Arsenal fear being stuck with a player they no longer want

The Sun claims that Arsenal is worried about being stuck with Matteo Guendouzi after PSG became the latest club to reject signing him.

The Frenchman has developed a bad boy reputation at the Emirates and this attitude has been at odds with what Mikel Arteta wants for his team.

The former Lorient man is now one of the players that Arsenal would like to get rid of this summer, but his character flaws might put off his suitors.

The Gunners have been strengthening their team in this transfer window and they will look to add some more players.

One of their top transfer targets is Thomas Partey. Atletico Madrid wants the Gunners to pay the Ghanaian’s release clause which stands at 50m euros.

The Gunners will need to sell some of their players before they can complete that move.

Guendouzi had initially attracted the attention of top European sides like the French champions and Barcelona. It seems that all those teams have now decided to look elsewhere reports The Sun.

Arteta stated ahead of Arsenal’s first competitive game of the season in the Community Shield against Liverpool that he has given the midfielder a fresh opportunity to get back in the first team.

It remains unclear if he will be able to dislodge any of the current players that are in the manager’s good books.

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  1. If Arsenal’s stand is to freeze him out, the nobody will offer decent money for him! Stupid strategy IMO.

  2. If we can shift him on and get 10 million then that would be a great result ,i think we are completely sorted for defence and our forwards but our midfield needs work which I would say must of our fans would agree .
    Apparently we have a squad of 34 players which need trimming down so the logical sales should be in midfield ,if him and Torreira get sold then that frees up space for incomings and gives us money’s towards the purchases .
    Torreira I believe wants to head back to Italy so that’s a win win and Matteo will probably end up playing for senor Emery or some other second rate team or I could be wrong and he might line up for Madrid or Barca next season and we get 100 million for him 🤔

    1. Am sure you said the same thing about Iwobi, that if we can shift him for 10million, thank goodness you are not in charge of the transfer.

      1. Lenohappy, As you are surely well aware, Iwobi was sold well before Covid came along and changed the whole financial outlook throughout the whole football world. If we were trying to sell Iwobi NOW, we would struggle to get even £10 mill, realistically.

      2. I did say the same thing about Iwobi and I was right then regarding he wasn’t good enough ,look at him now cannot even get into an Everton side who let’s be honest have wasted millions in the last few years on mediocre players and the truth be told I would prefer to have Iwobi in our squad than Matteo and that is saying something .
        I see nothing special at all in him ,he’s one paced ,can’t tackle ,can’t score ,back passing supreme ,I would happily have Elneny in his place because he does the same job but without the silly attitude .

  3. Oh come on that’s ridiculous…bad boy?! We’re not talking Joey Barton here!!
    We don’t know what’s happening between him and Mikel… but if it comes to it, I don’t think we’ll have any trouble selling him..

    1. Seems as if we DO HAVE trouble selling him though Sue. Theory is fine but when the facts show up that theory as false, perhaps it is wise to change ones opinion.

      FEW SENSIBLY RUN CLUBS ANYWHERE WOULD DELIBERATELY IMPORT A TROUBLE MAKER AND IT IS ODD HOW SO MANY GOONERS ARE UNABLE TO SEE THIS. And I suggest we Gooners DO know what has happened between him and our club . It has been well documented and we regulars on here know precisely what he has done that MA(AND MANYOF US TOO) WILL NOT ACCEPT.

        1. Come on now Sue and please don’t be naive enough to take as gospel every comment you hear. Yes, MA did say as you wote, but he cleary still wants Guendouzi to leave.

          HAS IT SERIOUSLY NOT OCCURRED TO YOU THAT MA WILL BE TRYING TO MAKE OUT GUENDOUZI IS STILL IN THE INNER SANCTUM AND STILL WANTED but only to fetch a higher price for a player who , as far as potential buyers are concerned , is still wanted here, though in reality is not wanted.

          Only naive fans take as gospel every utterance they hear or read. In the big, bad world of REAL business, people issue statements all the time which are not the truth or just part truth. Or even outright lies. For the good of their business! Worldly wise fans know about this; naive fans may not do. Which type are you?

          1. I didn’t say he didn’t want him to leave!! Yes he probably will come back into the team just to be put in the shop window, which I’ve said before… but seeing Ozil in the new training pictures makes me wonder, as I’ve read on here over and over that he isn’t wanted either!!
            Jon, just because you don’t like MG, or Ozil come to think of it, doesn’t mean everyone else should follow suit. I was waiting for ‘naive’ to be brought up and was really surprised ‘realist’ wasn’t! Even you’ve been wrong before….sheesh!!

  4. Arsenal trying to off load a player? He should stay and see out his contract that Arsenal forced him to sign.

  5. Let him play under 23 football for a month to regain some humility.

    He is still young enough to do that, the window is open for another month, he might force his way back in or someone will come forward with something acceptable? If not he stays, rolls up his sleeves and tries to win back the trust that the board, manager, players and coaching staff have lost in him.

  6. If Valencia, Villareal or any mid table team would probably pay a loan for him 1st then buy him with a clause in the contract for £30m, even in installments then that would do fine just get rid. All comes back to the club anyway.


    He stays. Fights for his place and becomes the player we all know he can and save us forking out 50m on another midfielder. Tbh I think he would suit Athletico Madrid with Simeone, the same sort of mentality the pair of them. Lyon dont want him so that’s a no go there with a swap and some money for Aouer!

    Torreira, Sokratis, Elneny and Holding Loan will be next moves done now we have Gabriel and Cabellos done and dusted.

    I would be up for Laca leaving if it’s a straight swap with Partey, Then go buy Eduoard from Celtic. Smart move tbh Laca 29 now and 2years left on contract! Auba be pissed though I think if that happens.

  7. No one here knows what has happened behind scene and what is going on. I am surprised how most of the fans are jumping to conclusion of defaming MG and calling bad boy…some are even comparing him to Mario B. What is worng with Arsenal fans, first they wanted some one in team to show fight, guts and not let opposition team bully us…some one with attitude of Viera now when he showed that fans want him out and want him to be peaceful and humble. Make up your mind? Some idiots want to sell a young talented player for 10m, no wonder why we are where we are…it’s all because of the kind of fans we have.

    1. Mohsan
      It depends who you think the boss is. Arteta or Guendouzi?
      Arteta has had a long career as a player and is currently acquitting himself well as a manager
      Guendouzi is an upstart at this point in his career and needs a dose of reality.

    2. Thanks for calling me an idiot mate ,much appreciated 👍
      It’s not the fact he comes across as a bad boy (IE idiot)it’s because he’s a sh1t football player .
      Let’s wait to see if we get 50+ million for him (that’s what world class players go for )as you keep telling us he’s world class ,before you call other fans idiots for speaking the truth .

      1. And we are not where we are because of fans ,that’s just ridiculous, you think are fans have a say in our transfer dealings ?we are where we are because we employed a below par manager and Arteta is having to pick up the pieces.

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