Arsenal fans will still not be allowed at away matches this season when fans return

The Premier League is planning to have fans back in the stands by October as the covid19 cases around the country continues to drop.

The new Premier League season will start on the 12th of September and fans had been hoping that the Community Shield, which is set to be held on the 29th of this month, will see them return, but that will not happen.

The month of September will also see no fans returning to the stadiums. However, there are plans to see fans get back inside the stadiums for the first games of the month of October.

Mail Sport is now reporting that although Arsenal fans will be able to attend their home matches and watch their team play, they will still not be able to follow their club to away games.

Arsenal is among the teams that have already told their fans to get ready to get back in at the Emirates from October (Goal), and talks have reached the final stage.

However, the report claims that there will be no provision for away fans to travel with their teams and watch them play.

Arsenal will be happy that they can welcome their fans as matchday revenue losses have been a problem for them since the games have been suspended and then played behind closed doors.

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    1. what are you saying? balanced ? every team in the league will not have away fans at their stadiums … that is balanced ????

      1. Buh still isn’t right though too much advantage to the home side can you just imagine playing at anfield with home fans supporting them and non supporting us mhenn that’s too much on us knowing we easily gets intimidated by top teams at their home even though arteta did prove us wrong in his arrival

        1. Can you imagine Liverpool playing at the Emirates without any support? It’s the same for everyone….

  1. It is not only arsenals fans that wont travel with their team to away match. All teams are involved

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