Arsenal FC ready to act after fans poll demands end of Wenger era?

There is something odd going on behind the scenes at Arsenal Football Club and we fans will probably only find out the final outcome when the announcement is finally made about Arsene Wenger and whether or not the Frenchman will be signing a new contract and carrying on as manager of the Gunners.

It is odd that we do not already know to be honest, because Wenger himself admitted before the international break and then again this week that he has made his decision. So why not announce it? Could it be that the Arsenal board and our long serving boss are not in agreement?

In an interview with Sky Sports our manager declared that his future plans were not completely sorted out and that he was not going to make an announcement until he was in a position to do so. Surely if he had decided to stay and the club had offered him a new deal then everything would be sorted and clear.

On top of that we have Metro reporting that a poll of Gooners’ wishes arranged by the Arsenal Supporters Trust produced a huge majority of 78 percent on the side of the club replacing Wenger in the summer. That is quite emphatic and a huge swing from the similar poll of 2015 which saw 84 percent of Arsenal fans wanting him to stay.

So if the club was wavering on keeping Arsene as manager, will this call from the Arsenal fans have them ready to act and call time on the Wenger era?



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Most Probably not
    Wenger is here to stay for at least two more years

    The board are obsessed with money and thats all that matters to them

  2. Midkemma says:

    If fans think it is because they are calling for Wenger to be sacked then I fear they are wrong, I would bet that Wenger hasn’t said yes as transfers are on the line, Wenger wants more money to spend.

    We heard that Arsenal had offered Wenger a contract a long time ago.
    Wenger refused.
    We heard more recently that Wenger will be told to rebuild the team…
    Wenger is saying it is not fully sorted out.

    I do not read Wenger making compromises with Arsenal FC but I have read Arsenal FC terms “updated”.

    If Wenger is using this as the opportunity to force Arsenal FC to buy the players he NEEDS then why not support him?

    It comes at a good time IMO, the time when AFC might lose their two biggest stars and one of them has openly said he wants to win stuff… More pressure on AFC to get who they are asked to get rather than a bargain version.

    I would like to see us fans get behind the idea of the rebuild, we all know that we have players who are not performing as they should and haven’t for a long time, if the board can be pushed to sell some of them and replace them with players who will improve our squad then why not support that?

    If we can get back to Highbury standards of showing ambition in the transfer market then maybe Wenger can refind some of that magic again, if not then at least the new manager has a better chance of building a winning team.

    1. enfieldgunner says:

      Its not just a question of buying the right players. Its also to do with team and individual discipline, team cohesion, each player knowing their job on the pitch, a game plan, tactics and the ability to change them during the course of the game, doing the basics well. I cannot imagine any other team let alone a PL team putting 2 midgets to mark a 6ft 5″ defender at corners who scores from set pieces regularly. And please no more zonal marking.

      1. simonsays says:

        Its laughable it really is, I would be laughing if it was anyone but us

    2. simonsays says:

      Alas I fear not. Wenger has been known for dithering for along time regarding transfers so I cant believe that’s it. Take Holdings transfer. He and his club were notified that we were interested in him but it took a month for Wenger to sanction it,£2m! What chance do we have when our manager won’t even sanction £2m! I’m not saying the board are blameless in our plight because they are a massive reason for our stagnation but Wenger is just as complicit in the charade that has become our club. Breaks my heart to think we probably have another 2 years of who we could have signed, we lacked mental strength excuses and my favourite one to date; the international break. I wont miss you when you do go Arsene.

  3. simonsays says:

    No not at all in my opinion, they’re simply waiting for a ‘good’ time to announce it. I’d love to think the owner and board care about more than the money side of arsenal but they don’t. Not only are Arsenal purely a business now but they are a massive pr machine as well. Expect lots of stories regarding Wenger changing, squad overhauls, massive transfer funds and sanchez/ozil staying over the next few weeks. Le fraud nor the owner ain’t going anywhere soon sadly.

  4. tweety says:

    you want to be really stubborn and dont care about the supporters when 78% voted that the manager should leave. does he really love the club as he says? if so please thanks for the past. leave us in peace so that our club will be flying the flag again. gooner = for ever

  5. Ronny331 says:

    Saying there is something going on is giving our directors and board too much credit.
    I suspect they know that if announced now after recent results fans may boycott matches in revenue lost. The only thing that the board respond to.
    I think they are waiting for us to win/draw a few games and play better.
    Hate to say it but I hope we don’t and we continue to capitulate if that’s what it takes for Wenger to step down.
    I can’t, just can’t stomach another year or two of this!
    I’d rather we miss cl, and definitely Europe league,(because we are not mentally strong enough to to win it) and alow a new man to start again.
    Choose the right candidate carefully, bring in a sporting director to take care of certain aspects. Give a decent transfer fund to the new manager and allow them free will. Ps also get a chairman that can actually support the manager, Steve Gibson Middlesborough anyone?

  6. leoaw says:

    Why does Arsenal FC run like a dictatorship country? We are lead by an incompetent leader, yet the cronies worship him like a god. We, the citizens are burned. Sh##.

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