Arsenal favourites to make £35million midfielder Emery’s first signing

There does seem to be a lot of momentum behind the Arsenal transfer rumours at the moment, as the Gunners are keen to get the players that Unai Emery wants to get the team playing to his system, and according to the Sky Sports reporter Dharmesh Sheth, the new Arsenal coach is in pole position to bag the Nice midfielder Jean Michael Seri.

Seri was wanted by Barcelona last season when Raul Sanllehi was at the club, and Emery himself tried to sign the 26 year-old whilst at PSG in January. Sheth admits that Napoli and Dortmund are also interested, but the player himself wants to come to England. “I’m being led to believe that there’s an agreement with his club that he will be allowed to leave for £35million,” Sheth said.

“Now, it’s really interesting actually because he almost joined Barcelona.

“Now intriguingly, last summer, Arsenal’s current head of football operations, Raul Sanllehi, was the director of football at the Nou Camp and they wanted Jean-Michael Seri.

“Fast forward to January, Emery tried to sign him for Paris Saint-Germain. But concerns over Financial Fair Play rules for Paris Saint-Germain meant they went for a free transfer and brought in Lassana Diarra.

“There is an interest in Seri but there is competition as well.

“I’m told that Napoli and Borussia Dortmund are interested, but quite importantly the player’s preference is to come to the Premier League. I think that’s where he wants to shine.

“Arsenal are interested, there has been a long-standing history of the people at Arsenal being interested when they’ve been at previous clubs.

“So potentially, I think if Emery had his way, he could be his first signing.”

It is fully understandable that the best players would want to come to the Premier League at the moment. Not just because of the massive wages on offer, but also this is the most competitive League around with most of the top managers fighting for the title.

I wouldn’t mind if Seri is Emery’s first choice, just as long as he sorts out the defence as well!

What do you think?



  1. Innit says:

    £35 mil for Seri would def be a better deal than £35 mil for Xhaka
    He is also better than Eleny, Ramsey and Wilshere. So it would be a step in the right direction

    But we also need a defensive midfielder. Seri is an attacker not a defensive minded central midfielder. He is a very strong passee of the ball and good at getting into attacking positions. But not an expert in defensive skills

    1. gotanidea says:

      We don’t know yet whether Seri and Xhaka would be suitable with Emery’s system or not. But because Seri almost joined Barcelona, he must possess good close ball control, good first touch and be able to create more touches on the ball when possessing it (like Cazorla and Sanchez)

      It seems Arsenal would recruit Seri, Soyuncu and Sokratis only, despite we need a good DM. But they surprised us last season with Lacazette and Aubameyang transfers, hence they might surprise us again in this season. Ndidi please!

      1. I’ve just watched Ndindi he’s good! Though I think Doucoure is just a little bit better, faster, stronger. If we can get both it would be great. We must fix defence this year, we MUST.

  2. Sheet Head says:

    A first signing should have been announced by now.. even if it’s Squillaci and Almunia resigned, any signing please.. ??

    1. Eric Ogbe says:


    2. Alkali says:

      The season would have ended before it started

  3. Eric Ogbe says:

    Seri has toe issues too. He said it will affect him in England. We should just let the guy be. We don’t need him ?

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Has issues with cold weather apparently.

    2. Pussyorarsenal says:

      Eric.. How bedc?
      It’s gonna be. Long summer mehn

  4. Malch95 says:

    So it really is the board that are just a bunch of clueless monkeys. Can’t believe we were blaming Arsene. This has to be the lowest priority signing that we need and we’re gonna spend the most money on him. We need D-E-F-E-N-S-I-V-E players. We have about 6 Seri type of players. Myki, Ozil, Wilshere, iwobi, Ramsey, xhaka and maybe they’re not the greatest players but Jesus Christ we’re stocked up ridiculously. Why can’t we get it right for once? Bid 35m for koulibaly or Ndidi just someone defensive minded we leaked 51 goals as a team last season that is atrocious. Almost 2 goals a game and we’re again signing another attack minded midfielder. They’ve absolutely lost it

    1. gotanidea says:

      If you add Forsberg, we would have another tippy-tappy player (@kev ‘s word :D)

      I bet Arsenal would kick off at least two of those ball hoggers, to give a space for Seri

    2. stubill says:

      Do be quiet, this is a football forum, not a pulpit!

      1. Gunner22 says:

        ?stubill! gunner4life made a sensible comment, leave God’s name from sports comments on a secular forum

        1. stubill says:

          He’s preaching, quoting from a fairytale book.

          All religions are man made to control people, only the weak, and feeble minded believe in them.

  5. Sheet Head says:

    Or maybe Wenger is not happy with his dismissal, and he doesn’t want Arsenal to be successful without him, hence he is doing his best to scuttle any progress by Sven and Emery 🙁 🙁 🙁 by calling all Arsenal transfer targets and speaking to them in their native language like he did to Ozil. I hear Wenger can speak all European and South American languages 🙁 🙁 poor Emery. Maybe we should sign players from Africa 😀 😀 😀 I doubt Wenger knows Swahili 😀 😀 😀

  6. Ive just watched the Lucas Torreira DM guy! He’s quite good…definitely likes sticking his foot in for a challenge and making them interceptions. I’d take him, then again it’s YouTube…

    1. Juhi McLovin says:

      Not only Youtube.. he’s got the stats concerning tackles and interceptions on his side!

  7. Gelz says:

    Another number 10 type player and not really known for his defensive duties, if Ramsey’s flicks and tricks annoy you, wait until you see the king of the back heel trying it every opportunity he gets. Our midfield needs a ball winner who can turn over play and start us on an attack

  8. barryglik says:

    Think smart Arsenal.
    Make this a 50 game
    development season.
    Fans do not expect trophies right now
    Use the low pressure season wisely.
    Please no 34 yr olds no 26 yr olds
    Time to blood the youngsters.
    Europa league games are ideal experience.
    Remember the sign outside the Emirates.
    “We don’t buy stars we make them”
    Mavro. Bola. AMN. Willock. Nelson. Nketiah.
    Their time is now.

    1. gotanidea says:

      No 34 year olds and no 26 year olds… That would mean the curious case and the highly talented Mr Alex Iwobi

      He could be Ozil’s replacement. We have seen him providing great assists for Welbeck, Sanchez and Giroud

      I’m curious to see how he plays under Emery’s guidance

      1. barryglik says:

        The highly talented Mr Iwobi?
        Now that would be a curious case.
        I think Professor Moriarty has been
        seasoning your opium again Mr Holmes.

        1. Muffdiver says:

          Lol bazza .
          I concur with your astute findings

          1. barryglik says:


      2. Sue says:

        With a bit of luck he won’t play ????

      3. GunnerJack says:

        ‘Highly talented’ and ‘Alex Iwobi’ Ha! Ha! Ha! Hilarius!

  9. Kenya 001 Arsenal says:

    No signings yet i thought wenger was responsible 4 last minute buys

  10. Sue says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it on…

      1. Billy says:

        Sorry Sue that should have been a thumbs up, my sausage fingers again

  11. Phil says:

    If the Seri signing happens then to me that means Wilshere is gone.Seri IS NOT the CDM we are desperate to get so is being signed as an upgrade on Wilshere.We WILL Sign the ever elusive CDM.There is plenty of time left in this window and the players are out there.

    1. Billy says:

      Phil i just watched lucas torriera as per your recent post suggested. Man can he tackle alright, he also reads the game well, and the boy can play a bit too. This is one kid we definitely need, and hes only 21, so will only get better.

      Youtube highlights can always be deceiving but there normally showing spectacular goals.

      Admin please could you add the link. I watched on Phils recommendation, hes usually spot on.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      You should maybe look up a game or two that they lost the game, see if he played a part in it. Youtube wont show you the bloopers.

      Goretzka, Verratti, Rabiot, Jorginho, Fabinho, I watched all them play and know what I like about them. Goretzka is gone, Fabinho, Jorginho too. Verratti is out of our league.

      Rabiot, I seen a fair bit of him, and I think he’s been paying closer attention to Verratti’s game. I know some don’t see him as that holding CDM player, he’s very good on the ball and likes to make a pass, but he’d be added quality to our midfield. We missed Santi, and Wilshere is not good enough for the first team. Rabiot for me is all about the double act he’d help create. He likes an odd tackle and is a tall strong lad and he’s also quick at making up the ground or intercepting the play, if we got an ideal partner in to play with him then I think he’d suit us very well indeed. Seri is different, he’s more Wilshere type but quicker at playing the passes forward. He’d also need a new partner to arrive, for me the smarter money would be on Rabiot if we are looking into this area. Rabiot looked good under Unai, like really really good. It’s not just a defensive minded midfielder we are looking for, or are missing. We need an injection of quality added to that midfield centre.

  12. Sergio says:

    Agree with most of the above. If we lump half of our budget on the type of player we need least at the moment then you’d have to question the logic.

    I hope either it’s just rumours and we’re not actually close to offering, or we actually have access to a lot more funding than the figures being thrown about.

  13. jon fox says:

    Many years ago but still under wenger, we always had the modfiels as our strongest section of the team. No longer. Ozil is in and out in effectiveness, Wilshere porbably leaving(and I hope so) Ramsey is a box to box type and we have no other midfielders save Mkhytaryan(sorry for the spelling!) and he can’t do it all on his own. I discount the woeful Iwobi, Xhaka and Elneny as way below our standard. So we badly need a reliable creative central attacking midfielder. Seri would be a top- buy and I hope he comes.

    1. John Wick says:

      Haha it’s a tough one to spell jon, MKH is easier for me ? seri would be a great signing ?

  14. Abel says:

    So far if I’m correct, Seri is the fourth ” 1st signing” by Unai!
    First it was Soyoncu, then Leitchsteiner, then Socratis, and now Seri. As yet non has signed on the dotted lines.
    How long before the Benzema rumours return?
    It’s very likely Arsenal will announce released players and player sales before any incoming is announced.
    So we are in for a very long summer except you choose to take Kev at his “word/words”

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Yeah I just realized you’re right, I can remember headlines for all those players saying Emery’s first signing.

      Also, if the keep writing ..Emery’s signings, then it wont be too long before we believe he holds dominion over everything not unlike Wenger. We had a head of recruitment under Wenger, we had a lead negotiator under Wenger, also a so called medical expert and a fitness guru too.

  15. Gundown says:

    Sari will be joining Sarri at Chelsea believe you me. Sari already said he would choose Chelsea over Arsenal as he wants to play along side Kante and he will be replacing old legs in Fabragas. We can’t offer him anything better then that. We can say we will win a trophy or even challenge. We can’t even better his wages like Chelsea can. So this article is pointless

    1. Sergio says:

      Who’s Sari?

      1. JW says:

        The other guy

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