Arsenal finally confirm the signing of Nuno Tavares – First of many?

Arsenal have finally announced their first senior signing of the summer, with the confirmation on the official Arsenal website that Nuno Tavares is now a Gunner.

The Gunners Technical director Edu said: “Nuno is a talented young player who was wanted by a number of clubs across Europe. He will provide strong back-up in the left-back position. We look forward to him growing and developing with us and becoming an important member of the first-team squad.”

So Edu has confirmed that Nuno will start off as a backup to Kieran Tierney, but with the Scotsman’s tendency towards being injury prone, Tavares could get a lot more game time that he expects.

The player himself has admitted that he had dreams about playing for us, and also praised Edu and Arteta for making him feel wanted. He said on “When I finished the season my agent told me that Arsenal were interested in me. In the first instance I was very happy and after this I dreamed about it, and [spoke about it] with my mum. I was so excited to be here, and now I’m here I’m so happy.

“Mikel and Edu helped me so much. They speak with me every time, and call me and I feel people want me here. I like that because I need this power and I’m so grateful for this.”

So we are off!

Now we hope to see the same with Lokonga later this week, and Ben White as soon as the Euros is over. And then after that, who would you like next, Locatelli? Or Ruben Neves?

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  1. gotanidea says:

    Hopefully he can challenge Tierney. My wish list:

    – Dusan Vlahovic or Odsonne Edouard

    – Matheus Pereira, Antonin Barak or Thomas Lemar

    – Fabian Ruiz Pena, Teun Koopmeiners, Maximilian Arnold or Eduardo Camavinga

    1. speedy says:

      GAI you sure about koopmeiner as he look like xhaka 2.0. He is slow to cover ground, but he looks faster than xhaka in and out of possesion.

      1. gotanidea says:

        He could be a flop if he plays in EPL, but his stats look good last season

        Xhaka at Arsenal is as important as Henderson for Liverpool. He was just a victim of our previous managers’ tactics

        1. Chris says:

          I read the “Xhaka at Arsenal is as important as Henderson for Liverpool” and……Just No. Seriously, stop focusing only on stats GAI, watch the game with your eyes. Xhaka was not a victim of any manager, he is just a limited player (who lacks leadership qualities, unless getting an unneeded red card every 3 games and arguing with the fans is considered leadership) that should be nowhere near a top team. 18mil price tag and not a single top team raised their eyebrows, even after his “top” performances at the euro. Am pretty sure they can analyze stats better than we can. Also, as i have watched most of the players you mention on your list (more than 10 games each), i am pretty sure that only Camavinga and Fabian Ruiz can cut it at the top level and as much as i would like any of them, am not sure that they would be good partners for Partey. I would love an Ndidi type of signing, maybe Bissouma could provide the necessary cover for Partey. As far as creative midfielders are concerned, if we are serious we should try to get a ready made premier league player, unless a huge opportunity from abroad is available. If Maddison is possible, we should focus there. Unfortunately more than 100mil would be needed for these two, so it is highly unlikely.

          1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

            Kudos Chris

          2. gotanidea says:

            Lucien Favre, Vladimir Petkovic, Wenger, Emery, Ljungberg, Arteta and Mourinho made/ will make Xhaka their key player

            Those managers are surely more knowledgeable about football than armchair experts like us

        2. Sylva says:

          Ya, I believe G. Xhaka has one of his best season in an Arsenal Shirt last season. He could still stay if he can be convinced through some good players coming in. As per the players you mentioned above they are quite good 👌 but Edu and Arteta seem to have different ideas. Personally I will prefer players with EPL experience it just makes achievments easy.

        3. Sylva says:

          Ya, I believe G. Xhaka has one of his best season in an Arsenal Shirt last season. He could still stay if he can be convinced through some good players coming in. As per the players you mentioned above they are quite good 👌 but Edu and Arteta seem to have different ideas. Personally I will prefer players with EPL experience it just makes achievments easy.

          1. gotanidea says:

            I also prefer EPL players, but most of them are overpriced

          2. Ozziegunner says:

            GAI, Arsenal finished eighth two seasons in a row and were out of all domestic cups early. This is the starting point for the Arsenal for next season. Do you honestly believe the Club can improve with Granit Xhaka as a first choice midfielder?

      2. John Ibrahim says:

        Petit was slow too

  2. Wale says:

    Congrats boy, welcome to arsenal world…..

  3. gunnerforlife says:

    He seems to be very happy to be with us. We need such players who would love to play for us. Welcome aboard Nuno.

  4. DaJuhi says:

    Very underwhelming signing, but only because he will be a back up. 100% needed nevertheless.

    Hopefully he can step up quickly because KT will miss 10-20 matches every year..

    If we are to lose Xhaka and we need DLP to replace him, Koopmeiners or Neves would be great (given that Neves wouldn’t cost anything over £30m).

    If we want a tough tackling DM, then my wishlist would include Camavinga, Bou Kamara or Bissouma.

    And then we need creativity!!

  5. Sean M says:

    I’m so impressed by his English level! Seems like a good kid. Good business for the club and I look forward to getting a look at him during pre-season.

    1. Adiva says:

      In a way, Travares just confirmed ESR is not going anywhere with his interview …. “you have a good project, “ young people” is good for me and we will learn together”. Welcome to the family. You have my 100% support.

    2. Ozziegunner says:

      Sean M he is not much older than the LB’s Arsenal has in the Academy. I would like to see Joel Lopez Salguero given an opportunity.

  6. Joe Allysons says:

    No one mourning about him being our first signing? So disappointed

    1. speedy says:

      dont do that joe

      1. Joe Allysons says:


    2. Indy757 says:

      facts, joe. I was expecting a lot of doom and gloom about the signing. Back up leftback was needed, Rowe not hoing anywhere. What will they complain about now? Just wondering!

      1. Joe Allysons says:

        What I’m enjoying about this window is the club is aiming to fix problems we actually have rather than problems the fans say we have. Respect

        1. SueP says:


    3. Ackshay says:

      Nah they will wait for him to mess up like all young players do and call him trash, deadwood and useless signing. Their hatred for a certain smooth hair Spaniard will be projected on to him.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Give over Ackshay, just enjoy the moment and give it a rest please…. Thanks😉😉

  7. Highbury Hero says:

    Welcome to the Arsenal Nuno. Now don’t accept to be just a backup you have to try and push Tierney out of the first 11. That will bring the best out of both.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      HH, unfortunately if Kieran Tierney doesn’t improve his injury record, Tavares will get plenty of chances to shine. I wish both players all the best!

  8. Highbury Hero says:

    It doesn’t look right revealing a new player with away kit.

    When are they going to release the new home kit? Not impressed with this year kits based on leaks and the one already revealed. Adidas shot themselves in the foot by their first perfect kits.

  9. Sean Williams says:

    At last we have a player. He is young and my guess is, may end being played in different positions. From the little I have seen he will need to get really disciplined for the PL, but he looks, strong, skillful and fast, let’s hope he can adapt to the PL. Lets hope that the signings start coming in now to get into pre-season mode, and ready for the start of some tough matches. We need a TOP midfield general.

  10. Love Wantinti says:

    Welcome Nuno

  11. Sue says:

    Welcome to the home of football!!

    1. OnceGreat says:

      Great signing! Important position, low price, greater chance of retaining sell-on value if he flops. Good start, Arsenal.

      I assume Amazon covered this transfer. Next one should be covered by the Xhaka transfer and after that one can only hope.

  12. Matthew says:

    Welcome Nuno son

  13. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    A needed signing, every match we miss KT, all players but Saka fails to fill the void offensively at least and the team looks like a broken wing bird.

    Welcome Nuno, good luck kid.

  14. ken1945 says:

    Excellent signing by MA/EDU.
    We have now covered one area that needed to be strengthened and we should have done it last season!!!
    Anyway, no negatives, once again thumbs up to the manager.

  15. Herbz says:

    Great, great signing.

    Am sure he’ll outperform Tierney in the near future.


    Now onto Ben White and Locatelli and I’ll be the happiest

  16. Ximplicity says:

    Welcome Nuno

  17. Kenya 001 says:

    Welcome to the Arsenal and all the best.may you have lots of success

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