“Arsenal fans will hope Dangote is rich and a sugar daddy.” Pundit gives his verdict on potential new Arsenal ownership

Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire has highlighted the shortcomings of Stan Kroenke in terms of spending his money and reckons Arsenal fans will be hoping that Aliko Dangote is a different type of owner in the event he takes ownership of the club.

The Nigerian, who is the richest man in Africa is an Arsenal fan and he has long claimed that he aims to buy his beloved team when he finishes building his refinery in Lagos Nigeria.

A recent report claims that he is set to finish it this year and that would open the door for him to start the process of buying the Gunners from Stan Kroenke.

Most Arsenal fans consider the American to be a very greedy individual who only cares about his pocket.

Maguire says Arsenal has been the most profitable team in the Premier League era and reckons that the club’s owners should be doing more to invest in their team to win trophies.

He then adds that a Dangote takeover might bring about more spending on players as Arsenal fans would love to see.

He told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams: “Based on my analysis, Arsenal are the most profitable club in the history of the Premier League since it started in 1992. They are 1st and Spurs are 2nd. But there’s no trophy for winning the most profitable club.

“If I was an Arsenal fan, I’ be asking myself if those profits could have been allocated elsewhere in terms of the club’s budget.

“Arsenal have very much fallen behind the other members of the big six in their commercial revenue streams and TV money because they’re not qualifying for the Champions League anymore. Stan Kroenke has run the club with a tight budget which has delivered profits but not trophies.

“Arsenal fans will welcome anyone who comes in who is rich. Kroenke is rich, ridiculously rich, but what he’s not prepared to do is to allocate his wealth to the football club. Arsenal fans will hope Dangote is rich and a sugar daddy.”

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  1. Kronke does spend his money, unfortunately his favorite LA Rams are the primary beneficiaries. I would be willing to bet that investing more in Arsenal than the Rams will yield higher profits in the long run.

    CL pays millions for competition, more than NFL playoffs. Millions more Arsenal fans worldwide than Rams fans.

    If only Emirates stadium was on par with Rams 5 billion dollar new home. Alas, Stan’s “football” is NFL variety, not PL.

  2. Money won’t be enough because now every club has a billionaire owner.
    .A top manager is what Arsenal need.
    Arteta is a top man no doubt
    but is he a top man-ager?
    May be may be not.

  3. I would rather have Jeff Bezos as owner instead of Dangote. The oil refinery business is dead. Green energy is the future. Sorry for being the skunk at the party.

    1. The oil business is certainly not dead, not by a long shot. And trust me you would not want Jeff Bezos in charge lol

    2. RFrancis, The oil industry is not only about petrol cars etc There is and will long remain a worldwide need for oil for many industries. Your comment was therefore factually wrong. DEEPER ANALYSIS WAS NEEDED BEFOR WRITING A CLEAR ERROR.

      Green energy does not negate oil, AND THOSE IN THE KNOW ARE WELL AWARE OF THIS.

      DO YOU THINK FOR A SINGLE MOMENT A MULTI BILLIONAIRE LIKE DANGOTE would not have done deep research into future energy needs before starting his refinery!

  4. And how exactly would a top manager be better than Arteta.
    Kronke will not spend money period he has told us so. he wants Arsenal to be self sufficient to stand alone on what
    they turn over. To get a top manager he would demand a transfer budget and that would take the club into the loss
    versus profit zone. Take Arteta as nothing else is happening
    with our very own virus that is Kronke. COYG

    1. If Arsenal want to challenge in Top 4 and CL to go back to glory days. BOARD definitely need passionate owner.
      For years its an easy assessment. You can bring in any Well known manager chances the results are more of the same. It’s doesn’t matter who.
      Even though at best will be top 6 the most.
      The present owner is more focused on his 1st toy American football.

  5. I’ve been saying it for years now that kroanke family will ring AFC ,they are only interested in money and will only spend on there stupid rams (American football we will never ever win the premier ship under the kroanke family they have made us into a mid table club and just keep making money for there stupid American football club I HATE them so much for what they have done to our great club. There should be a law to get them out and bring someone in who cares they have stunk the place out go home we don’t want you in our football club.

  6. Arteta is not the right manager – he does not know his best team and picks Willian ahead of Martinelli and Pepe.

    If not for Willian’s corona virus ban Smith-Rowe would not have got a game – that change was instrumental in turning us from 14th in the league to 10th. Arteta hates the youngsters and do not give them the chances he has given Willian.

    Kroenke will not sack him because though extremely lacking in experience, he is a very very cheap option and will not ask for a big transfer budget. Dangote is our man. They have been saying the oil industry will die for many decades but it is still the number one global energy source. If Dangote is an Arsenal fan he will surely spend – and get us a decent manager to boot. Kroenke only cares about the US of A and his back pocket.

    That Bezoz shout is sheer stupidity – the man never said he was interested in Arsenal so why drop his name? you might as well name all the billionaires in the world?

    1. OK..to make you happy, let me think of another billionaire from oil and gas…..how about the Saudi Crown Price, MBS?

    1. You are quite right. He is no where as rich or has the financial resources available the the Kroenke family. Anyway Kroenke will not sell to anyone in the near future. In my opinion he has long term plans for Arsenal Holdings which are not necessarily linked to the football side of the business.

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