Arsenal fans will not like what Emmanuel Petit had to say about Aubameyang

Emmanuel Petit is one ex-player that wore the Arsenal shirt with pride during one of their most successful eras.

He is now retired, and he hasn’t enjoyed how those who play for the club now have been going about their job.

The Frenchman has been talking about his former side recently and his latest advice to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will not delight Arsenal’s fans.

He claimed that the striker should look to leave the Gunners because the team is declining and becoming more of an average side every day.

Aubameyang joined Arsenal for a record transfer fee in the winter of 2018 and he has remained one of the top scorers in the Premier League since his arrival.

His goals have, however, failed to help Arsenal get back among the top sides in England and he might leave the club this summer, Petit thinks leaving won’t be a terrible decision by the former Borussia Dortmund man.

The Gunners legend told Paddy Power as quoted by Goal: “If I was Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, I would leave Arsenal. There is some quality in this team but when you arrive at the club nowadays you want to do great things. But, come on guys, Arsenal is not the same any more.

“It’s becoming an average club. I feel so sorry for the fans and all the people who love the club. I feel sorry for the former players that try to uphold the Arsenal reputation.

“But I don’t feel sorry for the players – I think 75% of them at the club at the moment don’t deserve to wear that shirt. They should look at themselves in the mirror and show some pride.”

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    1. My thoughts exactly sue. We can all see it clear as crystal.

      I have a mate that’s a spurs fan ( yes I know I know). He admits that arsenal is a bigger club over all. However, he says in all honesty things are alot better for spurs at the moment. No one expects them to win any trophies so if and when they do it will be huge. Players dint go there for a final pay check and they are now at a place where on the whole their big players are not sold.

      Unfortunately I had ti conceded that in most aspects even spurs are currently better than us.

      My friend then went on to confess it is no longer fun the rivalry we have. As he just now feels sorry for the fans as the club are sucking all the bite from the players and fans

      1. They’ve got that new stadium, they’re not owned by Stan, they reached the CL final (maybe just a fluke, never to be seen again?! 😜) So yes, they have got some things going for them right now. Whether the stadium will impact on their transfer activity remains to be seen… They’ll definitely make a profit on a good few of their players if they were to sell…and not that I really take notice – 😄 – but they don’t appear to let their contracts run down and let their prized assets leave for nowt! So yes they appear much better off than us atm…😩
        Your friend is right about the rivalry…it isn’t much fun atm… actually, football in general isn’t much fun atm!!
        And especially as I’ve just seen the score at Anfield…. they’re edging closer and I’m bracing myself for my peace to be shattered forevermore 😫

        1. Come on Sue it is not all bad, We have kept hold of David Luiz and Villa scored late against Newcastle so we hold on to 11th.

  1. Sorry off topic but we just dropped to 12th in the table as Everton and Newcastle are both presently above us.
    Oh how we have fallen…..

  2. I appreciate E P’s frustration of how Arsenal has become an average Club or rather a mid table Club…….
    But I don’t agree with him urging PEA to ditch us, I believe in keeping him for another 2 years and build around him.
    Pep, 2 days ago had a good rating for Arteta again.
    Keep PEA for 2 years, exit Ozil,Kola,Socratis,Mustafi
    Bring in Party/Ndidi, Upamecano/Tyrone Mings to partner with Saliba and a ball player in the mould of Santi Carzorla for next season then pick it from there…..
    I believe we need Stan’s backing for another 3 windows then we can challenge again!

  3. While agreeing with his assessment of our club at this moment in time, I hardly think Auba needs any advice from a player who decided he could do better elsewhere, yet ended up regretting his decision.
    Why do these ex players, who walked away from us, keep advising others to make the same mistake and then tell all and sundry it was the wrong decision anyway?

  4. he’s not wrong, we are an average club now, there’s no denying that.
    once this season has finished and we see that we are total turd and finish mid table, we wont have any money to spend whatsoever, so the cub will have to decide on whether its best to cash in and actually have money to spend on new players or repeat this crap season all over again.
    Ozil has to go, that is a No.1 prio in my opinion, one or both laca / auba to go as that will have the most impact on our transfer budget. that muppet Geundouzi can sod off aswel, same as Xaka, mistakafi and papa, get them gone!

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