Arsenal fans will not be happy with the latest player news

If there is one player that Arsenal would love to offload it is Mesut Ozil but according to the latest reports there have been no approaches for his services and he will, therefore, be staying at the Emirates.

Unai Emery has been desperate to get rid of the German who’s wages are draining the club and the club was even considering subsidising his salary in order to attract potential suitors.

Ozil cannot be blamed for the wages he is on, the fault lies solely with the former regime but it does not change the fact that his £18 Million per year contract is having an impact.

Arsenal remains open to offers but it does appear that they are resigned to another season at least paying out on a player that simply does not fit in with the manager’s plans.

If the 30-year-old does remain, as seems certain now, then it has to be hoped that there is a change around at the club, it serves no one to have Ozil on the fringes, it does him no good and it certainly does the club no good.

On his day he can be brilliant but the problem is those days are less and less often.

The majority of fans will be disappointed but the truth is they were probably resigned to the playmaker seeing out his contract with us.

For his supporters, they will no doubt be hoping that he proves his critics wrong and drives Arsenal forward next season.

We can only hope so.


  1. It could have been a worst headline-It could have said Ozil has been sold and Iwobi is now the new CAM,Captain And has a free license to “Tear Defences to Shreds” like he is found at the ACON.
    But we can all dream I suppose?

    1. Once again, the anti ozil adminmartin comes out in all his glory.

      “Arsenal fans wont be happy”? I’m over the moon.

      “The majority of the fans will be disappointed”? What the 59 that voted in your poll about his salary, or the millions of others who you have no idea regarding what thoughts they have?

      “UE has been desperate to get rid off the german”? I’ve gone back through the official Arsenal website page and read everything that UE has said…can’t find anything desperat there adminMartin…please supply us with your official source, or is it just really your wishfull thinking?

      “Arsenal remain open to offers”? Another pie in the sky claim that has no substance whatsoever…just your personal view again.

      You disputed my claim regarding an Ozil feature every day since you took over, yet 24 hours later here you go again.
      What is it EXCTLY that you want to achieve with this vendetta against one of our players?

      Division, clickbait, after all this is not a sudden bolt from heaven is it?
      Ozil himself has said that he has no intention of leaving and will see out his contract…now whether one like it or not, that is FACTUAL, unlike the innuendos that you put out.

      Now it’s time to sit back and wait for the next exxpose… wait for it…what about this?
      The “majority” of fans” are disappointed that Ozil recently got married when he should be concentrating on his career and UE wants him to get divorced and Ozil is open to offers!!!!!

      1. Now, that is how you attack an article without personal insults, I disagree with Ken but perfectly fair critique

      2. What a pity that in order to convince those who will not be convinced,like you dear KEN, that we are unable to poll all sixty thousand who attend the Emirates about their view on Ozil. That would prove which of us(you or me) are correct in my assumption that the vast majority of those who regularly watch – as distinct from those in the far East who wear his shirt, unaware of how far his star has slipped, – are keen that he leaves this summer. I realise you disagree and there is the tragedy of NOT being able to have a far wider poll, since you will never accept the far smaller poll on this site as typical of most Gooners opinions. I agree that very small polls can sometimes distort the far wider true figure,(even though I do not believe that is the case in the Just Arsenal poll) for truth and context in my argument. It seems clear though, that the club are trying hard to move him on and our bet of a few months ago now seems ancient history. But it proves to me that even if they fail to move him on, as seems more likely than not right now, that they want him off the wage bill and out of the club. That by itself vindicates my opinion that the club agrees with me and the majority of Gooners (as I think) that he is a liability.

        As to MARTIN constantly bringing the subject up, of course he does. On THAT at least we agree.

        1. See, you can agree, that is progress, even if the facts prove you both wrong but I am happy

        2. But here we have it Jon…why do you always quote the VAST MAJORITY…59 people!?!?!?
          You did forget (I’m sure it slipped your mind) that the forum has, last time I looked around 1,400 members, so 4.2%.
          Can I do what you do now then and assume that the other 95.8% disagreed?

          As you don’t have the opportunity to attend our matches Jon, you will not be aware of the chants that ring around the Emirates for Ozil….possibly 50,000 people!?!?!?
          Would you not class that as a larger poll than 59?

          It also happens at away games, as I have witnessed personally and heard on the TV…perhaps you have the volume turned down?

          Your assumption that the vast majority who watch agree with you, simply falls at the first hurdle…take it from me this is true, because I join in the chanting, along with all those around me.
          Some of the “dullards” even bow down to him as he comes over to take corners…oh it’s facts Jon it’s facts.

          You have failed to answer Phil’s question as to why UE sees him as a first team player, you know, the manager that you see as the shining light that will guide us back to the promised land of the CL.

          Does that mean he is a liability also then, picking a player who (in your very own words) is mentally fragile, dross, weak and feeble?

          I wouldn’t worry about the fans in the far east, as they are probably able to watch more of him than you and I with sky etc seemingly screening home and away games and did you not see the reception he got during our europa away games from fans who appreciate the art of football? That was the player they wanted to see and that is why he is seen as our talisman.

          Finally Jon, I will ask you to supply the evidence that The Arsenal are “trying hard to move him on”?
          You use these very hard hitting sentences, but have no proof whatsoever that this is happening, it certainly doesn’t appear anywhere on the official site, despite you saying that “it seems clear to you”!! Why?

          Let me just take you back to your words (as closely as I remember them) last season…”the first thing that will happen in July is that Ozil will be gone…I am 99.9% sure of that”…funnily that was another one of your assumptions along with, you claimed, the clear thinking majority of Arsenal fans…two days to go Jon and time waits for no man.

          1. Ken you have a most extraordinary propensity to deny the obvious. All the news outlets and several newspapers say we are keen to move him on but still you deny it. Just as you deny most Gooners agree with me too. I do admit it seems unlikely we will be successful now, this summer but to deny we want him out seems to me to be plain daft. Of course I cannot prove it, nor can anyone outside the club but it is abundantly clear they are trying Heaven and Earth to get him out. I believe your agenda does not suit the facts so you try to deny them. Foolish, for a man of your intelligence.

          2. Reply to post at 5.48 pm
            Jon, so there is no proof that they want to move him out as you have now stated.

            I’ll ignore the fact that you din’t answer one of my questions, but rather, accused me of being foolish for asking for these illusive facts.

            I supplied you with facts on every point, but you completely ignored them, why is that?

            That’s all I’M asking for, some plain and simple evidence that, despite many attempts at sidestepping the issue, you cannot supply.

            As for the media outlets reporting this, wasn’t it the same media outlets that blamed the Liverpool.
            supporters for the Hillsborough disaster?

            One minute you tell any fan that gets excited about rumours eminating from the media, that they should be realistic and not believe anything that they say.

            THEN, because it suits your theory, they are the deliverers of all things truthfull.

            But, at last, and with a reluctance that was painfully obvious, you agree there is no evidence from the club that they are trying to sell him, but then follow it up with this: “it is abundently clear that they are moving heaven and earth to move him out”…sorry Jon that just doesn’t make sense and a man of your abilities really should know thi

            I’ll tell you where I am coming from…if they sell him, then I wish him well…if they don’t sell him I will be supporting him 100%.
            Can you say the same Jon, aFter all that’s what supporting a club is all about.

    2. AdminMartin, can I bisect yet another one of your Ozil posts and look at you assumptions that are just pure guesswork?

      “If there is one player that Arsenal would love to unload “?

      Sorry, when did The Arsenal state that? I know you have many times (once a day it seems) but you are not The Arsenal.

      “UE has been desperate to get rid of the german”?

      Sorry, missed this official statement as well. Dates and times when this has been announced would help to assess the (in) accuracy of your account. Perhaps inserting AM for UE would make more sense?

      “the club was considering subsidising his salary”? As above, I ask for your proof of this statement from the club itself.

      “Arsenal are still open to offers but seemed resigned”? Looked through everything i can regarding our club being open to offers, but it’s just not there is it? Not officially and if they did want to sell him, wouldn’t they actually make it official?

      “A player that simply does not fit in with the manager’s plans”?

      adminMartin, please can you let us all know the plans of UE for this coming season? It seems you have inside knowledge that, following the final few games of last season, UE has actually got a plan.

      24 hours ago I said onwards and upwards to the next Ozil post, congratulations you did it in less time than that.

      What, exactly, is new, thought provoking, interesting or even worth debating in this article that hasn’t already been discussed hundreds of times?

      Even the transfer rumours are becoming more interesting than your obsession with this man.

      1. There are two links in the article Ken, I attribute and do not make things up. If you believe that sites I have attributed are crap and so on that is fine but nothing I write when it comes to statements like that are my own. Again you are very wide of the mark about one Ozil article a day but even if there were this is an Arsenal site and we try to keep you up to date with what is being reported. Just because it is a player that you do not like us reporting on will not change what we publish if it is being published absolutely everywhere. I have yet to find a pro Ozil Arsenal website for a very good reason, no Arsenal site is pro Ozil and there is a reason for that mate. I would respectfully suggest it is not me out of step with the general feeling about Ozil.

        1. adminMartin, firstly sorry that you received two posts, I thought the first one had been dumped (not by you) before it got to justarsenal.

          Secondly, thank you for the two replies and the second post was written in a more aggresive tone simply because I had to do it (I thought ) all again.
          My mistake and I apologise.

          Now on to your second (!!!) reply.

          I’m not looking for a pro or an anti Ozil site and this is the point that you don’t seem to understand.
          Every Ozil post is, in essence, the same and everything to do with him has been reported on time and time again.

          What was it in this post that was new and, more to the point, factual?

          Whether it’s you or someone else who has written it, the outcome is always the same.
          The majority on here are against him and the minority for him, there is no in-between on the subject and no change, either, in the views and replies…so I ask again what is the point?

          It’s like repeating a transfer rumour for a player one day and then the day after, re- issuing the content in a different way.

          In my opinion, you are not reporting new news, you are regurgitating the old old news.

          1. That’s fine, saw no aggression, it is exactly because there is such a division on Ozil that we do these articles when they appear because they provoke debate which we believe is healthy. I also did a very pro Ozil article about his worth to the club about a month ago backed up with figures. I will always report what is available to report whether it is pro or anti and it is not just me. We do have contributors to the site and when he can Pat posts articles. I am not on a mission here other than to keep the site up to date with what is currently in the news and what is worth debating. That and only that is my driving force, if the fans and media turn on Lacazette and/or Emery that will be the posts done. And one thing I can guarantee about Arsenal, even if we did the quadruple, there will always be division. If it is not Ozil today it would be someone else, you know this.

        2. Martin, Be assured that on Ozil I am firmly with you and the vast majority. My friend Ken, lovely man though he is, will never accept it though. It perplexes me how a number of other intelligent, knowledgeable and devoted Gooners on here too, like Phil, Sue and Kenny Rolph too are also Ozil devotees, even NOW , after all these years of coasting half heartedly through games. It is one of lifes mysteries to me how so many otherwise bright fans, simply refuse to see what the vast majority of us can see so clearly and who therefore want him out. Loyalty is admirable; BUT pig headedness is foolish, IMO.
          Ultimately, any of our opinions matters not at all. What DOES matter is that we get him out ASAP!

          1. So Jon, what is it EXACTLY that you get from one Ozil post to another?

            What new information?

            What change of VIEWS from the posters?

            What possible challenging and new statements?

            Perhaps you don’t want your thinking challenged?

            It’s your good old chestnut “the vast majority” that you always quote when you give your views.

            Just as you ask Ozil to do, MAN UP JON, don’t assume others agree with you, stand by your own convictions, argue your own points, not try to interpose them as those of others and stop assuming that your views are always the majority…that is what pigheaded people do and name calling really does lower the standard of your debating skills.

    3. Its totally unacceptable, this article is not about iwobi but ozil. I will personally drive him , Phil, xxnofx and sue to the airport so he can play and earn his cash somewhere in Chinese third division… Leave iwobi alone man. Enough is enough.

      1. Apart from responding to your comment now, I haven’t put a comment on here talking about Ozil or Iwobi… ?

    1. Krish, with your undoubted ability to identify “a clueless manager”, I look forward to you applying for Emery’s position, when he finishes his contract at the end of the 2019/20 season. Your CV should make interesting reading.

  2. Stan should buy out Ozil’s contract and leave him to rot for the remaining 2 years that might make Ozil wake up and be a man and stop sulking all the time

    1. towny254, well if he buys out his contract, Ozil can go and do whatever he wants to do.

      Can I just ask you how you would have reacted to being substituted in a european cup final?

      Perhaps you would give high fives, thank the ref, shake the opponents hands, wave to the crowds and give UE a great big brotherly hug, while skipping and cartwheeling at a 100 miles an hour up and down the pitch to prove he’s given 100%

      I saw it as a player who knew he hadn’t played well, along with the rest of the team I should add ,who wanted to try and contribute more, realised he wasn’t going to play in the CL next season and would only receive a runners up medal.

      Didn’t Iwobi take his chance though…what a great goal…that should have made aba and lacs wake up, be men and do what they are paid to do, but unfortunately they seemed totally miserable and sulking at the end as well, let alone Ue leaning on a hoarding board looking as if nothing was his fault.
      Let’s just keep blaming this one man because he earns a lot of undeserved and grotesque wages.

      Kronkie, buy the whole damn lot of them out, bring over the LA jammy dodgers and we’ll set the world alight!!!

      1. Ken I am replying to your further above post addressing me personally, not this one, (as it had no reply tag). You asked me a question which shows me you have completely misunderstood what I say. I do NOT want constant posts on Ozil and agree with your comments to Martin and also see no reason why we keep having to read basically the same post on him repeated ad infinitum. How you thought I wanted MORE posts on him rather then fewer, I am at a loss to understand.

        That being said, I DO profoundly believe I am in a vast Gooner majority , including the club itself, who want Ozil out. There are a significant few like you, Phil, Kenny Sue and certain others who refuse to see how idle he is and how little he works. On that point we will have to disagree but that is already well known to us both and has been for ages past. It is on my first paragraph in this post that I am puzzled. I would love to know how you came to this extraordinary conclusion that I , OF ALL PEOPLE, WANTED MORE OZIL POSTS. THERE HAVE BEEN AS YOU CORRECTLY SAY, FAR TOO MANY OF THEM ALREADY . FRANKLY KEN, I AM SICK TO DEATH OF HEARING HIS NAME AND ONLY PENNED THIS IN RESPONSE TO YOUR COMMENTS ON ME WANTING MORE OF THE SAME. BIZARRE! It has just occurred to me, on re-reading your own post, that you misconstrued my “on Ozil I am firmly with you”. That comment referred to him being a liability, NOT on wanting more posts saying the same old rubbish!

        1. Jon, that clears that one up then, I really thought you were demanding more of the same old same old.

          Good debating, tinkering on the edge, some cutting remarks and yet (from me anyway) a discussion worth having.

          I’ll let the liability bit slide, as I know you are going to answer ALL my questions from a previous post on this subject!!!

  3. If there is no performance-based clause on Ozil’s contract, then Kroenke, Gazidis and other decision makers at Arsenal are more foolish than I thought. It’s a crazy move to let a player get 300+ K weekly, instead of paying him based on assists or goals created

    Since Ozil has announced he wouldn’t leave, no other clubs want him and he also sucks as a no 10, Arsenal had better re-assign him as a CM. We don’t know whether he would be better in the deeper position or not, but it’s worth to try

    1. He sucks as a number 10 ?? ..another classic from you .
      When people say the best number 10s in world football in the past 10 years
      I’m pretty sure Ozils name appears somewhere ,just because he had a bad season (pretty much all the team did )dose t mean he sucks at it .this is a World Cup winner,3rd in the all time list of assists in premiership (I think I got that right )
      But no let’s forget that and let loose your crush iwobi to cause mayhem on premiership defences ,

      1. He sucked hard last season, he had too many chances to play as a no 10 and Mustafi is also a World Cup winner

        Iwobi was better than him last season and I hope Emery lets Iwobi play as a no 10 in at least five consecutive EPL matches

        1. Ok I have had enough of your let play Iwobi as No 10 bullsh***t. Did you watch how performaed in that position against Burundi &Guinea ??. He was attrocious and I was actually praying in silence for the coach replace him against guinea because I couldn’t take all the abuse other clubs fan were directed at him and Arsenal. I’m a Nigerian and have watched him played in that position several times and my opinion of him there is he is sucked at it. That doesn’t mean he can’t get better for now he should concentrate on getting better at left wing and on be more productive. He is my player, my brother and love him as much as I love and support every arsenal player. You, TH14 are not doing him and my country any good on this forum my compairing him with Ozil all the time. The boy isn’t even as talented as Ozils right foot. Compare him with Ozil at 23 and you will have your answer. Yes he had a better season than Ozil so what. In the game of football, sometimes a very good player can have a better season than a world class player. Example of this Mbamppe and Ronaldo performances last season. Contrary to the title, I’m happy Ozil is not going anywhere and I’m happy Iwobi isn’t as well.

        2. And this Gotanidea is why I can’t take your post seriously,
          @Mobella I applaud you for seeing what the obvious is and not letting a players country become part of a debate ?

  4. Play Ozil as an over age player in the ‘reserves’ every week. If he refuses and breaks his contract, that would be the best news possible. If he does decide that this is his mark we will have a pretty good under 23 side.

    1. I was suggesting the same thing. If he can’t adapt to the way football is developing, it’s only fair for the club to everything they can to force the man out.

      1. Please no! Do not play him in the reserves, will be a poor role model for the budding youngsters, with his work rate, body language, tantrums,etc. Let him train alone till he gets his act right! Do not get me wrong, he was a talented player, sadly now a days there is no output and no decorum on the pitch. He is not at fault for his wages. If you pay the take away food truck chef the rates of a Michelin star restaurant, then you are dumb, not the trucker!And do not expect the truck guy to give you the Michelin service even if you demand, or even if he previously worked for the star restaurant cause he cannot! Similarly Henry cannot pull an AFC jersey and score goals today even if he a legend.

        1. Bob , whilst I agree with your stance on Ozil, your comparison with the truck is not a good analogy. Ozil did at one time show world class skill, unlike a food truck which has never been “cordon bleu”, but over the several years to date he has been less and less effective and now barely tries at all. His mental state is fragile beyond belief to have all that talent and have no backbone or will to win and show what he might still do, if only he actually cared at all. He does not care and negative body language, in my life experience, shows a negative person without confidence or self belief. I see no reason to keep such a person at Arsenal ever, apart from the obvious problem of his stupidly awarded huge contract, which prevents us moving him on, even though we are trying every avenue to shift him on.

  5. @martin I see you’ve deleted some of the comments on the Iwobi article .have you banned the idiots that were posting or just going tinker that slide ?

    Deleted and banned (by me)

  6. We all knew he wasn’t leaving in this window so it’s no surprise. Let’s hope he has a better season.
    The question on the forum asks “Is Arsenal in Tottenham’s shadow?”
    First of all it should say “Are” not “Is” (yes I’m being pedantic) and totts is never spelt with a capital T.
    The main thing though is that tottenham are not big enough to cast any sort of shadow for The Arsenal to be in!

  7. Some people obsession with Iwobi here is something else, even when the article did not say anything about iwobi some still find a way to say something about him. Admin Martin give it a rest on the ozil issue we are stuck with him till the end of his contract, let him keep selling those kits like someone said on a previous thread, we can even try and bring zlatan the lion Ibrahimovich since we want to sell our kits worldwide. We all know iwobi is average but at least he’s trying his best but what about a ‘world class player’ playing with 2 good strikers and still can’t even produce 5 assists last season, if iwobi a headless chicken can have 3 goals and 6 assists last season in the premier league in 22 matches, and a ‘world class’ ozil have 5 goals and 2 assists then I will start the headless chicken ahead of the ‘world class” .

  8. This is not now a surprise, its very obvious that ozil will be at arsenal till the very end of his contract .
    We just have to make the most of it and make the union as productive as it can be.
    What we should be talking about is the shitty season we are about to have again cos I am very sure that we wont make any signing

    1. Oh, but we will. Two to three young prospects, depending on whether or not we sell at least two flops. Might even keep the top 5 place.

  9. Now I`m one of his lovers…………….shut up !……………I dont mean sexually, for a start I like to look my victims…….sorry, lovers straight in the eyes !
    However I do think it is time for him to move on and I have a cunning plan of how to keep Mesut happy and Arsenal happy, but it does take a bit of FFP loop holeing !
    Why cant Satan Kroenke loan him to Colorado Rapids where Satan will pay his wages there and free up Mesuts £350k per week for Arsenal…………or alternatively. Satan sells him to his othet team for £100M and carries on paying Mesut the same wage !.
    Either of these ideas would mean a way of Satan Kroenke investing in our team without breaking FFP !

    1. Wow. What a good idea. Great out of the box thinking. It’s definitely more likely and realistic than getting a buyer for him. Mind you the Colorado Rapids are *h**e.

      1. They are indeed #h##e, Sean, but even a #h##e Ozil will still be their best player ! 😆

  10. As one smart youtube video have stated, Ozil as a classical number 10 has become deprecated as a footballing tool in the midst of utilisation of wingers that cut inside. He obviously didn’t manage to adapt to the evolution of football and therefore, will be super difficult to sell. Wouldn’t be surprised if he retires from football entirely, once he drains Arsenal for all the money he signed for. I do believe he might be a good manager and I hope he focuses on become one as soon as possible (as early as next season?).

    1. Spot on mate, I also think Ozil hasn’t been adapting to the requirements of modern game. Juan Mata also has similar problem as well I think.

      Nah, I don’t think Ozil would be a manager after he hang his boots. He is quiet and shy according to his team mates and I can picture him leads a laid back lifestyle in Maldives XD

  11. Wow le cock great idea true out of the box thinking and maybe the cunningest plan of all. But ozil may just prove us wrong this season and show us his true worth. He has the quality he just needs the motivation he could run the show for us and I hope this year he does just that. Just think how good we could be if ozil came up to his standards of the past.

  12. Well I know at least one Arsenal fan (not me) who will be happy that no team is interested in buying Ozil

  13. I think Ozil was abysmal last season but maybe it has to do with fitness issues (he was barely fit throughout the season) and maybe affected by the change of play (more involved in build up play hence the drop in assist). As poor as he was, according to Squawka he created the most chances in Arsenal squad last season). So our other midfielders were also poor last season.

  14. They should jess pay him off is salary and let him leave, Buh that will cost us more with this kind of situation we find ourselves in, If I was Emery I will demote him to U23 if he didn’t turn up at the start of the season.

  15. I am not an Ozil fan. Perhaps, he would thrive in a stronger team and I would never deny his vision and ability.

    I just don’t enjoy watching him play. He often appears non-committal and disinterested and rarely manages to dictate a game.

    It also appears clear that UE prefers a more physical style in terms of pressing (which in fairness was not evident as the season progressed) which doesn’t seem to be Ozil’s cup of tea.

    Unless UE is willing to find a way to build his team around Ozil in a style that suits Ozil and a style that gets AFC results, I hope Ozil is not allowed near the first team next season.

    Because another season of the manager hardly starting Ozil but the press focussing on Ozil’s every move is torturous. It is also painful to hear the manager pretend to like Ozil yet try to avoid playing him in many key situations.

  16. I’m far more worried that the same incompetence of the managerial personnel, which got the club in the first place, have learned anything and continue to make the same inane decisions. It seems like like Milan want Torreia and are willing to give us 2 players of very high quality for him, a left back, which we need, and a midfielder just as good if not better than Torreia, and we have not bitten their hands off and grabbed the deal. It would be insanely cretinous not to see how is the deal of the season for Arsenal. Instead we are going to spend $30 million on a left back and keep Torreia??? Where is the sense that???

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