Arsenal finally aiming high or transfer rumour nonsense?

Arsene Wenger has already confirmed that his club Arsenal are still in the market for more additions, and now they are said to be interested in a number of big names.

Antoine Griezmann and Robert Lewandowski are claimed to be on the French manager’s wanted list, which would seem a little farfetched, but if the club could finally be ready to stump up the necessary cash, it could become a possibility.

The French forward has shown an immense amount of consistency going forward in the past few seasons, scoring a huge 60 league goals in the last three years, as well as firing his France side to the final of the European Championships this summer, whilst picking up the Golden Boot with six goals in the tournament. Griezmann signed a new contract with the Spanish side in June, and is believed to include an £85 Millioin buy-out clause, which none of us expect the Gunners to trigger.

The Polish striker on the other hand is claimed to have baulked at the offer of a new contract by his current club Bayern Munich, and could well be looking to move clubs in the near future. He has three years remaining on his current deal, and his new manager Carlo Ancelotti has recently ruled out any departure for the 27 year-old, as well as ruling out any arrivals as strikers during the window also.

We are also claimed to hold an interest in signing Wilfried Bony and Alexandre Lacazette as our striker search continues, although the latter is believed to have picked up an injury recently, and his club are said to have raised his price tag in recent days.

Is our club going to stump up £50+ Million for the necessary strike addition this summer? Would Bony be a good addition for around £30 Million?

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  1. Agent talk again. Especially with Lewandowski. His contract is due in 2019 and agent knows Arsenal is looking for a striker. But they bark at the wrong tree as this is Bayern. These guys do not kid if they mean business. If you pi$$ them of they will simply refuse to bulge regarding Lewandowski and release him three years from know when he will probably be spent at 30. As for Griezmann not sure why would he want to leave ATM (same goes for Lewandowski to be honest). Just to be in London? Meh.

    1. None of them have reason to leave their clubs that are actually better than Arsenal,we know full well that Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich’s aim is to win the league and champions league so they won’t sell their best players unless they no longer need them!

    2. All of this is another tactic, by Wenger camp to use it as excuse at the end of transfer window that we tried hard to get the right players for Arsenal, but we could get what we were looking for.
      He damn well knows, that neither Lewandowsky nor Greizman would be sold by their club or even they want to come Arsenal. So, it is an impossible case designed only to quiet the Arsenal fan, and have a lousy excuse why the had actually 2 high profile signing for the past 2 years.
      Arrsenal Fans you are the target, they did it for past 11 years, why the 12th year be different??

    1. Hahaha ? Not half as nonsense as Wenger is! ?
      He doesn’t want to Spend on what we really need, Yet, he says that he feels guilty about last season and how this season’s team performance will determine his future at the club! ? Ooh and he also states that he is scared of retiring ?… Well, he can’t be that scared or guilty, otherwise his actions in the transfer market would have been a complete different story. .. right? ?

      I’m sorry, but I’m Not buying the same old excuses of “there wasn’t’ any payers available”

      1. The excuse of there weren’t any players will certainly not hold any water,big players have made moves to clubs willing to spend money Ibra,Sanches,Higuain,Kante,Pogba and other players like Draxler and Mahrez are still available only if a teams makes an offer the selling team will agree to by not under bidding and then claiming to have tried in the media!

      2. there’s players available every summer AW just doesn’t like to spend the money. He’s cheap, and probably afraid about failing if he actually completes a squad for once. The excuses have run out long ago though, and Wenger has been exposed as a manager incapable of competing. Finishing 10 points behind Leicester was a disgrace and he had zero excuses to fall back on. He’ll also have zero excuses this season when we once again come up short. And we all know we will. Let’s hope AW calls it quits so the club can finally start moving in a different direction, because our sole purpose is still get 4th.

  2. Utter nonsense we shouldn’t entertain or fantasize on any of these rumours because we all know Wenger will never spend Arsenal’s money to improve the squad!

  3. “The price of a player is down to four ingredients. One is the talent, two his age, three is how much you expect him to improve your team, and four his resale value.

    “If he ticks all four boxes then the price is not that important. You have to find the player.” – Arsene Wenger.

    Lewandowski,Aubameyang,Greizmann,Dybala,Muller,Douglas Costa,Varane,Marquinhos,Lucas Moura,Mahrez,Draxler,Di Maria,James Rodriguez. Surely these guys tick all the boxes. Why is none of them at Arsenal yet ??

    1. Griezmann ticks all the boxes PLUS we know he fits in with the current squad, as in Euro 2016. If money isn’t an object he should already be at the Emirates.

      1. I saw Griezmann himself as a special case. How come he doesn’t? No footballer in this world will reject Real Madrid offer. He did. He chose Atletico and ruled out any move to Madrid rival.

  4. Then it’s said Ozil is craving Real Madrid return unfortunately for him we all know he won’t be returning there because they have better players than him and are a club with ambition who never go backwards,since Ozil left Real Madrid have won 2 champions league titles which we can only dream of at Arsenal with Wenger still the manager!

  5. I would not be surprised if Wenger brings in one top player as insurance against total fan revolt. He did that a few years ago with Ozil and it worked. I remember the fans being so ecstatic that they no longer cared about the other position vacancies Wenger failed to address that year.

    1. I did think that or rather hoped that he would be
      Signing a WC Striker! probably on the final day of the transfer window, Acting like a Father Christmas who brings home that present, that the kid’s have been praying for, forYears! ? But Nahhh, thats not going to happen and judging by
      Wenger’s latest Comments, He needs locking up!
      you know, one of those nice white jackets, with extra long sleeves…. No zipper! ??

      1. That’s not enough. He also need an electric shock. You know the thing usually used at creepy soul asylum to reset the malfunction “bar code” back into normal default. Hahaha…that’s a frustration joke. Only work when you are so depressive. No hard feeling.

  6. How comes Everton can sell Stones on Monday and have his replacement in on Wednesday yet Arsenal simply cannot sign anyone despite the fact that we now have NO first team central defenders?
    You have to question the competence of the manager (actually his competence has been questioned for years but he still remains in post)
    I’m sorry but Wenger has to go…

  7. Lots of criticism on here about wenger. Kroenke is a hard nosed american businessman who sets the principles by which the club operates. He is only interested in improving his finances and believes that arsenal have to be self financing.

    I have looked at the last five years of financial reports on To kroenke they must look very good, always making a profit, debt reducing, cash reserves rising. Currently cash reserves are £228.2m and debts are £233.9m. Over the past five years net debt has fallen from £97.8m to £5.7m, whilst still paying Wenger his £8m per year.

    If kroenke was not happy with the way wenger was running the club he would sack him.

    When we get a new manager he will have to operate within the same financial constraints as wenger. He may do better or worse than wenger, what he will not do is “spend the £200m sitting in the bank doing nothing”. That £200m may be doing nothing for us fans but it is doing a lot for Kroenke’s finances and that is all that matters to our majority shareholder.

    As for signing Lewandowski or Griezman by dipping in to cash reserves to the tune of say £75m, no chance, kroenke is not going to agree to that.

  8. Please please please, can we just shut the transfer window now? All these nonsense rumors…

    (It should close before the season starts anyway if you want a level playing field in the PL – If Mourinho is unlucky Klopp/Liverpool got to play us before we bought Griezman and Lewandowski and Man U has to play after we buy them, not fair- That’s why there should be no transfers allowed after the beginning of the season IMO)

    1. jansen, I agree with you, and wenger has in the past said the same.

      However, if we sign griezman and lewandowsky I would be so overjoyed that unfairness to manu and maureen would not enter my head.

      In fact, looking at the way costa behaved with maureens approval/encouragement, deliberate fouls behind the referees back to wind up players and get a reaction, then I do not care about anything which is unfair to maureen.

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