Arsenal favourites for top 3 spot after Saints beat Man City?

Arsenal are back in pole position for a top three finish in the Premier League after both Leicester and Southampton did us a big favour today by taking points off the two Manchester clubs. But will Arsenal grab the chance to finish the season in a strong way and at least take the positive of not finishing lower than last time and earning an automatic place in the Champions League group stage?

The EPL table is looking a lot better right now, with Arsenal on 67 points after beating Norwich yesterday and Man City three points back with the same games played after losing to Southampton. If Chelsea beat the spuds tomorrow we will only be two points behind them, but I don’t really see us catching them unfortunately.

Man United’s draw with Leicester took them to seven points behind us on 60 and with a much worse goal difference but they do have a game in hand. But even if van Gaal’s men win their remaining three EPL games which are away to Norwich and West Ham and home to Bournemouth, Arsenal only need two points from our two games to make sure we finish above them and with Aston Villa at home on the final day I think we are safe.

It is 3rd place that we really want though and as long as we avoid defeat away to Man City next weekend that should be in the bag. If City beat us, however, they will go above us on goal difference and then their final game away to Swansea could be crucial.

We don’t want it to come down to that though, so the fact that City lost today and then travel to Spain for the second leg against Real Madrid on Wednesday is probably making Arsenal favourites to finish third. How do you guys think the season will end?

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  1. i think we all know the Koeman is going to be well up there in the bookies odds, as favorite to take over wenger next summer, he is doing a sterling job, tactically shrewd changed to a back three when the defense was leaking goals and stabilized the defense, we could do with that in our defense tactics. he seems to not be renewing his contract with the saints that quickly so that could be a sign he might be interested in the post, definitely a front runner for now.

  2. The protests were. as i expected a complete waste of time. Only armchair and delusional fans, oh and also JUSTARSENAL fans were actually thinking it was a good idea. Im sick and tired of the comments placed on this site, and will therefore never be returning. Arsene is an Arsenal legend and will never ever be forgotten. To all you so called fans, Go and support a club that does not let you down in your eyes. I will support Arsenal through thick and thin, i will sing and support from the North Bank, because Arsenal are my team. Arsenal is in my blood and any player who pulls that shirt on deserves my support.
    Please, Please those who protested, listen to those fans who were around you!!! You were not wanted and were told so.

      1. hehe well u r the one who is delusional talking about arsenal is in ur bloods well for us arsenal is our blood.whats this with wenger support if its top four that u guys value so much and hve made it more appealing than a epl title wow shame on of all us see what we hve turned aarsenal into.THIS IS ARSENAL.the moment someone becomes bigger than a club then no way are things okay.ill end with asking my question which has not been answered yet…do u believe wenger will win title with arsenal nxt yeat (epl),do u believe we will be among the strong contenders for the title untill the end when it matters most????
        wenger is a smart guy he knows nxt season automatic arsenal will be struggling even for fourth so that is our target and its a shame we fans r ready to waste another year.I am done with this saga we will find out soon enough and I hope and pray we don’t regret giving this so called legend another chance coz I hve screamed,cried,and pple dare call pple who want change not arsenal fans or not die hards.cheers guys seems top four is safe our annual top fourbparade is in place

        1. @khagunner very true bro!! Most people here don’t wanna give in that this deluded one only cares only of his annual very fat salary and nvr about the succes of the team. We have been on top of the league in so many seasons but fails miserably in the end, happens every single season until now it’s a norm, we are the laughing stock. Other teams know that we can be top there for as long as we want but we’ll end up dropping to our beloved position to collect our yearly trophy. We ar never a threat to even Leicester city this season, only because some deluded dictator could not see anyone in the market to improve on his beloved floppy son OG and other below average players he assembled

          1. Here here?
            Thought it was
            hear hear?
            or hair hair
            or he he
            or hare hare
            or hare hare hare krishna πŸ™‚

    1. Gooner bri, well said and a long time coming. But you should reconsider leaving the site, those who bicker and moan in every comment have chased too many a good man away already. There used to be a healthy number from both sides and depending on the result then mood both sides would have their say. Too many have felt like you and got sick of reading, and replying, to people who wallow in the misery, also allot more of the kids revel in this one liner insult kinda of thing. We need more people who believe support is crucial through thick and thin. This site could definitely benefit from it, I understand all the same.

      1. which suport man? I recall wenger telling ian our legend his time his up and sold him,and that is a legend why u guys still talking about support yet the fans hve backed the team for 12 years that is alot of so called support and its amazing that it has taken so long for the support to start being week.
        luk at man u just two years and van gal is under pressure those guys want to be back where they belong while we still applaud a top four finish wow!…I am proud of the fans who stood out and made there feelings known coz nxt year ull be on our bus brother and know that we wasted a year for nothing.we are arsenal and hope we win epl but it isn’t going to be anytime soon it might end up bieng 20 years πŸ™

        1. You make perfect sense bro! They talk about support as if the 12 years of lies were not under all fans’ support. Some managers win titles in one season and gets sacked in the next, since we last won the title the deluded one has been enjoying his 8m and the only thing that makes him crack his head is when he is looking for new excuses and vocabularies to deceive the fans. And still some few loyal (to Wenger) supporters believe him and protect him from any harm. Pathetic

    2. ‘United we stand devided we fall’. Don’t actually remember who coined that. The fractures are already showing amongst the fans so is (to some extend) in the team. (Watching Arsenal play) I don’t think the players goes along each other very well too. Hope we find common ground where we have to agree on what we want for our team then find the most effective and civllised way to push our agenda. For now I think it’s crucial for us to rally behind our team and finish as high as possible. Though I would hate the idea of having other teams doing it for us we have no choice. We either take it or leave it to others who will greatifully grab it on both hands. Let’s support our team and each other whilst we sort out our differences.

    3. I understand your point of view, we have a lot to thank AW for, he deserves respect and some of the comments on this site about him are unacceptable.

      My personal point of view is that this season, with the poor performances of manu, manc and chelsea, arsenal have had many opportunities to get ahead in the PL but have bottled most of them. It seems to me that this has happened so often and so consistently that something has to change. I suspect that much of the problem lies with kroenke but this season we should have won the PL with the players we have, Wenger could then have retired on a high note.

      As things stand i cannot see us winning the PL next season, an overhaul of the squad is required and the players need to be motivated.

  3. We got a good chance of 3rd place! Beating man City next week will be crucial to assure that!

  4. The most important thing and the best thing we can do now is support the Arsenal really loud we need to push our team the Arsenal over the line
    I bet you all if we do it loudly we will cross the line with a smile on our faces and please keep all the negativity for now oppressed
    As i said before Emirates Stadium isn’t the cinema even at the cinema if you watch a bad movie you don’t throw a tantrum and throw your paper cups and popcorn containers at the screen so why the hell trow a tantrum at the Emirates Stadium

  5. Nice one, this takes a little of the pressure off city game. They have better GL difference so a resolute performance like the last game will be needed. City will have to attack, not that they don’t do that anyway but atleast we can concentrate on the counter attack. Spuds dropping points tomorrow would be very welcome, and then see how they hold out, they didn’t hold well in their last game.

    1. yea……..sure……u will……….wenger would find a way for us to play on tuesdays or wednesdays ….. *winks* happy now?

  6. Great win today for Southampton and as @goonerwineverything said Koeman looking like a possibility for when Wenger hangs up his un-zippable coat. One major point from that game though has to be Kelechi Iheanacho. He looks like an unbelievable prospect for City and if any of you haven’t seen his second goal today you should really look it up it was an unbelievable finish from a 19yr old. Pep Guardiola is going to have the time of his life coaching that man! Here’s hoping Chuba Akpom can come back and have a similar impact next season with hopefully a new striker too.

    Goal link:

  7. Who cares about coming 3rd, never going to get even close to winning champs league.
    Would rather finish out side top 4. More pressure on wenger to go.
    Wenger out!

  8. I hope we win our remaining games and qualify for ucl but if its ucl qualification that we are so content with them our eyes are almost bieng opened.reality is gona cme with a big slap and I pray we will not wait till we actually see the damage and respond coz now we are getting warning signs.
    its vital we make ucl but not for wenger its for arsenal fc .coyg

        1. “Haunt” ? stupid fat slob ??

          @ Admin
          will I get banned. .. for giving it to myself? ?

  9. well if spurs lose to chelsea… we have a chance of finishing above them as well… would be a much needed lift for the fans after this appalling season.
    Can you imagine spurs after having their best season in a long time still finish where they belong, below arsenal!!

  10. Third is the best we can hope for. If we had taken just one of the many missed opportunities then a loss away to man city and win against aston villa would have guaranteed third place and the guaranteed CL football

    Then again it is the missed opportunities which are the reasons why we have not won the PL and why we are all so disappointed with this season.

  11. Considering the up and down (more downs) season we had,
    I would be happy if we finish 2nd (above the Spuds)

    If it were Man City or last years winners Chelsea on top instead of Leicester, I don’t think that we would of had all this uprising with protest etc etc.
    At the end of the day, we have mainly been finishing 4th in the last 12 years, so there’s nothing really shocking about our position in the league that deserves all the negatives that most of us having been putting towards our club.
    Yes, i am one of those that belives that Wenger has lost the ability to take Arsenal forward and I also believe that wenger’s Ego got the better of him since we last won the premier league ( Invincibles ) his ideas and beliefs have all backed fired on him in the last decade or so and even though deep down he knows this, he will never admit it.

    Wenger is his own enemy, he is constantly battling with his own thoughts, and when it comes to making decisions, he ends up ignoring all logic and common sense…. he has taken stubborness to a Supreme level ?

    We all love Arsenal fc, some of us long before Wenger came along, If you love Wenger more than you love Arsenal then you are not a true Arsenal lover! ??

    Personally, it’s definitely time for changes, since nothing has improved in the last 12 years! ( stagnated) I don’t hate wenger .. if anything .. I feel sorry for him… it’s a bit like watching an old heavy weight champion getting battered in the ring , when everyone else but ‘him’ knew that he should of retired long ago.

    1. Agree with a lot of what you said but there is one overall reason that he should definitely not leave at the end of this season and its the question most would ask themselves:
      Who do we get to replace him?

      When it comes to replacing him with someone who would coach the team better I am sure there are quite a few possibilities that may be available but the main point that I would like to make on this is who would be able to replace him while still attracting/controlling the big players?

      Ozil and Sanchez would have never had joined us if it wasn’t for Wenger and his reputation. Man United had a similar problem with Moyes when he couldn’t even attract Herrera (hardly the biggest name) only for him to sign up the second LVG (a manager with a big reputation) was in charge. Similarly I can’t see Ozil or Sanchez comitting to Arsenal in the summer (Contract wise) if Wenger or a manager of a similar reputation is in charge. Everyone can say what they want about Wenger but it has to be said that he is instrumental in attracting new players, although I can admit having this quality is no good if you aren’t willing to actually buy new players.

      When you look at what managers are available in the summer the only ones that spring to mind are Pellegrini and possibly Blanc and I would prefer another year of Wenger that take the risk with either of those managers despite how good they may be unless we want to try Mourinho but would we really accept him? One wild card is Joachim Loew who would definitely be able to attract players and is out of contract with Germany after the summer but do we want to chance a manager who hasn’t even sampled club football and will be focusing on Germany for the summer rather than Arsenal, also I am not sure what his situation is with the Language barrier.

      But hey Wenger only has a year left on his contact and after that is nothing changes next season he will be gone and at least it will be on his terms and in some way he does deserve that given his service to the club. What he leaves behind though will be decided the end of next season but until then we should gather ourselves to try and believe one more time at least in “Le Proffesseur”

  12. Third place.
    Like wow πŸ™‚
    Looks like we’ll Podium πŸ™‚
    Fabulous third πŸ™‚
    ECL football again. πŸ™‚
    Great season πŸ™‚
    So proud πŸ™‚
    The players were all magnificent πŸ™‚
    So many great memories πŸ™‚
    The future looks great πŸ™‚
    Arsene 5 more years please πŸ™‚
    We love you Arsene we do πŸ™‚
    Turd place #%$$#@# πŸ™
    Snatched defeat from the
    jaws of victory πŸ™
    Gutted. πŸ™
    Disgrace πŸ™
    12 years πŸ™
    So many shocking performances πŸ™
    Players are useless πŸ™
    Time to go Arsin πŸ™
    Just like finishing third in the boat race πŸ™
    We loath you Arsin we do πŸ™

    1. haha funny arent you the one has so much hate for the akb’s? (i dont even think that he always knows best i just respect him and like him) so arent you the one who cannot stand that people have different opinion? you are a joke πŸ˜‰ well i dont really make fun of man u or man city i just dont like chelsea nothing more nothing less, the arrogance in your comment is ridiculous

  13. It’s been 12 years since we have been 2nd as well. Just win the next 2 games and then sign top players Lewandowski, Hummels and Xhaka.

  14. I don’t want to see Lampost Donkey Giroud and Postman Donkey Sanogo at arsenal next season.

  15. @goonerbri i understand your feeling.. i feel that way too but trevor is right dont leave this place, i actually like to argue with some people here cause i do understand why they want a change and my opinions just differ but the problem isnt them but guys like soopa and the inhumane fans who really said sometimes that they wished wenger would die or get handicapped so that we get a change, imo the ones who really say those words should get beat or fined just once in their life till they understand what those words mean!

    but trevor is right thats the sad point cause of the childish miserable kind of people on here many great commenters left this page and this page has lost some flair and it would be too sad if the more levelheaded ones keep leaving one-by-one

    1. Humanity is the key word with most of your comments,
      I agree that it is disgusting to wish death or bodily injury towards anybody, but I doubt that those fan’s sincerely meant it!… How many times have we seen and heard the abuse towards an injured player, whilst receiving treatment on the pitch… you know the one.. “let him die “. . “Let him die”… blah blah blah.
      That’s just the sick sense of humour! That comes with the sport… I doubt that anyone really wants death to actually happen? ?

      People want entertainment and those that can afford it,
      pay for something that takes their mind off the real battles in life!… And unfortunately, Watching Arsenal is adding to their miseries lol ?

      Mate… How can you expect a civilised culture in a sport that has the most violence in history?
      Take a look at the goings on’s in the real world!
      Before you judge fan’s as being inhuman!
      As wenger would call it… ” it’s just disappointed love”

      1. thanks for the sensible comment fatboy πŸ˜€ yep i know i do get that they dont really mean it, but i just cant come to terms with that, i dont really expect civilised culture in a sport but generally from the people in the world, yep you are right about the real world, maybe thats the reason it annoys me extremely, i mean look our world is rotten to the core, the human mindset is terrible when it faces danger or problems for himself , and maybe thats the reason i just want football to stay as just as an entertainment industry but when i see that people even here let the words flow in any kind of way just because the are frustrated, i really cant come to terms with it, i really love black humor and some akbs react angrily when some fans tell some wheelchair jokes or for example on the post from admin where one could write jokes about wenger, some were really awesome, but when people cant control their emotion after a game and abuse other people it just irritates me as hell cause i really think that thats one of the big problems in the world.. the mindset to be overly emotional, if its a joke i can laugh but when its written with spite and anger i find it inappropriate πŸ˜€

        but nevertheless i am one who loves jokes and black humor , and i do love a lot of your jokes and robinvanpayslip too πŸ˜€

    2. Hi Krish
      I admire your
      meaningful comments.
      However πŸ™‚
      For me the AKB’s say they want to win the title
      but are not bovered if it takes till 2097 for the next win.
      I don’t expect us to win the title every season .
      But once every four years would really help.
      What are your expectations?
      Leicester winning would put the money issue to the sword.
      But we play beautiful football you might say”
      But can you say hand on heart that Arsenal play beautiful football these days?
      Are you prepared to make the tough decisions now or
      continue to live off past glories and present day excuses?
      Faced with that choice the mass exodus of the AKB’s from this site
      would indicate they prefer the third place sleepy lagoon to the open sea.
      Is that you too Krish 3rd place sleepy lagoon cruising or are you up for the fight?

      1. Hi davidnz thanks a lot πŸ™‚ you are one of the critics of wenger i do like along with fatboy
        first of all, yep i am indeed a fan of arsene but i dont think that he always knows best, and i also think that this season was a terrible failure, and the blame has to go to the manager and some players.
        yep i think thats a sensible expectation, well the leicester winning thing is a one-off i dont think that because of it one can say that money doesnt play a role anymore, but yes it showed that money cant be always blamed, money is an indicator for chances of the title but arsenal has enough money, i agree with you there and yep hand on heart our beautiful football has disappeared! its one of the thing it saddens me the most, i think the last season where i was really proud and did think that we kept our beautiful football was the season with the most beautiful goal i have ever seen.. the wilshere goal against norwich and that rosicky goal against “dont know against whom anymore” but i think where our decisions differ is that i think that till the season 11/12, maybe 12/13 overachieved/ had success, cause some year ago in the 12/13 season you wrote that he underachieved in this period, haha i still remember that xD but after that he should have won atleast one title and its a disappointment that we never had more than 80 points in the last few years..

        so i hope that you see that i dont blindly follow wenger i am disappointed to but for me sacking wenger is just no option and the fan in me still believes in him, i am up for the fight, in my view he got 3 years for his dedication and success in keeping arsenal in the top four while selling top stars cause i think that has to be considered as extremely difficult, and he has failed in 2 years and has one to go. thats my opinion
        and i am up for the fight πŸ˜€

    3. Hahaha…..Looking for a Bait?……… My Nick don’t match up

      Listen and Listen real good…….but since u’ve got a problem with Listening krish

      i’m gonna have to spell it out in CapLocks


      your Accusations are ridiculous…..and u will never get a medal for it……doesn’t mean u should stop …..keep beating on ur “Talking Drum” if it helps calm ur nerves!!

  16. Arsenal fans need to keep protesting every game at home to keep pressure on Wenger. Wenger has become vey stubborn and needs someone to push.
    Chant we want top striker and Giroud sucks and spend the money next season learn from mistakes.

  17. Our aim now is to finish second by hoping the Spuds lose tomorrow and keep them within 2 points for the last two games. Leicester wining is one thing, and that maybe destined to happen and cannot change whether you are Arsenal or Mancity but to have the Spuds finishing infront of Arsenal is a travesty. We could not live that down so COYG.

  18. If wenger keeps waiting to see if top strikers are available, Giroud will still lead the attack of arsenal for another 3 years after this season.

  19. look you are one of the guys sango meant in his comments dont try to divert the fanbase so much that you even want to get rid of one part of the fanbase thats ridiculous and intellectually suffocating

  20. 3rd place
    no trophies
    Behind Spurs and Leicester
    CL spot but no real prospect of coming anywhere close to winning it next season

    Overral fantastic season lol

  21. Why are we so confident of third spot? All we need to do is lose against Citeh, and we haven’t exactly been in blistering form, and they will be in third by goal difference.

    I don’t understand why Santi wasn’t given a bit of a run out by subbing Ramsey, who wasn’t in blistering form either. He seems to be fit again, and he was our MOTM, ensuring victory against Citeh at the Eitihad last year.

  22. we get 4th and all the akb’s will flock onto the site and profess their undying love and gratitude to wneger for nothe rsucessful season.

    They dissapeared after sunderland but see how they have all come back after norwich?

  23. Guys.. if pool wins Europa and gets automatic Champions League qualification does that mean the 4th place team doesn’t get to be in the Champions league qualification round?

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