Arsenal FC official tweet sends fans into meltdown

Arsenal’s official Twitter account sent out a message of congratulations to Jack Wilshere this afternoon, and many fans jumped to the wrong conclusion.

The Gunners page was sending out a message of congratulations to the former youth product for winning the January Goal of the Month Award, for his strike against Chelsea in the Premier League encounter, beating Lacazette’s strike against Crystal Palace into second.

Arsenal fans went into meltdown upon spotting the post by the club on Twitter, immediately assuming that Jack the lad had agreed terms on a deal with the club over a new contract, but such assumptions were proved wrong.

It is claimed that Wilshere has been offered a reduced wage, with more incentives based on appearances due to his continual injury struggles in recent years, but if that is the case, then he may prove reluctant to sign.

Liverpool have been linked with an interest in signing the 26 year-old, with a view to replacing the expected departure of Emre Can, who is also into the final six months of his current deal, with Juventus believed to be keen.

Can Arsenal be persuaded to increase their offer for Wilshere? Does he deserve an increased wage based on his performances this term?

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  1. I know he’s injured quite a lot, but I do think it’s taking the mick offering him less money! He always gives 100% & he’s Arsenal through & through. Now I’m not talking about paying him as much as Ozil but he deserves a bit more than what he’s on. Even Ox was offered 60k a week more & I think Jack’s better than him!

  2. on current form and fitness, he deserves a new contract as SUE said he is a true gunner and love the shirt he wears = gooner for ever

  3. now fans are calling to pay him more….once he gets injured fans will be singing another tune and complain

  4. Exactly wilshere is the kind of lad to get a pay increase see one reason why arsenal cant prosper its bcoz of such thing wenger promised to give wilshere a new contract after Auba arrival but since then he abandoned Thats carry sell him to L.pool the and see the changes i adore wilshere than aky of our mid filders

  5. I think it’s fair enough. Arsenal have been good to Jack Wilshere, keeping him on and paying him well for not playing. Now he should repay the club by actually playing.

    It would be a shame if Mr “Arsenal though and through” turns out to be another Robin Van Traitor and decides to jump ship after one decent season, following years and years and years of being paid for being injured.

      1. I like him as a player, and appreciate his effort… But the fact is that he’s spent most of his career getting paid wages that most people can only dream of for not actually doing much due to injury. That’s why I think it’s perfectly reasonable to offer him wages based on actual appearances to play football.

          1. Np.

            Jack is an injury waiting to happen.

            His short stride and slow movement combined with his time on the ball makes him a sitting duck for a tackles. He is often hurt at the ankle level. Jack is highly overrated, but I am happy there so much typical English hype about English players, so just maybe we can get some money for him soon.

            Even Carzola could not escape the attacks on the ankles.

  6. Wilsher needs to stay injurie free be usefull to the team and be named the teams captain. Not that arsenal needs quaility but also players who rly see them self as arsenal family

  7. But are we trying to keep some of the younger players too as I’m hearing Nelson is refusing a new deal. Nketiah scored a hat trick for the under 23s yesterday. Is he next to refuse? I love Jack but I think stories of him being offered less money for a new contract are a bit misleading. It must be performance based surely?

    1. young players leave if they dont get time in senior team…

      cannot expect them to play u19 or u21 forever especially the talented ones…

  8. He should be glad he had the little bit of a run he has done recently. I admire him but I also admired Ox and Giroud and let’s face it – we are hardly suffering they left.

    It’s clear out season and if Jack wants to go then I do respect that. However, if he is committed to Arsenal then he can sign and if he was genuinely better than he thought then he would get a contract upgrade after he actually proved himself rather than basing it off a stint covering for a Ramsey injury. The club would upgrade his contract in the medium term if he performed well but TBH if he believes he gets a decent contract off the back of this season so far then the world if full of players to bring in that are more reliable than him.

    1. If we can pay Ozil £350k a week and keep an injured Cazorla for 2 years on the payroll, I see no reason why Wilshere should now be forced to take a paycut. Imagine you in your office getting more experience yet being asked to take a paycut? It’s like they want him out but are too scared to say it to his face.

      1. Ozil has been the most creative player in the league. Plus he has been a regular. Jack was not even at this club last season.

        Not really a relevant example. Jack is Mr Arsenal through a perception that has been created. The reality is that Arsenal would not miss him.

    2. Preach. Kid could be a great player, but he cant be counted on to remain injury free, so he’s not really in a position to be making demands. Waiting for Jack, Ramsey, Theo, Ox, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Sczcesny, Welbeck, Giroud, to come good and continuing to pay and play them while they underperformed over the years is part of why we are where we are now. But seem to be transitioning and quietly rebuilding.

      You may a comment above about Giroud, and I too admired Giroud and appreciated what he did for us, but the reality is, we were never going to win anything playing a style that suited slow-Giroud’s ability to be a pivot in the final 3rd.

      With him gone, we can now hopefully have the frame of mind where folks look to get forward more often, rather than sideways or backwards. We’ll have no choice but to abandon the slow build up play that we’ve adopted today, as that won’t play to Auba nor Lacazette’s strengths.

      For me that’s why Laca has struggled to date because though we bought him, we failed to commit to getting forward faster and utilizing his strengths, Wenger still set us up to go sideways and backwards to often and miss countless runs made by Lacazette.

      My only other hope is that something transpires that forces him to use someone else besides xhaka and el neny at DM, and I hope whomever that is thrives and shows wenger that the other two can’t do the job at the required level.

      1. We give Ramsey lot’s of stick but he has an amazing record of 51 goals and 50 assists since playing for us. Those stats put him on par with the rest of the world but he gets a lot of stick for God knows what? I agree he gives the ball away sometimes and his passing is a bit wayward at times but the guy has won us 2 fa cups. Jack hasn’t done nearly 1/5 of what Ramsey has done for us yet he deserves a new contract with better wages for what? Playing decently for once? Why should he be captain because he is the so called “Mr. Arsenal”? I swear most of you are either dumb, blind or deluded. Only at Arsenal do the fans rate the guy who is injured every 5 seconds and only has 1 goal and 1 assist over a guy who has 9 goals and 9 assist and was part of our unbeaten streak this season. As soon as Ramsey got injured our results turned to crap. Our fanbase is absolutely retarded. I might not be Ramsey’s biggest fan but I am not for a second slag the guy off when he was one of the primary reason why we started doing so well this season.

        1. and before anyone mentions the Swansea match keep in mind that was his first match since returning from injury so he wasn’t even fully fit.

          1. Our “fanbase” are too tied to English players.

            The problem was also Alexis taking too much time on the ball, like Wilshere stays too long on the ball. For real attacking play, there has to be speed. That mean fast passes and movement of the ball, and thus faster players like Ramsay, and even better Auba, who is world class in his position. Auba does not waste space or time before attacking and shooting.

            Wilshere is great liability, as he much worse than Alexis the ball hogger. With gone, we will attack with speed, faster than any other side in the world… let THAT sink in for a few seconds. Wilshere has not place in defense–that is a joke.

            Attacking sides like Leicester were able to win as they had speed.

            I am not happy that we did not bag Mahrez last summer for the right wing. We need a younger player there now, Nketiah.

            But, imagine… with Mahrez.

            4-2-1-3: Attack, Attack, Attack! Defend.

            Playing against weak side bottom 10 sides, this sort of team would score a lot of games. If the park he bus, 3-0, if they counter attack, 5-2.

            Against stronger opposition with DMF (for now Elneny, but a better player next year). Chelsea would have headache with a side like this.


            Or 4-2-3-1 against a City side that would have to hold back as Auba would destroy their back line with speed if they come too far forward. Without being able to play high, there will be gaps between the back 3 and mid-field.

            4-4-2! For the traditionalists…

            There is no space for Wilshere or Carzola, or even Alexis, as all of them hold on to the ball too long.

            1. Carzorla very rarely lost the ball and he made the team tick. He knew when to speed up the game and when to slow it down. Jack always dribbles himself into trouble and it always costs us. Ramsey’s passing needs a bit of work but at least he can score goals and his late runs into the box causes problems.

  9. Selling this man would be a grave mistake, Wenger’s reputation stretches when it comes to holding dead wood and injury-prone players but this brother is worth it, he has the solidarity, and mental strength of a Chelsea player but his heart has the Arsenal crest on it, so get on it and stop pretending this JW fellow doesn’t make the team tick

    1. Jack makes the team tick? When you take ozil out of our starting lineup the whole team looks like they have never played football before. Cazorla made the team tick – Ramsey drives the team forward. Jack hasn’t shown the consistency to even be compared to cazorla or even Ramsey. What has Jack done throughout his career at Arsenal? Name something important…won us two FA Cups? – nope. Won us any big games? – nope. Scored in a North London Derby? – nope. Why on earth does he even deserve a new contract with more money or for that matter a new contract? Because he is playing decently for once? Danny Welbeck was “Mr. Man United” – homegrown etc. just like Jack but do you see Man United suffering without him? Some of us Arsenal Fans need a dose of reality.

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