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Arsenal favourites ahead of Chelsea to sign Jean Michael Seri

Arsenal’s quest for a new midfielder has taken another twist. Many so-called know-it-all’s keep telling us that Torreira is a “done deal” but according to SKY there are still lots of other negotiations going on, and one of them is for the Nice midfielder Jean Michael Seri.

Chelsea are supposedly keen but with the uncertainty surrounding Antonio Conte (and Abramovich!) we are sure to be favourites to secure his signature. The Sky Sports man Dharmesh Sheth reported: “Chelsea and Arsenal both remain interested in Jean-Michael Seri.

“We’ve been talking about it in the last few minutes, the managerial situation of Chelsea is uncertain, that could prove a stumbling block to any transfer. It’s also thought that Arsenal are looking for other players.

“Arsenal’s interest is through the head of their football relations – Raul Sanllehi.

“Seri is available for £35million. A further twist is his next destination could be influenced by the arrival of Patrick Vieira as the new head coach at Nice now.

“Vieira has strong links with Manchester City having managed their sister club New York City.

“We are told that City are keeping tabs on the Seri situation. While they continue to try and push through a deal for the Napoli midfielder Jorginho.

“One significant thing with this whole situation with Seri is we understand his preference is to move to the Premier League.

“It could be an interesting one. It could rumble on for a couple of weeks yet.”

With Chelsea unable to act, and Man City only looking at Seri as a backup, Arsenal must surely be in pole position right now. I really hope we get him to shut up people like Kev and Resource…


32 thoughts on “Arsenal favourites ahead of Chelsea to sign Jean Michael Seri

    1. Drew

      exactly, isnt he Napoli bound? I see the author has issues with keV s. Resource 😂 … I personally like their updates but they can get it wrong sometimes and they are so secretive with their sources lol

    2. killamch89

      If this were to happen it would be – Arsenal 3: Napoli 0 in the transfer market this summer.

  1. Remember Resource?

    Nothing happening with seri atm. Soyuncu, sokratis, torreira done deals. We are in advanced talks for leno. Expect media to pick up on soyuncu and leno soon

    1. Drew

      the media had been talking Leno for a while… but obviously after they heard it from you first! lazy journalism I tell you 😉

      1. Xxnofx

        Kevs now gone into hiding and now resource shows up ,coincidence, but I suppose after that arsenal vs Brighton fixture I would to

        1. Drew

          Haha haha and I told the whole office that we playing them only to find out we playing City first

    2. John mayor

      Ha ha…very funny mate…I wonder which planet you live on.The media is all about Leno deal at the news pls

  2. gotanidea

    @Admin , why do you join the @kev / @Remember Resource? / @Resource hater bandwagon? I know sometimes they (or he) are annoying, but they are needed to make this site more alive, like the legendary @jon fox 😛 You gotta stay neutral as an admin, don’t you?

    I am sure Seri is more attacking and more creative than Torreira, but it means Arsenal have to release either Ozil, Wilshere, Xhaka or Ramsey?

    If Arsenal do not sign a better DM than what we currently have, I would be pessimistic about the upcoming season. Unless Arsenal are planning to get both Seri and Torreira, that would be fantastic

    1. Xxnofx

      Because the amount of bullshit they come out with that’s why ,I’m still waiting to see lemar in our starting lineup with arteta shouting orders from the touch line

    2. Goonerboy

      Yes, i dont think we are getting Seri, seeing as we are yet to release any player from midfield except you wanna count Cazorla. But if Wilshere eventually leaves, we can as well say Torreira and Seri are replacements for Cazorla and Wilshere….

      Eventhough a midfield of Xhaka, Seri, Torreira will full of energy and aggresion, i think we will lack a lot of height. But is the height such an important thing? I honestly cant say

      1. Jonm

        Such a shame about Jack and his injuries. Remember barcelona saying they had many young players better than Wilshere who then proceeded to terrorise them. He is an arsenal fan and was seen as a future Arsenal and England captain.

    3. Mobella

      Not either, if Torreira is in as suggested, three of our currently players in that position will be shipped out. You can add Eleny and AMN to your list.

    4. Admin Post author

      I am very neutral and I like to mediate between opposing opinions. But no referee supports obvious simulation!!!!

      1. ger burke

        admin , you are neutral !!?. obviously a trick you learned during the days of being on your back in hospital . well done you sir , what excellent news for all of us on here .

    1. Goonerboy

      i am gutted that lucas is not starting for Uruaguay as i have been desperate to see him in a live play.

      Hope he comes in soon enough!

    1. jon fox

      I would not put it higher than 137.3333% personally. Some would quote a lowly 100% but I like exgaggeration, don’t you!

  3. Wolfgang

    I am very surprised Arsenal are going to sign another midget for the md.
    For the last five years Arsenal mds have been under 180cm,a far cry from the 193cm
    PV 4.
    Don’t forget the epl is very physical compared to the other leagues.I hope Emery gets
    some physically imposing mds. One midget md is ok but 2 will be easily
    trampled over.

  4. Mobella

    This defies all reasoning. How can will be favourite ahead of Chelsea when we have so many players in his position.

  5. stubill

    Not bothered at all about Seri. He’s a good player undeniably, but his chilblain complaint is a bit of a worry, if he gets them it could rule him out for weeks during the colder months.

  6. RSH

    Doubt this is happening anymore if we are close to getting Torreira. Unless we are selling Ramsey or Xhaka which doesn’t seem like either is going. Wilshere seems to be off btw according to his Instagram. Good luck, thanks for the memories.

  7. Diana

    I am not sure if i am the only one that has seen on Twitter that XHAKA has extended his contract, so for those hoping he leaves, forget it. Just hope he improves under Emery.

    As for Seri, its just click bait. Napoli remains in pole position IF (Inside sources he is unsure now, not sure why) and if he eventually does EPL, as of now, Its Chelsea. The big Belgian has a higher probability(according to bookies) of joinging us than Seri. Anyhow, i have stopped listening to transfer news until Kev and Resource confirm them (ha ha ha Admin). lol.

    But seriously, announce Leno, Sokratis, Adli, Soyuncu and Torreira for me to even entertain any winger, cm transfer news, unless its Martins, who weirdly isnt a free agent yet. Otherwise, not happening. We can strength our transfer kitty by a few millions but no more.

  8. Ozziegunner

    There are a number of issues with Jean M Seri as raised above here and in previous comments by myself and others, as to why Seri to Arsenal is a low probability:
    i) Viera as the new Lyon manager may not want to release him;
    ii) Seri with his medical issues prefers warmer climes than the UK and Napoli offers this;
    iii) Seri coming in would require other midfielders to be sold by Arsenal;
    iv) Arsenal needs taller more physical players to “bulk up” the overall squad;
    v) there are other midfielders available who may be better overall and better value for money.

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