Arsenal fans will find out if the Alexis rumours are true or not this evening

Most of the recent Arsenal transfer rumours this month have been about whether Alexis Sanchez will be going to Manchester City in January, or whether he will be going on a free transfer at the end of the season. With the injuries to Gabriel Jesus and Kevin De Bruyne disrupting City’s attacking firepower, Pep Guardiola will be more likely to try and try and prise Alexis away from us this month, and if the rumours are true then Alexis is also chomping at the bit to get to the Etihad as quickly as possible, especially with the lure of a Premier League medal (and a possible Champions League one) at the end of the season.

Although Wenger is claiming that he has not yet received any offers for Alexis yet, he also said that he hadn’t decided whether the Chilean would be playing tonight. Here is an extract from Wenger’s press conference yesterday, as reported on….

on if he expects Alexis to stay…
I expect nothing. I am focused on tomorrow’s game. When solicitations happen, you respond to it. At the moment, it’s very quiet.

on if we would consider letting Alexis go…
I have nothing to add to what I said before on that.

on if the uncertainty on Alexis is having an effect on the team…
What is the most important is to be professional, to perform no matter what the environment is. That’s why I believe that it does not have a big influence on your performance nor the performance of the team. It’s part of our job to deal with that.

on if Alexis will play against Chelsea…
I have not decided yet. That will be decided today [Tuesday] or tomorrow morning

The transfer talks with Valencia over Francis Coquelin was basically confirmed when Wenger left the Frenchman out of the squad for the FA Cup match against Nottingham Forest at the weekend, so I think that the same thing will happen with Alexis this evening. If he plays, he stays. If he is left out completely then we will know he is leaving.

Do you agree?

Darren N


  1. Ivan says:

    You are probably right that if Sanchez does not play he will be gone however The Ox was played a couple of days before he was sold and that could happen again with Sanchez. Wenger is just impossible to read and as he has taken to telling lies impossible to believe.
    As for will Sanchez be sold that depends on whether we want the £20 mil City are offering. After turning down their £60 mil little more than 4 months ago it would be another example of how the comedy team of Wenger & Gadzidis have cocked up another transfer.

    1. McLov says:

      Dont forget the comedy when

      – Wenger played OX against Lpool (when OX mentally was already playing for them)

      – offered that waste of space 180k a week because he still believed in him (OX is useless)

      – only after humiliating himself and the club, got rid of OX

      We are dealing with a real mastermind.

      1. Tat says:

        You can’t say someone got rid of something if that thing is sold for 35 m.

        It’s humiliating for the fans, but a good business deal for the board. I am sure the board consider this as a vistcory, they don’t care about the Liverpool game result

        1. Sue says:

          Don’t forget the day before Arsene said he was going to build a team round Ox

          1. Ivan says:

            And then we were humiliated by Liverpool

        2. neil says:

          I would play Sanchez if even for 1 minute at the end unless we are losing 4-0 so that if in unlikely scenario we beat chelski then he cant play against for Man City in the final… that would really be the most stupid thing ever if we sold him and allowed that to happen!

          we have to look aftr interests of the club not any one individual

  2. Coldzero says:

    Just go Alexi and hurry up about it! Can’t wait to get rid of the upstart- he is nothing but aggro and upsetting the team.

    1. Maks says:

      Our team need shake ups and lots of them but not Alexis kind I agree. It s ok if he leaves but we have to buy a real replacement and that will be hard for many reasons.
      But when he leaves Wenger will have one less reason to be proud of himself. He is to blame for Alexis departure.

      1. Coldzero says:

        Yes but I am bored about hearing about him. It’s boring and Arsenal fans can delude theirselves as much as they want – he does not want to play for us- so it’s time to leave Alexi. That applies to any other player that doesn’t want to wear the shirt – time to leave.

  3. jon fox says:

    Frankly, I do not care, with only a few exceptions, which players stay or go any more. UNTIL next season, when I AM CERTAIN WE WILL HAVE A NEW MANAGER. Ins and outs then wil be his decision and of course it will take some time to clear out all Wengers deadwood and esp all the “little boys” mentality that has been so catastrophic under Wenger for many years now. THRILLINGLY though, it at last looks as if Weed Walcott is mere days away from taking his fraudulent laziness and scaredy cat timidness away from us though . And I do care about this “man” leaving as it is personal , my intense loathing of him. For many years I HAVE REGARDED HIM AS OUR CLUBS ENEMY. He represents all that is bad, decayed and stinking about Wengers last decade. We desperately need an almost total clear out of all Wengers duds, esp those without “balls” or any willl to win , which is most of them. NOT ALL THOUGH! I realise this post will get loads of thumbs down but I remind those who disagree with me, that YOU and others in your camp are the reason we have kept Wenger so tragically long. You will change your tune when you find a new manager- whoever it be- with the balls to act and instill a winning mentality; without which any club is doomed. I give you Man City as a perfect example of a manager who will not tolerate laziness and players like silly, immature Iwobi staying out to 2.37 am in drug filled nightclubs. Yes, they have real money, as we all know, but more than that , they have a whole set up from top to bottom that will not tolerate Walcottitis and Wengeritis. It is all about next season and a new manager now; this one is already a write off on the field. But THRILLINGLY it has, though, at last done for Wenger, by MAY AT LATEST. Those who can see what is happening in the new admin set up will agree with me; those who are “blind” in Wenger style , sadly will not.

    1. Midkemma says:

      “that YOU and others in your camp are the reason we have kept Wenger so tragically long.”

      I disagreed and the reason was down to the quality of player bought.
      If we look at players like ElNeny then yes, they are not good enough.
      How about Alexis? Ozil? Lacazette? They are good players and look like they want to push forward. Shame Lacazette is being subbed so much 🙁

      Wenger can pick good targets, if you will be unbiased for a moment and think about who wanted what signing then you will be forced to agree, Wenger has wanted quality over the years but AFC have given him so many cheap versions that the squad is filled with below par players.

      Wenger has lost his tactical touch and coaching prowess to develop gems, I am not saying he should stay as manager, I refuse to blame him for all the transfers and as such the quality of the whole squad. Gazidis has some blame to take.

      If we pressured Gazidis sooner then he may have made these changes sooner, letting him go under the radar just allowed him to sell top players for profit and go to his boss showing profit and asking how much of a good boy he is.

      I defended Wenger in transfers and I have been labelled a AKB fan.
      I wouldn’t say I am AOB or AKB, they are both as idiotic as each other, I am a AFC supporter!

      There is more to AFC than Wenger.

      1. jon fox says:

        I have not thumbed up or down your post, as some of it makes much sense. But to me the key point I STRESS AGAIN AND AGAIN (though I agree about GAZIDIS, who is a snake oil salesman) is that those who have NOT called for Wengers removal or who have been lukewarm , have enabled him to survive all this long and thus he has continued far too long, regressing the side. It is not all about signings either, which happen only a very few times a season , in or out(at first team squad level at least). It is about stupid formations with players and esp young ones played in totally wrong positions, thus undermining them and any fragile confidence ANY new player ever has, coming in to the first eleven at any time. It it about taking NO NOTICE WHATEVER of the need to set up defence ; not even for the need to actually defend in any game, sending both full backs, in amateur fashion way upfield together. No proper marking at corners and wide free kicks into the box. NO CAPTAINS OR LEADERS IN THR TEAM. indulging laziness and shirkers, Walcott, Iwobi and even OZIL for long periods of his time here, despite his undoubted great talent, which is often unused. IT IS ALSO ABOUT SLOW, PONDEROUS SIDEWAYS PASSING AND TEDIOUS CB to other CB and back again – several boring times -and around the edge of opponents box – before even trying to make a forward pass. It is about totally wasting the huge talent of Lacazette by frustrating a natural goalscorer by not using him correctly with no fast , penetrative forward passes for him and such as Alexis to run on to. It is all of these failures, rank bad amateur failures, at top PREM LEVEL plus the foolishness of those who have not been calling for his head, as I and many thousands of Gooners have. I saw back in 2007 -8 after the Gallas sulk at Birmingham and thus we lost a five point lead over United in early MARCH , that this retograde and last century “manager” would never ever win another title . And so it has proved. Wake up and smell the coffee, even though I obviously realise your heart is in the right place,. But is your head? I say NO!

  4. Break-on-through says:

    We might be getting a CDM on board if Coquelin is on the move, if Elneny goes with him then for sure we have someone in mind. Ramsey is injured, Cazorla finished, Jack never goes a season without niggles that become problems. And now Coquelin our only flat track midfield defender. I wonder if it’s Nzonzi, or maybe it’s not Lemar wer’e after instead could it be Fabinho. How bout Goretzka? Jorginho? Or is it me desperately trying to read something between the lines that isn’t there. Also Niles has to come into the thinking, he could be Coquelin’s straight swap. We should get someone in anyway because Elneny is not gonna give Jack Xhaka and Aaron enough competition.

    I reckon Alexis will play, he said city didn’t get in touch nor anyone else. I know they sometimes lie, but Wenger has go to phrases so I believe him here.

  5. Ray says:

    I can just hear Arsene Wengers pre match rhetoric now’ “Alexis has slight problem and won’t be risked” bla bla bla.. Goodbye it is then!

  6. The Defiant Man says:

    With all the desperation, the only good news are Sven and Raul.

    My only inner conflict is should we want players that might this year take us to the CL again? This might mean another 3, 4 years of Wenger.

    So I’m right now hoping for players that reach their peak in 2 – 4 years because anything sooner might just prolong this Wenger agony.

    Mavropanos is exactly that. He’s going to be our Nemanja Vidic – a Balkan enforcer, a sort of Kolasinac as CB.
    This 20-year-old is 194 cm, 88 kg, and is nevertheless FASTER than Holding, Chambers, or Debuchy. In his first 16 matches as a senior he’s already made more brilliant tackles than our second string defenders make in 30 matches. Add 3 headed goals in 16 matches and he sometimes outjumps the opposition by almost 2 feet.

    Wenger first said he is not ready for us, but after seeing him in training he said he looks really good, and will likely already be a sub against Chelsea – 16 games after his first senior appearance.

    Good times coming with Wenger on his way out and Sven and Raul doing their magic.

    1. muffdiver says:

      like your optimism- respect man

      1. The Defiant Man says:

        I admit it does sound optimistic, but this is the first time I’m excited about a young CB joining Arsenal in the 12 years I’m supporting the club.

        This kid shows everything – physicality, maturity, but also a strong drive which is sadly too often lacking from our own, often spoiled youngsters.

        Just look at the 6’4”/194 pounds guy stopping a very fast counter attack:

        He starts a bit like a big guy, but when he gets going — amazing for a tall CB.

    2. Maks says:

      Sven and Raul – best thing that hapened to Arsenal and Arsenal fans in long long time.
      Hope we will soon see 1st moves, like Wenger out of his position and some players he forced with no reason in 1st 11 at least benched if not sold.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Only player that bugs me about being forced into the 1st 11 is Xhaka, then I wouldn’t mind it so much if we had a better tactician as a manager, Xhaka is a good player but not a DM and should be played alongside a DM.

        I would put the failing on some players down to Wengers tactics over them not being good enough.

        Lacazette not scoring as much but who is surprised when Wenger is taking him off so often? Ruining the dream CF when looking back at recent history.

        I agree that Sven and Raul are the best things to happen in a LONG time, I am eager now to seeing the next manager, before I was fearful of getting a yes man for Gazidis who would want to make profit by selling top players from the squad.

        Raul for me is the big one, he knows what it takes to win, he has connections… We could get a TOP manager with someone with his experience backing the club.

        I honestly believe we are currently only 2 top players away from competing for the EPL… Oh and a new manager 😛
        To win the UCL I think we are about 4 top players away, along with a new manager.

        While I have defended a lot of Wenger signings, I have also recognised that Wenger doesn’t sign leader CBs often, last one was Campbell for me and the prime example of a CB we need now. Attacking talent though, if we can spend to get it…

        Look at some of the missed names due to a few million £.

        If Raul and Sven need an extra 12 months to fully settle in the club then I am actually fine with Wenger for next season, I am the type that prefers a job to be done properly than rushed and redone in 12 months. If they are fully settled then I would be happy to see Wenger replaced at the end of this season. Raul doesn’t take up his post officially till end of Feb I think so kinda got to give him time to start XD

        1. Maks says:

          For the last XX years we are two players away from competitve Arsenal.
          And I am not fine with Ramsey playing in the starting 11. I am honestly happy that he got injured so Wilshere had to come in. I think Wilshere and real CDM will do the job in the middle with two more AM who are not Ramsey. It is hard to put out a team we have right now so lets wait until 1st of Feb and then see.
          But for this season I am not an optimist at all.

  7. Josh says:

    For all Alexis haters, what major trophy would Alexis win with arsenal? What motivation does any top player have to come and play for arsenal? My advice to Alexis is to leave d club, likewise ozil and even wilshere… I really feel sorry for kolasinac and Lacazette….
    Instead of hating alexis, maybe we shld keep on watchin d melodrama until wenger leaves bcos even if Messi or Ronaldo or debryune comes to arsenal, they’ll end up like iwobi who also started well buh now, we can see…. Its like wenger teaches players to stop playing well… What’s in with that man? nnngggrrrhhhhh
    Xhaka comes to arsenal — stops shooting
    Elneny comes to arsenal — stops shooting..
    Kolasinac to arsenal —stop working too hard Lacazette to arsenal — stop creating scoring chances for him
    Ozil comes to arsenal — stop assisting and start scoring… From where?
    Holding to arsenal— play well and be benched
    Bellerin — started well but wenger says just run up and down…don’t threaten defence anymore
    And the list goes on…..
    Add yours…. Cos I’m sick n tired of wenger buyin players and turnin dem into…. Aaarrggghhh… Wenger… Just…. Goooo!!!!

    1. Ray says:

      @ Josh has a serious point!

      The ethos and culture that the manager of any Professional club attains will dictate the outcome of a clubs progression. I think Arsene has a culture that kills the very soul of a “professional” footballer because he still believes that mixing youth and players with “potential” is great for players who are already proven!

      I think we are seeing the reverse, I think average breeds average. If you mix hot with cold you get warm (somewhere in the middle). Ring any bells? Players are contaminated at Arsenal. Contaminated with mediocrity at a club that believes a top 4 finish is good enough!

      We were lead to believe that the Emirates was built for success and growth. And, that the quotes made by the Arsenal hierarchy about Arsenal not being a selling club and now able to compete with the best were said because they wanted the Fans to invest in the very same ethos and values!

      Well, if it means I support lies and helping the rich to get richer, I’m out! I just hope Arsene is too!!!

      1. jon fox says:

        Very well said and so true. If -as I do NOT believe -our next manager is like Wenger, I would stop being a football fan. Supporting some other club is not an option but already much of top level football (not the actual game, but how it is run and the obscenity of scandalous wages) is toxic, throughout all the main leagues, anywhere, and ruined by obscene and rapacious business ” people.” There is only so much anyone can take. Without honourable and also competant people running the game -and our own club- I would rather take up flower arranging!

        1. Ray says:

          Damn right jon!!

          Football has become a cesspit of greed! Clubs run by Mega-rich spoilers who don’t for one minute think about the negativity it spreads through the footballing leagues or sport!

          The problem is, if you don’t keep up with them, you fall behind.

          I don’t have a problem with that though! They can have the egotistical self-important hair styling wind-bags who call themselves “professional” footballers. We just need to break away from the Premier League and create that “Super League” where, the “mega rich” owners can throw money away and measure dick sizes without ruining sport! As for the greedy players who could care less about the club they play for? f**k off and leave it to the real men!

    2. McLovin says:

      And let us not forget how professional Alexis has been.

      – has not spoken ANYTHING in the media
      – no “little boy in me” -krap
      – has given us more than enough on the field
      – has his tantrums on the pitch but at least he shows passion
      – has participated in every training session and in every picture looks laughing and smiling and not causing rift in the dressing room (fake news last month)

      If he asked to leave last summer, we should’ve sold him for his career’s sake. Arsenal is not going anywhere with Wenger so no need to imprison players.

      1. John0711 says:

        All good points, i have no doubt if we had a team to compete he would sign, however, it would take 400m to even compete once he and ozil go

      2. RSH says:

        Agree. It’s been nice that he hasn’t spoken to media about moving. But he shows passion very very rarely. Big dip in form, and if you look at the stats he runs the least amount out of any Arsenal outfield player. Let’s not forget Sanchez used to essentially be an Energizer Bunny working his butt off full 90 minutes. Doesn’t have his heart at the club anymore. He’s getting enormous wages to put in maximum effort. He’s certainly not the only player that lacks effort, but if rumors are true he’s a massive distraction in the dressing room as well. Situation could’ve been worse tho. Get rid in Jan. No need for this to linger on any longer.

    3. Sue says:

      He told Xhaka not to tackle too!

      1. Midkemma says:

        You seen how bad Xhaka is at tackling?
        How many cards has he had since he cut down those reckless challenges?

        Xhaka is not a DM and Wenger has tried to force a circle into a square.

        Xhaka doesn’t have the agility to put in sliding tackles often and not get caught out.

        AFC need a top DM, Xhaka was never going to be that player, Xhaka did perform at his last club when playing alongside a DM.

        Consider that a broken clock is right twice a day, it is not hard to then accept that Wenger did 1 or 2 good things… Telling Xhaka to not slide tackle is one of them.

        1. Sue says:

          Football is a contact sport…..don’t tackle, just stand there & watch the opposition pass you by!

    4. Midkemma says:

      I still consider the FA Cup a major trophy.
      It isn’t enough by itself as top players want UCL so I want that…
      But to dismiss it is a shame, when AFC wasn’t winning the FA Cup then AFC fans included that cup in things we couldn’t win anymore.

      So I will celebrate the FA Cup anytime we win it.
      I will be proud we have won it the most.

      It doesn’t mean I don’t want change.
      I don’t want AFC to compete for just 1 major trophy per season, I want us to compete for them all! 🙂

  8. John says:

    Wenger should go………..should have left a long time ago…….Arsenal has changed players…….changed formation…………and other personnel…………..but the result has been bad …….and getting worse…….the only thing that has not been changed is the position of coach………….when it comes to football stuff……..well time to try s9mething different ………FIRE Wenger……….he is inept as a coach………a dinosaur……………he is in the wrong role……….needs to go……….

  9. RSH says:

    Sooner Alexis leaves the better. Take the 20mill, put it towards a replacement. Sanchez clearly doesn’t have his heart in the team anymore, and he’ll certainly be distracted with City looming over him this entire month. Just get it done with.

  10. John says:

    Luis Enrique Is the man to build our team again and keep to our stile of football. Pep vs Luis vs Klopp super leave

  11. Midkemma says:

    This transfer window is a interesting one.

    Do the AFC board look to make a profit again?
    If they do then I will put money on AFC having a new manager for next season and the funds we have built up will be for that manager.

    Do they look to spend and get top quality in?
    If they do then I would say Wenger will be with us next season and the board will let the new guys settle before making such a big decision on next manager.

    Do they play it safe and decide at the end of the year?
    If so then I expect the net spend to be close to the £0, yes we buy but only from money from sales so expect a last min deal somewhere…

    1. Ivan says:

      I think the interesting thing is who will have the say over who comes in. For the last 20 years Wenger has had 100% decision on who comes and goes good and bad. However a lot of people on this board seem to think Wenger is a done deal and is definitely leaving at the end of the season. If this were the case then for the first time in a lifetime someone else will be making the decisions and if this is the case they may well choose to sign no one this window, instead doing the negotiations for signings as soon as the season is over and after liaising with Wenger’s successor.

  12. Sue says:

    Dr Bruyne has said ‘when’ Sanchez arrives…. not if

    1. Ivan says:

      No surprise Sue. It is either now for £20 mil or in 4 months for free.
      Nothing Arsenal can do about it now.

  13. jon fox says:

    I want to say how many erudite and intelligent people have posted on this thread at least so far(it being 4.32 right now) We are all entitled to disagreed and in my own irritating(I admit) ,argumentative but passionate style I have done so with one caring fan. . But I respect all who have so far posted as real fans who can make their point well and on any fans forum that is the most you can ever ask, but rarely get. So for me , THIS thread is quite a memorable one and of unusual quality . HOPE WE GET MANY MORE OF SIMILAR QUALITY.

  14. Gary Parker says:

    Just seen the team news, wow….How can he play Iwobi after he was out on the lash before the Sunday game, just shows Wenger again no idea and players can do what they want, what lesson does it put out to Nelson, Willock, etc.

    No Ozil?

    Sanchez on the bench we have more negotiators than we have ever had and still no news on simple contract updates?????

    Chambers who looked shocking last week in???

    I’m not expecting a lot

    1. arsenal#7 says:

      Iwobi started the match after last weeks’ fiasco and LACAZZETTE IS OUT AFTER 64 MIN.

      Wenger would piss off the pope!!!

      No world class players want to play under this clown !!!

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