. Same problem with AW faithfuls. It’s all sentiments and not about winning. News flash, Xhaka and Torreira had better seasons than Ozil!!

    2. You can create your club then play eleven Ozil, maybe you will be playing non-league football. Yes Xhaka and Torriera are poor but they had a better season than your Lord. He is so good, top teams are fighting to even double his wages??

  9. is it me , or , are the people who still adore the sacked manager, also, adore the lazy ghost ozil. that is a bit spooky, if you ask me .i wonder what the connection could possibly be between those two hasbeens ?.can anybody please tell me am i seeing something here or am i just making it all up. wenger lovers also love ozil, wow.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has noticed this. Arsenal fans I think are too easily pleased. Wenger accomplished something great with Invincible season. but then he suddenly gets God status and it takes over a decade for him to get sacked. Ozil, some fans must still be star struck we got somebody from Real Madrid, despite him being nothing but above average most seasons. We were satisfied with merely participating in UCL, satisfied with top 4 and the players celebrated it like a trophy win. How any Arsenal fan is shocked we are now a Europa League status club is beyond me. This has been LONG in the making and many fans have been saying for ages that we were falling far behind the opposition and that the club was going to end up here. Wenger should’ve been sacked eons ago, and his & the higherups poor decisions have now done years worth of damage to our squad and it will take a long time to clean it all up.

      1. Some of us , well me, at least for the longest time, have been saying exactly as you say and we have been saying it for a very long time too. I wanted Wenger out since 2008 and said so often , long and loudly because I knew he was harming us. It is depressing how long it takes for some fans to see the plain truth. I am glad to see you are not among those fools. I have also been saying how lazy and unproductive OZIL is for several seasons already. Yet STILL, even now, some flatly refuse to see the truth in front of their own noses. If there was a poll on here asking the question “Do you or do you not think Ozil gives 100% regularly?”, SOME would still say he does. They are way beyond help clearly! I could name them easily but will not further embarrass them. But their collective lack of response on him since the final is damning!

        1. Jon-you have no need to name me.I still openly support a sublimely gifted footballer.You don’t and so what?That makes you correct in your opinion and I’m wrong does it?
          You want workhorses while I will always prefer thoroughbreds.And don’t start quoting stats-you don’t believe in them do you?
          Do we go back to facts-And the simple fact is that when Emery played his FOUR BEST PLAYERS TOGETHER THEY WON EVERY GAME.
          Ozil,Ramsey,Lacazette And Aubamayang.PLAYED FIVE WON FIVE.I wonder whoever it was that ever thought up that revolutionary tactic that having your best players in the team wins you more games.And in those games did anyone question Ozil and his work rate?I doubt it.
          You have a voice that you ensure everyone hears.You hide behind comments such as calling anyone who respects Ozil as “fools” which you clearly said on another thread.I can tell you something now PAL I am anything other than a fool.I obviously have a completely different take on the type of player I want at Arsenal than you do.Does that make me a fool?Or you just a senile idiot who is happy to TRUMPETGOB your views whether anyone is bothered about what you day or not.
          In my case it’s NOT.And hasn’t been for quite a while.

          1. Phil thank you very much! This was a masterclass comment opinion IMO and not just because i like özils playing style too, i liked it how you summarized that not everything is about workhorses.. a good team need everything.. the workhorse, the artistic one, the leader, the allrounder, the efficient one etc. etc. And the main problem in our team is, that we miss too much of these, if the team was balanced.. as you said with our 4 best players, we would have been in the champ. League, emery was the one who destroyed the season, and jon fox is just being too disrespectful to all the other opinions other than his own

            1. Krish , I will tell you what is actually disrespectful and it is not me. I simply tell the plain truth, which fans like you need telling. It is OZIL WHO IS DISRESPECTING US FANS AND HIS CLUB AND HIS TEAMMATES, NOT TO MENTION HIS OWN TALENT, BY BEING IDLE AND A COASTER JUST GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS, WHILE PICKING UP A MONSTROUSLY UNEARNED AND STUPIDLY AWARDED WAGE, WHICH IS BLEEDING THE CLUB WE ALL LOVE DRY. THAT IS THE MEANING OF REAL DISRESPECT. And I will ask you the same two questions I asked Phil in the post above this and await your answers please. And with interest too!

              1. Jon, here you go again…”simply tell the plain truth”…

                What you fail to comprehend or understand is, it’s only your opinion of what is the plain truth and, actually, anyone who doesn’t agree with you is not a fool!!!
                Believing they are makes you the fool and yet it seems that you cannot see or comprehend that.

                TMJW and RSH (to name just two!!) disagree vehemently on most things, but I do not judge or see them as fools, rather fellow gooners who has completely different, but, nevertheless, relevant views to mine.
                I don’t disrespect him (at least I hope I haven’t TMJW and RSH) but will argue and discuss my point with as much enthusiasm as they do.

                Jon your assumption that any fellow gooner who disagrees with you is a fool, is the height of ignorance and the most self opinionated BS I have ever read.

                You say you speak the truth and always have done…has it EVER occured to you that you might have actually got it wrong?
                I know I have on many occasions, admit it and carry on learning about life, have you never been in that position?

                Why do you think you would embarrass someone by naming them if they disagreed with your personal thoughts on any footballing matter?
                Do you REALLY have this ego that allows you to presume that anyone would be embarrassed by you naming them?
                Your just Jon Fox and I am just Ken1945, neither of us are better or worse than anyone else on here.

                This is a site for all Arsenal fans, whatever their persuasion and to think that you are calling someone who follows this great club around the world a fool, is breathtaking in its arrogance.
                Your written word is so different to your spoken word and when we have had discussions on the telephone, it’s hard to comprehend it’s the same person.
                It’s no good you saying that you speak the way fans do on the terraces, you would not last long if you called someone a foolish dullard in the North Bank, that’s for sure!

                In answer to your question regarding Ozil giving 100%…I believe every footballer gives 100% of their ability when chosen…so are you saying that UE selected Ozil when he wasn’t giving 100%?
                Surely that would be a fool(ish) thing to do wouldn’t it Jon?
                Unless, of course, UE isn’t this paragon of management that you want us dullards and fools to have no legitimate questions and doubts about?

                In your quest to ridicule others, it seems you lose the thread of your own arguments in certain circumstances, so let’s see if you can explain your chain of thoughts regarding UE, Ozil and 100%.

                Before you ask, still more than pleased to here from you via the dog and bone my fellow gooner.

          2. Phil What you (not me) call workhorses and thoroughbreds are both horses . Ozil is a pro football player, not a horse and it is plainly reasonable for all fans to expect all pro players to earn their huge money which they all get, not merely Ozil. I will therefore ask you the question I mentioned in my post , so do you honestly think all players should give 100% every time and do you think Ozil gives that? If you truly believe he DOES give 100% or does not need to, then further discussion between us is pointless. So what are your answers Phil?

            1. As I’ve stated countless times and will continue to say is that Mesit Ozil is not a Flamini.He never was and never will be.Does he put in 100%?Yes he does.He is not the type of player who runs around for the sake of it.I honestly believe he was not by any means our worst player in the EL Final.What about Auba and Laca?Completely non-existent but because they ran around a bit that’s ok with you is it?Ran around getting nowhere but at least they tried is ok with you I suppose?
              I want intelligent footballers at my club.With an intelligent manager to get the best from these players.
              I was at Goodson Park when Emery inexplicably went with Elneny and Guendouzi as our midfield two.What an embarrassment that was.And you wonder why Ozil does not perform?But you expect him to run around like the other headless chickens in the team just so he ticks the 100% effort box?No matter the inept team performance?No matter the fact our few talented players continue to be let down by a Manager and his obviously flawed team selections and tactics?
              Good to see YOU answer this with any sense of realism bearing in mind the God Like status you hold for a Manager who could not get us over the line for a top four place that was there for the taking.
              If you are looking for a scapegoat I would suggest you look more closely at Emery and less at Ozil workrate.You Obviously have your mind made up on Ozil but do not start believing you are in a majority who believes Emery is the Golden Coach you think he is.This manager has made far too many errors this season to even think he is blameless.

              1. Phil, Well as you believe Ozil puts in 100% and by your own words presumably thought Flamini must have somehow put in more than 100%, which even Geordie Armstrong could not do, though he ALWAYS put in 100%, then it is pointless you and I ever discussing Ozil again. I pledge not to directly answer to you any of your future posts on Ozil and hope you will do me the same courtesy, directly to me, on my posts when I mention him. Happy of course to discuss ALL other matters. I must add that running around like a headless chicken is not, IMO, what putting in100% means and I have never said it was. Productive and effective hard work is 100% and I do not see Ozil giving that these days , nor for some time past.

      2. Agree with what you say completely. The infuriating thing I see now is some people asking the question as to whether Emery should be given a second season. That is just so ignorant and stupid, on so many levels, it’s not funny.

        I only hope that we can make a substantial clean out of dead wood now. We need to promote a good few youth players, and I like the strategy of targeting good value South American talent for reinforcements.

    2. I`m an Ozil stalker………..sorry……..supporter, yet I wanted Wenger gone when I first started blogging on Arsenal sites and that was in 2011……………………I prefer to rant about the bigger evil in all this finger pointing…………………….Kroenke !……….cant say I`ve ever read or heard of any Arsenal fan defending him, something we probably all agree on !………………………….can you imagine the abuse on here someone woukld get if trhey were both an Arsenal and a Kroenke supporter………………….are there any ?

      1. Hypothetical question for you…..If AFC had ended up under a Dein / Usmanov regime, and with the first team record remaining the same, how long do you think they would have tolerated Wenger’s performance?

        1. Tolerated Wenger’s performance?
          Check out your history, before making such statements.
          Dein and Wenger were The Arsenal and with Usmanov’s money and drive, we would have had the same success that David Dein and AW produced earlier.
          Let’s see if UE can produce with kronkies money and imput what AW did in the same scenario…check it out and then think about it.

          Let me ask you a simple question Ozgoonerguy, do you think Dein and Usmanov would have tolerated UE’s wonderful end of season run in?
          The team selection, the tinkering, the team motivation, the all eggs in one basket mentality of winning the europa league?
          How long? They would probably be interviewing Arteta as I type this reply out.

          1. @Ken1945
            Why do you guys hold Dein in such high regard? Isn’t he the one who introduced that snake Kroenke into our great club and subsequently started our depressing demise? Anyway, I do believe Emery would have remained, not because he is a great manager, but because any manager would have struggled in his first season dealing with this deep bank of mediocre players he inherited from the previous regime. I do though expect Emery to be fired within his 2nd season if things don’t start heading the right direction. Already he has splashed out £70M and we have seen no noticeable change. He got his free pass season to evaluate the situation and settle in, now minimum for next season should be top 4. If he looks like he can’t deliver then fire him early.

            1. Quantic Dream, thanks for asking my opinion in such a civil way.

              Let’s start with Daviv Dein…it was him who actually brought AW to The Arsenal and their partnership, because that is what it was, led us to the most successful time in the clubs history.
              As with any living mortal, he made mistakes and the biggest one was introducing kronkie to the club.
              As you well know, initially the board were completely against him, but in the end sold their souls and, while agreeing it was Dein who started it, he did at least try to stop it with Usmanov alongside him.
              Amazingly, it was the board, added and abetted by kronkie, that kicked him out so ruthlessly in order to follow the agenda that we know find ourselves in (as far as I can read the situation anyway).

              Now the second part about UE struggling…but he didn’t did he?
              That is the point in my opinion, he did better than anyone of us thought he would!!!
              He did a great job taking the club on a undefeated run, with the players that you seem to dismiss as rubbish, along with the likes of Torreira, Sokratis and Guend.
              We played ourselves into a position that saw us needing just three points from the last five games to secure a CL spot and third in the table…plus a european cup final.
              Do you really think that this equates to a manager “sstruggling” or that he inherited “dross” players?
              The reason ot all unravelled at the end, was not because of dross or inherited mayhem, it was UE introducing the mayhem when his tactics during those final games backfired so disastrously, in my opinion anyway.

              I will support whoever is the manager next season, but to keep hiding behind the falsehoods regarding inheriting a bad set of players is nonsence, as UE himself proved during and up to the final games of the season.
              Just think, the fact that we haven’t qualified for the CL has cost thr club an initial £50,000,000, more than the reported transfer fund we are supposed to have now.

              That’s how I see the picture and, of course, you see it another way…whoever is right, the season ended in such a disappointing way, we just have to thank ‘pool for not making it even worse.

  10. He has become very poor. Imagine Sanchez creating and assisting more than him, despite having a bad season. He is suppose to lead this team, but he is the most ineffective player. How some people crucify a 23 year old while supporting his mediocre performances is one of the wonders of the world.

  11. ARSENAL!!!!
    Before we even think about Ozil’s crap, (there’s no time to waste on foolish people yet we have a rebuilding process) let’s get these 3 (three) players:
    Ziyech (CAM) – 35m
    Kingsley Coeman (WINGER) – 35m
    Adrien Rabiot (CM) – free
    Bailey (Man Utd) – not important but if he’s available
    I repeat; there is no need for new defenders, it’s the manager and our midfield that makes the defence look bad.
    We have missed out on many players b’se of wasting time on non-matters e.g.
    Moura, Aurier, Kovacic, Rodriguez, Brendan Rodgers etc.

  12. so much of the ozil hating….am really surprised to how blind some of our supporters seem to be at Niles such a bad season… imagine someone asking us to put him in central midfield…Niles was culpable for almost all the goals conceded on that day if not two… and he gets no criticism…so while Niles was busy playing his rubbish and we conceding goal… you all expect ozil to be dribbling 4 to 5 Chelsea’s players and scoring … right….I guess that was what the so called greatest player messi did again Liverpool anfield… that’s why you guys are putting the blame on ozil alone ….ohhh… he should have ran out of the pitch when substituted….but guess what emery was running all over the touch line while sarri was seated……. didn’t we lose badly…. showing stupid emotions is just not good enough…. it’s what you have that you give….we have a coach who has done next to nothing with the squad….quick analysis….you all keep saying this squad is bad….is it that really bad comparing players to players with Tottenham players…. and yet with good coaching they qualify for top 4 and reach champion league final without signing anybody….we had the easiest run to clinch the top four with 5 games to go in the season but our legendary coach who is a saint and shouldn’t be touched and gets no blame started making stupid selections and bottled it and guess whose at fault…. ozil…. just because he earns 350k…so funny to how blind fans here are…. please what has emery done with this team to deserve any praise and not be criticised…. you all talk about wenger being stubborn and not getting a DM…unai got it with some couple of defensive signings to beef up the squad… so what has he been able to do with it…. you won’t appreciate this players until they leave…case in point giroud the lamppost…he practically won Chelsea the Europa with record goals scored and that’s an arsenal reject…some people are even of the opinion Ramsey is better than ozil just because he runs around like an headless chicken…. and to them that’s commitment….commitment with little quality… check his stats for arsenal compared to ozil you all love to drag down….almost 400 Games Ramsey played with just 59 assists and you compare him with ozil 69 assist with lesser games played….point is you guys need to focus on this so called coach who seems to be average to me…but have given him this season….am going to start coming hard on him next season if I continue to see same performance…. I guess mustafi was the reason we have such a bad defence… thank God he didn’t play against Chelsea… he would have been the easiest scape goat with ozil….and nobody talks about Niles for practically giving the match away to Chelsea….of course if it doesn’t rain or shine on time it’s ozils fault….

    1. Yes we should blame the coach for playing Ozil more often towards the end of the season.

          1. Or could it be that when he played Lacs, Aba, Ramsey and Ozil together in the team, we won five games in a row…no need to look for any other talent if they produced these kind of results is there?
            So what on earth made him pick \elneny and Gueds against Everton, watch the pathetic performance and then do it again with the same result?
            The lack of talent came directly from UE when he changed, or tinkered, a winning formula and hence we find ourselves still in the europa league, watching spuds reaching the final and appearinng again in the CL.
            I suggest comparing Torreria with Gilberto would omit your thoughts on what makes up talent, although Torreria does run around a lot!
            In actual fact more than Gilberto ever did…why…because Gilberto was talented enough to read the game better.

  13. The biggest culprit for Arsenal is Granit Xhaka. If he didn’t create the penalty by tripping the Burnley player in the final match, Arsenal would have qualified in the European Champions league.
    Xhaka was also the highest penalty giver in the premier league.

  14. After reading so many comments I will add mine.
    I personally think Arsenal have too many under achievers when it comes to the big games. The coach cannot always be blamed. Most of Arsenal’s first team players are vastly experienced, so if they have not the big game mentality now, they never will.

    1. Nice one, drew! I agree with you about the mentality!
      Laca is the most consistent big game player we have

  15. 1st post here since the final… I think my mourning is done… I so much needed that Trophy reasons because Chelshit are my most dislike team, More than spurs from where I come from as there is no spurs fan here

    Ozil knows he is useless to the team absolutely useless… I blame him not for the defeat but Emery he chooses to play him knowing he offers nothing on the pitch.. He chooses to play Cech knowing it the most important match in Arsenal history wait of European Trophy since 25years but still he chooses a mediocre Team…it will take something magnificent for me to forgive Emery and get over this defeat

  16. Hmmmm very funny how we still argue about OZIL. The most annoying thing is that how on earth is OZIL still an Arsenal player and RAMSEY is not?? Ozil was never a world class, he just plays for a world class team. As longs as unai Emery keeps feeding 3-4-1-2 formation, Arsenal will keep conciding more goals, losing possesion and scoring less goals. Arsenal now defend with 7players attact with 3players. Mancity,liverpool attack with 6players each and defend with 4players yet they conced less and score more goals. The best formation we ever had was 4-2-3-1 & 4-3-3B. Leno
    Bellerin Holding Papa Kolasinac.
    Xhaka Torriera
    Auba Lacazette Iwobi.

  17. I wonder how long it takes some of our brothers to put something in past tense”Ozil is world class” for his display in World cup in Brasil.Sensible years have elaapsed.he was world class now a deadrot too good to be remembered than used

  18. I get it Admin, you don’t like Ozil. By the way can you name me one Arsenal player who ran off the pitch as if his life depended on it? I agree he has issues with Emery but how do you know he is now toxic with his team mates, you believe the written media do you? Ozil has had a very poor season but there are at least half a dozen players who have had worse ones and rarely get the same stick.

    The plain truth is we were pretty poor this season and we got what we deserved and it wasn’t the fault of one player.

  19. The 5 trophies on offer were rightfully shared by the top 3 teams in the country. Us, them and united got exactly what we deserved nothing.

    As for this ozil debate, when he was a great no.10 he was used just behind 1 main striker, playing like a bergkamp role, who was undoubtedly the greatest no.10 to ever wear an arsenal shirt. I believe that if we played 4411 with ozil sitting just off auba or laca we would not only play to his strengths but also strengthen our defence, with 2 banks of 4.

    However, UE is not the man to do this and I think we should and could do a Bruce Rioch on him, who was used to fill a gap between the George graham years and wenger era. We quite clearly would have loved Allegri, but he wanted to honour the last year of his contract at Juventus. He is now available and I would not be surprised to see him replace UE this summer.

    Allegri would know how to build a defence, he will get the best out of ozil and possibly keep the best 2 players at arsenal happy by playing auba out wide.
    ……….. Leno
    New back 4
    Iwobi torreira xhaka aubameyang

  20. I’m coming to this site less and less.

    Why bother when you know that the articles are ill thought out, highschool level trash?

    “Like he doesn’t give a sh*t”

    I expect this from comments but not from the articles, it isn’t family friendly and I would not currently recommend this site currently to fellow gooners, comments are one thing but Admin should ensure the articles at least show some respect to the range of readers.

    Now to the comments, I read a fair few and I had to laugh and the stupidity on show, a few fair posts as well.

    I think he (Ozil) is an asset, of course Jon knows better even though he will never prove anything he claims, he will not show us stats of how much Ozil has ran because he knows it’ll break his delusion. Instead, he’ll claim that his experience is more valid than actual facts. Just like those people who experienced being abducted by aliens to be probed are more valid than reality…

    @gerry burke
    Maybe it is because the people who appreciate Ozil are not mindless in their defense of him?
    We knew that Wenger was on his way out yet warned about who we could get, I was pointing at Gazidis being the issue and when it came to replace Wenger… Who could we get? Great managers were lining up to manager Arsenal on a budget right?

    Many on this site talked sense yet people like Jon, people who refuse to accept reality, they thought anyone would be better and now we’re stuck with Emery who has done what? Even Xhaka is refusing to say we have progressed since Wenger… Not surprising when we know that “Unais Red Army” let in the same amount of goals as Wengers worst ever team with us.

    This isn’t to say we should never have looked to get rid of Wenger, some of us though, we wanted a CEO with ambition to be the man picking Wengers replacement. Getting better than what we already had. I’ve been using David Dein as an example of ambition, he wasn’t afraid to sack Rioch after Rioch had achieved his targets, Dein sacked him and got Wenger (and backed him) who won us titles.

    People are not saying that Ozil is the best player on the planet, they are asking who is going to replace him? A popular sarcastic snap is “Iwobi?”. Why? Because it highlights the lack of quality to replace him.

    They want the best players that Arsenal can get and currently, Ozil, he is one of the best players we have. Not saying he is the best out there, like Wenger… Just someone better and not a downgrade.

    No point replying to me as I doubt I’ll be on this site for a day or two. I’m sick of the Ozil bashing as it is being used to avoid the real issue, Emery. The manager who was hired to get us UCL football and failed to do so, the manager who let in the same as Wenger’s worst ever season… Even though he had about £70mil worth of def player additions. This clown of a manager is our Moyes and instead of wanting better… People actually think it would be wise to allow him to spend every penny the club has along with some future earnings on players like Nzonzi and Banega.

    I have never been so put off from football as I feel right now with Emery in charge.

    Yet this site wishes to revert to schoolyard descriptions to a players crushed feelings while leaving the pitch… I feel that to enjoy supporting Arsenal, I should avoid JustArsenal.

    1. midkemma, sorry mate, you lost me, i have not got a clue if there is a point to this elongated comment of yours. however, i am sure it is me , and not your fine writing skills that are to blame.

      1. “is it me , or , are the people who still adore the sacked manager, also, adore the lazy ghost ozil. ”

        People defend him with facts, like people defending Wenger with facts.

        Basically, it is just you and the other mindless people who jump on bandwagons without critically thinking for themselves. Calling him lazy without backing it up with facts… because the facts wouldn’t show he is lazy.

        Back up your BS claim with facts/stats?
        Didn’t think you would.

    2. Midkemma
      You are living your own Solar System too much. Wherever you go try to be more discriminating. I say this for your benefit and not against you.

      1. “Wherever you go try to be more discriminating.”

        Am I not discriminating enough?

        Or are you too stupid to say what you really meant?

        Was that discriminating enough?

        I don’t like getting into areas like gender or skin tone, if that is where I am lacking then sorry 🙁

    3. midkemma, iwobi did more than what ozil did in the EL final. “A popular sarcastic snap” my foot. Quite silly to underrate one of our own players.

      1. It is a sarcastic snap, go ask the people who say it.
        Or are you going to proclaim that they all do not know what they meant and you must know better?

        Iwobi isn’t under rated either, he is overrated.

        You’re a moron.

  21. If he doesn’t want to leave, there’s always the option of playing him with the U23s for the rest of his Arsenal career. Let’s see how he likes that, the big superstar.

  22. Ozil has always been a luxury player with some talent but little heart or consistency. He over the past seasons had less and less impact in a game and too often disappears when he is needed most.

    Good riddance I say..
    Getting someone else to take him will be a struggle though.

    No, Emery wasn’t able to deliver champions League football next year by either league position or winning the Europa but imo there has been progress. I believe that if possible and backed by the club Ozil and other deadwood will finally be shipped out as Emery will not suffer fools.


  23. It’s unfortunate that we all understand the game of foot-ball from different perspectives. Most of you guys above are calling Ozill all sorts of insults, but first ask your selves what kind of game plan have observed from our manager for the whole season he has been with the team? At least with Klop at Liverpool, his first season you would predict that they were to be a threat for seasons to come. But for Emery, i doubt Arsenal will be any threat even if given 500m pounds for as a transfer kit.
    We should also look at the players arround Ozill. Are they offering him enough support, providing him with enough options as to where he should place the pass , enough driving force-away of opponents for him to get breathing space as you would compare the players that sarround Eden Hazzard at Chelsea? Fellow gooners, let’s pray for technical team in this transfer market that they look out for pacy and skillful wingers as well as good right and left full backs who can carry on the ball from our own half to the opponent’s half and routinely create spaces, TRUST ME you will see the best of Ozill, the Ozill of the Madrid days when he had the likes of Christiano, Gareth Bale and possibly the Brazilian left back (unfortunately name forgotten). BUT even the biggest question is; DO WE HAVE AN OWNER WHO CAN INJECT IN THE REQUIRED AMOUNT OF MONEY TO GET THOSE HIGH QUALITY PLAYERS NEEDED? But we still have options with us. The likes of Nelson and Saka can prove to be best first team players next season in respect to the required wingers. For me I BELIEVE THEY HAVE ALL THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOOD OUTER MID-FIELDERS. The little money available, let’s invest it on full backs.

  24. We are wasting time with moody Ozil. Out him. He is worthless to us. One or two games we win the he disappears. Get rid of him ASAP.

  25. Am tired of this ozil nonsense….what warranted such increase in the 1st place

    Please someone should tell me a big game ozil dominated since he has been here

    My problem is we let fab,Santi,rvp,Sanchez big game players all left and we are here

    Debating ozil total fraud…. If you think ozil is world class with this his performances

    Then we should find another word for Messi,hazard,mbappe,Ronaldo and many more

  26. How to get OZIl off the books is not a simple as some believe. I have said before OZIL has watertight contract, drawn up by the best in the business. He has one of the best agents in the game and top advisers as well. Also no one on this forum has any knowledge of the contents of his contract,but I am sure that it does the club no favours.So if Ozil does not want to leave, then quite simply he will not. It should also be noted that EMERY is only the coach and does not have the power to get rid of OZIL but can only recommend such action to the BOARD. The BOARD, who in my opinion, will not back such action. I think it has been, said on this forum before, that his commercial value is greater than any one-off fee they would receive if he was sold. The only way, once again in my opinion, is to buy out the remaining period of his contract and take a large but one-off hit. Threatening him with not playing him,playing him with the U23 will not force him to leave but only create huge unrest throughout the club as a whole.

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