Arsenal fans will love what Edu has to say about transfers after Willian joins

Arsenal fans will be delighted to hear that Willian will be the first of many signings done by their club this summer as they look to rebuild the team under Mikel Arteta.

The Spaniard has made a fine impression in the half-season that he has been in charge of the club, and he even guided them to win the FA Cup.

The Gunners want a return to the Champions League places and Arteta has shown that he can help them achieve that if he is backed properly, and that is exactly what they want to do.

He has made three signings since he became the club’s manager after Willian joined the likes of Cedric Soares and Pablo Mari to become the signings made under him.

Speaking after the Brazilian sealed his free transfer to the Emirates, Edu reiterated that the club made the signing as a part of a “process” signifying that even more players will come through the door.

“He has a lot of fantastic attributes as a person, as a football player of course, his character,” Edu told Arsenal Digital.

“I’m 100 per cent sure that everybody in the dressing room, the fans, myself and Mikel will enjoy having Willian in our side.

“We tried to create a better balance in the squad but we know that takes time to balance the squad the way me and Mikel want to.

“To balance properly, we need to sell players, to buy players and that takes time, not just day and night.

“It will take time but with Willian, we’ve started a big process. We’ve identified the needs in the squad and he’s the one to start to rebalance the squad as we want to. 

“I am really excited and really happy to have a player like Willian because I’m convinced he’ll be the one to impact the team straight away.

“That, for me, is the most important one because I think the squad needed a player like Willian to help them, to be with the guys, helping in all senses. That’s why I’m so excited.”

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  1. Sounds like someone who has no clue what we need. Yes I’m OK with Willian’s signing. He was a free agent but I’m not over the moon about it like edu obviously is. If he sounds this excited about signing a midfielder in the mould of Partey or a defender in the mould of upamecano, then his excitedness is justified. Right now, it is not. How can edu say Willian is what we need. He’s a bonus to our forward line but not what we need. We need 2 midfielders and defender as priority but I’m not complaining about willian. Like I said he was free and he impresses me on the field but overall as regards team balance, we’re not even close to fixing that unless a Partey comes in and a defender like upamecano etc. Then we can know for certain that we are trying to balance the team. Willian is 32,he’s only good in the short term, we need to be planning for the long term as well.

    1. 👍 Agree Kstix, I can’t see how Willan helps the balance of the squad; however he does bring experience, winning mentality and hopefully will help in the development of Martinelli, Pepe and Saka.

        1. 😂😂😂Sue this must be the greatest defeat in a champions league quarter final match. This must be barca’s worst defeat ever. I’m certain the coach would be sacked tomorrow. Let’s go get coutinho now.

          1. Absolutely, Kstix 👍👍 I’d say after his performance tonight, Kia will be rubbing his hands together 🤣 will it have priced us out??

            Someone on twitter said “Barcelona’s best player is sat on Bayern’s bench” haha!!

        1. You just had to bring Ozil in this debate! Give it a rest. Enough articles and opinions about him already!

  2. So we will be signing more retiring Brazilian players, need to find out how many are out there who we can give absurd contracts.

    1. Mohsan, you’ll soon have to speak Portuguese to be admitted to the Emirates. 😊😁🇧🇷

  3. Let’s hope Bayern and Barca won’t change their mind concerning coutinho. They should let him come home to us d Epl were he enjoyed most of his success

  4. Coutinho was good in the match, but that was only because Bayern were leading and Barca already had no resolve left. I don’t think he would have come on and done as well as he did if the situation was closer. But then again that is my opinion. Whoever Arsenal sign, I hope they improve our squad, not like Sanogo or Kallstrom, for example!

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