Arsenal FC have turned into a Dictatorship!

Arsenal fans being denied the opportunity to express how they feel is just like a dictatorship by KM

After two more unconvincing performances by Arsenal in our last 2 home games, some fans thought enough is enough and put up simple A4 sheets stating – “Enough is enough, Wenger Out” which got… confiscated!

This is ridiculous. The board came out saying we have no ambition by backing Wenger 100%. We play average football and struggle to beat bad teams, when we have a squad full of internationals and world cup winners.

Wenger did not want to answer question about the banner asking for his departure. Why? The club uses the fans only as a money generator. And still there a lot of fans that are quite happy to feed people earning ridiculous money for doing nothing since we haven’t improved in 10 years. And the fans pay with hard earned cash, and with their nerves too.

Wengers latest statement of decline was that “Diaby will get a new contract if fit.” So maybe he’ll play one game next season and that will earn him a new contract? That practically means we will buy no new DM.

Arsenal football club have become the footballing equivalent of a dictatorship. The fans are being denied any form of opinion either by the club or by the AKBs, we believe in a dead philosophy that doesn’t work, we are getting further and further away from the footballing world elite, we have a dictator who desperately needs to be replaced and the worst of all is that the fans are the one suffering the most out of the situation.

Football is for the fans. They can confiscate our banners, but not our voices. The coin has flipped. Wenger no longer has the fans in his pocket. The banners was a start, the booings will continue, and they will be harder with each bad result, because the fans don’t want to live on false expectations any more!


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  1. We lost to weakest manu team
    we were saved by bar in west brom game
    we needed 89th min to win agst southampton

    except the aston villa and galataray game we were not good in any game
    Thank god we have alexis.

    1. @ Sank89….U forgot the virus that swept through the aston villa camp and got half their players?

      1. in today’s news…. Pardew fears Sissoko might be lured away from st james park…………. Wonder who’s Luring him!

    2. Not to mention Dortmund in the worst form of their current spell in the top league of germany. The only reasonable sentence ive heard from Wenger since he sold Vermaelen is that he is afraid Sanchez will be burnt out during this december.

      It’s funny to see how the majority of the fans turn towards the AKB-side (from wanting wenger out after the season) just because we have three victories in a row.

    1. Brothers in arm,Wenger will never resign.He said it when mouthing about winning the Pl in the next 3 years,no one gonna make him give up on his 8 millions salary,no coachin the world resign they get sacked.

      Wenger is the dream coach for a football club,he is able to make good revenue while spending very small amount of money,what can a board ask for more.Those people are there for money,they invest in their share to get more money,they don t care about trophies.

      Wenger manage to please them by spending few money and still making the club have profit.Imagine all those clubs outside the top 4 crying for the CL place as there is so much money involved,that why Wenger is untouchable by the board.He is over achieving compare to what he spend and he does not spend in order to win but to compete.Don t come with your crap talk about Ozil and Sanchez,their buy did not solve nothing of the serious needs of the team,it was Hollywood signing just to woaw around people and supporters.

      Until Wenger keeps the team in the CL he will be the hero of the board.We supporters can hope for change but another manager is not sure to make us win,we would be only maybe more competitive.Some say Martinez,the man who was struggling with Wigan,Wenger would have done better with this team.
      The board don t want to spend money so they are not in a hurry to bring a coach who may ask them to spend,so just accept the fact that Arsenal is on another 3 years of Wengering meaning how to make money for a board and giving dumb excuses to supporters.

    1. But all joking aside I realy think that AW has done a “U” turn in our game plan he seams to be drawing out the opponents in to our own half making it easier for counter attack.

      1. What? All i see is the same procedure as we’ve always had: Pass the ball around the opponents box, unable to find someone good enough to a) put the ball on target or b) NOT flop the ball directly to the keeper.

        Other managers would have benched Welbeck by now.

        1. @sevenitti you wrong last two games it’s been drawing the opponents out so we can hit them with our rapid force, you watch tomorrow and you will see we won’t all be bunched up in the opp-box, look at the Southampton game stats and you will se we were in our half more then opponents half.

          1. Well, Arsenal has two modes when in possession of the ball. Either pass the ball between the back four because we’re unable to find a “breakthrough” pass to move the play up or as mentioned in my previous post.

            The fact that we had the ball inside our own half for most of the game is not a sign of a change in strategy, its for me a sign that Southampton were good at defending, pushing us back.

            I will however keep what you said in mind when watching Stoke. If you’re right – I appologize on beforehand. If not, well… I’ll say I told you so 😉

  2. Between Diaby and Sanogo you have 100k worth of wages that could be put towards ad excellent, ROBUST footballer like Schneiderlin or Sissoko.

    Amazes me the reluctance Wenger has to part with guys who can’t offer something to the team (no fault of their own, but this is elite sport and there’s no room for favours). Yet, players like Podolski, Rosicky, and Campbell sit fully fit and with something to offer….but get no chance at all.

    I see Alexis is in the ‘redzone’, only a matter of time before we break him and then what? Same book, same story, same movie we all watch time and again. We flog the same 11 until they break, then replace the parts with rusty confidence-shot guys. 8 million a year….what a steal.

    1. While I agree with you about the lack of rotation, I Saw an interesting stat this week – seven Chelsea players have started every game this season. Maybe this rotation thing is overblown.

      1. Have you noticed how many were rested in the last game? Have you read how Mourinho said it is now time to rotate? ….

        1. Lampard used to play the whole season, what is your excuse? Look at the build of Alexis, he is a beast. We play him as many games as he feels comfortable with

          1. I know, so many players play almost every game in the season. You don’t see people moaning about messi and Ronaldo playing every game…

      2. I don’t think it’s overblown at all, I think it’s a part of management often overlooked if honest. Fergie was a master at it, kept his half dozen stars fresh by giving the hungry fringe guys time vs teams they “should” beat. Ozil vs Coventry is example enough of Wengers view on rotation.

        You mention Chelsea but i’d argue those 7 who have started all games have had it easier physically, whether that’s training, or the fact they’re a well-oiled group who are beating teams at a canter. We ARE NOT doing that, not even close. So freshness/sharpness is vital.

        How good does Giroud look right now? pretty influential right. How good was he the first third of last year? pretty damn good. How good after we flogged him as our only striker? Tired and poor, then injured. It’s what great managers do. Mourinho uses all his subs every game because he wants perfection, he wants influence over the game, he wants to protect players when the game is done. Arsene doesn’t change things until the 75th min, and then the 85th.

        Too much ‘faith’ in the same players, the same philosophy, same tactics to the point it becomes arrogance. Ox played through his sh1t patch, when Campbell is there waiting, Rambo continues to play sh1t when Rosicky is there, Alexis/Welbz are being run into the ground when Poldi is there. Teams with one or two good players are the ones who play then through bad form in the hope they turn it around, at Arsenal you have internationals going stale on the bench while other internationals are out playing awful. Senseless

  3. Quite frankly, I don’t think the banners will do any good as long as Wenger has the backing of the board. If the fans REALLY want a change, home games should be boycotted. We know all the board cares about is money, so hit them where it hurts the most.

    1. @mistamonn
      Doubt if you have the 20 or 30 thousand bodies required to affect their bottom line. Nice thought though…

        1. @soopa aenon
          mistamonn sounds like one of your crew dude. Why you hatin on him? Me, I just stated a fact…

          1. @NY Gunner ……don’t need facts to know you are an AKB……. At least be bold enough to call yourself that sometimes

            1. i dont think u need that many people to put pressure on him.
              the media will help .
              LOTS of impact from that big red banner recently.
              and i still remember the dude who sat behind wenger when we had not bought ozil with the A4 paper “SPEND SOME MONEY”
              AKBs and the dictator’s minions at the field want you to believe you have no ability to change things.

        2. Maybe it’s a lame suggestion, but it WAS a suggestion. Which tells you I’m all for a change and not a Wenger disciple.Lame brain you’ve got there.

          1. @Mistamonn……… You stated u ain’t a Wenger disciple……. My comment was directed at a wenger disciple (He knows himself)… Why then do u think it was meant for you?

          2. @mistamonn
            I stated a fact dude. You were the one with the lame brain suggestion. Because, for every thousand who boycott a match, there are a least 2 thou who would be waiting to buy those tickets. FACT. Lame brain…
            Now you and ya boy soopa doopa go play in traffic.

            1. @NY Gunner. Hahaha. This is quite hilarious. There seems to be some confusion here. I was replying to Soopa Aeon’s comment about me being a wenger disciple and making a lame suggestion, which he claims wasn’t directed at me.

      1. It’s not the economic loss that counts (because i bet there are plenty of season tickets already paid for), its about sending a message. If the supporters are unisoned enough to completely empty the home side of the stadium, then theres clearly an unhealthy conflict between the board and the fans.

  4. The trouble is the Arsenal is being run as a USA business corporation who’s incone is generated by a football team.In America trophies are not the holy grail.
    You will not be able to change this way of running our club until you change owners
    I would like to remove Wenger but visualise a new manager having the same problem for the new manager

    1. @cheeterspotter
      “In America trophies are not the holy grail”
      WTF are you talking about? Every team in every sport in America try their damnedest to win trophies. Because there, trophies mean “more money” from more tv time, more team product sponsorship, more personal product sponsorships, and better leverage in salary negotiations. Just as anywhere else. America is the land where they throw mega money at “winners”. That is where the rest of the sporting world got that sickness from.

        1. @brada b
          Dude must be joking. They got rookies in baseball making more than some veteran footballers. And thats just in salary, not counting endorsements.

          1. if AFC is run like an american business, then sir peter woodhill-wood shouldnt be dissing the stupid fans and their stupid comments.
            AFC is run like a biz when it suits them.
            when not, it’s run like a dictatorship & club for the good’ol boys club.

  5. I don`t watch the Arsenal games anymore, after 65 years I`ve switched off. I have given the players and the manager my morale support over many years but now the only jewel in the crown is Sanchez and how long can he last? All emperors have their day and it always seems impossible to remove them but eventually it happens, so it will with Kroenke, Wenger, Gazidis and the board.
    When? who knows! It`s sounds like treason but the best thing that can happen is Arsenal start to lose (and without Sanchez they will). Get kicked out of Europe, lose the FA Cup tie to a non-league side (like Walsall in the 1930`s) and end up half way down the ladder. That being the case Wenger had better find a safe haven in France as they did in the seventieth century.

    1. You are a liar, that you do not watch arsenal no more, heard about sanchez on the news, probably you saw him in the news paper or heard your friends talking about him. You who have been a stalwart for many years, thinks the best way to change the arsenal set up is to relegate them to the lower leagues.

      My question is why do you watch arsenal then, obviously you watch them because you want them to be relegated for 65 years, as for as i am concern you are not a fan, but one of those people who only around when everything is good.

      Yeah our ridiculous manager has made a lot of bad choices, but i bet if we were always battling at the wrong end of the table most of you would have nothing to write, you have had the taste for being champions, but have forgotten for most of arsenal existence we have not been champions, be grateful that we have at most time been in the top off of the table, not to be satisfied for fourth but always wishing for better not F>>>>>> worst

      1. i dont think anyone is arguing he did good things.
        but this is not a peerage.
        you have to perform.
        when u dont perform year after year, u should get the boot.
        nobody should be bigger than the club, but unfortunately thats where we are now with the arsenal dictatorship. i love he justifies his super-consistency: i’d much rather prefer not making top16 of CL and winning now and then , then always going out in the top16 round.
        i’d rather not make top4 sometimes and win sometimes: mr wenger is a master at misdirection: to turn our attention to where he’s good at. he’s a good politician.

      2. @ruellando….. You sound to be a very young man /woman (who knows these days) who has little depth of understanding and logical reasoning and finds the truth hard to bear. I pity you!One last thing my friend, don`t ever call me a `liar` because, at eighty years of age I have a pride that you can never imagine and the ability to make you sorry you ever said it. Understand?

  6. Can we save the nagetive article till after the game plzzzzzzz…how about a article on why and how we will beat stoke…everyday there’s somebody else whining and mining about winger this wenger that…I said wenger out too but just support the team plzzzz.

  7. I was thumbed down to death for saying the truth about the old Man making silly remarks that he knew he was going to win in the final 15 minutes, darn!!!! this doesn’t sound like someone that is confident nor the Manager of one of the biggest Clubs in the World, never heard nonsense like this from Guardiola, Van Gaal even from the abject Mo…. now is confirmed this man is loosing it.
    I don’t care what the AKB’s say I don’t want to settle, if I would I would then be a SPUD. WENGER OUT!!!!!

  8. I’m not been funny but some of you have gone crazy.
    The criticism from some so called fans is unbelievable. Every single fan that goes to a stadium around the country/world pays money to watch when there teams has never won a single trophy, you are not the only ones. So get off your pedestals and remember, you pay to go because that is your wish. Win or lose, you are the one who chose to go. Not wenger, not the board, not the players but you.
    Only one team can win a trophy, arsenal have no right to automatically win anything, they have to work hard, have a bit of luck and play some seriously good teams along the way.
    The bigger clubs pay the biggest money because of reputation, not because they have the best players, Callum chambers isn’t better than Coleman, arteta isn’t better than wanyama, giroud or welbeck aren’t any better than beriniho. If you are expecting results of 10 years ago then you need to wake up and realise you have been in a comma.

    The reality is, we are not a top four team, we make the top four through the fact that we are a good team and wenger is a good manager.

    1. @ Lewis…….. Boring comment……. Then stop calling the team a “TOP TEAM” then……. At least if we are down there……i mean DOWNNNNNN …… We’ll understand we are down there

        1. @ Ny gunner……. AKBs like you be needing more disciples……. See how your heart leaps for joy after finding one …. L()L

      1. I don’t understand your comment, I never called arsenal a top team, I said they are a good team.

    2. We should not be ashamed of our hunger for glory why settle for 4th when we can aim for 3rd, 2nd or even 1st, it is our right as suporters and financiers to ask for more but when and only if we have the fiancees in place and we do and I say the more noise we make the more the board will listen.

    3. @lewiswhitaker
      Thank you for the reality check dude. Sorta sad that it’s lost on the ones you meant to reach with it…

    4. spot on! we were middle of the table when AW came, we have been no lower than since, not one other team in the prem can claim this, if the criteria by these fickle fans was to only be top one or two, without any regard for winning FA cup, then who would support Fulham? West Ham? West Brom? Burnley? …… Our team is a strong contender,

    5. Is this way of thinking that kept us now for 10 years wanting anything more than taking a trophy from Wigan (FA Cup)…we are there for better things…managers with less resources have brought joy to their fans…the money is there you just need to spend it right drop the deadwood and find the key players it is called MONEYBALL ….a team cannot be run by stubbornness and favoritism….I am not a less Fan for wanting more from the team I have supported for 40 years.

    6. we dont want to win automatically. but we do want our resources used in a sane manner. to rotate so not to piss off the bench and injure the “first team”. to not get kallstrom. the thing that pisses me off is not that our players are that bad; but he’s NOT USING THEM TO THEIR BEST! subbing at min80 isnt helping anyone. i dont know why AKBs are so blind: why get kallstrom? why make an offer for suarez that pisses off everyone. we want AFC and arsenal to stop being amateur. i’ve never heard urgency in his voice: why does he not spend what needs to be spent to get the CDM and CB and on and on the list goes of stupid mistakes he now makes.

  9. “the club does not belong to the fans” …WTF!…… Try playing in an empty stadium then…….. Plus your ticket money spent since 1958 , Large enough to buy three Lamborghinis

  10. call me stupid, but dont the owners make the decisions, based on thier risk of investment? fans have a right to make decisions? really? so how does that happen? voting? what about the diverse opinions amongst the fans, one guy w a banner speaks for who? the majority? you want to make decisions? either save your cash and buy a team or get hired in a capacity to make decisions, otherwise sit on your arse, have a beer, and root for your squad, bitch if you want, but it means nothing

    1. I understand what ur sayin but fans like us can voice our opinion to thats y we have #JUSTARSENAL !!!

  11. If you think that is a dictatorship then I think you may need to read a few more books… Or Wikipedia…

  12. Sooo, “Wenger ’till i die”? Even though he’s holding us back? I’m also proud of having had Wenger as our manager for this long, but as people are stating: Thanks for the memories, but it’s time to say goodbye. He’s no longer our messias.

  13. @ Ny gunner……. AKBs like you be needing more disciples……. See how your heart leaps for joy after finding one …. L()L

  14. @ Mistamon………. Did u really believe that comment was meant for you?…… I don’t think so……… Now don’t bother apologizing for the misunderstanding …..L()L

  15. This is no big news. Some knew it before, some did understood it only just lately. Whats important is that people need to stop being so fickle.

    The war is over. What Arsenal doing now is fighting for the 4th place trophy. Cl competition, a competition we never will under Wenger and Stan.

    You could give Wenger an another 18 years of managing Arsenal ( if he is lucky enough to live that long ) and he would still fail.

    You could give Arsene Ronaldo and Messi, and he would still find a way to fail. Thats whats up.

    1. so, you give no credibility to the last 18 yrs? won the league, the invincibles, made the UCL finals only to loose to barca in the rain, won the FA cup just last year, your threashold of success is very high, I commend you, you must be one highly successful man, congrats, what kind of jet do you own? where is your personal island? cant imagine your amazing life based on your definition of failure

      1. Nahh, its not high, its looks to you that way bec you are used to failure, and some of us are not. Born Loser you are. But not wanting to argue about me or about your srry ass, i just want to tell you that it was the club Arsenal who did it, and not Wenger ( induvidual).

        So, to get to the point. Do you think Arsenal will ever win the leauge under Wenger again? Yes or no?

        And, do you think that we will ever see him wining the Cl trophy? Yes or no?

        1. CL trophy, no, we are not or never will be Barca/Madrid, nor will we get to steal all of Germanys best players as Bayern, league likley at least will compete for it, 1-2, as for the point that I am a sorry arse looser, at least thats what i keep telling the tax collector, the point is when you say someone will never…. and they already did, sounds a bit moronic, no?

      2. so, we must be almost millionaire to be a passionate and ambitious sports fan…because, i’m not a millionaire, but always aspire to be better in any aspect that i propose…. That is a thing that wenger lost 10 years ago, and now he believes that the money is a trophy like the fourth place…..

      3. @luvdaguns. During the successful Wenger years, he was a pioneer of the things he did. He had a winning formula. Then the move to the Emirates came. We may forgive him during the lean years when money was tight and we had to become a selling club. But now all that is behind us. We bought Ozil for 42 million, Sanchez for 32 million. But we can’t pay 20 million for a DM or a CB. Our defence has clearly needed strengthening for years now but is being neglected. Priority is being placed on attacking players. And the most astonishing thing is that it was our defence that made the invincibles possible. I don’t expect to win every match or every EPL title. What I expect is a solid challenge each season and Wenger is not giving us that anymore. If a once world class player stops producing good performances, won’t you call for him to be replaced? I bet you would. So how is that any different from a manager? A change is needed. How the transition process is carried out is left to the board. But it has to be done if arsenal is to move forward. Southampton sold most of their best players and changed their manager, but they’re still doing well. Arsenal is a better run club so I don’t see why we can’t manage without Wenger.

        1. respect and peace, but do you want southamptons record for the last 8 yrs? anyone can pick a team every year as a moving benchmark, but thats not fair. i am pissed we let verm go with no buying of a backup for that backup, but i am not going to burn the house down because i dont agree w a decision, shit, we just won 3 straight, this page looks like we lost 3 straight, we just beat that team you use to compare us? we will prevail, we did lift the FA trophy, we beat many good teams before beating Wigan for that, i wont discount that

  16. Wenger MUST step down by the end of the season irrespective of the season’s achievements. Enough is enough!

  17. Our american. cousins seem very trappy today seeing as their game called baseball is called rounders over here and is played by our schoolgirls
    advice,stick to your own observations and your versions of sport,ie drug induced cycling.

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