Arsenal favourites to sign Vardy – but not Lukaku!

At this time of the year Arsenal fans are inundated with various (and sprurious) transfer rumours regarding just about every available (or even unavailable!) player on the planet, but I am a firm believer of checking out the bookies prices to give us an indication of whether we really have any chance of signing certain players.

Yes it is really just an indication of who people are betting on to arrive, but the fact is that there are always certain people who get a bit of “inside information” and have a little tickle on getting it right and making a few bob. And here’s a little tip, if you fancy betting on any of these then you should check out the best betting sites so you can get some free money to to invest rather than use your own hard-earned cash!

Anyway, so who is being tipped by the bookies to move to Arsenal? First of all I was very surprised to even see us linked to Jamie Vardy at all, but Betvictor have us down as 3/1 favourites, with Liverpool and Man City next in the betting at 6/1. In the “next club” betting (excluding Leicester) the Gunners are as low as 4/7 on, which means someone has been putting a LOT of money on this. It may seem a bit farfetched, but I remember a certain Man United manager in the last year of his contract signing a 29 year old striker, and he ended up retiring with League winners medal. Ring any bells?

If you are sick to death of transfer rumours, perhaps you should just make use of this Heart Bingo promo code and just avoid the football pages, but if not then we have been also linked with another Leicester player, Riyad Mahrez, and Skybet have the betting (club after transfer window) as: Stay at Leicester 1/2 – Move to Arsenal 11/4… The next in the betting is PSG at 17/1 so it looks like a two-horse race to me.

A lot of fans are hoping that Arsenal sign Lukaku, and we have been heavily linked, but surprisingly the betting has us at 18/1 (6th favourites) with Chelsea odds on at 8/13…

As for John Stones, we can forget the Everton man as we are 25/1 shots to nab him…

Other than that, the only other possibility in the betting is Mauro Icardi. We are 6/1 favourites, but that only means he is expected to stay where he is for the moment.

I can’t find any prices for Alvaro Morata, surprisingly, so maybe we are all barking up the wrong tree on that one.

Would Arsenal fans be happy if we ended up with Jamie Vardy? I would!

Sam P

********BREAKING NEWS**********
Unibet have just issued prices for Vincent Janssen. Arsenal are 5/2 favourites to sign him, with Man United at 5/1 and Liverpool at 8/1….

Updated: May 24, 2017 — 9:02 am


  1. Oh dear, gonna be a long arse summer….hold on tight folks, and fasten your seat belts, we are in for a topsy-turvy summer of stories and rumours that will raise your hopes and expectations and then dash them…..

    1. True indeed we need to lower our expectations when it comes to transfers,we have been disappointed too many times before I just hope Wenger signs the quality we need and doesn’t just end at Xhaka!

  2. I think vardy have 2 more seasons at top level in him, so why not??

    I begin to like that Janssen even though I don’t really know him, but by reading what people are saying about him.

    I love transfer window where every one is sleeping and dreaming.

  3. Hehe this has to be the most delusional rumour ever

  4. Janssen. Just sign Him up!

  5. Juhislihis McLovin

    Damn, my comment went to moderation.

    So in short:

    Fudge Jamie Vardy! Cheating, diving fudge-packer!

  6. As the article says, bookies odds just reflect the bets that have been placed, the odds ensure that the bookmaker makes money whatever the actual result/outcome.

    Its a bit like an opinion poll except that the people “polled” are not a random sample but choose themselves. It makes no difference because the vast majority have no idea of who is going where.

    But to answer the question, i think Vardy would be a good signing, just do not expect so many goals from him, five of his PL goals were from penalties and Arsenal were only awarded two penalties in the PL all season. His minutes per non penalty goal in PL is slightly higher than Giroud so do not expect too much. Also he could be vulnerable to the Arsenal disease (injuries) which Giroud has high immunity to.

    1. Vardy is not the striker we need,I wouldn’t trust an english player to take us to the promised land,as you’ve stated 5 of his goals were penalties but what we need is a striker who’ll score goals out of nothing!

    2. Vardy won the majority of the penalties given to Leceister this season…

  7. Not to be negative but I just can’t shake the feeling that Xhaka will be our only quality signing as per usual,the rest of players we sign will be in the 5 to 10mil bracket and won’t improve our team they’ll just be steady like El Neny!

  8. We wont even be in for Vardy also Icardi is way off the radar We are very heavily linked to Morata and many feel he;s not the right man either
    Only bit of info here that makes me breath a sigh of relief is the fact that Lukaku is out of the picture
    I really dont see why any Arsenal fans feel Lukaku is the right man for the job, just goes to shw just how desperate we have all become that we are looking lukaku as the right man for the job
    He’s as crap as Giroud

  9. After exactly zero outfield players recruited in the last window amazed so many fans wouldn’t be impressed with Vardy-

    You’re all mad – he’s proven, the trajectory of his improvement is off the chart – unless that improvement abruptly stops right now he will reach even higher heights next season-

    He’d be a huge signing for us!!!

  10. I was just remembering how last year at this time, everyone wanted up to go in for Jackson Martinez. What a disaster that would have been (though we might have made money in the end of it if we could have sold him to China). I can’t see Wenger making a move for Vardy, nor can I see Vardy leaving Leicester City. He has at least one good year left in him, but after that age will likely catch up to him– his production will diminish (a la Rickie Lambert) and he’ll find himself hanging at at some bottom half EPL squad.

    The more I read about Janssen, the more I like about him. If we have the patience to develop him (and not expect immediate impact), he might be the 30 goal scorer we all seek– but that won’t happen for at least a couple of years.

    I’m glad that we seem to be much more active this window already. Last year, it was like Wenger just kept waiting/hoping the chips might fall right for us (a la Ozil)– they never did. At least now our posture seems much more pro-active. I have a feeling we’ll land a star striker who can help us immediately (and who we’ll all like), but darned if I know right now who it may be.

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